A Demon's Desire (Demon Brothers' Trilogy Book 2) (8 page)

“Let me love you, Julie.” His hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs and fingers plucking at the extended nipples beneath her sweater and bra. With an inhaled sigh, she leaned back against his shoulder, tilting her head to the side, exposing her neck. The sweater she wore wasn’t cut low enough for him to do what he wanted—kiss every inch of her delectable skin. Moving away, he lifted the hem and pulled it over her head.

“Rafe,” she protested weakly. “The party.”

He latched on to her right shoulder with an open mouthed kiss. “The party will still be there when we’re done.”

“Done doing what?” He could hear the smile in her voice.

“Fucking,” he growled again, placing a nip on her tender flesh before turning her around. “God, Julie.” His breath was hot and fragrant against her flushed skin. He brushed her hair aside and nuzzled her ear. “I love you. I love the way you laugh. And how the sound of it makes me feel inside.” His lips were warm as he caught her earlobe between his teeth and worried it with small nibbles. “I love you when you’re angry and stubborn and refuse to obey me.” That, and the accompanying suction on her neck drew a small growl from her throat.

His hands rose from her hips, tracing her curves. “And I damn well love the way your body was made. Just for me.” He ground his cock against her buttocks. His hand slid between her legs from behind and she widened her stance without any direction from him. With her advanced pregnancy, they’d discovered it was better if he entered her from behind. Running his fingers along the seam of her jeans, he smelled her rising desire. He heeded her demand and tilted her head back, melding their mouths together. His tongue slid deep into her mouth and prowled at will as his hand caressed her, building her desire to explosive proportions. This tender moment was just as potent as any urgent couplings they’d experienced in the past as evidenced by the immediate wetting of her pussy. He wanted her now. She pressed her ass back against his crotch, bumping against his cock. It was so thick and so hard, it hurt when she rocked against him.

Rafe turned her around, his mouth claiming hers in a fierce and possessive kiss that stole Julie’s senses. It awakened her body, sending earth-shattering desire through her. Driven by a craving to get closer, she pressed her body to his. But it wasn’t enough. For either of them.

“Sit.” He eased her toward the edge of the bed and knelt before her taking off her boots and setting them to the side. Next, his fingers found the waistband of her maternity jeans and panties. “Up.” He eased them past her hips. She sat before him wearing nothing but her lace and satin bra. That was quickly dispensed with. Placing his hands on her knees, he spread her legs, holding them wide open.

“So pretty.” He smiled at her and Julie felt more moisture seeping out of her. He was looking at her as if he was about to devour her. Her pussy quivered thinking of how good it felt when his tongue found its way inside her. His finger stroked up her center, catching her juices. He lifted his finger to his mouth and licked it clean. “Yumm.” He smiled again. He was still devilishly handsome. When he’d told her how his flesh had burnt away the last time he’d left hell, she cried, thinking of the pain he must have suffered. He’d allowed her to make it up to him by sucking his cock until he came.

Now her smile was wicked as she remembered their marathon sex session afterwards.

“Do you want me to lick you, baby? Stab my tongue in and out of that pretty pink pussy of yours?”

She growled and reached for him, biting his bottom lip until it bled. “It’s not nice to tease a pregnant woman.”

He laughed and pulled away. “Lay back,” he ordered, hooking his arms under her knees and gently easing her back.

“Oh, mercy, Rafe,” she groaned at the first touch of his tongue on her outer lips. He didn’t waste any time before he was tasting her, eating at her like a starving man. Loving her. Julie had been relatively innocent when this man had burst into her life. She’d learned one thing very quickly. This demon had some serious oral skills. She tangled her fingers in his hair. He’d allowed it to grow out some since they’d been married, but not much. It did however give her something to hold onto when he was going down on her.

Her hips bucked when his lips encircled her clit and he sucked the needy bud into his mouth. “Yeah, baby. Just like that.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back, relishing the sensations he was arousing inside her. He moved away from her clit and went back to licking her, drinking up her desire. Again and again, he teased at her, bringing her to the edge before backing off.

“Rafe Conroy, if you don’t make me come this very instance, I’m going to—” She screamed as he bit down on her clit and entered her with two fingers. He fucked them in and out, rubbing against that special spot inside her she’d been so glad he’d discovered. She cried out again and again as waves of pleasure washed over her. Finally, her legs quivering and the pulsing in her pussy easing, he withdrew from her. He placed a soft kiss against her clit before moving away. With seemingly little effort he positioned her in the middle of the bed, gently easing her on to her hands and knees. He placed some pillows beneath her, cushioning her stomach.

He knelt behind her and ran his hands up her spine, applying a slight pressure until her head lowered and her ass lifted more in the air. “Ready?”

“Mmm,” she mumbled into her pillow. Her energy was almost spent from just her first orgasm.

