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Chapter One



“Precious,” John called from the dining room.

I quickly wiped my hands on a kitchen towel before dropping it back to the counter and going to him.

“The guests should be arriving soon,” he informed me even though I already knew.

We were expecting about a dozen of his friends from “Scene”, the BDSM club we frequented. I had only briefly met most of the people so I was nervous. It was our housewarming party. After living together for six months in John’s previous apartment, we’d made the big decision to buy a house together. To be honest, I hadn’t wanted a party, but John had insisted.

“Come here, Precious,” John instructed me with a half-smile tugging the corner of his lips up.

I nervously wiped the sweat from my hands on the skirt of my flowy knee-length dress. Master always made me nervous. It was a good thing though. I never knew what he had in store for me, and I loved it — almost as much as I loved him.

Once I got within three feet of him, I sank to my knees with my head bowed.

“Yes, sir?” I asked quietly.

“Precious, stand up. Lift your dress for me,” he said. He patiently waited for me to rise and do as I’d been told.

I lifted my hem up so he could view the garter belt and thigh-highs I had on under the dress. No panties.

“Beautiful,” he breathed before pulling me into his arms. Placing a soft kiss against my cheek, he was careful to not mess up the lipstick he insisted I wear for the party. His thumb skimmed over my cheek while his hand cupped my neck, his brilliant blue eyes meeting mine for a moment. Then without another word, he released me and moved to pull a stool I hadn’t noticed from the corner.

On top of the bar-height wooden chair was a flesh-colored dildo. It was stuck to the seat with a suction cup and glistened, already lubed, in the light from the chandelier over the table.

“Please, have a seat.” John smiled and held out his hand for mine.

I ran my eyes over him even as I slipped my hand into his. His short, light brown hair was perfectly in place as always. He wore a suit jacket and pants with a white button down shirt, which gaped slightly at the top where he’d left a few buttons undone. Just laying my eyes on him heated my insides. Then when he spoke and I heard his faint British accent, I was done for. I’d never recover if something bad happened between us. Not simply because he was my master, but because he had become my everything in the time we’d been together.

I had to release his hand to lift my dress again from where it had fallen on the one side as I stepped in front of the stool. I’d never sat on a dildo before, but I’d do anything he had planned as he always made it worthwhile in the end.

“Lean forward,” he said as he pressed a firm hand on my upper back. Slowly he helped me take the lubed dildo all the way in. Stepping back, he draped my skirt around me so that no one would be able to see that I was impaled while sitting at the table. He walked around the table, keeping an eye on me as he went. “Yes, I think that will work perfectly. You look beautiful sitting there like that.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said, folding my hands in my lap and lowering my head.

The doorbell rang, drawing our attention.

“Looks like the evening is ready to begin.” John gave me a final smile before heading off to greet the first of our visitors.

In no time at all, we had a house full of guests. Some had stopped by the dining room to greet me, but John had told them I wasn’t permitted to greet guests at the door so no one thought much of my inability to move from the dining room or even stand.

Once everyone had arrived, John ushered them all into the dining room to their seats. If I’d thought I was uncomfortable before, it was ten times worse with a room full of people I hardly knew while stretched and filled with the dildo.

John made sure to touch me in one way or another every chance he had, though, which relaxed me. A brush against my back, arm or thigh was all it took to remind me that Master would always take care of me.

When everyone had found a seat and had a drink, he returned to the kitchen to get food. I tracked him with my eyes as he went, dropping off plates to each guest. It was something I would normally handle, but he’d taken that out of my hands and I felt guilty for not being able to serve him and our guests. Some of them looked curiously from John to me a few times.

All of their curiosity was satisfied, however, when John finally took his seat, clicked a remote in his pocket — and the dildo came to life.

The vibrations weren’t something that could’ve been easily hidden in the quiet chatter in the room. My surprised gasp was probably all it would’ve taken for this group to know something was going on anyway.

Turning my head, I met John’s glittering gaze as he forked more food into his mouth in an attempt to hide his smirk. I couldn’t even feign a glare as the vibrations were doing what they were designed to do. I hadn’t been turned on when I’d first started this game with John, but now I wanted to rotate my hips and make the dildo move more than it was.

Maybe I should’ve been embarrassed it was in front of a room full of people; then again, I’d done worse before at the club. I just hadn’t expected our party to take this turn of events. Not to mention I was still fully dressed and no one other than John and I knew exactly what was going on.

was what turned me on the most. I looked around quickly at the other guests, but no one was paying me particular attention. They all had smirks or half-smiles letting me know they were aware of what was going on, though.

John’s hand settling on my knee startled me enough to make me meet his eyes again. He held up a fork-ful of food for me, which I took and chewed quickly so I could swallow it. Breathing was more important than eating right then.

I struggled to keep my breathing even as I felt my orgasm growing close. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to hold back, the vibrations stopped and I almost collapsed forward in relief, but John was there with another mouthful of food. I wasn’t hungry, but I ate it anyway.

The rest of dinner progressed in spurts of the vibrator being turned on or off at random intervals, and by the time everyone was done eating I was ready to fuck on the table in front of everyone, I was so turned on. Then John went and offered everyone dessert or coffee.

I nearly groaned in frustration, but one look from John and I bit my lip to control myself.

Finally, everyone was done with their refreshments and catching up with each other. Just as quickly as they’d arrived, our guests left with a few nods in my direction.

