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Lost Star (25 page)

Seht took a wary step back, his eyes narrowing. “Is that so?”

Ravnos reached into his left pocket and pulled out a palm-sized golden ring a finger’s width in thickness, and held it up so that the rainbow sheen of nanites was clearly visible.

Seht frowned. “A mimetic ring?”

Ravnos grinned. “A mimetic
ring, to be precise.”

Seht’s eyes widened.

Ravnos narrowed his eyes at Seht. “Your hands and elbows on my desk. Now.”

Seht’s hands trembled, then jerked back, yanking his body backward. They slammed palm down onto the desk, followed by his elbows, forcing Seht to arch back Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


partway over the desk. He winced, then bared his teeth in a snarl. “What in the name of Night are you doing?”

Ravnos stepped close and jerked open the sash around Seht’s coat. With blindingly fast movements, he unfastened the coat buttons, then the waistcoat buttons.

“What am I doing?” Ravnos paused to give Seht a smile, his eyes narrowing. “Why, I thought that’d be obvious.” He undid the zipper fly to Seht’s pants and jerked his trews down to his knees. “I’m giving you your gift.” He took Seht’s primary cock into his hand and stroked.

Seht groaned.

The smooth, warm flesh in Ravnos’s hand twitched and hardened. He slid the ring onto Seht’s cock and pushed it all the way to his balls. He opened his mouth and released a stream of electronic white noise, the locking code.

Seht winced, clearly not liking the sound.

The ring closed snugly around Seht’s erect flesh.

Seht choked, then narrowed his eyes at Ravnos. “Cockring indeed. I am guessing that the hideous sound you just uttered is some sort of activation code?”

Ravnos flashed him a grin. “Good guess.” He looked back down, admiring the gleaming ring and the pink and ivory flesh it contained. “Very nice.” He released him, then leaned over him, placing his own hands on the desk, framing Seht’s body. “Gold suits you.”

Seht hissed in a breath. “It’s…tingling.”

Ravnos nodded solemnly. “It does that.” The microscopic machines, the nanites, not only shaped the ring for a perfect and snug fit, they also vibrated the flesh just enough to keep the wearer’s attention firmly focused.

His wrists and arms pinned to Ravnos’s desk by his own augmentations, Seht writhed a small amount. “I had no idea you had a sadistic streak.”

Ravnos snorted. “It’s something I acquired.” His voice was very dry. His hands moved in a blur to fasten up Seht’s clothes.

Seht curled his lip. “You’re going to leave me like this?”

Ravnos smiled. “We have a meeting to go to.” He stepped back. “You are free to stand, but you may not touch yourself or remove the ring.”

Seht straightened. “How long?”

Ravnos lifted his brows. “This meeting includes dinner, so I’d say about three hours.”

Seht’s mouth fell open. “You’re leaving me in this cockring for
three hours

Ravnos’s smile curled to show his teeth, and once again he found himself regretting that he hadn’t kept his fangs. “Oh no, you’ll be wearing that ring for the next seven days.”

Seht choked. “
days? I’ll go mad!”


Morgan Hawke

Ravnos turned and stepped toward the door. “As you pointed out”—he opened the door and turned to smile at Seht—“I
a sadist.” He waved Seht toward the door.

“Shall we go to the meeting?”

Seht stepped toward the door and passed Ravnos, scowling ferociously, showing his fangs. “You’re damned lucky you caught me. If I’d caught you…”

“Are you
you want to give me ideas?” Ravnos hit the button to close and lock the door behind him.

Seht looked away and folded his arms across his chest. “Calling you a sadist was an understatement.”

Ravnos lunged forward to pin Seht to the wall behind him by his shoulders.

Seht’s eyes opened wide, and his lips parted, pink and damp, and oh-so-tempting.

Ravnos pressed his mouth to Seht’s and slid his tongue past those sharp fangs to taste him. Wet, hot, and a hint of that feral musk he could never get out of his dreams…

Seht grabbed onto Ravnos’s shoulders and returned the kiss with interest, chasing Ravnos’s tongue with nipping teeth.

It took more effort than he cared to admit for Ravnos to release Seht’s lips. He pressed his brow to Seht’s. “You don’t have to put up with this. You can leave at any time.”

Seht licked his lips and stared straight into Ravnos’s eyes. “Do your worst. I will not leave you.”

Ravnos nodded and stepped back to straighten his cravat. “We will see.”

Seht smiled, showing his long teeth. “Yes, we will.”



The Language of the Skeldhi

Skeldhor Prime

- Skeldhi— the people of Skeldhor, ship-speak bastardization of skeldyht / … of Skeldhor

Kwusehyr— a principal spaceport


Pshent— Queen / implies “Mother”

Atehf-mehnat— Queen’s Consort / implies “collared prince”

- mehnat— royal (ornamental) collar

Hedjhyt— crown princess

Atehf— prince consort

Tahemryt— blood princess; direct relation to royal line / … of the blood Deshryt— blood prince; direct relation to royal line / … of the blood Kehpresh— war prince

‘Sey— lady mistress (pronounced: say)

Sey’dhyt— generic lady mistress / … of an office

A’sey— respectable ma’am (non-royal)

‘Syr— lord master (pronounced: seer)

‘Syr’dhyt— generic lord master / … of an office

A’syr— respectable sir (non-royal)

Dhe’syah— moon blade (weapon); also sworn vassal or liege man / implies “the lord’s weapon”

Law & Government

Maht— Law - Honor - Truth; the world order, justice, proper conduct Ehnyad— The Council of Nine Elders

- Ehnya’dhyt— councilor / … of the council

Mahfeht— office of judicial enforcement and legal execution

- Mahfeht’syr— lord master executioner

- Mahf’dhyt— enforcer, also known as a hunter / … of judicial authority; legal executioner

Mehdjay— office of Intelligence and Security

- Mehdjay’syr— Lord-officer of Intelligence and Security

- mehdja’dhyt— Investigative Officer

uhra’eh— military / implies “a group of fire-spitting serpents”

- Uhra’eh’syr— warlord / implies “Lord of the fire-spitting serpents”

- uhra’dhyt— a soldier / … of the fire-spitting serpents

nehkyx— a punisher or trainer / implies “whip”

- Nehkyx’syr— master-trainer

Sehnbay— office of medicine / implies health

- Sehnbay’syr— master surgeon-engineer

- sehn’dhyt— medic / … of health

shen— rehkyt obedience collar / implies “to encircle”

rehkyt— pet / implies “captive bird”

seysehn— concubine / implies “lotus flower”

seysaht— skilled or trained rehkyt (f.) / implies “educated female”

deyjaht— skilled or trained rehkyt (m.) / implies “educated male”

upuaht— rehkyt guard / implies “canine guardian”

isfeht— outlaw; runaway rehkyt / implies disorderly, chaotic, insane teht (tj.t)— rehkyt in ovulation cycle / implies “sacred blood”

-dhyt— (pl.) the people of …

Tawrhyt— Skeldhi ovulation cycle / implies “season of sacred blood”

rahyt— blood-rage

Morgan Hawke

Morgan Hawke has lived in seven states of the US and spent two years in England. She has been an auto mechanic, a security guard, a waitress, a groom in a horse-stable, in the military, a copywriter, a magazine editor, a professional tarot reader, a belly-dancer and a stripper. Her personal area of expertise is the strange and unusual.

Ms. Hawke has been writing erotic fiction since 1998 and maintains a close and personal relationship with her computer and her cat. Visit Morgan on the Web at

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