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Love Ahead: Expect Delays

Love Ahead: Expect Delays

Astrid Amara

Love Ahead: Expect Delays

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Chapter One

Wednesday, December 1

The 1989 Geo Spectrum was not a car of beauty.

Neither roundish nor boxy, it had a blunt-nosed front and a saggy-diaper back.

Despite being a hatchback, it lacked storage space, and as a two-door, it proved

difficult to get in and out of the rear seats.

It was, frankly, an embarrassment to drive, which was why it had ended up in

the ownership of Zachary Roth’s eighty-seven-year-old grandmother. The problem

was Zach’s Bubbie didn’t want to drive it cross-country to Zach’s parents’ new home

in Boulder, Colorado. She wanted Zach to drive it.

The car smelled like Pine-Sol, decaying foam rubber, and World War II. The

brown seats were sun bleached, which Zach hadn’t known was possible with vinyl.

The entire car was immaculate in that grandmotherly way that meant it was clean,

but brittle and old. Even the fabric on the roof seemed crackled and stretched too


Zach’s boyfriend, Austin Jenker, didn’t know they were going to be traveling in

the Spectrum. It was one of the facts Zach had strategically omitted while

presenting the idea of the road trip. All Austin knew was they were driving to

Colorado to visit Zach’s family for Hanukkah. But when Austin emerged from his

apartment complex, duffel stuffed and swung over one large shoulder, backpack

over the other, and in his hands the toolbox he seemed to take with him

everywhere, he did not look pleased.

“You’re kidding me, right?” were his first words.


Astrid Amara

Zach leaned against the car door and crossed his arms, trying to look tough. It

was hard. The car was tiny and white. It had crocheted beige seat covers, and a

dream catcher hung from the rearview mirror.

“There’s no way we’re going fourteen hundred miles in that piece-of-shit car.”

Austin glared at the small tires as if they were to blame.

“Come on,” Zach said, giving Austin his most winning smile. “It’ll be an


“This is your grandmother’s car, right?”

Zach nodded, surprised Austin had noticed such an insignificant detail the one

time he’d been around when Zach’s grandmother stopped over. But then again,

Austin was always attentive to detail, especially when it came to anything on


“That engine barely turns over,” Austin said.

“And because you know things like that, you’ll be a perfect companion.”

Austin gave him a sharp look. “You just want me along because I’m a


“No,” Zach said. “I want you along because I like your company, I like screwing

in cheap motels, and most of all, I want my parents to meet you.”

Austin studied Zach’s expression carefully. He still had his duffel bag slung

over his shoulder. He looked tired, rough, and angry, and if anything, it added to his

roguish attractiveness. His dirty-blond hair was getting too long, so he pushed back

his bangs to better glower at the vehicle.

His skin was red, no doubt from the vigorous scrubbing he’d just given himself

in the shower. Austin owned an automotive shop. He came home oil stained but was

adamant about appearing clean anytime he wasn’t at work.

Zach didn’t care either way. Austin was different from anyone else he’d ever

dated; the oil stains only added to his charm.

Love Ahead: Expect Delays


“Last month you said you wanted to spend time away from the city,” Zach

reminded him.

“I was thinking somewhere sunny. With gay bars.”

“I bet Boulder has a gay bar,” Zach said, although he wasn’t 100 percent sure

about that, because he hadn’t been there before. He knew Boulder had

environmentalists. It also had strict development policies and a city planning

department that had the kind of power land-use planners like Zach could only envy.

Zach shook his head. Progressive zoning enforcement was not going to win

Austin over. “Look, I
to take the car to my grandmother. I’m just hoping we

can make something enjoyable out of the burden.”

“Your parents know you’re gay?” Austin asked at last.

Zach rolled his eyes. “Of course.”

“Just checking.” Austin frowned. “I don’t feel like being the announcement.

That’s all.” He threw his duffel into the back of the car. He turned Zach by the

shoulder and kissed him. Zach wasn’t used to public displays of affection, but he

liked how Austin never gave a shit. Austin pushed Zach against the car and ground

his hips into him as he kissed him deeply, then let go.

“We’d better go now if we’re going to avoid traffic.” Austin sauntered over to

the passenger side, and it took Zach a moment to recapture his equilibrium before

he sat behind the wheel.

Austin studied the dashboard. “There’s no CD player?”

“Yeah, only a cassette player. I hoped you’d bring your iPod. We can use one of

those cassette adapters. Otherwise we’re stuck with”—Zach fumbled through his

grandmother’s cassettes in the console—“
Million Dollar Polkas

Austin groaned. He rustled through the backpack between his boots. “When

was the last time the old lady had the oil changed?”

“I’m sure exactly when scheduled,” Zach assured him. “Bubbie is a firm

believer in regular maintenance.”


Astrid Amara

Austin pulled out his iPod and hooked it to the cassette adapter. He shook his

head. “You know, it wasn’t easy taking eight entire days off work. I left everything

up to Rick. And Rick is a moron. I wouldn’t be surprised if my shop is burned to the

ground by the time I get back.”

“Your shop will be fine. I trust Rick.”

Austin raised an eyebrow at that. “If I’m going to miss this much work, I

should be heading somewhere warm. California. Florida.”

“I’ve never seen you in a Speedo,” Zach said.

“Yeah, well, I look fucking hot.”

“I believe you.” Zach grinned. “Next holiday, sunshine it is.”

Austin yanked at the seat belt, which creaked as it stretched around his broad

chest. He had to push the seat all the way back and recline it in order to fit his large

body in such a limited space. “We live in a rain forest, and we go on vacation

somewhere colder.”

Zach’s heart hurt a little at all the complaining. “Then why’d you agree to


“Because I love you,” Austin said. “And I’d never forgive myself if you went

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