He fell across her, catching his weight on his hands beside her head. “Baby, we don’t have to—”

“Oh, yes, we do Rafe Conroy.” She pushed her hips backward, the head of his cock finding the entrance of her needy pussy. They both groaned when he slipped inside her

She turned her head to look into his eyes. “I need you, Rafe. I need you more than my next breath. Please.” Another twitch of her hips and she knew he was hers.

Rafe thought he would explode the moment his dick felt the warm wetness of Julie’s pussy encircling the head. She turned her head and looked at him, love shining n her brown eyes. That was the expression he always wanted to see on his woman’s face. Love. Need. Want.

He pressed forward slowly, filling her gently as he continued to hold himself above her. He withdrew just as slowly. Again and again he fucked his cock inside her. He dipped his forehead against her neck, his arms beginning to burn from the strain of his position. But he could do this forever. Would do this as long as he needed to in order to bring her pleasure.

“Does that feel good, baby? Do you like my cock filling you up? Taking you?” He bit the skin of her shoulder, pressing hard enough to leave teeth marks as he pulled away. “Fucking you? Do you like your demon to fuck you?”

He raised up, repositioning himself behind her. His hands clutched at her hips, dragging her back against his groin. She groaned into her pillow as he entered her completely, grinding his cock inside. He wanted to press in further, but knew he couldn’t, not while she carried his child.

That didn’t mean he had to treat her like fragile glass. He slammed into her again, controlling his depth, but not his speed.

Within minutes he was spraying her insides with his cum as she screamed his name.

They lay side by side on the bed, Rafe’s arms wrapped around her stomach, their legs intertwined. He ran his hands over her shoulders, down her arms, over her hips, over every part of her body he could reach. “Okay, babe?”

“Oh, yeah,” she sighed, hugging his other arm to her. A few more moments and then she spoke again. “I guess we’re going to be late to the party.” Rafe’s parents were having a party in their new house. Since two of their daughters-in-law were human, they decided having a home in the human realm as well as one in heaven and hell would be beneficial.

Roark, Kayley and her family were all invited. So were Remington and Clementine. In fact, Clementine was in charge of the party. Julie didn’t know what was going on between her new brother-in-law and her new angel friend, but there was something there.

“Maybe really late,” Rafe whispered in her ear. She felt his dick thickening and gasped in surprise as he eased inside her, gently rocking against her ass. His hand moved lower, sliding between her legs. She moaned when he found her clit and started rubbing. Oh, yeah, they were going to be late.




Thank you so much for choosing to read my story. I know your time is limited and I hope I have provided you with a way to escape your everyday problems for an hour or two. All women, and all men for that matter, deserve to be loved. I write about women who are on the curvy side, maybe a little plain, but always the most beautiful woman in the room… to her mate.

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Roark knew his brother was unhappy in the pit of hell but he never expected him to try and escape. Now it was his job to bring him home. Kayley was a witch whose DNA made it difficult for her to cast spells. Well, spells that worked. When she inadvertently helps Roark’s brother escape, he refuses to let her go in case she causes more trouble. Who was she to argue with a demon? Especially one as fine as Roark


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As soon as she had seen the ad for an elementary schoolteacher in Riverton, Colorado, Ally Stephens had felt a pull to the shifter town. Okay, so maybe she’d filled her head with fairy tales and hoped she’d be some shifter’s one and only. She had nothing stopping her from answering the ad. No parents. No siblings. Taking a chance, she moved to the small town–and promptly lost her heart to the town’s sheriff, a gruff bear shifter who had no use for a mate. After months of exchanging panty-melting glances and light flirtations, Ally resigns herself to being alone again for Christmas–and possibly for the rest of her life.

Bear shifter Jagger Houston was a loner by nature, both as a man and a bear. He didn’t believe in true mates, didn’t believe in love. However, he did believe in lust. He tried to convince himself—and his bear—that was all he was feeling for the curvy chocolate-haired schoolteacher who had come to town. It didn’t matter how good she tasted or how sweet she looked, neither he nor his bear wanted to be tied to someone for the rest of their lives.

Or did they…




Shy and curvy librarian Mercy Thompson was finally getting to celebrate the Christmas season in a very long time. Raised by an aunt who believed Christmas was just another commercialized holiday, she’d hadn’t been allowed a tree, a brightly wrapped present or even a frosted sugar cookie.

When she meets bear shifter Dirk Stockwell, she immediately feels a pull toward him. She knows however, that she is not his mate. How? Because the big bear ignores her. Fate, however, is willing to lend a hand to the young woman in
search of the Christmas spirit…

Dirk is a bear shifter who doesn’t believe in Christmas and a whole lot of other things. He especially doesn’t believe he’s worthy of a mate. Having failed to protect his parents and siblings, he withdrew from the world, readily accepting his fate to be a lone bear. And during the Christmas season—a Bah Humbug bear.

