A Demon's Desire (Demon Brothers' Trilogy Book 2) (5 page)

“I’ve invited the rest of the family to dinner so they could meet Julie. I hope you don’t mind, Rafe.”

Rafe frowned at his mother’s words. It was closer to bedtime than dinnertime and he knew Julie was tired. Hell, he could stand a couple of hours sleep himself. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Julie needs her rest.”

“Rafe!” Julie’s voice held a note of horror as if he’d revealed some dark, dirty secret. Well, he kind of had.

He grinned down at her then kissed the top of her head. “We have to tell them sometime.”

“Tell us what?”  He felt a large hand clap him on his shoulder and winced. His father, despite his advanced age, had not lost any of his strength.

“Julie’s pregnant.”

For a moment, it seemed as if time stood still. Rafe got dizzy then everything seemed to speed up before returning to normal. He’d never felt that before. Was announcing the arrival of a baby something special in heaven?

“Oh, Rafe, that’s wonderful.” His mother clapped her hands together before pulling Julie out of his arms for another hug. “Our second grandchild is on its way. How marvelous.”

“Thank you.” He heard Julie’s soft words and was relieved to see she was smiling at the attention his mother was giving her. He wanted—no needed—her to feel a part of the family. He grinned again as he placed his hands in the front pocket of his jeans and rocked back on his heels. He felt like he’d smiled more in the last twelve hours than he had his whole life. Maybe he had. And it was thanks to Julie. His mate. His woman. The mother of his child. An uneasy feeling swept over him as his demon woke inside him. Was it all too good to be true?

“Now if only Remington would settle down.” A note of exasperation entered his mother’s voice as her gaze fell on her youngest son. Rafe wasn’t at all surprised to see his brother’s features hardened. What did surprise him was the look his brother gave Clementine when he thought no one else was looking.








RAFE WOKE, DISORIENTED for a moment. A strange silence surrounded him then he remembered he was in heaven. Literally. He gazed down at Julie, her body curved to fit his, her hair rioting across his chest and realized that he’d be in heaven whenever he was in her arms. Then the events of last night came flooding back to him. Worry rolled over him again as he thought of what Luke might have in store for him. Or her. He was more concerned about her safety than anything. In normal circumstances, he would simply go back to hell and accept whatever punishment Luke meted out—a decade in a dungeon, a century in jail. It had never mattered before. But now…

Now he had someone other then himself to think about, take care of. Hell, he had two someones now. His woman and his child.

There was no way in hell he was missing a decade of his child’s life and he was not about to condemn Julie to years in hell. He hadn’t gone through so much trouble to find the way to break the family curse not to enjoy the benefits of being free.

Luke be damned.

Julie mumbled something and settled closer to him, one hand cupped trustingly against his bare chest. Her stomach pressed against his side and he barely resisted the temptation to touch her there, to see if he could feel his child moving, even though he was pretty sure it was too early for that to happen. He’d have to learn all he could about pregnancy to help her through the next months.

Her luxurious mane of hair tickled his chin and he brushed it away, gently smoothing it off her forehead so as not to wake her. She slept with her mouth slightly open, her full dark eyelashes casting smoky shadows on her cheeks. Her color was good, something he was glad to see. Despite his protests, Julie had insisted they have dinner with the rest of the family. Halfway through it, a bout of morning sickness had hit her. Hard. His mother seemed to think it was because she had traveled through the portal. Rafe didn’t know what had triggered it and didn’t care. Ultimately she’d been sick because of him. At least this time she’d let him in the bathroom. He’d held her hair back, washed her face and put her to bed. It had felt right to do those things for her. As if it was meant to be. As if she was, truly, made for him.

Guilt hit him in the gut as he realized she had gotten the short end of the stick on this fate thing. She was now hiding because of him. She deserved someone other than a burnt out demon. But she was stuck with him. And he’d fight anyone, even the devil himself, if they tried to take her away.

Chauvinistic masculine pride rose inside him when he thought of the twist fate had taken. She was carrying his baby. The pride was quickly replaced with the savage need to protect her and his child. His hand fell to the swell of her stomach, unable to stop himself from touching her.

Before, she’d been deliciously curvy. Heavy breasts, rounded thighs, her stomach a soft cushion for his cock. Now, her stomach protruded more, her breasts were fuller and her hips had expanded. She was so damn lovely.

His arousal let him know just how much he wanted her

He laid there, his cock hard as granite, his hand protectively spread across her middle, happier than he’d ever been.

