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Authors: Morgan Hawke

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Lost Star (10 page)

Aubrey began to let his breath ease from his lungs.

Seht punched the needle in, hard.

The pain was sharp and immediate. His breath escaped on a groan. Heat swelled within his heart and burned, spreading like molten lava through his blood with every heartbeat. His body felt like it was swelling under his skin. His brain caught fire, and then his heart was engulfed by a minor nuclear explosion.

* * * * *

Aubrey jerked awake. Time must have passed. He was soaked in sweat and had a raging hard-on that throbbed painfully in time to his aching heart. His thighs and the mattress under him were sticky with cum. There was no mistaking that he had been thoroughly fucked. He sucked in a slow breath and turned to look for Seht.

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


Seht knelt only inches away, sucking on a squeeze bottle of what looked like a nutrient drink. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and scrubbed his hand through his long silvery hair. There were dark circles under his half-lidded eyes.

Aubrey frowned. “You look like crap.”

Seht flinched just slightly; then a tired smile appeared. “I feel like crap.” He rubbed his eyes. “Fighting your stubborn will is exhausting.” He sighed. “I simply do not comprehend your complete devotion to dying.”

Aubrey sighed and looked up at the arching cave wall above him. “Seht, there really are fates worse than death.”

Seht growled and leaned over Aubrey, setting his hands to either side of Aubrey’s shoulders. His lip curled, showing a long tooth. “I intend to give you a life of leisure very far away from Moribund’s reach. How can that be a fate worse than death?” His scent, rich and arousing, filled the air between them.

Aubrey took an instinctive breath to draw in more of Seht’s delicious scent. He smelled so good. “I don’t want to be given anything. I want to do it myself.” He leaned up on his elbows and took a deeper breath.
That scent…

Seht leaned closer, less than a kiss away, and whispered. “Why struggle, when there is no need?”

Aubrey’s complete attention was taken by the perfume of flesh and masculine arousal. Seht smelled delicious, and intoxicating. He tilted his head and stroked Seht’s bone-pale throat with his tongue, tasting sweat and arousal. Seht’s pulse throbbed under Aubrey’s tongue. Aubrey opened his mouth wider to taste more. His long teeth grazed pliant flesh.

Seht sucked in a groaning breath and fisted his hand in Aubrey’s hair to jerk Aubrey’s head back from his throat. He smiled. “It seems that your fate has been thoroughly decided. You’ve taken an impression.”

Aubrey grabbed Seht around the shoulders and pulled, jerking the pale young man down onto the air mattress.

Seht grunted, his eyes opening wide.

Aubrey rolled over him and rose, framing Seht’s with his hands. “Is that supposed to mean something?”

Seht smiled and his eyes narrowed. “Yes.” He grabbed Aubrey’s head and pulled him down into a searing, and thorough kiss.

Aubrey groaned and trembled. His body flushed with heat and urgency.

Something very like a whimper escaped his throat.

Seht lifted his leg and shoved, knocking Aubrey onto his side, then rolled on top without releasing his mouth.

Aubrey didn’t fight him. He didn’t want to fight him. He dug his heels into the mattress and pushed up, rubbing his inflamed cock against Seht’s smooth belly.


Morgan Hawke

Seht groaned and pushed up on his knees, spreading them wide and shoving Aubrey’s knees up and apart.

Aubrey trembled hard. Seht was getting ready to fuck him.

Seht pushed Aubrey’s left knee up until his calf rested on Seht’s shoulder. He reached down with his right hand and pressed two fingers against Aubrey’s anus.

Aubrey grunted, startled, but it wasn’t painful. His body opened without any effort at all, and Seht’s fingers slid inside without any resistance.

Seht broke the kiss and smiled. “This time, you will feel only pleasure.” He turned his hand, his fingers arching upward, and pressed something painfully exciting within.

Aubrey arched, gasping, and his cock jerked, spilling just a tiny bit of cum. Toes curled tightly, he shook. He’d very nearly cum.

Seht pulled his fingers free and shifted. The broad, blunt head of his cock pressed against Aubrey’s anus, while something else, just as hot and rigid slid between his ass-cheeks. “Ready?”

Aubrey sucked in a breath. Seht’s larger primary cock was about to enter his ass.

He was feeling Seht’s secondary cock under him.
He stared up at Seht, trembling from a potent and confusing cocktail of fear and anticipation. “Do I have to be ready?”

His voice came out only a little tight.

