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Creighton and Sandra stood silently on the steps of the church, hand-in-hand while Chang instructed Miing to arrange the wedding party for photos. It had been a wonderful ceremony, and Sandra was very happy that her new husband insisted it be recorded because she wasn’t sure if she could remember everything that happened. Her mind was racing, her heart was pounding and she acted methodically, repeating word for word what Reverend Keller told her; though she wasn’t sure if she had spoken them in the proper order.

“One last picture,” Creighton insisted, sighing deeply as he looked at Sandra. They had been standing on the steps for nearly forty minutes; moving this way and that, having their picture taken with this family member and then another, with his parents and then with Mary and James; siblings, wedding party, Reverend Keller and finally alone as a couple.

The limousine was parked at the curb with Clark behind the wheel and Harvey standing nearby watching silently. Creighton and Sandra stepped into the back of the sleek black car, closing the door to the noise of cheers behind them. The guests would be returning to the farm for a catered supper at six o’clock, but for now the newlyweds would be allowed some time by themselves. Creighton insisted they needed to change and rest up before the evening’s activities. So much had happened that morning alone, that by the time the car pulled away from the church both Sandra and Creighton collapsed into the lush leather seat. They were exhausted, hot and in need of a cool drink.

Smiling at his new wife, Creighton reached for the chilled bottle of
Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2004
and popped the cork. Sandra watched him pour the champagne into two crystal glasses from the small bar, amazed at how her heart still jumped whenever he smiled at her. He handed a glass of bubbling liquid to her, winking as they touched the crystal rims together. She smiled back, her heart fluttering, her mind reeling with excitement. She was married!

“Happy?” he asked her,
looking over the top of his glass.

“Yes, very,” she sipped the sweet liquor then glanced back up into his dark blue eyes. “Now your training begins. You may have been the most incredible bachelor that ever lived and a better lover than
Don Juan
, but you still have to learn to be a husband.” Creighton choked on his drink as he looked back up at her, eyes wide.

“Really? I have to be trained now, do I?”

“Of course; all men have to know what to say and what not to, when to obey and when to take charge. You know, running errands, taking out the trash and changing diapers, that sort of thing.”

“So the hen-pecking starts already, eh?” he teased with a broad smile.

“You don’t have to learn of course, the choice is yours, but if you ever want to hear purring again…” his smile increased as he leaned into her and kissed her lips briefly.

“I will do whatever is necessary to make you purr, but it’s the growling and screaming I enjoy most.” She blushed as she looked into his eyes. She could not remember a time when she was this happy.

“I’m sorry our wedding night will have to be at the flat in Chelsea,” he said after a few moments, leaning against the back of the seat. His long fingers caressed her knee as they spoke, sending waves of anticipation and desire up her leg, to settle at that one place he knew and loved so well. “I was hoping to celebrate the start of our new lives together in our own home, but with everything that has happened today, I don’t think that’s a wise idea just yet.”

“I don’t mind, so long as you’re there with me. I’d hate to think of our wedding night without you.” Creighton took a sip of his champagne then glanced sideways to her.

“That is one thing you won’t have to worry about.”

She sat her glass aside on the bar across from her and laid her head on hi
s shoulder sighing contently as he kissed her forehead. It had been a day filled with so many emotions that she felt like she had just come off a roller coaster. Sandra looked at the lush interior of the stretch limousine and thought about the future, what it held for them and all that she had left behind. So many things had happened to her over the past two weeks that it was hard to imagine she had not dreamed it all. If she had not met Creighton, or rather if he had not introduced himself to her that day on the beach, she would be packing to return home. She was sure she would have enjoyed her vacation, though it would have had a totally different ending and she would never have known what love truly was, or how thrilling sex could be.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked softly.

“My vacation,” she said in a hushed tone as he laid his cheek against the top of her head.

“Some vacation, eh?”

“More of an adventure I’d say,” she teased.

“I thought that’s what you wanted; adventure, romance, the happily ever after, fairytale ending.”

“And that’s what I got.” He lifted her chin with his forefinger so she had to look into his dark blue eyes, concern echoing in the depths.

“Any regrets?”

“Not a single one,” she smiled. “I am extremely happy you are a perverted stalker, and I’m thrilled I won your contest.”

