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Authors: Morgan Hawke

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Lost Star (9 page)

Seht’s arm tightened. His fingers made a constricting ring around Aubrey’s cock, stopping the flow of precum. “Yes.”

Aubrey’s balls ached with the need for release. “Seht, please! I’m right there!”

“I know.” Abruptly he pulled back and thrust. He thrust again, hard. And then again…

Aubrey shuddered under the barrage of scorching delight. He grabbed the mattress under him and strained to counterthrust—and couldn’t. Seht was holding him too tight. He groaned. If Seht would just let go, he could cum. “Seht, loosen up.”


Morgan Hawke

Seht drove into Aubrey with punishing force. “No.”

Aubrey threw his head back, groaning under the blinding pleasure and building pressure. “What are you doing?”

“I am fucking you, Aubrey.”

“Damn it, Seht!” Desperation laced Aubrey’s voice. “Let go! I’m right there!”

Seht wound his fingers into Aubrey’s hair and jerked his head up. “You will cum when I am ready to let you.”

“What?” Aubrey winced. “Seht, stop playing games!”

“This is no game, pet.” Seht’s lips, then the points of his long teeth, grazed the straining cords of Aubrey’s throat. “Do you yield?”

The hair on Aubrey’s body rose in alarm. The question sounded

suspiciously…permanent. “Seht? What’s going on?”

“Answer the question.” A growl rumbled from Seht’s chest. He ground his cock deep into Aubrey’s ass. “Do you yield?”

Aubrey trembled hard, desperate for the release Seht was keeping from him.

“Seht, please…”

“Do you yield?”

Aubrey’s temper flared white-hot. Once impaled on Seht’s cock, a snarl exploded from his throat. “Fuck that shit!” He grabbed for Seht’s hand around his dick, and the hand in his hair, scrabbling to get his feet under him. “Get off me!”

Seht jerked him up by the hair, off his hands and onto his knees. “Yield, damn you!”

“No fucking way!” Aubrey twisted hard and bucked to throw Seht off.

Seht’s hand closed crushingly around his dick. “You
yield to me!”

Pain slammed the breath from Aubrey’s lungs. He choked and his knees gave out.

“Shit, shit, shit…fuck!”

“You cannot win, Aubrey. Yield.”

“Why, Seht?” Aubrey panted for breath. “Why is this…so damned important?”

Seht’s body tensed around Aubrey. He took a deep breath. “I will not have you killed, not after I saved you.”

Aubrey froze, stunned. “What?”

“Aubrey, a rehkyt that cannot be mastered is destroyed.”

“Mastered?” The word took Aubrey’s breath away. “Seht, what the hell is going on here?”

Seht took a deep breath. “You must yield, to acknowledge that you are…” He took a breath and released it. “That you agree to being my personal property.”

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


Aubrey struggled to find another meaning for Seht’s words, but they insisted on adding up to only one definition. Aubrey closed his eyes, and betrayal burned in his heart. “Seht, I won’t be your…slave.”

Seht growled. “Aubrey, it is the only way to keep you from death.”

“Fine, then let me die!” Cool moisture struck Aubrey’s back. He turned and caught the gleam of tears streaking down Seht’s cheek. The sight shocked him to the core.
Bloody Fate…
Seht was weeping?

“I will
let you die.” Seht snarled, the sound boiling from his chest in a vicious, spitting roar. “
!” His mouth opened wide, baring his long fangs. His head dropped, burying his teeth deep in the meat of Aubrey’s left shoulder.

Pain ripped into Aubrey’s shoulder. He shouted in shock.

Seht’s liquid growl vibrated through Aubrey’s body and down his spine. He withdrew his fangs. “You will yield, damn you!” He stroked the wounds with his tongue.

Aubrey hissed in a breath. His tongue was not making it feel better. “What the fuck was that for?” Sensation exploded, then rolled through him in a wave of pain, followed by brutal, erotic heat. He gasped.

“Your resistance is done.” Seht lifted Aubrey from his lap and dropped him hard, impaling him on his cock.

Seht’s sudden possession induced a second wave of overwhelming, erotic heat that washed through Aubrey in a molten wave of raw lust. His back arched, and he shouted.

Seht shoved Aubrey forward onto his hands. “You will yield, and you will live.”

His fingers knotted in Aubrey’s hair, holding his head up even as his arm coiled tight around Aubrey’s hips. He thrust hard and fast, grunting with each powerful stroke, taking him without mercy.

Aubrey howled, his body shaking under the repeated impact, writhing in erotic torment. The pressure in his balls and cock became a white-hot fire up his spine.