“No.” Seht shoved, entering hard and fast, pressing deliciously past that spot within Aubrey to slam all the way in.

Aubrey cried out and arched, his other knee coming up in sheer shocked reaction.


Seht caught the raised knee, then shoved both of his legs forward until Aubrey was curled up with his knees very nearly against his chest. Fully seated within Aubrey’s ass, he leaned down and planted his hands on the mattress. “Precisely.”

Aubrey swallowed and stared up at Seht. With his legs hooked over Seht’s arms and his feet in midair, his body filled with painfully rigid heat, he couldn’t move at all.

His cheeks heated furiously, betraying just how embarrassingly vulnerable he felt.

Seht leaned down to deliver a sweet, gentle kiss, and ground deep into Aubrey’s ass, pressing deliberately against that hot point deep inside.

Hot, thick cum slid deliciously into his shaft, pressing against Seht’s belly. Aubrey tensed and gasped into Seht’s mouth, grabbing for the other man’s wrists. “I’m going to… I’m going to…”

Seht’s lips twisted into a sadistic smile. “No, you may not.”

Aubrey’s body locked up on him. He jolted in shock, his eyes opening wide. A startled cry left his lips before he could stop it.

Seht brushed his lips against Aubrey’s cheek. His chuckle was barely a breath.

“Good, pet.”

Aubrey groaned and flexed, his feet flailing, but in that position, he didn’t have one ounce of leverage. “You…bastard!”

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


Seht’s gaze narrowed, and his mouth tightened. He pulled back and slammed in hard, pressing violently against that hot point within.

Intense and brutal pleasure knotted within Aubrey. His toes curled, and a cry was forced from his lips.

“That is not how a pet asks for what he wants from his master.” Seht ground into him, riding hard on that viciously sweet spot.

Aubrey howled.


Morgan Hawke

Chapter Ten

Up on his widespread knees, with Aubrey’s legs hooked over his arms, Seht held perfectly still. His cock was buried deep in Aubrey’s body and pressed viciously against that hot spot. He stared down at Aubrey, and his lips curved into a completely ruthless smile. “Tell me what you want, pet.”

Aubrey stared up at him, panting, his head and shoulders enveloped in the curtain of Seht’s long white hair. His heart hammered in his chest, and his body wouldn’t stop trembling. His painfully hard cock dribbled onto his belly. He was desperate to cum and unable to do a thing about it. He clenched his jaw. He didn’t mind asking, but he didn’t want to say that word: Syr.

Seht’s gaze narrowed.

Aubrey dug his nails into Seht’s wrists. “Seht, you’ve got my body, okay?

What more do you want?”

Seht’s lips tightened into a thin line. “If you are to live, I must have your complete submission.”

Aubrey swallowed. “Just how ‘complete’ are we talking here?”

Seht licked his lips. “I have your body, but I do not yet have your stubborn will.”

Aubrey shifted uneasily. “I don’t think I can do that.”

“You do not have a choice.” Seht’s blue gaze brightened with moisture, but his lips curled back, showing his fangs. “I will have your submission so that you may live.”

Aubrey’s heart twisted painfully. “Why? Why do you want me to live so damned much?”

“Damn it, Aubrey…” Seht bowed his head briefly, then tossed his head back up, flipping his long hair back. His gaze focused and heated. “I need you to live because”—

he took a shallow breath—“I do not believe my sanity would survive your death.” A Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


single tear slid down his cheek. “I strongly suspect I may have actually fallen in love with you.”


Staring at Seht’s tear, Aubrey shivered. Was that why his chest hurt so badly? Was this…love?


Seht leaned slightly to the side and lifted off his hand to wipe at his damp cheeks.

“Strange emotion, this love.” He smiled briefly, and another tear slid down his cheek.

“I’d always heard that it was glorious and uplifting.”

Aubrey nodded. He felt like total crap. “They lied.”

Seht choked on a small laugh, but his smile was only fleeting. “Indeed, they lied.”

He sighed.

Aubrey looked away. It hurt too damn much to see Seht’s tears. “Damn it, Seht.”

“Aubrey, please… If I do not succeed in mastering you”—Seht’s voice broke—“I will be forced to destroy you.”

“You?” Aubrey stiffened, shocked. “Why you?”

“I made you.” Seht sucked in a deep breath. “I am responsible for your existence.

If I cannot gain your submission, I must destroy you.” He pinned Aubrey with a glare and curled his lip, baring his long teeth. “If you force me to kill you, I swear I will follow you into death and torment you throughout your next life!”

