Belize: Bad Boys on the Beach Book Two (17 page)

Is this heroin?

There are prescription labels all over everything with Chase Taylor printed on the labels in block letters.
For a torn meniscus.

So his knee is injured. But how bad?

The toilet flushes and I stuff the bag back down there before he comes out and sees me with it. He seems to be super sensitive about his knee for some reason and I don’t want to ruin our first morning together as a couple.

If we are actually a couple. There’s still a lot to figure out.

He steps out of the bathroom as naked as the first night on the beach. Only this time he’s in the light and I can stare at his long cock hanging down between his legs for as long as I want. I don’t have to settle for quick glances when he’s not looking. I can look at it up close if I want to and by the look in his eye as he walks over I’m about to.

“Again?” I ask, hiding my naked body under the soft sheets.

He strokes his cock softly and it gets hard in his hand. “Again.”

I hold the white bed sheet up and wave it around like a white flag. “I surrender. You win.”

“Great,” he says, climbing on the bed. “Time to claim my spoils of war.”

“Put the sword away,” I say, kissing his lips. “Let’s get some pancakes first. I’m starving.”

“Me too,” he says, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck. “But I’m hungry for you.”

“Well, I’m hungry for pancakes,” I say, laughing as I wiggle out of his grasp. I jump out of bed and he rolls over watching me as I get my clothes.

“You are so beautiful,” he says with wandering eyes. “I want to wake up to your naked body every morning.”

We only have three more days.
The thought almost brings tears to my eyes but I manage to hold them back and smile instead.

“Are you always this…”


“Yeah,” I say with a laugh.

“No.” He looks like he means it. “You bring out the beast in me.”

I toss my bra and shorts back onto the chair and strut over to the bed. His eyes light up as I approach. “What are you doing?” he asks.

I climb onto the bed and glide my open palm up his hard cock as I kiss him. “Fuck the pancakes.”





“This is so good,” I say with a mouthful of pancake. I’m fucking starving after all of that fucking.

“It looks good,” Chase says with a smile. “I can see it all in your teeth.”

I don’t care. Maple syrup has never tasted so delicious.

We got here at the buffet just in time. They were about to close up and switch to lunch. It’s almost noon and we just got out of the room. It’s okay. I’d trade tanning and beach for a sex marathon with Chase any day.

Now that I’ve been fucked silly and have food in my stomach I’m starting to think clearly again. I have a lot of questions on my mind but one really big one.

“Were you serious last night about wanting a relationship?” I ask, trying to sound casual but the crack in my voice is betraying me. “It’s okay if it was just the alcohol talking. I won’t be upset.”

He watches me as he takes a sip of his coffee. “Do I look like a guy who goes back on his word?”

“You look like a guy who’s going to Iraq in a few days. For what? Months? Years?”

His shoulders drop and he looks away.

“You’re going back, right?”

He calls the waitress over and asks for a refill of coffee.
Is he going to answer my question?

“Chase,” I say. “I just want to know what I’m in for with you.”

The waitress interrupts us as she pours the coffee. A tightness settles in my chest as I wait for her to leave. Something tells me that getting answers from this guy won’t be easy.

“Thank you,” he says as the waitress leaves. Her eyes linger on him as she walks away.

“Do you want to go to the beach or the pool?” he asks.

Is this guy for real?

“Are you going back to Iraq?” I ask.

“Of course,” he says, his voice getting hard. “I’m a Navy SEAL.”

“It’s just,” I say, taking a deep breath. “Do you have a torn meniscus? How are you going to go back with a knee injury?”

He glares at me like I just reached across the table and slapped him. “I’m a Navy SEAL. End of story.”

I look down at my pancakes and am suddenly not hungry anymore.

“I’m sorry,” he says, his voice softening. “I’m just going through some stuff and I’m not ready to talk about it, okay?”

I nod feeling a heaviness flood my eyes.
Do not cry in front of him.

“Let’s just enjoy the week together and we’ll see what happens,” he says, touching my arm and rubbing a small circle with his thumb.

“Alright,” I say, forcing out a smile. I always like things planned. Maybe I should try to be a little bit more relaxed and spontaneous.

“Look at that,” Chase says, laughing as he points out the window.

Stephanie is walking with Aaron through the resort. They’re both furiously scratching the dozens of mosquito bites all over their arms and legs. She looks pissed.

I lower my head as she passes, as if that’s going to be any help. We’re the last two people in the restaurant.

“Well, she didn’t get eaten by a jaguar,” Chase says. “We can’t win them all.”

I laugh. “There’s still a chance that a shark will get her.”

She storms off with Aaron following like a lost puppy heading straight for the honeymoon suites where Tanya and Ethan are staying.

“I’m scared,” I say feeling a rolling in my stomach. She’s not the type to let something like this slide.

“Do you still have that pepper spray?” Chase asks.

I shake my head. “It was all a bluff. I don’t have any.”

“Well, then we’re screwed.”





It’s a lazy day full of sleeping, swimming, and drinking when Tanya rushes down to the beach in a frenzy.

“My dress,” she says. Her trembling hands are covering her mouth. “It’s gone.”

“What?” Megan asks, jumping up.

Tanya lowers her head and breaks out into sobs. The next few lines are incoherent but she’s saying something about how she left it hanging up in her closet and it’s gone.

