A Demon's Desire (Demon Brothers' Trilogy Book 2) (9 page)

Autumn Covington was rare in the supernatural world—she was a peace pixie. Which just sucked in the middle of a f*** fest. Instead of giving off vibes of lust and wantonness, like her pencil thin, blonde haired cousins, she calmed the savage beast. Plus, she was the plumpest of pixie at the ball so her chances of finding a mate were…well slim to none. So, she’d just work the crowd as she’d been hired to do—sprinkle sparkles of calming pink so the horny wolves didn’t get out control.

That’s what she’d planned to do until the wolf in the shadows decided he wanted her all for himself.




The past year had been one of betrayal and heartache for alpha Kade Townsend. He’d seen his pack torn apart by a trusted friend turned rogue. He was attending the annual Holiday Ball only as a courtesy to the new alpha of the Barringer pack. He owed the man and his family, especially his brother, a debt of gratitude he might never be able to repay.

He thought himself destined to be alone, unworthy of a mate. Watching the Barringer brothers find their mates gave him a glimmer of hope that he might one day find his. He never expected his mate to knock him off his feet. Or be so damn deliciously curvy. His perfect woman.

Of course, he never expected to receive the help of a previously absentee fairy godmother and two wolves who decided to play cupid instead of Santa.

Daphne was tired. Tired of school, tired of barely making ends meet. Tired of serving drinks and foods to the skinny, pretentious pixies who thought they were the bomb. Of course, she could never hope to compete with women attending the Holiday Ball even if she’d been an invited guest instead of part of the wait staff. She was curvy, plain and…human. Everyone knew wolves mated with witches. Or the pixies.

All Daphne had going for her was a pair of shiny black shoes…




When Quinn Blackwood thought it was time to go hunting for his mate, he couldn’t believe fate handed her to him on his very first blind date. His family thought it was a hilarious turn of events since the big bear shifter had been looking forward to sowing a few more wild oats before settling down with his one true mate. No one was laughing when Paige got the wrong idea and believed Quinn was just looking for a good time.

Paige Matthews had finally given into the cajoling of her co-worker and agreed to a blind date with the woman’s brother. Paige admired the family of bear shifters and had nursed a secret crush on the oldest Blackwood brother, Quinn, since moving to town. Even though she’d known the odds were against it, she was terribly disappointed that she wasn’t his true mate. She did however, decide to take him up on his offer of a good time, cause this good-girl craved the bear’s sweet loving.




They said the road to true love could be rocky. Quinn’s courtship of Paige was covered with huge freaking boulders!

Paige Matthews had finally found her one true love, bear shifter named Quinn Blackwood. Raised by an elderly aunt, she has never relied on anyone for anything. Adjusting to a big bear shifter—a big, bossy, bear shifter—was taking some getting used to. Especially, when he insisted they move in together. She didn’t know why she was hesitating. Fate had given her everything she’d ever desired. What it hadn’t done was provide an instruction manual on her to handle her alpha male bear.

One blind date had revealed Paige was indeed Quinn Blackwood’s true mate and he couldn’t be happier with the curvy beauty. Circumstances had placed her in danger and his bear on the edge. Now that the danger had passed, the man—and the bear—was having a difficult time giving her the space she needed.




Ryland and Ryker Blackwood were twins. Identical, thigh clenching bear shifter twins who had no trouble getting women into their beds. Or bed. They’d shared just about everything in life—even their women.

The scent of the cat shifter they found on their construction site was driving both Blackwood brothers crazy with lust. Or was it? Every time they thought they were getting closer to finding the woman who would be their mate, one of their bears backed away. The hot and cold feeling they were getting from their animals was confusing the shit out of them.

Was the cat shifter meant for one of them or both of them?

This is a longer story at 70,000 - because Ryker and Ryland are up to some really sexy naughtiness!!




The curvy woman stepping off the red, two-engine plane wasn't just a Christmas guest, she was his fated mate...

Wolf shifter, Jason Dupree had returned to his hometown of Winter, Montana, to take the position as head enforcer of his pack and sheriff for the small mountain town. Snow was not his favorite thing. When his sister asks him to pick up her Christmas visitor while the white stuff is falling, he is not a happy wolf. The woman is working on her Ph.D., in of all things, the sexual habits of wolf shifters. In ordinary circumstances, Jason would have been delighted to help her with her research. But, he's suffered injuries that almost proved fatal, even for a wolf.

Priscilla Johnson had never had a satisfying sexual encounter and didn't believe in the instant attraction wolf shifters purported to feel for their chosen mate. Ever since an unexplained encounter with a pack of wolves when she was younger, she'd felt drawn to the beautiful animal. When she discovered that shifters do exist, and that they, too, mated for life, she had the perfect subject for her doctoral thesis. 

Caught in a snowstorm, Jason must use all his shifter strength to keep them both alive. While taking refuge in a small cabin, he must convince the disbelieving woman that fated mates do exist and that she now belongs to him-heart, body, and soul.

What better way convince her than to let her experience the sexual appetite of a wolf shifter when he finds his true mate?




Ethan Scott was reluctant to claim his mate, Lily Reynolds. He was afraid his carnal needs would be too much for the curvy innocent. His wolf was of another mind, pushing the man relentlessly to mate. But Ethan knew once he had the brown-haired beauty there would no turning back. He’d claim her, mate her, and bred her. When a group of rogue wolves attacks her, Ethan fears he has left his claiming too late and will lose his mate forever. When he comes to her rescue, he discovers the spirited Lily is more than ready to be the mate of an alpha.

Lily Reynolds has been crushing on her boss since she started work at Wolfe Enterprises six months ago. She knew the chances of attracting the wolf into a long-term relationship were slim to none–slim being a state she hadn’t achieved since childhood. She loved her curves and knew there was someone out there who would love every soft, luscious inch of her voluptuous body. Heartbroken, she knew Ethan Scott wasn’t that man despite the hot and cold signals the wolf shifter had been given her for months.



Cage knew he was bad. Bad to the bone. A cheesy description, but one that fit the underground fighter perfectly. He loved to fight, he loved to f***. Despite his reputation, he tried to stay away from trouble. He usually succeeded. Until the day, trouble found him in the form of a curvy stepsister.

Abigail Snow was a good girl. Straight A student, attending college on a scholarship and… a virgin. When her stepbrother is invited to the Hamptons for a true family vacation, Abby knew she was in for a summer of heartache. He was big and strong with a cocky attitude… he was so fine.

But could he ever be hers?


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