With John out of the room seeing the last of them out, I was tempted to lean forward on the chair and ride the dildo until I got off. I didn’t. I knew John wouldn’t be happy if I got myself off after all his teasing.

I was still forbidden from getting myself off, even though I had managed to keep my addiction under control since we’d moved in together.

John strode back into the room. His jacket was missing and he was in the process of removing a cufflink when he stopped on the other side of the table from me. He dropped the first one to the table before undoing the second and setting it next to its mate. Then he smiled as he tapped the button in his pocket, bringing the vibrator to life once more.

“Mmm. Do you know how hard I’ve been all evening knowing that you are sitting on a cock?” he asked as he moved closer to me. Calmly he rolled up one sleeve to his elbow, then the other.  One hand glided up my back until his fingers sank into my hair and he tugged my head to one side. His warm, moist lips brushed my ear as he whispered, “All I wanted to do was slide my dick into you and make you scream out for me in front of our table filled with guests dressed in their fancy clothes. Make you soak the front of my pants with your come while all of them watched and got hot and hard themselves.”

I shivered at the image he painted. I wish he would have done it. My pussy clamped down around the toy inside me at the thought.

John’s fingers glided over the column of my neck before following the strap of my dress down to the zipper at the back. He slowly pulled it down, filling the room with the soft metallic clicks of it coming undone. With a soft kiss on my shoulder, he released my hair to pull the hem of my dress over my head, leaving me in only my garter belt and stockings.

“I do love your creamy skin,” John whispered as his hands moved over my exposed back and around to cup my breasts. “So damn perfect.”

“Thank you, sir,” I breathed. A gasp escaped when he pinched my nipples tightly between his finger and thumb. I wanted to beg for more, but didn’t. He’d take care of me all on his own.

“Lean forward,” he instructed as he used his grip on my tender flesh to help. I rested my palms on the table and spread my thighs wider on the chair so I didn’t topple over.

Staring at the table, I felt exposed and alone when he let go of me. However, the snick of plastic let me know he had a container of lube in hand; that was my best guess since I’d heard the sound many times before.

A slippery finger moved against the tight rosette between my cheeks. Without any other warning, John pressed two fingers into my ass and picked up a fast rhythm.

The new angle had pushed the toy deeper inside me, forcing it to rub my g-spot, then the added sensation of him stretching my ass and I was nearly undone. 

“Oh, sir!” I moaned, balling my hands in the thick, expensive table-cloth. I fought back my orgasm with everything I had. I didn’t want it to end, nor had I been given permission, but I could only do so much. “I’m going to come!”

“No you aren’t,” he stated as if he were truly in control of my body. Then his fingers were gone and I gasped in a few deep breaths, using the reprieve to bat back my release.

It worked until he was back to teasing my rear entrance. Only it wasn’t his finger, but his cock nudging the tight hole. Slowly, he pushed the head of his cock into me and paused.

A scream tore from my throat at the invasion. He hadn’t stretched me enough to be ready for him, but after a moment I wanted all of him. I
more of him.

“Sir, more, please,” I begged between breaths.

John needed no more encouragement and slammed his hips against mine, seating himself fully in my ass.

“Christ, Precious. You are so tight,” John groaned against my neck as he wrapped both arms around my torso. After thrusting deep a few times, he dropped one hand to the table for more leverage as he continued to fill me.

With both my pussy and ass being ravaged, I could barely hold myself together. John’s breath against my neck and back along with his soft groans and moans telling me how much he was enjoying it only ratcheted up my own level of pleasure that much more.

“All night I thought about filling you. Fucking you into the table. Pulling on your hair. Sucking your clit into my mouth while you lay naked on the table in front of everyone,” John said as his hand on my stomach moved lower to caress the ball of nerves he spoke of.

“Please… Please… Master…” I tried to voice my needs, but it was becoming harder and harder to form words of any kind.

“Come,” John barked the single word.

I shattered.

Every muscle, every tendon, every part of my body tensed as I felt pleasure rip through me.

Locking my elbows was the only way I was able to keep from falling forward as my body slowly relaxed and came back together.

John was still pounding into me and groaning louder than before. Suddenly, he pulled out from me. Yanking me off the dildo, he forced me to my knees as he ripped off the condom. A few rough yanks on his shaft and he splashed come onto my breasts.

He liked seeing his release on my skin. Another way of marking me as his.

I leaned forward to lick the last of his release off the tip of his cock. Then I looked down to watch his thick, white strands of semen slide down to get caught on my pearl necklace. The sight pleased me more than it probably should have. Seeing John’s collar mixed with the evidence of the pleasure I’d been able to give him almost made me want to beg for more, but I knew I’d be sore after what the evening had been filled with.

“My beautiful Precious. Come, let’s shower. We can deal with the dishes later,” John said, holding out a hand to help me to my feet.

“Yes, sir,” I said, smiling at him.

He pulled me firmly against his still fully-clothed frame and pressed a firm kiss to my lips.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” he asked, resting his forehead against mine.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it again,” I said with a wink.

“I love you more than my own life. I need you more than I need air. One day soon I will make you mine forever. Maybe then I won’t feel the need to make sure everyone knows you are mine every chance I get,” he said, cupping the back of my neck.

“I hope you never stop wanting that, sir. I need your dominance as much as I need your love.” I closed the distance between us to kiss him softly once more before sliding my fingers into his free hand and pulling him out of the room. “I’d like to wash you now, sir, if you’d come with me.”

“I thought we did that already,” John said as he followed me.

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