Seht growled in his ear. “Now, do you yield?”

His mind seared clean of all thought but the overwhelming and horrific urge to cum, Aubrey screamed, “Yes!”

“Yes!” Seht twisted his hips sharply.

Aubrey felt something round and hard shove painfully past his anus and into his body. He gasped in shock.

Seht pulled Aubrey upright, spreading his thighs wide across his lap. His hand cupped Aubrey’s balls; then he stroked the shaft firmly. “Cum for me, Aubrey.”

Seht’s strong caress was a burning pleasure that was far too close to pain. Aubrey threw his head back onto Seht’s shoulder and howled. Climax exploded in a burst that seared up the back of his skull. Boiling-hot cum slammed from his balls into his shaft 52

Morgan Hawke

and shot forth in a thick, spurting stream. His back arched with a pleasure so intense he couldn’t bear it. He shrieked.

Seht clutched Aubrey’s shaking body, bucking hard up into him, and howled.

Aubrey felt the cock in his ass pulse. Cum spurted from Seht’s second cock, spraying upward in thick, hot streams that coated Aubrey’s balls, cock, and belly. He groaned and twitched with strong aftershocks.

He was well and truly fucked.

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


Chapter Nine

Seht rolled them to the left. Exhausted, they fell onto the sleeping mat, landing on their sides. Seht groaned and embraced Aubrey, tucking up his knees, spooning against Aubrey’s sweat-soaked back, his cock jammed hard and tight in Aubrey’s ass. His breath feathered the back of Aubrey’s neck. “I swear I will take very good care of you.”

Limp with exhaustion, Aubrey panted for breath. “Seht, I don’t want… I want…to take care of…myself.”

“I have not been impressed with how well you have been taking care of yourself to date.” Seht’s lips brushed his shoulder. “I will be good for you.”

“That’s not the point!” Aubrey shifted and winced. Seht’s cock was lodged painfully tight in his ass. “I don’t believe you’re still hard.”

“The base of my dicks knot. Eventually they will loosen.” His hand slid down Aubrey’s belly. “It is to hold our mates while we ejaculate. The females of my race are very fierce even during their…season.”

Aubrey frowned. “Your women have a season?”

“Oh yes. Every two years they go into compliance, for sixty days.” His fingers brushed against Aubrey’s cock. “Alas, we males do not share their season. We are ready at all times.”

“Wait a minute, you can go for sixty days, but you only get to do it once every two years? That has got to be frustrating.”

“Yes.” Seht chuckled sourly. “It is.”

Aubrey felt a smile curl his lip. It certainly explained why their race was so warlike.

“Which is why rehkyt, human hybrid concubines, are necessary.” Seht curled his palm around Aubrey’s shaft. “It eases the…needs of the body.”


Morgan Hawke

“Great, just what I always wanted to be, a concubine.” Heat coiled at the base of Aubrey’s spine, and arousal stirred in his cock. He sucked in a startled breath and groaned. “Bloody Fate, I didn’t think I’d be able to get back up again for a week.”

“You are rehkyt. Your physical needs are designed to equal mine.”

“Shit! You mean I’m going to be able to…fuck for sixty days straight?” Aubrey turned to look back at Seht.

“Fear not, I will satisfy your needs”—Seht smiled, showing his long teeth—“and I will teach you to satisfy mine.”

Aubrey groaned. “Why does that sound like a threat?”

Seht caught Aubrey’s chin, encouraging him to turn and look at him. “You may consider it such.” His mouth took Aubrey’s in an aggressive kiss, his tongue surging in to take possession.

Aubrey’s senses reeled under the assaulting caress.

Seht released his mouth and curled his arms around Aubrey, his palms brushing his chest with the long nails of his fingers brushing Aubrey’s small hard nipples.

He moaned, his body surrendering to Seht’s touch to bloom to full, heavy erection.

Seht’s lips brushed Aubrey’s ear. “Now then, I ask you a question. The right answer gives you pleasure. The wrong answer brings you pain. Understood?”

Aubrey frowned. What the hell was Seht doing now?

“Do you understand?” He slowly pinched Aubrey’s nipple between his long nails.

The pleasure was so intense it was, in fact, painful. Aubrey gasped. “Shit, Seht!”

“The correct answer is ‘yes,

Syr? Aubrey sucked in a harsh breath. “Are you serious?”

Seht pinched his nipple again, harder. “Very.”

Aubrey bit back a shout and groaned. “Son of a bitch, that hurts!”

