The Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance (8 page)

He stood behind me with His body flush against mine. The weight and warmth of His hands on my shoulders brought a whimper to my throat. Rick ghosted a hand down my arm and removed my bangles from my wrist, placing them on the bondage table beside us.

He then lifted my arm over my head, tugging the dress zipper down partway. Rick silently manipulated my arms so He could pull the top of my dress down past my shoulders, freeing my breasts. He lowered the zipper all the way, letting my dress pool at my waist.

Cupping my breasts, He pressed His cheek to mine as He gently caressed and kneaded my deep brown flesh. The pressure increased and Rick ran His rough thumbs over my nipples before pinching and flicking them.

There was no way to contain the moans Rick drew out of me. He had barely touched me, and i was already unraveling. While i was somewhat scared of the unknown, my brain was far more concerned with His unyielding hands on my breasts.

“you have the most beautiful breasts, micah. They’re pert and respond so well to Me. I love the size of your nipples. I’m going to enjoy sucking on them.”

my head fell back against His shoulder and my nipples stood at attention. His touch changed from barely there to almost painful as He continued to tease me. Repeated moans escaped my lips, and i soon found myself biting my tongue so i wouldn’t get louder.

He released my breasts without warning, and the warmth of His chest no longer caressed my back. He took my hand and guided me across the room toward the Saint Andrew’s Cross.

“How are you with orgasm control, micah? Can you handle it?” He asked with a devilish twinkle in His eyes.

“i’ve done it before, Sir, although i can’t say that my experience is extensive. If i’m trained to Your specifications, i’m sure i can cum when asked. But it will take some time, Sir.”

“Good answer,” He said, smiling.

He led me to the Saint Andrew’s Cross and He extended my hands above my head so that i was restrained to the Cross. “How do your hands feel?” He asked as He secured the restraint against my right hand.

“Good, Sir, this is good,” i replied, wiggling my fingers to test the tightness of the bonds. Seemingly satisfied by my comfort, He ran His hand down my arm and across my body. my breathing sped up and my flesh tingled under His touch.

He looked directly into my eyes as He spoke. “I want you, micah. I want to own all of you. I want your heart, your soul, your spirit, your pussy . . . everything.”

Why did He want me? No one had ever been so blatant with their intentions. This was finally what i had been seeking, but why did it scare me so damn much? i managed a smile although i was feeling all sorts of confusing emotions.

“Why? Why me?” i couldn’t get away or cover myself if i tried. On display, i was completely vulnerable. If He chose to hurt me, i doubted my heart could recover. But there was a sincerity in His eyes that made me want to believe Him more than i’d ever wanted anything else in the world.

This wasn’t a game. Taking on a submissive wasn’t some flight of fancy for Rick. This was His life, and He played for keeps.

He grabbed my chin, forcing me to keep His stare. “I told you, micah, I want it all. you’re beautiful,” He said as His lips grazed my cheek. “you’re intelligent.” He pressed His lips against my other cheek. “you complement Me.”

i was expecting Him to kiss my mouth, but instead He stepped away from me with a stern look in His eyes. “And you kept Me waiting.”

“But i explained! my job—” i tugged at my restraints.

Rick’s laughter rumbled through the room. “And you’re oh so feisty. I think that’s what I like best about you, pretty girl.”

my shoulders slumped as best they could in my present position. “So You’re not upset?”

“Not terribly, no. I have you now. We’ll just have to make up for lost time. Are you still agreeable to our present course?”

i nodded.

“God blessed you with a delectable mouth, micah. Please use it.”

Shit. And my naturally smart mouth was going to get me into a lot of trouble with Him. It’d been a while since i’d been in a scene with someone with so much authority. i didn’t want to let Rick down, but then again, a little punishment had its own rewards.

“i’m sorry. i’m out of practice, Sir. Yes, i would like to continue with whatever You have planned.”

Rick checked my bindings again, this time pressing His entire body against mine. He released a contented moan in my ear. “While I want all of you, what I crave most of all right now is to hear you cum for Me.”

After His bold statement, He made His way toward a chest of drawers across the room, slowly opening the top drawer, then pulling out a piece of paper.

