At His Mercy: Hell Brigade MC (30 page)





Evelyn Glass is a native of northern California who currently lives in New England with her wonderful husband and their two rambunctious Corgis. 


Her favorite past times include hiking and reading near the fireplace.


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I swore never again, but now that I have Susan, I can't let her go...


I had it all, and I threw it all away.

Bikes, tats, a body to die for, and girls lined up by my bed.

I lived for the road, the parties, and the adrenaline rush.

Until I f***ed up and fell in love.

And when they lowered that coffin in the ground, I swore never again.


Once was enough.


Then along came Susan.

Smart, sassy, with lips begging to be kissed.

She thinks I’m just another dumb biker.

An organ donors on wheels.

She has no idea who she’s messing with.


She’s too prim, too proper, too good


…All the more reason I want to make her bad.


To keep her in my home.

To keep her in my bed.

To make her mine and NEVER let go



I'm about to walk through fire.


I'd always been the good girl my whole life. Him? He was the bad boy. The outlaw who hurt people for a living--a fatal mix of ink and muscles and irresistible danger.


Then everything changed.


I fell into his arms, and those strong arms pulled me into his bed.


He made me feel reckless.

He made me feel wild.

He made me feel


I know I'm not supposed to fall in love with him. I know that he can only break my heart. But all I can think about is how this bad boy wants to take me.


To hold me.


To claim me.


Some flames never die

I'm an outlaw who doesn't do love. I've had plenty of girls in my bed, but never a repeat customer.


Not until her.




From the moment I had her legs wrapped around me. From the moment she whimpered and gasped as I pinned her against the wall. From the moment she lost control in my arms...


... I was hooked.


Now, I can't get my mind off her. I can't stop thinking about her curves.


I need her back in my arms.


I need her screaming my name.


And I'm going to make her




Everything about him screamed at me to stay away.


He was dangerous.

He was trouble.

He was a heart breaker.

A living reminder of the worst day of my life.


I should have stayed away from him.


… but I didn’t.


Now, he’s dragging me into his world with its dangerous mix of secrets and doubts and lies—a world of dark sensual pleasures and a place where I must leave my good girl life behind.


A world that I can’t come back from.


A world that I don’t
to come back from…




I knew I couldn’t run from him forever.


Eight years ago, I thought I left it all behind. I thought I left him behind. Nicholas Stone. A dangerously delicious mix of tattoos, testosterone, and devilish charm. He had nearly ruined my life, my future, if I hadn’t cut him out of my life. 


I hate how I can’t chase him out of my mind. I hate how I can’t forget the way he used to hold me. The way he used to please me. The way he used to make me feel so 
 when I was in his arms. 


And now he’s back in my life. 


And I know this time, he won’t let me go. 


Warning: this is a dark novel that deals with very disturbing topics. Not for the faint of heart readers. Caution is advised.





He’d been the last memory I had of Cascade Falls--the last mistake I made. But I’d be a liar to claim that he wasn’t the best damn mistake of my life.


For as long as I could remember, Van Palmer had been the guy I was taught to stay away from. He was a jerk. A cocky, arrogant, womanizing jerk, who spent most of his time cutting classes, skirting the law, and tearing up the road with his Harley.


Yep. A jerk.


A jerk with a killer body, an irresistible face, and a smile that could charm the panties off Mother Theresa.


A jerk whose arms and bed I fell into on my last night in Cascade Falls.


A jerk whose father is about to marry my mom.


A jerk that I can’t ever get out of my life…


... and a jerk that I’m not entirely sure if I want gone.



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