At His Mercy: Hell Brigade MC (12 page)


Tomorrow, she would change her cell number and then she would be safe.


He couldn’t get her when she was so far away. She’d gotten rid of that life, and Gabby wasn’t willing to go back, no matter what the cost. This was her new home, and she was happy with Nick. No one was going to snatch her away from the life that truly made her happy.


Not even Joseph.


She wouldn’t allow him.


Gabby was determined, strong, and independent – and she was done with men who controlled her. Everything she did was a choice and not a compulsion – and there was no one who could make her a slave once more. 





Sometimes Nick found it difficult to believe that he found someone like Gabby. She was perfect for him…perfect in every way. Her smile, her intelligence, and her sexy, hot body that drove him crazy were all that he ever wanted. For too long, he was alone, without someone whom he could love. A long time ago, he lost a girlfriend, someone he really cared about, to a bad accident. For years afterwards, he was devastated, broken down – but Gabby brought him back to life.


With her, he felt as if his life was back on track.


He didn’t want anything more than to grow old with her.


But it was too soon to spring that idea on her. She saw hard times, and Nick knew that it was really hard for her to trust a man and to love someone with an open heart. But she tried for him, and he appreciated that she made an effort.


She already loved him.


He didn’t have a doubt in his head about that, but she still struggled with the ways she could express her love. It was the fear of losing him that forced her to slow down. She didn’t want to get in too deep and then find out that he didn’t care. But he was a patient man. It didn’t matter how long it would take to win her over, he would do so eventually.


He loved her with all his heart and soul.


And soon enough, she would realize that.


After dinner, they ended up at his house. Although the Old Ladies traditionally didn’t stay at the clubhouse, Gabby resisted the move to his place. She liked her independence, she claimed. And she would get bored on her own when he was away. And also, she said, she liked to work at the clubhouse and be with other people. All that she could have done even if she moved in with him, but what she
say was that she was scared he would change his mind a few months after she moved in with him and then she would have to go back.


He would never do such a thing to her.


As always, Nick waited for her to realize it on her own.


She shifted restlessly on the couch as he made coffee in the open kitchen. Something was up today. She wasn’t her usual bubbly, chirpy self. He assumed that she would be over the moon when she got her stupendous results – and she was back in the club – but ever since they reached the theatre, she was a little off, a tad bit distant.


Prying information out of her wasn’t an easy task.


It took her some time to open up. Picking up the coffee, he carried it back to his living room. The leather couch gleamed, as did the forty inch TV on the wall. He didn’t have many ornaments or picture frames because Nick was a foster home child and didn’t have many childhood memories. Perhaps that was the reason why they both got along so well – they knew what it was like to grow up without a family. And the loss of it, the absence of it, never went away.


The pain enjoined them in a way that happiness couldn’t.


“What’s wrong?” he said finally when she didn’t pick up her cup of coffee while he nearly finished his.


Startled, she glanced at him. “Nothing, nothing at all. I am just tired.”


He raised a brow. “Do you want me to take you back to the club house?”


“No, of course not.” She picked up her cup and took a sip. “Do you want to watch a movie?”


“Sure, what did you have in mind? I bet there is something on TV.”


“Ah, no! Never mind. I don’t think I could concentrate on a movie just now,” she confessed. “It’s just…I feel a bit restless.”


“I can think of something to burn off that extra energy,” he offered with a naughty grin.


She got the hint fast enough. Her lips lifted in a smile. “Actually, that might be the best idea you’ve had all day.”


“Really, what?” He put the cup down. Great! He never could resist getting his hands on her. She was a marvel in bed – and out of it too, of course. But just now his mind was running on one particularly track.


Quick and fast, she tugged off her shirt and threw it on the couch. His eyes glazed at the sight of her sexy curves and the twin globules that were tucked away in a white, satin bra. As he leapt off the bed, she lunged away. Nick growled as she wriggled her hips and took off her jeans. Now, dressed only in her matching panties and bra, she danced out of his reach, swaying and swinging in time to music that only she could hear.


Some of the excitement that lacked during the evening was back on her face. He loved seeing her like this; happy and carefree. All he wanted was to make her feel like this every single day of her life.


If only she would give him a chance to do so.


Nick grabbed her hand but she yanked it away. Laughing, she stepped back, pushed her fingers under the straps of her bra and took them off her shoulders. Reaching behind, she unclasped the bra and swung it over her head one time before dropping it on the floor. The sight of her naked breasts, swinging free, made her mouth salivate.


He wanted her with a desperation that was hard to describe.


As he lunged forward, she allowed him to sweep her in his arms. He stopped her laughter with a demanding, hot kiss that sent lances of desire deep in his bones. The more he had, the more he wanted. His greed for her knew no bounds. His hands ran over her luscious, curvy body and he felt his penis lengthen in his jeans.


It was time to tug off his clothes. He wanted to feel her naked skin against his, and he wanted to press his hard body into her soft curves – only then would he receive some satisfaction. With an efficiency of movement, he took off all his clothes. Once he was naked, she pressed her hand on his throbbing, quivering cock and held it between her fingers as if she was cherishing a long lost baby.


