Belize: Bad Boys on the Beach Book Two (7 page)

“Even the MVP?” he asks flashing his teeth.

“Especially the MVP. You think I’m just going to fuck you and that’s it?”

He shrugs. “I was hoping.”

I let out a laugh. At least he’s honest.

“Why not?” he asks.

I shake my head in frustration. “How many times do I have to tell you?” I ask. “I’m not a hit it and quit it kind of girl. For me, making love is special. It’s a beautiful thing reserved for someone you love.”

He steps forward and takes my hand in his and for some unknown reason, I let him.

“I’m not talking about making love,” he says, his voice deeper than before. It sends chills running through me and makes my heart speed up. “I’m talking about fucking. Teeth clenching, scream out loud, toe curling, back arching, fucking. That’s special too.” He leans in close enough that I can smell his rugged scent and aftershave. “That’s
special,” he whispers.

I pull my hand away and step back, shaking away his intoxicating scent that’s swimming in my head. “Yeah that sounds
special,” I say sarcastically. “But it’s not what I’m looking for right now.”

“What about later?” he asks. “After a few more drinks?”

“No,” I say, stepping back.

“How about tomorrow?”

“How about never?”

“I know,” he says, ignoring my constant turn downs. At least he’s persistent. “A bridesmaid on the wedding night? Easy peasy give my dick a little squeezy.”

I grin and step back towards him with a challenging look in my eyes. “If you pull it out again I’ll squeeze it so hard that I’ll show you real teeth clenching, toe curling and back arching. And you’ll be screaming out loud but it won’t be from pleasure.”

He grimaces and steps back, covering his crotch with his hands. “And I thought Iraq was dangerous.”

“You have no idea,” I say with an innocent smile.

“So what’s it going to take?” he asks. “I put my life on the line for this country every day. For you. I risk my life so you can be safe and free.” He looks like he’s giving a not-so-dramatic soliloquy in a shitty high school play.

I clap slowly, giving him an unimpressed look. “Really?” I ask with a blank stare. “Are you playing the soldier card?”

He raises his eyebrow. “Is it working?”

I shake my head and his shoulders slump down.

“Damn,” he curses under his breath. “I don’t have any cards left. You ripped my pack to shreds.”

I smooth out my dress and hold my chin in the air. “Like I said, you have to up your game. Mr. MVP.” I spin around letting my dress fly up in a twirl and start to walk away. “Goodnight.”

“Hey,” he says, probably giving one last ditch effort. “You never answered me. What’s it going to take? Seriously? I want to know.”

I swallow as I turn towards him. His eyes are serious and so are mine. “My twenties are almost over,” I explain. “I have to be in love with you and you with me. I want to find
the one
and I’m never going to do that if I’m sleeping around.”

“I promise you,” he says, his eyes locked on mine. “If you have sex with me you’ll fall in love.”

“That’s lust, not love,” I answer. “Know the difference?”

“Lust, love,” he says with a shrug. “It’s the same end result. Two people struggling to make something unworkable work.”

“Maybe,” I say, rubbing my arm. “But I’m willing to take the chance to be one of the lucky few who finds something that works.”

He exhales in defeat. “Well, call me if you change your mind.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” I call out as I walk back to my room.

I shake my head the entire way back. I can’t believe I turned down a guy that hot. In my younger days, I would have gone after him but I’ve been burnt more times than I care to remember. I don’t want to go through that kind of stuff anymore. I don’t care how much fun it would initially be.

I slide the key card into the lock and it clicks open. The horrendous image inside stops me dead in my flip flops.

Ophelia is sitting on her bed under the blankets eating a bag of Cheetos while watching a porno on the huge flat screen TV. Two guys with enormous cocks are railing a poor girl on a couch. It’s so loud that I’m sure both of our neighbors can hear it.

“Oh hi, Cynthia!” she says when she sees me. “Grab a seat. The best part is coming up. I love watching double penetration, don’t you?”

I keep my eyes anywhere except the TV as I reluctantly walk into the room. “Cheeto?” she asked, offering me the bag.

An incessant buzzing sound hits my ears like there’s a bee in the room.
What is that?

