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Authors: J.A. Bailey

Breaking Laura (2 page)

Charlotte promptly obeyed and Simone followed suit, throwing a grin in her direction. Laura took a little longer, prompting Hunter to press the tip of his crop to her arm. Laura’s eyes widened as a knot sat in her stomach and she quickly put her hands behind her and dropped her head. They tailed after him into a plain room, with polished wood floors and a teacher’s desk at the front. It actually looked like a classroom.

“Line up in the centre of the room,” he barked at them.

They shuffled into place, staring at the floor. Laura’s pulse hammered and her skin pimpled as he strolled in front of them, his crop tapping at the side of his leg.

“We are going to practice your positions. You will practice these every morning and will be expected to have perfected them by graduation. Positions are an essential part of your sub training and you should do them with elegance and efficiency. A Master should need to speak a few words only. Your body is at his will. I will remind you that you are not to speak unless spoken to. This is your last warning –any disobedience will be punished…Charlotte!”

Charlotte snapped her head up. “Yes, Sir?”

“You have some experience. Are you familiar with the positions?”

“Yes, Sir. I think so.”

“Come to the front.”

She shuffled out to the front and Hunter placed her in front of them. “Present yourself,” he ordered.

Charlotte dropped to her knees and kept her head down as Mr Hunter’s crop brushed over a thigh, threading it between her legs.

“Good,” he murmured. “Here we expect you to spread your thighs, though each Master has his preference.”

He wriggled the leather and coaxed her thighs apart. Laura caught site of her exposed folds and had to admit that Charlotte looked really hot, spread wide like that. Her pale pussy glistened and her slender thighs stretched tight. The woman oozed grace and sensuality, something Laura could never achieve.

“Chin up. Eyes down. Good. Now palms open.”

Charlotte laid the back of her hands on her legs and arched her spine, thrusting her breasts out. Now she looked amazing. The whole position enhanced every part of her, making her look ready to be used. Laura clenched her jaw as arousal pooled between her thighs. Damn, she should
be liking this.

She waited, watching his black polished shoes trace a path around them both. The crop urged her to part her legs and she glared up at Mr Hunter – no make that Hunter – defiantly. A crack came and she squealed as a sting blossomed across one thigh.

“Head down,” Hunter growled. “Legs further apart. Let me see that pussy.”

He lingered near her, waiting as she spread her thighs, her face heating with embarrassment. This job had better be bloody worth it.

“Good,” he murmured again. “Now sometimes your Master may wish to cuff you from this position. Put your hands out front.”

Wrists together, Laura offered up her hands. Hunter wrapped a thick hand around her wrists and tugged them higher. An odd twinge struck her as his palms came into contact with her skin. She mustn’t like this. She had to remain objective.

“Keep your arms straight. Every movement should be elegant and sexual. Do it again, all of you.” He let her wrists drop and moved behind Charlotte and sat at the desk. “Front cuff.”

The sound of slow breathing filled Laura’s ears as they waited, arms outstretched. Her arms trembled slightly as her shoulders began to ache.

“Back cuff,” Hunter ordered suddenly.

Biting back a sigh of relief, Laura quickly positioned her hands behind her. She heard the clip of their teacher’s shoes as he circled them.

“Behind you, Laura. Put your hands behind you. It’s not difficult. Shoulders back, breasts out.”

The whip was back on her skin, tracing the line of her breasts and Laura felt her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Be aware of every part of your body,” he continued, brushing the leather tip down her stomach and back across her thighs until it flicked over her soaking pussy. The slight touch of the cold fabric on her clit made her jolt. A swell of longing flowed to her sex and she fought the urge to rub against the crop. “That’s right, show off your breasts. A Master wants to see every part of his sub displayed to his advantage.” His voice thickened.

Hunter removed the crop abruptly. “Sometimes the Master will want to examine the slave. To do this, the slave must move into the examination position. A Master will guide the slave through the positions he wants.” He moved to stand beside Charlotte. “Stand up, Charlotte.”

Charlotte stood gracefully, hands still pinned behind her.

“Now bend over at the waist, keep your legs apart and open your mouth.”

With a gulp, Charlotte complied. The crop snaked up under her skirt, lifting it to fully reveal her arse and she closed her eyes. Laura spotted the heat spreading up her face.