Aubrey blinked. “You believe in reincarnation?”

Seht snarled. “My religion is not the point here, damn you!” His tears dropped onto Aubrey’s cheek. “The point is, if you die, I die with you!”

Aubrey stared. He couldn’t actually be serious? “You wouldn’t.”

Seht spoke through his clenched teeth. “I most certainly would.”

Aubrey’s heart slammed in his chest. “That’s crazy!”

Seht snorted and rolled his eyes. “I believe I just finished mentioning something to that effect?”

Aubrey’s stomach did a slow, sickening turn, and his heart burned. “Seht, you can’t mean that.”

“I can indeed.” A bloodcurdling smile graced Seht’s lips, but his eyes shifted into ice blue feline slits. “And I more than have the means, believe me.”

Aubrey dug his fingers into Seht’s wrists, his heart beating in his mouth. “You can’t die because of me.” Too many had died already.

“And why not?” Seht’s gaze narrowed. “If you can escape into death, I see no reason why I cannot follow you.”

“You can’t because…” Aubrey floundered for something to argue with, but not a damned thing came to mind. He simply could not stand the idea of Seht being dead.

“Because you just…can’t! All right?”


Morgan Hawke

“Not good enough!” Seht growled. “And why should you care if I die? You’ll already be dead!”

Aubrey shouted in his face. “Because I do care, you sadistic asshole!” A hot tear escaped down his cheek.

Seht stared, his eyes wide. “Aubrey?”

Aubrey blinked hard, but for some reason the tears wouldn’t stop. “What?”

Seht’s mouth relaxed into a slight frown. “Do you…love me?”

Aubrey glanced away. He’d already opened his big, fat mouth. There was no denying it now. “Probably.”

“Aubrey, look at me.”

He turned to face Seht’s damp and burning gaze.

“You do not want me to die?”

“Yes. No!” Aubrey shook his head in confusion. “No, I don’t want you to die.”

Seht shouted, “Then submit and
, you stubborn bastard!”

Aubrey shouted right back. “Fine! I’ll live!” He froze, shocked at his own words.

He took an unsteady breath. “Ah fuck… This is blackmail, you shit.”

“And your point is?” Seht smiled and a fresh tear streaked down his cheek. “Now, say it again properly, pet.”

Aubrey winced.
Fate, did he never let up?
“I will live, Syr.” He bared his teeth. “And this is blackmail, Syr.”

Seht groaned. “Thank the Mother.” He dropped forward and took Aubrey’s mouth in a fierce kiss that sucked the breath from his lungs.

Aubrey moaned and found something other than Seht’s wrists to hang on to.

Seht’s shoulders worked beautifully.

Seht released Aubrey’s mouth and pressed his forehead to Aubrey’s brow. “You are the most exhausting rehkyt I have even known.”

Aubrey groaned and shifted under him. “Yeah, well, being curled up with my knees at my ears and your dick up my ass isn’t exactly relaxing.” He let go of Seht’s neck to wipe at his burning eyes and smiled. “Can we fuck now?”

Seht raised a pale brow. “Was that a question?”

Aubrey rolled his eyes. “Oh, for Bleeding Fate…” He narrowed his gaze at Seht.

“Can we fuck now, Syr?”

Seht grinned. “Certainly, pet.” He gripped Aubrey around the thighs and sat up.

Rising high up on his knees, he pulled Aubrey’s butt up off the air mattress, leaving only his shoulders and head in contact.

Tipped nearly on his head, Aubrey yelped and threw out his arms, grabbing for the mattress.

Gripping Aubrey by the thighs, Seht pumped hard and fast into Aubrey’s ass.

Interstellar Service & Discipline: Lost Star


A wave of raw carnal ecstasy blazed up Aubrey’s spine, raising the hair on his body. He arched and shouted. “Fuck!”

“Yes!” Seht licked his lips and ground into him, riding specifically on that hot, swollen point within. “Cum, now!”

The vicious bolt of agonizing pleasure slammed up Aubrey’s spine so fast, his body bowed hard, and a shout was torn from his throat. Cum spilled, spattering down his chest, thick drops striking his cheeks.

He collapsed trembling and panting for breath.

“Excellent.” Seht let him down on top the mattress, his cock easing free of Aubrey’s butt. “It appears that I have mastered more of you than I thought.”

Aubrey was too wrung out to even consider what Seht was saying. “Bleeding Fate, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that fast.”

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