“Here’s a copy of My recent test results. I have a clean bill of health, micah.”

He held the document up for me to read, since my hands were restrained. my eyes scanned the STD panel. Each test had “negative” beside it. He’d had this done two weeks ago, according to the date at the top of the page.

“I always complete a panel when I begin a new sexual relationship, so I had this panel done a few days after you were discharged. It was overly ambitious of Me, but because I’m a Physician, I know how important these things are. Safety should always come first.”

Really now? He went and had an STD panel done after i was discharged? He was certainly sure of Himself. i felt some kind of way about that.

“And in case you’re wondering, I last had sex a month ago. I can get tested again in another two months if you prefer, but I’m not having sexual relations with anyone. It’ll just be you. I’m monogamous, micah.”

He stood in front of me with an impassioned look on His face.

That was pretty damn presumptuous of Him. If this had been any other Guy, i likely would’ve handed His ass to Him. Honestly, part of me was thrilled that He was so responsible, however, another part of me was focused on the scope of what He’d done.

He plotted this. He planned this. i didn’t think He did it to be malicious. Again, there was no creepy vibe, just a Guy hell-bent on getting what He wanted. And what He wanted was for me to let my guard down. i was willing to explore and let my guard down tonight, but He was thinking bigger picture—much bigger. And He had been from the beginning.

i nodded when i was done reading. i wasn’t sure how to process what i’d just learned. i could always tell Him that i’d changed my mind, but my curiosity was getting the better of me. i could end this at any time. For now, i’d let it play out a little longer.

“Do you have any questions for Me?” He asked, walking over to the chest of drawers and returning the paperwork.

“When would You like me to get tested, Sir?”

He smirked. “That’s the beauty of My unique position. Because of My occupation, I have access to your results from last year. Have you had any form of sex in the last three months?”

“No, Sir, the last time i was with someone intimately was a year ago.”

“Then your results from your last panel are sufficient,” He replied. His lips pursed and the corners of His eyes crinkled as if He were fighting a smile.

So He was happy i wasn’t getting laid? i wasn’t. i couldn’t do the casual sex thing. The main reason i hadn’t been with anyone intimately is because i sought something substantial. But i got the feeling He knew that. Obviously, He wanted to be the One to change it.

“Are you currently on any form of birth control?” He inquired.

i was exposed, literally and figuratively. Aside from my dress, which was hitched up around my waist, i was practically naked. The thong and the heels i wore while He scrutinized my sexual history and methods of birth control weren’t helpful in shielding me from an inquisition.

He didn’t exactly take things slow. Then again, i was bound to a Saint Andrew’s Cross in my skivvies, so i wasn’t moving at a snail’s pace either, but i couldn’t help the snarky reply that escaped my lips. “You mean to tell me You didn’t see that bit of info in my medical history too? Or did You not look?” i guess i was a little more than mildly annoyed.

He raised a brow, halting mere inches from my face. His breathing was a bit erratic—i had pissed Him off.

i inhaled sharply. Now was not the time for me to be bratty.

His stony expression indicated He was not pleased with my smarting off. He attempted to pull my dress up to cover my breasts before reaching above my head and releasing my right hand from the restraints.

“Wait, w-what are You doing?” i asked.

“I’m sorry, micah, I’m going too fast, we should stop. you’re annoyed. I’m annoyed. We shouldn’t do this. Let’s try to—”

“No, wait,” i said, interrupting Him. Things couldn’t end like this. Although my response was a defense mechanism, i shouldn’t have responded that way. “i should be apologizing. i responded rudely. i’m sorry, Sir.”

“micah, when I ask you a question, your response should be ‘Yes, Sir,’ ‘No, Sir,’ et cetera. I don’t want to hear any sort of back talk. Do we understand each other?”

“Y-yes, Sir,”

“If you’re not ready for something or you want Me to slow down, tell Me. I need you to communicate with Me, okay?” He said, placing my wrist back into the restraint.

“Are we good now?” He inquired.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now, let’s try again. Are you on any birth control?”

“No, Sir.”

“Well, micah, that’s about to change. When I said Mine, I meant it. I’m only interested in exclusivity. What’s your preferred method of birth control?”