Fate and the magic of Christmas has to work overtime to bring this couple together.



Curvy girl Hope Martin’s usual Christmas celebration consisted of a pizza with everything and an action-adventure movie. No silly rom-coms for her. She’d given up on love a long time ago. Deciding to celebrate with her best friend in Riverton, Colorado, was either going to be the best decision of her life… or her worst.

Trapped in her car on a snowy mountainside with a lump on her head and the ability to distinguish fact from fiction fading fast, Hope decides it must be the worst.

Until he shows up.

Bear shifter Marcus Abrams had always dreamed of having a mate, but he’d long ago accepted the fact that he was meant to be a lone bear. He’d settled into his less-than-exciting existence farming Christmas trees in the small town of Riverton, helping the shifter community as best he could—like trying to knock some sense into the other two bears in the area. Bears who were slowly driving their mates away with their grumpy, Ba Humbug attitudes. Not Marcus. If the fates favored him with a mate, he’d do everything in his power to prove he was the bear for her.

He didn’t know who more surprised when he lumbered down the snowy mountain side that fateful morning—him, his bear or his mate.




Who wouldn’t want to be…stranded with a wolf?

When the snow started to fall in Chicago, everyone in Sara Allen’s office building quickly hurried home. Everyone except Sara and her boss, Jarod McCall. Why? Because her boss was CEO of McCall Holdings and a dominant alpha who made his own rules.

Even if it meant being stranded until the city shoveled its way out from under a record snowfall. As the hours past, Sara became more than upset with Jarod. He’d stranded her in a building with little food, a heating system that powered down on the weekends…and with him! How could she keep her feelings to herself when he kept touching her…kissing her…loving her?

Jarod was a big man with big appetites and he wanted his curvy assistant to satisfy them. Sara might think he was an inconsiderate jackass, but he knew exactly what he was doing…stranding her with the wolf.




Wolf shifter Hunter McCall didn’t have time to form relationships and he certainly didn’t want any attachments that might distract him when he was on a mission.

His destiny changed thanks to the winter storm blowing through Chicago—and the curvy brunette that needed to be—Rescued by the Wolf.

Julie Monroe was content with her life. She’d recently been promoted, had friends to spend time with, a family she could count on and…well, that was about all she had. No family of her own, no man to hold her and tell her he loved her. At least she didn’t have three hundred cats. Yet.

Traveling to a friend’s wedding, she suddenly finds herself stranded on the side of the road in a snow-covered city.

That’s when fate decided to step in…




Logan McCall had always wanted to be a family man—in spite of—his playboy reputation. Find his mate, have a few pups and settle down into a long, loving relationship sounded good, real good to him.

During a storm that rocked Chicago for three days, Logan found fate had a wicked sense of humor when it sent nurse Katie Wilson tumbling into his life. She was here for a weekend of loving with a man alright, just not with Logan.

How can he convince a woman that his reputation as Chicago’s hottest bachelor is all smoke and mirrors and that what he truly longs for is a mate and a family he can love and cherish.

Driving along a snow covered highway in the middle of a blizzard, Katie swore off men. It was a man who had put her in this dangerous situation. Well, a man and her stubborn pride.  She’d been unwilling to waste the romantic getaway that had already been paid for at a scheduled mountain cabin just outside the city. So she decided to enjoy the weekend all by herself—if you didn’t count the adult toys she had packed in her suitcase and the multiple pints of ice cream she planned to buy on her way out of the city.

The last thing she’d been expecting on her binge-eating, binge-crying weekend was being Saved by the Wolf.




One night…three wolves…

Hayden’s first official duty as alpha of the Barringer Pack was hosting the Holiday Ball. A Christmas dance that allowed single supernaturals to find a true-mate—or just hook-up. Hayden had avoided the events for years, not ready to take a mate. This year, he’d had no choice. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy himself. And the curvy witch hiding in the shadows looked like just the delectable morsel for his hungry wolf.

Amber hated coming to the Holiday Balls. She left feeling sadder and lonelier than ever before. She’d accepted the fact that Santa wasn’t going to hand her a mate wrapped in a pretty red bow. If not for the edict from her grandmother, the coven’s matriarch, she wouldn’t be here tonight.

Of course, she’d have to thank her grandmother later…




Gunner Barringer was attending The Holiday Ball under duress and out of respect for his brother, the new alpha of the pack. He stood in the shadows, hiding. There was nothing for him here tonight. He’d enjoyed the annual event a time or two as a younger wolf. After all, it didn’t get the nickname f*** ball for nothing. But now he was a wolf broken in both body and soul. He had no desire to find a mate and no business being here.

What Gunner had forgotten was more than one match had been made on the night of a full moon when the world was filled with the magic of the holidays.

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