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Authors: J.A. Bailey

Breaking Laura (3 page)

His rough hands came suddenly upon her shoulders, his touch inciting a prickling sensation. He manoeuvred her towards the frame and Laura’s heart rate kicked up as he pressed her against it. Eyes never leaving hers, he took a wrist and shackled it to one corner of the frame. The leather padding pressed into her bare arse as he did the same to her other wrist, his movement surprisingly gentle.

Her ankles came next and she was bound, spread eagled to the cross. A prickle of sweat beaded across her lip as Hunter eyed her exposed pussy. God help her, the feeling of vulnerability made her cunt twitch. A tiny drip of arousal leaked down her leg and she closed her eyes. What was wrong with her?

“Does this turn you on?”

She snapped open her eyes and sucked in a breath. What should she say? It did turn her on but for the life of her, she couldn’t force the truth past her tongue. It was wrong, so wrong to be turned on by things like this. And yet, she knew in playing a sub that it
turn her on. Hunter would think it strange if it didn’t.

“What turns you on, Laura?”

Her gaze caught sight of the flogger he now held in his hand. He swept it through his fingers, toying leisurely with it. Fear lodged in her throat.

“Does a beating turn you on?”

Laura shook her head frantically.

He edged closer, running the flogger over her breasts and stomach. “What turns you on, Laura?”

“I-I don’t know!”

“What do you want? Tell me and I can make it happen. Every fantasy, every fetish.” His voice was low now, almost seductive, that intimidating growl lost to something sensual that rolled over her and made her sex clench.

Every fantasy…

No! She couldn’t. Her wants and desires were perverted. She could never give into them. Her mother’s voice echoed in the back of her mind.
Wrong, it’s wrong. Dirty girl.

“You will tell me, Laura. You may as well tell me now.”

Mouth clamped firmly shut, she whimpered as he teased her flesh with the leather strands. His face came to the side of her cheek, his bristle brushing lightly over her skin as he whispered in her ear, “Why are you here, Laura? What do you want?”

“I want to be a sub,” she cried quietly. “I just want to be a sub…”

It was a pathetic response and she could hear the fragility of her voice. Those dark eyes told her he wasn’t happy with her response either.

“Just safe-word and this will be all over.” His voice came out almost tender. He
want her to safe-word. But why? Had he figured out the real reason she was here?

But she couldn’t. Speaking her safe-word would mean no graduation and she’d be kicked out of the school. She needed to graduate.

With a shrug, he drew back the flogger and Laura clenched her eyes shut. She heard the sound first, the faint woosh and slap and then a heat blossomed across the top of her thighs. The fear seemed to have frozen her vocal chords as she opened her mouth to cry out but only a rasping hiss of air came.

Another woosh and this time the flogger came across her other thigh. The fire seared instantly across her skin and she finally released a scream. Wrenching open her eyes, Laura gasped as she glanced down and saw the red streaks crawling over her pale skin.

A peek at Hunter sent her stomach twisting. He eyed her coolly but his whole body remained tense and she could see his erection thrusting up against his trousers. This turned him on. She was fucked.

Laura cringed as he raised the flogger and splayed it across her stomach. The edge of the tassels caught the underside of her breast and she clamped down on her lip as the sting forced tears into her eyes. He barely gave her time to recover before striking her breast fully, sending excruciating pain through her tight nipple.

“What do want, Laura?” he repeated as he flogged both breasts, one after the other in a rhythmic motion. “What do you fantasise about?”

The smacking sounds were almost soothing as Hunter struck her efficiently and expertly. Laura tuned into the noise, concentrating on the musical quality of it in an attempt to ignore the burning pain.

Maybe he picked up on the comfort it brought her as he switched his rhythm, moving to a less predictable motion as he swept the leather over her stomach. She didn’t dare glance down as she knew the sight would probably force her safe-word from her lips.

The stinging heat consumed every part of her as he worked his way down, sending the leather across her hips before concentrating on the apex of her thighs. Tears streamed freely now. Surely she was in hell? Her clit swelled with each hit as if her body was rebelling against her, trying to make the pain unbearable.

