At His Mercy: Hell Brigade MC (8 page)



Something shifted and changed between them. It was so subtle, the feeling so delicate, that Gabby wasn’t sure if she actually felt it or if it was her imagination. While her date was fantastic, she was acutely aware that every brief contact with Nick sent her in a tizzy. He was the ultimate man – and she was wildly, crazily, madly in lust with him.


It was nothing more than plain old lust.


How could it be something else?


Once she got him out of her system, things would cool down between them. She’d spent too long on the bed, on her back, not to recognize the classic symptoms of sexual frustration. Maybe it was best to get it over with, and then hopefully she would be able to rid herself of these silly romantic notions that plagued her.


She was going to have incredible sex with Nick – and once they were done, they could both share a smoke and be normal with each other.


When his motorcycle came to a stop outside the clubhouse, she got out, took off her helmet, and handed it to him. “Thank you for a lovely meal!”


Now that she decided on her next course of action, Gabby was feeling supremely confident again. After all, she made a living out of seducing men. This was her job, and she was damn good at it.


He took off his helmet and hung it on the bar. “You’re welcome.”


She ran a hand through her hair and watched as his pupils dilated.
Good! It was working.
Gabby put a hand on his arm. He tensed, but didn’t say anything. Leaning forward, she claimed his lips. The touch was brief, soft, but the sensations that careened through her veins were unpredictably tumultuous. Need and heat mingled in equal quantities and stormed through her senses. She sucked in a deep breath of air and inhaled the scent of him; spicy and strong. It hit her nostrils and doubled the desire that simmered in her belly.


Her tongue licked his lips, and he granted her access. She explored the crevices of his mouth, enjoying the feel of his mouth against hers. His breath was hot. She gripped his shoulders as she clung to him as a drowning man does to anything that can keep him afloat.


It felt fucking wonderful.


When she raised her head, Gabby stared into his piercing eyes. The time for inaction was long gone. “Why don’t you come upstairs with me?”


She could see the struggle on his face, but then he got off the bike, and hand in hand, they walked inside. This time of the night, the clubhouse was deserted. Quietly, they went upstairs. She unlocked her room and went inside, pulling him with her hand on his collar. The fire that burned inside her was hot and unrelenting and she needed to sate it.


Once again, his lips claimed hers. But this time he was the one who made the move. Their clothes came off. Soon, they were lying in bed, naked and reveling in the glory of each other’s body. While she had longed to feast her eyes on his hard, muscled body, now she didn’t want take the time to simply look.


That wasn’t enough.


She needed to devour him with her mouth, her hands, and fingers.


And he appeared to feel the same way.


When his mouth rubbed on her nipple, she arched her back and surrendered herself to the feelings that rose steeply like a volcano that found it was way out of the earth after years of continuous and hard struggle. He sucked at the hard nub, teasing and fondling, caressing and pulling, until every muscle and vein in her body vibrated with red-hot need.


She wanted him inside her.


Gabby reached between his legs to grab his penis. His long, hard cock filled her fingers and throbbed with a painful intensity. But he moved away. She moaned, feeling bereft.


“Patience, my lovely,” he muttered against her mouth.




“Shush! Let me do it my way.”


Gabby tried to still the ripples of passion that undulated in each cell of her body but it was impossible to slow the force of the tsunami that hurried through her. His fingers glided over her taut, hard stomach until he touched the curls that guarded the entrance of her velvety center. Moisture leaked out, betraying her arousal. With a gentle motion, his finger slipped inside. Without giving it another thought, Gabby opened her legs, giving him access.


She was too far gone to care about what he was doing. All she wanted was release from this torturous pleasure that ate her alive. He stroked his finger in and out of her pussy while his eyes remained fixed on her face. Gabby thrust forward her hips in an unconscious gesture as she sought to find the release that eluded her.


Sensations, powerful and strong, spiraled in her veins.


When his finger rubbed her swollen clitoris, she clenched the sheets in her hands and released a scream. He massaged the sweet spot, exerting just enough pressure to make her shiver with delight. Each circular rub of his thumb took her higher and higher until she was a quivering, shivering mass of muscles. Heat, bright as a fire, hot as lava, spun through her nerves. Her breath hitched in her throat.


Damn him to hell!


What was he doing to her?


Before she realized what he planned, he slid down her body without easing the pressure on her nub. His head bent between her thighs and his tongue replaced his fingers. Gabby grabbed his hair and yanked hard.


She didn’t want this.


No way was she losing control, but Nick didn’t budge. Instead, his tongue swirled between the lips of her pussy and whatever little tendrils of restraint she’d clung to vanished in an instant. He lapped up her juices with fervor. And Gabby felt the ripples of orgasm swamp through her senses. Her muscles trembled and shuddered and she let out a squeal.


Nick glided up her body. He lay there with his hand on her stomach. Her breaths heaved out, one after another, as she struggled to bring her racing heart back to a normal speed.


What the hell just happened?