“i’ve been on the Pill previously, Sir, and i have no problems starting a low dose. i used to take Alesse.”

“Good girl. Schedule an appointment with your gynecologist as soon as possible to get a prescription. I could write you a script for a low dosage oral contraceptive, but I want to be sure that, with your asthma, we don’t overload your system by introducing too many new medications. your gynecologist is more familiar with your health history and reactions to meds.”

“Yes, Sir,” i replied.

He silently knelt in front of me and pushed my dress down my body until He was lifting my foot to remove it all the way. He tossed it onto the bondage table where His shirt lay.

i gasped, not expecting His move. One moment He was ready to release me, the next He was removing my clothing.

Where would this go? i wanted us to rekindle what we were starting. Clearly, He wanted the same thing.

“I don’t want any barriers between us, micah,” He commented while pushing my thong aside and sliding His fingers up and down the slick slit of my pussy.

i’m not sure if He was referring to my thong or condoms when He said that, but i had the feeling He meant both.

“Mmm. you’re very wet for Me.”

i moaned at His touch.

That must’ve done something to Him, because in a swift move, He tore the flimsy material from my body. i was now fully nude, except for my canary-yellow heels.

There was something primal about me being fully exposed while He still wore His slacks and shoes. His bare chest was as close as i would get to skin-to-skin contact.

“I saved the dress as promised, but the thong was a casualty,” He said while gingerly parting my pussy lips with His fingers.

my clit peeked out from its hiding place, waiting for His mouth to extend a proper hello.

His eyes were hooded and filled with desire as He gazed up at me. “micah, there are rules. you do not cum unless I say so. If you cum, I will punish you, and it will not be pleasant. If you think this is torture, punishment for disobeying Me isn’t any better. Do you understand?”

i nodded.

“Do you understand?” He repeated.

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Use your safe word if at any time you feel it necessary.”

i couldn’t give a proper response before He lifted both my legs over His shoulders, my ass resting against the Saint Andrew’s Cross and my arms suspended above me from the restraints, aligning my pussy with His mouth.

The moment of contact was like an inferno. i bucked, but He held me in place, spreading my legs wider for greater access. His tongue probed my pussy lips like a Man feasting on His last meal. He licked and sucked my pearl with the perfect amount of intensity and tenderness.

The pleasure, oh God, the pleasure was overpowering.

His impeccable tongue technique had tears slowly falling from my eyes. Alternating between slow, grueling licks and fast strokes brought me to the brink of release.

my orgasm forced its way to the surface, but i tried my best to keep it at bay. Not once, not twice, but three times i fought it off. Each time i thought i had succeeded, He did something to force a guttural scream from my lips. He finger-fucked me, hitting my G-spot twice using a come-hither motion while still inside me.

Many women fantasized about a Man who knew her body well, but me? i was cursing my body’s response to Him. Rick seemed to know my body
too well
, and my body rebelled against me to play by His rules instead.

By the fourth attempt, i was too weak to put up a decent fight. The orgasm rolled through me with such force that i screamed as i released. Once the last of the spasms ceased, my exhausted body went limp.

He slowly removed my legs from His shoulders and lowered them to the floor before rising to His full height. He removed a handkerchief from His back pocket, wiping His mouth of my essence.

i didn’t dare look at Him, but i could feel His eyes on me. i knew He was disappointed in me. i was disappointed in myself. i tried hard to fight the pleasure but couldn’t.

He knew it too.

He anticipated my failure on some level. It was a game to Him.

i wasn’t seasoned enough to control my orgasms.

He knew i’d fail and He was testing me.

“A decadent and spicy blend of peach with a hint of cinnamon. you are delectable, micah. I can definitely get used to the taste of your pussy. It is a treat.

“Did you know you were a squirter, pretty girl? you ejaculated in My mouth. Its been a long while since I’ve been with a squirter. Thank you for reminding Me of what I’ve been missing and showing Me what I have to look forward to.”

i was embarrassed by His last comment. While i was far from a prude, i was mortified that i’d squirted in His mouth. i had only done that with one other partner.

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