 Crack! The crop snapped over the top of her thigh and Charlotte bit on her lip.

 “Eyes open,” Hunter barked.

Charlotte snapped them open and Laura saw a look pass between her and Simone the dark-haired women broke into a grin. Hunter was on her swiftly, bringing the crop down on her thigh. Simone hardly made a sound and if anything, her expression switched to barely-tempered delight.

“Simone! On your feet.” He punctuated his order with another crack across her bottom as she stood.

Hunter took care in arranging Simone carefully, slapping the crop over her arse as she fidgeted. Laura began to suspect Simone enjoyed the sting of a spanking and was playing for attention.

Determined not to attract any attention herself, Laura moved carefully, avoiding eye contact with Charlotte as she positioned herself. Her skin prickled as Hunter lingered behind her. She jolted as the tip of the crop pressed into her pussy spreading her folds. Holy shit! What was he doing to her? She couldn’t even remember the last time a man had seen her naked and now he was prizing apart her legs like she was on sale or something.

And why did she like it so much? Jesus, she was a sick fuck.

He kept them stood like that until Laura’s muscles ached. With her mouth open, she longed for a drink as her tongue dried. Hunter circled them, muttering as he tweaked their positions. Each touch of his crop sent shivers skittering through her body.

“Enough practice for the day.” Laura was about to release a sigh when his finger traced a path along her spine, a trail of heat spiralling through her. “You will practice those with your mentors daily but I suggest taking time to do them in the mirror,” he told them as they straightened. “You—” he thrust his crop at Laura, “—have a lot of work to do.”

Recovering from the effect of his touch, Laura narrowed her eyes at him. She held her breath, waiting for their teacher’s wrath but instead he raised a brow and strode past her. “Breakfast is at 9 a.m. You will meet your mentors shortly after. Do not be late.”

The breath she’d been holding hissed through her teeth and Laura’s shoulders slumped.

“I thought he was going to kill you,” whispered Charlotte.

Lucy gave her a nonchalant shrug, swallowing the fear trapped in her throat. “I’m not going to be bullied by him.”

“I don’t think that was his intention, but he did seem to pay an awful lot of attention to you, Laura. And I didn’t think you were doing that badly.”

“Maybe we should get some lessons from you.” Simone laughed. “Teacher’s pet.”

Charlotte flushed. “I’m sure you’ll be fine once you practice with your mentor. Hopefully he’ll be a bit nicer.”

Laura gave a mock shudder. “Anyone would be nicer than Hunter.”

“Hunter?” Simone grinned.

“Yeah, doesn’t he seem like one?”

“And you’re his prey…” Simone dug an elbow into her ribs.

They laughed and Laura released a nervous one as they all traipsed upstairs, her bare pussy and practically exposed breasts forgotten. It was hard to believe how quickly she’d got used to being on display. And, boy, had she been on display. She wished it didn’t make her body clench with desire, the thought of Hunter staring at her damp mound. The whole scenario was just wrong, especially her getting turned on by it.

As Laura crawled into her luxurious bed that night, she allowed her fingers to slip down and press against her folds, parting them and stroking through her sticky arousal. Her clit already pounded in anticipation. The whole lesson seemed to have brought her to a state of constant excitement and all she could think of was what it would be like to be fucked by Hunter. Odd…she didn’t even like the man. And she sure as hell didn’t want to fuck him. Sex with him would be twisted. Normal sex, that’s what she liked. Well, maybe not liked…but that was her fault.

She slid two fingers in, using her other hand to play over her nub, moving quickly as the feelings built. Teeth grit in concentration, Laura forced herself to forget Hunter and the usual voice of doubt whispered in her mind.

Dirty. Wrong.


The agonising tension in her pussy remained but the edge had gone, she couldn’t climax. Damn it. She’d really thought she could do it that time.

On her side, she settled down to sleep with a sigh. A groan from across the room made her heart pang in jealousy. Someone was having a better time than she. She wasn’t the only one majorly turned on by their class tonight. But was it Lucy or Simone?


Laura barely choked down breakfast as the nerves churned in her stomach. They’d already visited the spa, been waxed, pampered and had an enema. God, if she never experienced that again she’d be happy. Charlotte had commented how pale she’d gone and that was pretty hard for someone as pale as she.