“You can end all this, Laura,” Hunter prompted hoarsely between whippings. “Just one word.”

Say it, say it.
No, she couldn’t. Red was her word. Not very inventive but she’d heard it was commonly used in BDSM scenarios. It sat on the tip of her tongue as a tassel curled over her distended clit.

“What do you need?” Smack. “What do you want?” Smack. “Tell me everything and this will be over.”

A vicious smack landed between her legs, setting fire to her tender cunt as her cream dripped from her.

“Ok!” she cried as he raised his hand once more.

Mid-swing, he paused and crossed his arms, waiting.

“I want to be fucked!” Oh God, where was this coming from? She couldn’t prevent the words spilling from her. “I want to be pinned down and fucked, hard and fast. I want a man to hold me down and ram his cock in me.” She sobbed as the shameful truth of all her fantasies came tumbling out. “I want you to fuck me, Sir. I want your cock in me.”

She tried to clear the tears from her gaze with a few blinks but she couldn’t make out his expression through the cloudy haze. He still held the flogger, slightly raised and she waited, breath trapped in her chest.

Laura cried out as he took a sudden step towards her and tore at the restraints. Quickly he freed one wrist then the other, flinging aside the flogger. Ankles released, the next minute he held her tight in his embrace and was kissing her.

Her arms ended up pinned behind her, held in one wrist as his other hand held the back of her neck while he plundered her mouth. As the shock subsided, Laura found herself kissing him back, eagerly twining her tongue with his. Her tender skin smarted at the rub of his suit but the feel of his cock pushed against her made her forget it all and she thrust her throbbing cunt against it.

Spun around suddenly, he forced Laura onto the cold leather of the bench. Without preamble, Hunter lunged into her, filling her in one sweep. Her pussy ached with the invasion. It had been so long. But, God, it was good. Her body responded instantly as he covered her with his clothed form, bringing her hands up in front of her and sprawling his large hands across hers.

“Fuck, Laura…” he groaned and her heart fluttered with delight at the sound of her name on his lips.

It didn’t matter how awful her fantasy was, Hunter fulfilling it brought her to the brink quicker than ever before. Her clit pulsed as he hammered into her, the leather soothing her skin. She struggled to breathe as he used all his strength to thrust his rod into her willing sheath. The sensations consuming her sparked a frenzy in her body and she writhed beneath him

Pleasure boiled between her thighs and surged through her cunt. It took her by surprise and she screamed his name as he relentlessly pulled the pleasure from her. Shaking and crying, she hit the peak and came in great pulses. It may have only lasted seconds but time ticked away as the sensations darted through her again and again.

With several more hard, merciless thrusts, Hunter groaned and uttered her name before slumping across her. Her pussy scalded as his seed filled her and she pressed her cheek against the bench as fresh tears pricked her eyes.

What the hell was that? Her first ever g-spot orgasm? Fuck, she’d missed out on so much. Masturbating was hard enough. Orgasms never came easily to Laura. And now she’d just had the most mind-blowing one from a man she didn’t even like. A man who frightened her to death. A man who’d just beaten her into submission.

The heat of his body disappeared but Laura didn’t have the energy or the will to move. Cum dripped down her legs and her body still trembled. Vulnerable and sore, her mind was a swirl of thoughts. She’d never even had a man spill his load inside her before, she realised. It was kind of hot.
And fucked up,
she reminded herself. The whole scenario was beyond wrong. All the health and medical checks should have prepared her these things but she really had stumbled into this so blindly.

Something warm touched her pussy and she flinched, barely smothering a startled cry.

“Shhhh,” Hunter soothed.

A washcloth. Laura would have laughed at herself it she wasn’t so emotionally fraught. He was cleaning her up.

“Roll over,” he commanded quietly.

She did, avoiding his gaze as she lay naked in front of him. The washcloth gone, he spread something cool over her skin and she lifted her head to see what he was doing.