After a time she stirred, and blinked awake. “Rafe?”

“Right here, baby.” He leaned over and kissed her, a smile on his face, all the worry pushed aside for the moment. “Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning.” The smile she gave him was shy. Identical to the ones she’d given him the night they had spent together. Those smiles had kept him going the entire time he’d been away from her.

They stayed quiet for several more minutes. His mother had given her a diaphanous gown the color of lavender to wear. It was soft beneath the palm of his hand. He gently caressed her stomach. “Do you get sick in the mornings?”

She’d stiffened beneath his touch, which was the exact opposite of what he wanted. He turned completely on his side, propping his head on his arm as he continued to stroke her stomach. After a moment, she relaxed beneath his touch again.


“Are you queasy now?”

She laid back, her hair spread across the pillow as she made herself more comfortable. “No.” Another moment of silence, then, “That feels good.”

He smiled and bent to whisper in her ear as his hand moved lower, stroking across her upper thigh. “I know something that would feel better.”

Her eyes popped open and he watched as her eyes grew darker. “We can’t.” She spoke in a whisper as well. The morning stillness seemed to demand this quiet pillow talk. Talk, that was about to turn to action.

Gathering the thin fabric of the gown in his hand, he pulled it up until he revealed her thighs, not stopping until the material punched under the swell of her stomach. Damn, she was going to look so sweet with her stomach large and round with his child.

“Open for me, baby.” He moved until he was kneeling between her legs. Underwear had not been part of her borrowed outfit for which he was grateful. Not that anything keeping him from his prize would have lasted very long. Her mound wasn’t completely shaved, just neatly trimmed. He loved the mystery that a woman’s curls gave her most intimate place. That first night together, after he’d gone down on her, she’d shyly confessed she didn’t know women shaved down there. So damn innocent, he thought again. Too damn innocent for him. Demon that he was, he acknowledged that wasn’t going to stop him from making her his.

Wrapping his hands around her calves, he spread her legs apart. His dick stiffened as more pink folds were exposed. Slowly he lowered his head, bringing his lips to her pussy. His thumb found her clit and he stroked over it lightly, a whisper of a touch that made her body tighten and jerk.

“Julie,” he murmured, “don’t pull away.”

His tongue touched the small nubbin. “You taste so good,” he breathed. Then his lips were tasting her, sampling her like a fine wine.

Julie felt Rafe’s tongue travel over her clit. She didn’t know how hot it got in hell, but she was pretty sure it couldn’t get any hotter than this. She felt as if she was about to go up in flames. Her heart caught, then released, skipping beats as he licked her. Her hands brushed against the military cut of his hair. He kept it high and tight and the soft, fine hair tickled the palms of her hands as she stroked his head.

“So damn good.” He continued to eat her, licking her pussy from the entrance to the tip, lingering there to suck and nibble on her engorged clit. She couldn’t think and she couldn’t reason, all she could do was feel. And feel she did. His lips, his tongue, his teeth. His touch drew her into a warm vortex where time and place did not exist. His hands slid beneath her hips and lifted her to his mouth. Letting her hands fall to the bed, she relaxed her legs and let him do what he would.

“That’s it, baby. Let me make you feel good.” His words were a whisper of touch against the wetness of her pussy. She gasped when one of his large fingers found its way into her wet channel. With practiced ease, he found the spot inside her that drove her crazy.

Before Rafe had charmed his way into her bed, her experience had been limited to a quick oh-my-god-what-have-I-done episode in the back seat of a Chevy when she was in high school. She fulfilled her body’s needs herself after that, not relishing the embarrassment that came with revealing her body to a man. Or the disappointment of giving herself to someone who had only his pleasure in mind.

She gasped as he added another finger and his mouth latched on to her clit again. She’d read that pregnancy made a woman super horny and she believed them now. She was on the verge of falling off the face of the planet. Moving her hips, she thrust into his face, needed, needed… Another finger joined the other two and he was stretching her, pumping inside her and sending her tumbling over the cliff. “Rafe,” she whimpered as her legs trembled and she exploded in pleasure.

He pulled his mouth from her clit and kissed the inside of her thigh as he gently eased his fingers from her body. He wiped them against his abs. Reflexively, her channel clenched, trying to hold him inside. She didn’t want to feel empty ever again. He balanced his weight on his arms as he rose above her. She smiled at him tremulously and he smiled back. His full, almost pouty lips curled into that charming grin that had caught her heart and never let it go.