Oh God!

The blankets over her waist are vibrating. I nearly puke up my beer and chocolate cake.

Maybe it’s not too late to take Chase up on his offer. The sleeping with part not the actual sex.

I’ve had enough sex for one night with the threesome on TV and my old horn dog roommate.
Maybe I’ll just become a nun.






Chapter Five


Day Two



I wake up to a cum shot.

Not on me thank God. The TV is muted and a muscular guy with a long beard and an even longer dick dumps a gallon or so of…you know what, all over a sweaty girl’s open mouth.

I guess egg whites is off the menu for breakfast.

Ophelia is passed out on her bed with the open bag of Cheetos in one hand and the remote control in the other.

There are no more buzzing sounds but that doesn’t mean a thing. It could still be up there and she just ran out of batteries.

I grab my beach bag and sneak out of the room before Ophelia wakes up and rewinds the grand finale of the movie playing on TV.

The resort is beautiful in the crisp morning with the light from the rising sun radiating everywhere. It looks like a million diamonds are sparkling over the calm turquoise ocean just for me. The early morning crew waves to me as they clean the pool on my way to grab a coffee.

I thought my girls would be sleeping after the late night last night but there the three of them are sitting with Ethan at a table in the breakfast buffet.

“Hey Cynthia,” Julia says as I walk over. “Check out my new shades.”

“Channel,” I say, taking them from her. “They look expensive.”

I try them on and Julia nods in approval. “You should get a pair.”

I shake my head as I hand them back to her. “I’m not buying sunglasses that are the same price as a plane ticket.”

Julia shrugs as she puts them back on the top of her head. “VISA bought this one for me. Well, actually VISA and MasterCard. I had to max out two credit cards just to buy them.”

worth it,” Tanya says sarcastically.

“Oh, they are,” Julia says, her eyes lighting up. “There’s no high like getting a new pair of designer sunglasses. Ethan knows what I’m talking about.”

“Huh?” Ethan grunts, looking up from his French toast. I don’t think he heard the last dozen or so sentences.

This is the first time that I’ve seen Julia without Matt. “Where’s the soulmate?”

She rolls her brown eyes. “He has this weird thing where he has to stay in bed until Price is Right comes on. He hasn’t missed an episode in ten years.”

“That’s…fucking weird,” I say.

“Tell me about it,” Julia says, rolling her eyes again.

The waitress walks over and I order a coffee and a water.

“Too bad you’re soulmates,” I say with a grin.

Megan is staring at me as she sips on her coffee. She looks like a poker player staring someone down at the table, trying to get a read on them.

“What?” I ask her.

“Did you wake up alone,
thia?” she asks, emphasizing the ‘sin’ in my name.

No, I woke up to a disgusting facial in a gangbang.

“Just me and Ophelia,” I answer. “Thanks again, Tanya.”

Tanya grimaces. “Is she really that bad?”

I grit my teeth and close my eyes as I force out the lie. “No, she’s great.”

Ethan shifts in his seat. “I keep catching her taking pictures of me.”

Tanya laughs. “Wait until you take your shirt off by the pool. She’ll have a camera crew following you.”

Megan is still staring me down. She doesn’t care about my roommate. She wants the dirt.

“You two were talking all night,” she says, her intense eyes locked on mine. “Start dishing.”

Ethan is staring at his plate with his eyebrows raised. He looks as uncomfortable as a kid stuck at a table of adults talking about sex.

Megan waves him off when she sees me watching him. “He’s marrying Tanya in a few days,” she says. “He’s one of us now. Right Ethan?”

Tanya, Julia, Megan and I all watch him as we wait for an answer. “That’s right,” he says with a cough.

“Just think of him as one of the girls,” Megan says, making Tanya giggle. Ethan flashes his fiancee a look.

Right. Just a hot muscular girl with a six pack.

“What happened?” Megan demands.

“Nothing,” I say. The waitress brings my coffee and I down half of it in one gulp. “I’m just not interested in anymore one night stands. They always just leave me feeling worse than before.”

“I’m sorry if he’s being aggressive,” Ethan says. “I’ll tell him to stop.”