“What is the correct answer?” His fingers hovered over Aubrey’s aching nipple.

Aubrey froze in alarm. “All right, fine. Yes, Syr!”

“Close enough.” His hand gently caressed Aubrey’s nipple.

Warm curls of delight rolled straight down to Aubrey’s cock. He moaned.

“To whom did you yield?”

Aubrey stilled.

Seht’s finger brushed his nipple in warning. “Aubrey?”

Aubrey couldn’t stop his flinch. “You.”

Seht tapped his nipple with a long nail. “You, what? Say it properly.”

Aubrey clenched his jaw. He didn’t want to get pinched again. Seht had already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was more than capable of making him scream. “You, Syr.”

“Very good, pet.” Seht’s palm swept across Aubrey’s nipple.

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


Aubrey’s cock pulsed in delighted but insistent appetite. He exhaled sharply. He couldn’t believe he’d gotten this hard, this fast.

“Whom do you serve?”

Aubrey felt a low growl vibrating in his chest. “No one.”

“Wrong answer!” Both nipples were pinched.

Savage pain erupted in Aubrey’s nipples. He shouted.

Seht growled. “Again, whom do you serve?”

Aubrey barely heard him through the angry throb in his nipples. “Damn it! Seht!”

“Say it properly, rehkyt.” Seht’s long fingernails closed around Aubrey’s nipples.

“You, Syr.”

“That’s right.” His palms swept across Aubrey’s chest and down his belly.

Aubrey leaned back against Seht and moaned. Seht’s touch soothed the angry ache in his nipples, while making his dick ache for relief.

“Who do you want to serve?”

Aubrey stilled. He didn’t want to serve anybody, but he absolutely did not want to get pinched again. “You, Syr.”

“Excellent.” One hand slid down his belly to curl his fingers around Aubrey’s aching cock. “And how will you serve me?”

Aubrey racked his brain. “I have no idea how to answer that.”

Seht stilled.

Aubrey felt his heart beat in his mouth. If Seht squeezed his dick, the agony would make him scream. He grabbed Seht’s wrist. “Seriously, I haven’t got a clue here!”

Seht released a breath. “Try the word ‘obedience.’”

Aubrey’s mouth fell open. He could feel felt the gap yawning under him.

“Please tell me you’re kidding?”

“I am not.”

Aubrey’s heart beat painfully in his chest. “Seht, I can’t give you that—”

“You will give it.” Seht growled in Aubrey’s ear. “That you survive means more to me than your stubborn pride, Aubrey. Do not think I will not make you writhe in agony to get the correct responses from you. Again, how will you serve me?”

Aubrey’s heart ached. He had trusted Seht. It wasn’t fucking fair! He closed his eyes. “Damn it, I thought you were my friend.”

Seht sighed and spoke softly. “Aubrey, your life means more to me than merely…friendship.” A growl entered his voice. “I will do whatever is necessary to keep you alive.” He took a deep breath. “Answer the question.” His fingers closed around Aubrey’s cock with clear intent.


Morgan Hawke

Aubrey dropped his head and felt a vise close around his heart. A small sob lurched in his chest, and tears spilled down his cheeks. He didn’t want to say it…

Didn’t want to say it… Didn’t want… “With obedience, Syr.”

Seht released a breath and relaxed his hold on Aubrey’s cock. “Blood and Chaos, you are stubborn!”

Aubrey wrapped his arms tight across his stomach. “Is it over?”

“This is.” Seht groaned and pulled back. His cock slid free from Aubrey’s ass in a wash of wetness.

Aubrey flinched. The scent of Seht’s cum was strong, and it was all over him. He didn’t want to think about how badly he’d wanted to be fucked. He definitely didn’t want to think about the fact that his body wanted more, and soon. His erection throbbed in time with his heartbeat.

“Aubrey, roll onto your back.”

Aubrey rolled onto his back and winced. His butt
. He came up on his heels to ease the ache in his ass.

Seht stepped over him, straddling his hips. He held a massive syringe. “It’s time for your second nanite dose.”

Aubrey couldn’t stop his lip from curling or the growl that rolled in his chest.

“And my next fuck?”

Seht dropped down to sit across his hips. The pale shafts of his semierect cocks pressed against Aubrey’s belly. “Yes.” He set two fingers at the base of Aubrey’s sternum and placed the long needle between them, angled to go into his heart. “Hold very still and take a deep breath.” He looked down at his fingers.

Aubrey fisted his hands at his sides and took a deep breath, his chest rising under Seht’s fingers.

Seht glanced at him. “Good. Let your breath out, slowly.”

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