“Where’s Ethan?” Chase asks, “maybe he took it to the dry cleaners or something?”

“It’s never been worn, Chase,” Megan snaps. “Why would he have it cleaned?”

“Just go ask him,” Chase says. “He’s always doing stuff like that.”

“Really?” Tanya asks, her sobbing finally stopping enough for her to breathe. “He’s at the gym.”

Megan wraps her arms around her shoulders. “Let’s go ask,” she says to her best friend. “Superman will know what to do.”

“I’ll go with you guys,” I say standing up.

Chase grabs my arm and pulls me back down onto the beach chair. He subtly shakes his head when I look at him.

“Actually, I better stay here in case Ethan comes back early,” I say.

“What is it?” I ask when Megan and Tanya are out of earshot.

“There’s only one person who would take that dress,” he says, motioning to the ocean. Stephanie is bobbing in the water watching Tanya and Megan with a creepy smile on her face. “Let’s go check her room.”

We hurry over to her building and Chase stands in front of the balconies looking up. She’s on the third floor and the door is locked.

“We can try to get the key out of her bag,” I say, looking around.

Chase just laughs. “Please.”

He jumps on the ledge of the lower balcony and leaps up, grabbing the top balcony with his hands. His shoulders are jacked as he pulls himself up and over the ledge. I watch from below in awe at his athletic abilities. He’s like a superhero and he has the body to match.

“The view is not as good with your bathing suit on,” I say as he climbs onto the third-floor balcony, Stephanie’s balcony.

He swings over the barrier and a second later he holds his hand out with his bathing suit dangling from his finger. “Is this better?” he asks with a grin. The cruel ledge is blocking the view.

“Quit fucking around,” I say, looking around nervously. “Hurry up.”

The few people around here have their backs to us and are staring out at the ocean but I really don’t want to get kicked off the resort and miss Tanya’s wedding by getting arrested for breaking and entering.

It takes him about seven seconds to open the door. A middle-aged couple walks by and smiles at me.
Don’t look suspicious. Don’t look suspicious.

“I have a valid reason for standing here,” I say for no apparent reason.
. I’ve never been good at breaking the rules.

The couple nods and hurries along.

Chase returns on the balcony with a wedding dress in each hand and a triumphant smile on his face.

“Oh thank God,” I say, taking a breath of relief. I’ve been feeling so bad for Tanya since I saw her traumatized tears.

“Which one is it?” he asks. “I have a size two and a size ten.”

Stephanie is a size two? I hate her even more now.

“Toss down the size ten,” I say.

He lowers it over the edge and drops it into my arms.

“What should we do with hers?” he asks.


“Retaliation,” he says. “We have to do something.”

“No,” I say shaking my head. I can’t be the type of person who would destroy someone’s wedding dress. No matter how bitchy and cunty the bride is. “Just leave it.”

“I know,” he says, disappearing with it inside.

“Chase,” I call out but he doesn’t reappear.

Oh shit
. The middle-aged couple comes back but swinging around the beach chairs to avoid me. They keep stealing quick glances at me out of the corner of their eyes. If I looked suspicious before I must look downright crazy now standing on the beach holding a wedding dress that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

They sit back in their seats as Chase reappears on the balcony and closes the door. He climbs down the three levels of balconies faster than he climbed up.

“What did you do?” I ask, hoping that he didn’t ruin the dress.

“Just a little itching powder inside. What?” he says when he sees my face. “I had to do something. What kind of person steals a wedding dress?”

I chuckle as I picture Stephanie walking down the aisle squirming and scratching. “Where did you find itching powder?”

“There was a dried rose in her room and I used that.” He starts to explain when he sees me staring at him blankly. “There was an arrangement of dried roses on the table so I took one and sliced the bulb. There’s an irritant inside called cythilicus and I sprinkled some into her dress.”

I have so many questions. “Why do you know this?” I ask.

He shrugs. “Live in Navy barracks long enough with an endless supply of immature guys and you start to get creative. Want to learn how to make a whoopee cushion out of a sock?”

“I’m good thanks. Maybe some other time.”

I feel like a criminal hanging out at the scene of the crime for way too long.

“Let’s get this back to Tanya,” I say, hurrying away with the dress.






Chapter Thirteen


Day Four



“I knew he would find out,” Ethan says, standing over my beach chair and blocking my sun. “I told you!”

Typical Ethan forgets all of the good I’ve done and focuses on the one bad thing. He barely mentioned the fact that I single-handedly saved the wedding by finding Tanya’s dress.

“Look, bro,” I say, sitting up. “He’ll get over it. It’s just a few titties. It’s really not a big deal.”

“It is to him,” he says grabbing a handful of his hair and nearly yanking it out. For someone in paradise, he looks really stressed out.

The time is bordering between late afternoon and early evening and he’s ruining the last few minutes of the beach time that I have for the day. He’s pacing in the sand and getting all worked up over nothing. The few sunburnt heads still left at the beach are starting to turn towards us.

“I’m getting married in two days, Chase,” he says, breathing heavily. “It is a big deal. I want Tanya to have her father walking her down the aisle. I want his approval. I want him to be happy and to accept me as he gives his daughter, his only child, over to me. Why can’t you understand that?”

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