He squirmed, intending to brush away her hand and drop her on the living room rug but then she dropped on her knees. A gasp escaped his lips as her tongue darted out to kiss his balls. All the blood in his body rushed to his penis and he felt as if was he burning down there. Her tongue flicked over the tip of his cock, and then she slid forward and took it in her mouth. His legs trembled as he struggled to remain still.


Damn it! But she sure knew how to make his blood boil.


Gently she sucked and caressed until he was a quivering, shivering mass of muscles without bone. Nick found it hard to stand. He needed to get his breath back. Slowly, he pushed her away and forced her to glide his dick out of her mouth. She appeared reluctant, but he persevered.


Dropping her on the rug, Nick claimed her mouth once more. The sweet crevices of her mouth were as hot and delightful as he remembered. He nibbled his way down the creamy, smooth skin of her throat until he found her hard nipple. It was as stiff as his cock. He swirled his tongue over the bud and enjoyed the way she writhed under him. For a long time, he savored the wonders of her breasts, sucking and tugging, kissing and caressing – until her aroma filled his senses. Sweat lined his torso as he paid homage to her wonderful beauty.


The more he had, the greater his yearning.


A storm of desire swept through him. Hurry, hurry! Someone yelled in his mind, but he was determined to take pleasure in each nibble and kiss. Passion. Heat and need. Everything jumbled into a dynamite cocktail, swelled, and burst through his frazzled nerves. Suddenly, she slipped out from under him. Before he realized what she was up, she mounted him, her pussy sitting tight on his cock. But she didn’t take him in. Instead, leaning forward, she thrust one hard nipple in his mouth. Eagerly, he swallowed it. His mouth sucked the bud until she took it out and offered him another.


Delirious with desire, mad with passion, he followed her lead, happy to allow her to set the pace.


The sweet torture was as mind-blowing as it was painful. The more they stretched out time, the greater their need to posses each other. And yet there was a delicious bit of pleasure in prolonging the inevitable. As she stroked her breasts in and out of his mouth, the need for release mushroomed inside his body. With each passing second, it took on greater heights until it set his whole body on fire. Every cell, every fiber, every inch of his skin sizzled with the need to possess her.


As if they had a mind of their own, his hands glided down her back, slipped around her waist and settled on his hips. Her eyes were closed as she rocked over him, rubbing her hot, wet pussy over his vibrating cock. Raising her slightly, he brought her down on his hard penis. She slipped him inside as if taking in the offering.


Moving up and down, she ignited a new fire. Her skin was clammy and hot. As she rocked over him, their rhythm fell into place. Nick controlled his need for as long as he could – and soon he was rewarded when she uttered a loud scream and shuddered from the orgasm that rippled through her. Her muscles trembled. He felt her pussy clench around his penis, and Nick allowed his own desperate need to follow her. His orgasm was quick but brutal. His toes curled as he shook under her.


“One day, I am going to die from this,” he whispered as she lay over him, resting her head on his shoulders.


“But you will die a happy man,” she declared as she kissed him on his throat.


Her hands rested on her shoulders as she took deep, shuddering breaths. It was one of those perfect moments when everything felt as if it was alright with the world. He could imagine spending his days and nights like this, with her, making love, waking up to find her beside him, living out his life knowing that she was there to support him.


What more could a man want?


Nick was always a content man – and now that he had her, he was even happier than he was ever before.


He slid his hand down her back and felt her tremble. “Why don’t you stay the night?”


He could practically see the wheels turn in her mind as she considered his offer. Sometimes she stayed over. At times, he went and spent the night in her room. But just now, he wanted her in his bed. Maybe tomorrow, he would wake her up with a kiss and they could do the tango in bed before sauntering over to the clubhouse. A big meeting was due to take place tomorrow in the morning and his presence was required.


“Alright, sure.”


“Your clothes are in my closet.”


“Ok.” She had left some last time she came. He was delighted to host her. If she was willing, he would have encouraged her to stay over more often but it was obvious that she still wasn’t ready.


Baby steps, he reminded himself. Baby steps.


That’s what she needed.


“Maybe we should go away together?”


He rubbed his fingers on her back, enjoying the way her skin felt against his. “What do you mean? We could go away for a weekend. Sure, why not.”


She sucked in a deep breath of air and raised her head. “No, I meant…we could go away, the two of us, away from this town, away from the club.”


He didn’t understand her words, couldn't figure out the raw emotion that coiled and twisted in her eyes. “What? Go away? Why?”


She didn’t quite meet his gaze as she rested her head back on his shoulder. “Just like that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was just the two of us, without any threat, any danger, or anyone’s presence around us?”


“Danger Threat?” He didn’t quite comprehend the meaning of her strange words. “What are you talking about, honey? Has anyone said anything to you over at the clubhouse? It is Matt? Did he corner you again?”


“No, no one said anything.” Her hand coiled around his arm. “I was just wondering what it would feel like if it was just the two of us and there wasn’t anyone else around to bother us.”


“We could do that here, if you moved in with me,” he said. Nick didn’t have any intention of bringing up that topic. He wanted to give her the time to do what she wanted. Sooner or later, they would head in the right direction – but he didn’t want to force her down that road. But she was the one who brought up it up – and she couldn’t fault a guy for trying.


He braced himself, ready to hear her denial. She didn’t want it. It was ok. He would get her here in due time. “Ok,” she said.

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