They settled in the reception room once more, the tell-tale click of heels announcing the arrival of Ms. Pembroke.

She peered at them, a tight smile on her lips. “Backs straight, girls. Eyes lowered.”

Laura shifted in her seat and dropped her gaze with a heavy swallow. Three sets of feet strolled in and positioned themselves in front of them. The urge to sneak a peek was almost unbearable.

“Eyes lowered!” Ms. Pembroke snapped and sighed. “Mr Thomas, that one is yours. I suggest you start with a punishment.”

“Simone,” a husky male voice growled. “On your feet. Upstairs. Now.”

The sound of Simone being marched away made Laura’s stomach twist with nerves. What punishment would she receive? Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Simone sashay away, followed by a tall, brown-haired man. It seemed Simone took delight in being punished.  Weird.

“Mr Walker, this is Charlotte. You will be mentoring her this term.”

 “Look at me.”

Mr Walker had mischievous look to him and was attractive with cropped blond hair and tanned skin to set off his green eyes.

“I look forward to working with you,” he murmured, using a finger to trace the curve of Charlotte’s cheek and press into her lips.

“Laura, unfortunately your assigned mentor had a skiing accident and was unable to make it. Mr Hunter will be mentoring you.”

Laura released a barely concealed gasp. Why did it have to be him? Hunter would be merciless.

Laura watched with twisting envy as Charlotte’s mentor led her away. She glanced over at Hunter who glowered in return. She gulped. What had she let herself in for? She’d been so confident, so sure she could handle anything they threw at her. Anything.

Apart from Hunter.

He clearly detested her. Why did it have to be him?

“Cuff front,” he commanded.

Humiliation burned through her face as she complied, sighing as she placed her wrists together. His hands wrapped around her wrists, pinning them forcefully, and she bit back a yelp.

“Arms straight and elegant, Laura. You do not look like you are trying to please me.”

That’s because I’m not,
she thought sullenly. But Laura was nothing if not a fighter. She straightened her arms and back and attempted a demure look. His dark brow arched as he yanked her to her feet and practically dragged her upstairs. God only knew what would happen next.

He led her into a room and shut the door. She blinked as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. Forgetting her position, she wrapped her arms about herself as her skin chilled. The room could have been a dungeon. A classy, luxurious dungeon but a far cry from the hotel-like rooms of the rest of the house.

No furnishings, no bed. Just a padded bench that looked like it should be used for massages, a frame in the shape of an ‘X’ and plenty of restraints and chains. The soft lighting and beautiful wallpaper belied the sinister look of the apparatus.

A hand slapped sharply at her bottom and she yelped.

“I did not tell you to release your hands.” Hunter circled her, his predatory look matching his name. Hunter. Yeah that suited him perfectly. As she went to place her hands back in front of her, he shook his head. “Take off your uniform.”

Laura hesitated, her stomach rolling as she reached for the straps of the bra.

“Are you scared?”

That did it. With a flourish, she yanked down the straps and whipped off her skirt. The rest of the lace garment went the same way and pooled on the floor. Her skin pimpled and her nipples peaked as he swept his harsh dark gaze over her.

Chin up, she met his stare.

“Why are you here, Laura?”

This surprised her. She’d already answered a ton of questions before even signing up for the school. Most of her answers were nonsense. Even her last name had been made up but it didn’t matter if it got her access. She just really hadn’t expected this.

She hadn’t expected someone like Hunter. His fearsome expression cut her to the core, exposing her.

“I want to be a better sub, Sir,” she responded, aware her voice shook.

“Why don’t you do as I ask then?”

“I-I’m not very good at it, that’s all. I just need practice I think. I will do better, I promise, Sir.”

His lips twitched, not in amusement but in displeasure, as he regarded her. Did her body have so little effect on him? She had nice breasts and she looked after her figure, keeping it toned and tight. Most men loved her figure. Why didn’t he? And why did that bother her?

Underneath that stern brow was an attractive man. He just scared her so much that she could only remember that when she wasn’t with him. And under those suits, she reckoned a hot body waited. But even the most attractive of men liked her. It made her feel superior and powerful. In Hunter’s presence, she was aware that he held every bit of power.

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