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Breaking Laura (5 page)

“No, no.  I’ll put it on…

Quickly slipping on the vibrator, she wriggled as the rubber formed to the shape of her sex. She yelped as it buzzed suddenly against her, sending shockwaves instantly through her clit.

A twisted grin appeared on his lips as he held up a black box. “I control the vibrator, Laura. In fact, from now on I control all your orgasms.”

Laura wanted to snort.
Good luck with that one.
But then he had delivered more orgasms in one day than she’d achieved the entire month.

Before she could respond, he gave her arse a pat. “Go have breakfast. Come to room twenty-one in the east wing afterwards.”

“Yes, Sir,” she ground out but he’d already turned his back and was walking away. She jumped and yelped as another vibration rolled against her clit. Fuck, breakfast would be difficult. She didn’t fear climaxing. There’s no way that would happen but she was going to look damned stupid wriggling around in discomfort.

They tucked into a continental breakfast, but Laura only picked at her food. Every now and then the vibrator would spring to life and it took all her concentration not to yelp or move with it. She ached to press it into her cunt and buck against it as it formed an unbearable throb. Thankfully it vibrated quietly so no one else could hear it, but she wondered if the other girls heard the squelch of her damp pussy as she fidgeted.

He wanted to torture her. That must be it. And what the hell had he meant about owning her orgasms? No one could
an orgasm. She couldn’t even control them, so how was someone else meant to?

A weird sense of relief flowed over her as she threw down her half-eaten croissant and scurried upstairs to the east wing. Time to get the wretched thing off. She paused in front of the door. What would sit behind it? Another cross frame thing? More whips? She sucked in a deep breath and pushed open the door.

A frown crossed over her face as she took in the room. Decorated in the same tasteful colours as the rest of the house, it was more like a hotel room. She tilted her head. Hunter sat on the bed. He almost…almost looked to be smiling.


The game had changed. It petrified her even more.

“Shut the door, Laura.”

Complying, she closed it and edged towards him. He yanked the black box out of his pocket and she squeaked as he set her vibrator on.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered as he flicked it off again.

“Yes, Sir.” Heart pounding, Laura climbed onto the bed, her knees sinking into the sheets as she clambered across it and positioned herself in the middle. She lay awkwardly, her hands by her sides as he shifted around and studied her.

“Close your eyes. I want you to come for me.”

She sprang up. “What?” The rubber between her legs pulsed suddenly as she fell back against the pillows as it tickled incessantly at her clit. Unable to prevent herself, Laura rolled with the sensations, bringing her legs up and fisting her hands in the sheets.

Torture. Pure torture. The fast vibrations almost burned at her nub but her body wouldn’t give in, wouldn’t go over the edge. She knew this but still yearned for it to happen. Eyes clenched shut, images of Hunter’s cock skewering into her flooded through her mind and she thought for one blissful moment that she might go but her body refused to release as memories of her previous attempts to masturbate took over. The frustration, the humiliation. It stole every ounce of pleasure and she grimaced as the vibrations took a turn towards painful, her swollen clit becoming further engorged.

“I can’t,” she whimpered, feeling the dampness of her palms against the bed. “I can’t,” she repeated, tossing from side to side.

“Relax,” Hunter’s voice came.

“I can’t. It won’t happen.” Laura heard the hysteria edging into her voice. “Please make it stop. I can’t. It never happens.”

Blessedly the buzzing stopped and she slumped, bringing a hand up to cover her face. What had she done? She’d confessed yet more of her deep inner secrets to him. How did he do that?

Laura flinched as he tenderly drew away the vibrator from between her legs and she heard a thump so she assumed he’d flung it to the floor. Good. If she never saw another vibrator again, she’d be happy.

The bed dipped and the heat of Hunter’s body breached the distance between them. Body tense, she waited. Would he punish her now?

“Look at me, Laura.”

“Nuh-uh.” Shaking her head, she kept her hand firmly over her eyes.

“Laura,” he warned, that terrifying edge coming back into his voice.

Peering over the top of her hand, she regarded him fearfully. Her vision still glimmered with tears. No doubt her mascara was all down her cheeks now. So much for looking gorgeous.

He grasped her hand and held it firmly away as he propped himself on one elbow and stared down at her. “What do you mean ‘it never happens’?”

“I-I can’t masturbate. It doesn’t work. I’m broken,” she added miserably.

One brow raised in surprise. “You mean it’s not just during sex you can’t come? I thought you meant you struggled to come with a man.”

“No…I struggle all the time. I just can’t.” Laura tilted her head back and stared at the elegant headboard behind her. She was such a failure as a woman.

A rough finger on her thigh brought her attention back to the man sat on the bed. Funny, without the scowl on his brow, he really was sexy. Remaining silent, he coaxed apart her legs and she whimpered as he settled between them, his brown eyes secured on hers.

He wasn’t going to…? Oh he was. Hunter touched his tongue to her folds and she braced herself but her tender clit welcomed the warmth.

“I really don’t think—”

“Don’t think,” he murmured against her mound, the order surprisingly sharp considering where his mouth was buried. His voice sent a gentle tremor through her and she reared up into his tongue. “You will come, Laura, whether you want to or not,” he told her as he ran his fingers underneath the two strips of lace that framed her lips. “This is my pussy, understand? And I will tell you what to do with it.”

“Y-Yes, Sir.” Why the fuck did the idea of him owning her body make her curl in pleasure?

His tongue explored her soaking sex, laving across her bud and her labia. He carefully tongue fucked her, occasionally coming up to swirl around her swollen clit. A gentle pressure built deep in her womb and as his teeth closed in on her clit, Laura arched sharply. The usual fears crept into her mind but her gaze closed in on his ruffled dark hair as he glanced up at her over the edge of her skirt and they dissipated. Only the riot of sensations remained.

Tenderly he reached for her hand and brought it down between her legs. Positioning two of her fingers on her nub, he continued to work his tongue in and out of her needy hole while manipulating her fingers over her flesh. Her folds were wet and swollen and sensual to touch. With his tongue thrusting in her and his warm hand over hers, there was so much for her brain to process. Her mind closed down and simmering pleasure crept up her body.

Breaths coming hard, Laura rotated her hips in time with her hand, crying out as two thick fingers invaded her folds and curled, making her stomach clench. Hunter worked his fingers vigorously and she could smell her arousal and hear the squelch of her sopping cunt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she screamed as her sheath tightened around his digits. He urged her to work her hand quicker and she thrashed desperately. The pleasure bubbled and cascaded suddenly over her making her legs jerk as Hunter’s two fingers moved in leisurely circles against her g-spot.

Vision clearing, she peered down to see him eyeing her with satisfaction. Damn that smug smile was sexy. He slid up her body and brought his fingers to her lips.

“Taste it,” he ordered.

Laura grimaced and tentatively licked at his damp fingertips. It wasn’t actually that bad though it still felt ridiculously sordid. He thread his digits in between her lips and circled them inside her mouth, mimicking a kiss. His eyes never left hers. Moisture gathered in her mouth as she flicked a glance to his lips.

“You taste gorgeous,” he murmured. “You are gorgeous,” Hunter added gruffly before yanking away his hand and replacing it with his mouth, gripping onto her hair as he devoured her.

She was lost.

Whatever the hell this was there was more to it than attraction. There was more to it than a teacher/pupil thing. There was more to it than she really wanted.

If they went down this road - as much as she wanted to fight it – what would happen if he found out the truth? What would happen if – no -
he found out she was an undercover reporter?


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