“Did that feel good, baby?”

Her smile turned into a full-blown grin. The one thing she treasured most about being Rafe’s lover was the self-confidence being with him, loving him, gave her. The almost excruciating shyness that had overwhelmed her the first time he’d taken off her clothing had never returned. Every time they came together, her confidence in pleasing him had grown and there were very few inhibitions she’d had left around the handsome demon. Now, it felt almost as if she was starting all over again. She bit her lip.

“Don’t, baby.” He scolded her and she let go of her lip.

Rafe crushed Faith’s mouth, her full, luscious mouth, beneath his, exploring her in toe-curling, passionate detail—tongue, teeth, lips, all of it. Her taste still lingered on his lips and tongue and he shared it with her before his mouth drifted downward to her neck and twined his fingers in her bountiful hair, still balancing on his arms above her. His lips explored the cool hollow of her throat and the shadow between her full breasts. He squeezed one and then the other, making her gasp. The nipples puckered at his touch. He plucked at them, playing with her, to arouse her once again. Her hands fluttered along the wall of his chest, stroking the dark whorls of hair but refusing to lock her eyes with him. The shy and self-conscious woman he’d taken to his bed the first time was back.

He remembered that night as if it were yesterday. He’d been searching for a human who had escaped from hell. The man had made his way leisurely through the western United States as if he’d been on a road trip with his family. And maybe he had. Maybe he’d escaped to relive that one moment in his life when he’d felt happiest.

Rafe didn’t attempt to psychoanalyze the souls he brought back, nor, did he judge. They’d had judgment passed on them once already. This hell jumper had turned out to be Rafe’s favorite. Why? Because the man had lead him straight to the diner in Riverton—straight to Julie.

She’d been working with another waitress that night, unaware that the man she waited on was an escaped soul from hell. Unaware that a demon sat two tables down, devouring her with his eyes, determined to get her in his bed before the night was over. He’d been instantly drawn to her innocence. As soon as he’d locked eyes with her, he’d known. Known she was the very reason for his existence.

“Touch me, baby. You know how I like it.” He bent down to whisper in her ear, taking the soft lobe between his teeth and biting down sharply. He’d introduced her to the pleasure of pain, but he had so much more he wanted to do to her—and with her.

At his command, her hand moved downward, down, down, until she touched the neatly trimmed hair encircling his cock and found out just how ready he was for her. Grasping his dick in her small hand, she stroked upward, forcing a groan from his mouth where it was latched onto her breast. He let go of her nipple and threw his head back, concentrating on the feeling of her palm stroking him, up and down, up and down. When pre-cum seeped from the tip, she rubbed it across the slit with her thumb.

Julie could barely breathe as she touched Rafe. He was over her, his body a welcome weight, hard and taut. She felt herself slipping into silken surrender again, losing control, turning her common sense and pleasure over to a reckless master.

“Rafe, maybe we shouldn’t—”

“Shh, shh,”

His fingers stroked up her folds, his thumb pressing down and rubbing against her clit. “Feel good?”

She murmured an affirmation. He bent his head down low over hers, seeking, always seeking, for her taste with his agile tongue. Her pussy felt feverish and swollen as he touched her, making her body, and mind, spin out of control. With his eyes fixed on hers, he dipped his fingers inside her, pumping slowly. She was already so hot and slick that the slightest touch sent shivers radiating throughout her whole body.

“I need to be inside baby. Deep, deep. So damn deep.”

She whimpered when Rafe stopped touching her, one of his hands slipping to her ass. He positioned her until his cock pressed against her entrance, anticipation making him tremble. It had been over a month since they had been together. A month without the feel of her heat surrounding him.

He slipped inside her gently, prolonging the sensation of his possession and not wanting to hurt her. They watched each other as he took her. With each thrust, he went deeper until he was completely inside her. He held himself there for a moment, the feel of her wet heat making his balls pull up, ready to release their seed. It was too soon for that.

Keeping their bodies connected, he managed to move until he was kneeling between her legs. He took her dainty her ankles in his large hands, spreading her legs until she was completely exposed. Changing positions, he held both her legs above them in one of his as he pulled her forward, until her luscious round ass was sitting on his knees. He thrust forward and ripped a moan from her throat.

He stopped, concern wrinkling his brow. He was a large man and her cunt was so damned tight it was about to strangle him. Before, he would have powered through until her body adjusted to his length and width. Now. Now she was pregnant. He stilled. “Am I hurting you?”

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