Belize: Bad Boys on the Beach Book Two (23 page)

“Will you marry me?”

I glance out at the crowd who are all leaning forward in their seats. You can hear the pin of a grenade drop.

His dark eyes are so hopeful as he looks up at me. How could I say no? How could I resist a man in uniform?

“Yes,” I say, feeling my heart pang.

Chase smiles wide as the place goes nuts with cheers, whistles, and claps.

He springs up and kisses me. Two roaring fighter jets rip through the sky over us, scaring me half to death. “Did you have something to do with that?” I ask, watching them dip their wings to me as they fly away. Either he planned it or we’re at war with Canada.

“I called in a favor,” he says with a wink.

I kiss him again, my fiancee. “You’re full of surprises, Mr. Taylor.”

He slides the diamond ring on my finger and my heart swells up so much that I feel like it’s going to burst. We’re actually getting married. He wasn’t lying about wanting to commit after all.

“I’m thinking a beach destination,” Chase says.

I laugh. “Oh God…”

“Aruba?” he asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Let’s do it!”






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Cynthia meets the girls to tell her the good news about her engagement. But one of the four girls have a surprise announcement of their own: She’s pregnant! Find out who it is in the exclusive bonus chapter!


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By Kimberly Fox


"You need a rebound. They call me Mr. Trampoline." 


What happens in Cancun, unfortunately for my cheating boyfriend, doesn't stay in Cancun.
I caught him on the first night of our vacation balls deep in my worst enemy: the bitchy obnoxious girl who my best friend chose to be her maid of honor instead of me.
Now I'm stuck on this resort, in the same small room as my ex, until my friend gets married at the end of the week.
This place is a paradise but it feels like hell.
It's all going so wrong until I meet Ethan, the dirty talking bad boy with the body carved out of granite.
He's going to teach me what paradise is really about.
And it isn't sand and palm trees...

Full length (58,000 words) Standalone Novel. HEA. Lot's of dirty talk (oh yeah!)


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The Hitman’s Baby

by Kimberly Fox


Nobody fucks harder than a girl that hates you. And this girl hates me. Hard. She's going to be fun. 
I hate guys like him.
So why am I always so attracted to his frustratingly arrogant and cocky type?
Well, his muscular, inked up arms aren't helping at all.
I should stay away from him.
I should leave.
He's more dangerous than just a killer smile.
But it's not like he'd ever untie me and let me walk out the door...
When I want something I take it. Even if it is the boss' daughter.
And when you're a hitman the boss is usually not someone to take lightly.
See if I care. That pussy is worth dying for and it's definitely worth killing for.
And there's a long line of people to kill for it.
But now that my baby is in her belly not her father, the Russian mob, the police or the world class assassin on our heels is going to take her from me.
Standalone. No Cliffhanger. No Cheating. HEA.

The Hitman's Baby is a full length novel (50,000+ words) by author Kimberly Fox. Included in the ebook version is a bonus novella and introduction to the author's Paranormal Romance works written under Kim Fox.


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The Hitman’s Second Chance

By Kimberly Fox


Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like pulling the knife out of your heart and asking them to stab you again.
Everyone deserves a second chance, but that doesn't mean I have to give Logan shit.
I should put a bullet in his heart for what he did to mine.
He didn't just break my heart. He ground it up into dog food and left it out for the vultures.
I was broken when he left.
It took a long time but I picked up the pieces and put my life back together.
But I'm in serious trouble and he's the only one who can help me.
And I'm afraid the pieces will all come crashing back down.
I thought I had buried her in my past.
Just another bullshit teenage romance gone astray.
But when I see her again, all grown up with that same spark in her eyes, I just know I have to have her again.
I don't deserve her after what I've done.
Everyone knows that.
But if I save her from the cartel who has taken her than maybe, just maybe, I can get that second chance.


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