“It’s just for your skin.” He massaged whatever the concoction was onto the inside of her thighs where the flogger had reached, his strong hands astonishingly gentle and tender. His fingers worked nimbly at her sore, bare pussy before moving up across her breasts. Whether he intended it or not, her nipples peaked under his touch and lust trickled through her once more.

She threw her head back and flung an arm over her face. What was wrong with her? This was not normal - lust for a man so vicious and taciturn. Her cheeks flamed as she recalled her bumbled confession. For years, and to her shame, the thought of being pinned down and fucked had fuelled those few moments when she gave into her needs and brought herself to climax. Only imaginings like that seemed to do it for her, no matter how much she fought against it.

A soft touch to her cheek made her bring her arm away from her face.

“You’re hiding something still, Laura.”

She cringed, wondering if he was going to beat the rest of her secrets out of her. An odd expression crossed his face – a mixture of confusion and…affection?

His eyes hardened abruptly and he stood, straightening out his suit. “You’ll be tired for most of the day. I recommended having a nap if you can.”

Arms clutched around her, Laura pulled herself to sitting and gaped as he strode out and shut the door firmly behind him. That’s it? After everything they just did
But then maybe he was used to pathetic females getting all jittery after he gave them amazing orgasms.

Laura changed back into her uniform, wondering what the other girls would think of her red marks. She envied them, even if she found them weird. Charlotte obviously loved her boyfriend and Simone was so free about her sexuality. The whole Master/slave thing was pretty perverted but Charlotte seemed really content.  Maybe her Master gave her amazing orgasms too.

Shit. Hunter was definitely not her Master and nor did she want one. Normal sex. Yes, traditional, respectful, vanilla sex, that was her thing. Even if she never came. But that was her fault, not her boyfriends who had all been enthusiastic enough. Laura sighed. She’d long thought she just wasn’t capable of enjoying sex like other people did. But that didn’t explain how Hunter had given her such an amazing experience.

Flopping back down on the bed, she consider her aching pussy and tingling skin. It was only day one. How the hell was she going to survive another month under his tutelage? And would it be worth it?


Drawing in a sharp breath as she came to surface, Laura gripped on to the side of the pool and swept the water from her face. A set of strong male feet came into her vision and she followed them, tracing the powerful legs up to a pair of black swim trunks where her gaze lingered for a moment. With a gulp, she continued upwards and a ripped torso greeted her, covered in a sprinkling of dark hair.


Staring down at her with an arched brow was Hunter.


She came here to get away from him. To get away from what he did to her body. After a long nap, filled with images Mr Hunter and all that he did to her, she needed a distraction. And to burn off some of her sexual frustration. Her first proper orgasm and she was frustrated! What the hell was that about?

“Good evening, Laura,” he greeted her, the deep timbre of his voice making her pussy flinch as she remembered his barked commands.

“G-good evening, Sir.”

Laura remained frozen as he stepped around her and dove cleanly into the water. She turned and watched as he stroked gracefully through the water. Great, now she really was screwed. Her increasing attraction to him was bad enough but now she’d seen what he looked like under those suits…


Logically, she knew she would see him naked eventually but she was kind of hopeful he might just keep the suits on for the rest of the term. His power over her already frightened her to death.
It’s wrong
, she thought with a shudder.
It’s so very wrong.
Christ, she’d been so unprepared for any of this. The whole
thing was bad enough but having it inflicted on her by Hunter… that was worst of all. How could she even be remotely attracted to the grouchy, twisted man?

did her body respond to him like that? Orgasms were hard enough to come by as they were.

He pulled several lengths as Laura watched, seemingly oblivious to her presence. Her heavy legs remained rooted even as she tried to persuade herself to go.
Just get out, Laura. Walk away and leave.
Hunter paused at the end of the lane and stared at her, sending a shiver through her. Cheeks flaming, she dove under and swam furiously. She didn’t stop until breathless and exhausted. Unfortunately he was still there and she was still frustrated.

His dark gaze studied her as she swam over to the edge and gathered her breath. “Why did you do that?”

Blinking away the water, she scowled. “Do what, Sir?”

“Swim as if you were trying to escape something. Were you trying to escape me?”

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