“Ever th
ink about where we would be now if I had been able to make your acquaintance two years ago?” He asked her, kissing her lips gently, setting free the tingles to travel along her nerve endings.

“Things happen for a reason.” Sandra closed her eyes as he kissed her cheek and the corner of her mouth, feeling the heat of desire waking inside her. She lifted her chin so he had further access to her neck and throat, giggling when he leaned into her, pressing her against the back of the seat. Creighton branded her delicate skin with the touch of his hot mouth sending the familiar sensations surging through her veins like melting chocolate, warming and enticing her until she moaned softly.

“I can’t wait to get you alone,” he whispered in her ear, his large hand cupping her swollen breast through the material of her wedding gown and bustier.

“I have a secret,” she whispered softly. Creighton lifted his head from her collar bone and looked into her green eyes, a curious frown creasing his brow. “I’m not wearing any panties.” His eyes widened as the image of what she revealed passed through his mind. A wicked grin curved his lips as his hand slowly moved to the small of her back, then to her hip, causing her to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing.

“I want to see,” he told her in a hushed tone.

“You wouldn’t dare?” She knew the answer before he spoke it.

“I would and I will,” he insisted, lifting her dress and frowning at the layers of clothing between him and his ultimate goal. Sandra lost control and laughed as she struggled to pull her dress back down. The result ended in a brief wrestling match between them until Creighton won out and pulled her down to the leather seat, her dress around her waist, her slip and veil lying discarded to the floor

“Very nice,” he told her while he looked down, admiring her with greedy eyes. Her white garter belt held up the tan stockings with the edge of the lacy waistband resting just below her belly ring and she smiled, knowing what her naked body did to his libido.

“A sight worthy of worship,” he murmured, leaning into her and kissing her navel, his tongue playing with the jewel; teasing, tickling and licking and smiling at the goose bumps that erupted on her delicate flesh.

“We can’t do this…not here,” she argued weakly.

“Why not? We’re married, that means I have a right to take you wherever and whenever I wish.”

“But in the backseat of a limousine?”

“Back seat, front seat, bonnet, any place I wish. Give me a few moments and I can make it so you don’t care where we are either.” Sandra giggled again, his fingers caressing his initials that lay across her bare skin, causing a warm shiver to move down her spine to settle in the one area she knew he was eager to explore.

She bent her legs as his fingers traveled down to her labia, tickling and caressing the folds of skin. He smiled at her; dark blue eyes locking with bright green. He then narrowed his gaze slightly, his fingers slipping between her lips, finding and teasing the swollen nub of her clitoris.

“Your body is tattling on you,” he whispered causing her to gasp. “You’re wet and ready for me.”

Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip again, Sandra prepared herself for the tantalizing onslaught of pleasure. It had been a long and frustrating day, filled with anger, fear and hope, but in his expert hands all those memories of guns, crazy ex-cons and irritating sisters quickly melted away, leaving behind a moist heat that demanded attention.

Creighton moved down her body, tracing his initials with the tip of his tongue, smiling when she moaned softly; her knees falling further apart. He continued to torture her with his tongue, his fingers slowly moving in and out of her wet vagina until she was panting a soft purring sound, just as he promised.

“I told you I would persuade you,” he assured her, glancing up into her flushed face. “Shall I continue or would you prefer I stop until we get home.”

“Lesson one; never stop,” she ordered, feeling the vibration of his deep chuckle against her crotch as he pressed his mouth across the letters and gently nipped the tender skin.

“You will
learn, Mrs. Ashford that I can be as efficient of a student as you are.” Sandra smiled, moaning softly as his mouth continued to explore her, sucking and nipping at the swollen nub of her clitoris until the need for him began to wash over her at an alarming rate. Just when she was certain she could stand no more, she felt it; the heat, the desire, the dizzy overwhelming tidal wave of sensation flowing through her. Her hips arched into his touch, her fingers winding into his thick dark hair as she called out his name. Creighton rode out the crest of her orgasm with her for several long moments then eagerly moved above her. She wasn’t sure how or when he had unfastened his pants, but when the hard swollen tip of his arousal pressed against her, slipping easily inside, she knew she really didn’t care.

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