She was meant to seduce him, not the other way around.


But what transpired was more potent than anything she ever experienced before.


What did he want from her?


From the first time, Gabby was scared not because the man she was with might hurt her physically, but because he might harm her emotionally. Gabby learnt to protect her heart a long time ago, and Nick was pulling down those barriers without a thought to her sanity.


If he continued, she would surely go mad.


But she was too scared to say anything. The turmoil that ran through her was impossible to put in words. If she said it out loud, it would become all too important.


This was just sex, nothing more than that.


Gabby sat. As she gazed down at his magnificent body, her mouth watered with desire. His penis, long and glistening, rose up straight. His eyes traced her movements as she slipped down the bed until her face was on level with his cock. Gabby touched his hard balls. Her fingers slid over them, rubbing and caressing. He parted his legs, giving her permission. She stroked his penis, enjoying the way it vibrated in her hand. When she took position over his pelvic bone, he let out a gasp.


Gently, with care, she took the tip of his cock in her mouth. As her tongue danced with his long, hard, blood-engorged penis, she heard him moan. His fingers rested on her shoulders and squeezed as if he was urging her to go faster. Gabby took her time. She wanted to prolong the glory of this moment for as long as she could. Gently, slowly, she nibbled her way down his shaft, taking more and more of it inside her warm mouth. Under her, he writhed as his nerves pumped full of desire.


When he was all the way in, she began to move her head up and down, enjoying the way his organ quivered in her throat. Her own arousal was instantaneous. She wanted him again – but before that she wanted him to taste that slice of heaven.


“Gabby,” he whispered.


His fingers speared through her hair, pulled a little. The pain was exquisitely sweet. She let go. Her passion was as ignited as his. In one sharp flow, he managed to move her under him. His hands settled on her hips and ran down the smooth flesh of her thighs. He pulled up her legs and exposed her velvety pussy. Gabby squirmed, but he took position, his cock inches away from her center.


With one hard thrust, he stroked deep inside her. Her muscles clenched around his organ, greedily, eagerly, and she let out a moan. Sliding forward over her body, he held the headrest of the bed with both hands. And then he picked up pace. The momentum increased in intensity until she was caught into the throes of the wave that swelled in her nerves. She matched him stroke for stroke. They were joined as intimately as a woman and man could be. Her body ached with the need to possess him. Each bold stroke fired the need inside her until it was a fountain of red-hot lava that burned and sizzled in her veins. Her orgasm spiraled within her, careening through with the speed of lightning. She squealed and he came inside her, his semen spilling with a quick spurt.


They both lay still, exhausted.


Sex was never more potent before.


It was the first time in her life that she actually thought of it as making love. He’d cherished her body, revered it, and not merely used it as a means to an end. She could tell the difference in the way his hands touched her. Tears spilled in her eyes and despite her best effort, a few of them ran down her cheeks.


“What’s wrong?” With a gentle flick of his fingers, he wiped them. “Did I hurt you?”


She couldn’t take the loving concern that echoed in his words. “No, of course not.” She sat and wore her t-shirt. After tugging it down, she stood. “Nick, I am way in over my head.”


He settled in her bed, his arms behind his head. “Gabby, you and me both.”


“But you don’t understand...”


With one hard yank, he drew her down and she lay sprawled over him, her pelvic bone brushing against his penis that still throbbed with spent passion. “What don’t I understand? Tell me.”


“I can’t.” She couldn’t quite meet his eyes. “I just can’t say the words.”


He put a hand under her chin and forced her to meet his gaze. “Try me.”


“This is easy for you, but for me, it’s hard.  I’ve never...been with a man who actually wanted to spend time with me outside the bedroom. And it’s scary and hard.”


“Love is scary and hard.” Her gaze must have shown the horror she felt. “Don’t look like that. It’s not a death sentence.”


“Love?” she muttered the word as if it was an alien concept. “You don’t mean that.”


“Don’t I?”


“Nick, let’s not go there,” she pleaded.


He ran a hand down her hair, his gaze intent on hers. There was understanding in his eyes, and something more. It was an emotion she didn’t recognize. In her life, Gabby never saw it before. Did he actually feel something more than plain, old lust?


And if yes, what the hell was she supposed to do with that? She never thought about having a relationship with anyone before. No one ever encouraged her or showed any interest. Lyle was the only who cared, but he made it abundantly clear that he only wanted her sexually. And yet, the kindness with which he treated her often brought tears to her eyes.


Nick was talking about something more than that.


Love? Such a strange word, and so powerful!


Was she ready for something like that?


Did he mean it?


Maybe was joking with her. She opened her mouth, ready to ask him that. Was he toying with her emotions? But then his fingers caressed down her cheek, and she closed her mouth again. He didn’t need to say anything. His eyes spoke volumes.


The silly man was serious.


A shudder ran through her spine. He rubbed her back. “We have to deal with our feelings, Gabby. And I will be honest...what I feel for you scares the hell out of me.”

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