Megan frowns at him. “No, you won’t.” She rolls her eyes and lets out a frustrated breath. “He has so much to learn,” she mutters to herself.

“Seriously, I’m not interested,” I say, trying to convince myself as much as them.

Megan does not look convinced. “A hot Navy SEAL who looks like he’s straight off of Ophelia’s Pinterest board. I think you better rethink this whole I’m not interested stance. That’s just…unamerican.”

Ethan grabs his full plate of breakfast and stands up. “I’m going to get some more…” he looks down at his plate but it’s overflowing with food. He sighs and just walks away looking uncomfortable. All four of us pause to watch him leave.

“I don’t think he’s ready to be one of the girls yet,” I say.

“I’m still working on him,” Tanya says, giving a Dr. Evil laugh. “He’ll be ready soon.”

Megan doesn’t stop pressing so I take a break and get some fruit at the buffet that I can bring down to the beach. I’m staying clear of the egg whites when I see Matt walking by the pool in a panic.

“I think Matt is looking for you,” I tell Julia as I sit back down. He’s jerking his head from side to side looking for something. He has the remote control of the television in his hand.

Julia sees him and sighs. “Shit,” she mutters.

Matt spots her through the large open window of the buffet and rushes in.

“What’s the matter now?” Julia asks, rubbing her temples.

His forehead has a sheen of sweat even though the air is still crisp. He hands her the television remote, looking nervous and stressed out. “I don’t know how to change the channel on this thing.”

“It’s in Spanish,” Julia says, taking it. “These two buttons.”

“Thanks,” he says, ripping it out of her hand and sprinting back to their room.

“What an idiot,” Julia says, watching him as he nearly knocks over a kid playing by the pool.

“No more soulmate?” Tanya asks.

“If he is, then I need to have a serious talk with my soul.”

I stifle a laugh as I get up. “I’m going to get started on my tan,” I say, stuffing the fruit in my bag. “I’ll see you guys at the beach.”

“She’s working on her tan,” Megan says, to everyone at the table like I’m not there. “She wants to look all hot and sexy for Mr. SEAL.”

Tanya starts bouncing her head, which can only mean one thing: Tanya and Megan are about to break out into a song. These two think they live in a Disney movie.

“There used to be a graying bridesmaid alone on the sea

she sings.

Megan sings the next line.
“Until a sexy Navy SEAL became the light on the dark side of me

I snort a laugh. “Kiss from a Rose by Seal. Very clever guys.”

They don’t stop there. Tanya continues, pumping her hand into a fist and getting into it. Heads are starting to turn.

“But did you know, that when you blow,”

“His cock becomes large”

“and the thoughts in your head will be obscene.”

Julia and I look at each other and roll our eyes as they both break into the chorus singing way too loud.

“…kiss from a rose on the…”

Heads all around us turn as they get louder and louder.

“You guys are so weird,” I say, walking away from the embarrassing spectacle.

“The weirdest!” I hear Julia say behind me.

I can still hear them singing as I walk past the bathrooms. Poor Ethan is sitting on the floor eating in the hallway beside the men’s room.

“She’s singing again,” I warn him.

He drops his head, his chin falling to his chest, and sighs. “Why is she always doing that?”

I shrug. “I’ve been asking myself that for years. How’s your breakfast?”

“The taste is good,” he says. “The smell, not so much.” A toilet flushes in the men’s room behind him.

He’s a good one. His brother, on the other hand…that’s still waiting to be seen. So far I’m leaning towards a not sure. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. He’ll be back in Iraq and out of my life in a week or two.

The beach chairs are starting to fill up as the lazy tourists wake up and shuttle down to the pool and beach. It’s so nice here. The little girl from yesterday with the bright green goggles on her head waves at me before diving under the water to find a penny that her dad threw in the pool for her.

The hot sun beating down makes my shoulders tingle as I look around the gorgeous resort. I take my flip flops off and let the hot pavement warm up my feet. The girl pops up out of the water and shows me the treasure that she plucked off the bottom of the pool. Her smile is adorable, showing off her two missing teeth.

I breathe in the warm salty air and smile.
It feels like nothing is going to ruin this wedding week.

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