The Coed Experiment

The Coed Experiment

Sylvia Redmond

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


This story contains sexually explicit content and is intended for readers over 18 years of age. By downloading this document you acknowledge that you are over 18 years of age. All fictitious characters who are engaged in sexual acts in this book are likewise over 18 years of age, whether explicitly stated or not.


Dr. Robert Foster was a man motivated by two things: money and his insatiable sexual perversions. Each of these on its own is not necessarily dangerous. But being the doctor in charge of clinical studies in a lab that utilizes volunteers from a nearby university population, it was like having a heroin addict keep watch over the pharmacy drug locker.

Foster’s latest drug to be tested was a drug that would be administered intravenously and promote the growth of female breasts. Everyone at the company clearly understood the implications if RD
was to come out of testing successfully. If his company was to market the first successful alternative to actual breast augmentation surgery, the profit potential would be beyond their wildest dreams. Their only forecasted difficulty would be keeping up with the demand, which would keep their price at a premium.

Testing subjects would have to be monitored the right way though, he was certain of that. Subjects could have no idea what exactly it was they were volunteering to help study. The competitive interest in what they were working on could compromise everything with a simple slip of the tongue. No, this required administration from a head doctor with a morally questionable set of values – Robert Foster was the perfect man for the job.

Chapter 1


Local pharma company seeking female students to participate in a sleep study.

- Earn $300 per overnight stay (est. 3-4 during duration of study)

- $50 per week during the duration of the study (est. 20 weeks)

- Must be female between the ages of 18 and 25

- No history of child birth

- Participation dependent on signature of NDA


Tara and Kelly were both reading the job posting that was hanging in the student store.

“This is perfect” Tara was saying. “We needed money in order to get away for Spring break, the timing could not be better!”

“I don’t know” Kelly was chewing on her bottom lip while looking at the ad. “You hear about weird stuff with things like this. How do we know it’s on the up and up?”

“I’m sure it’s fine” Tara was pleading with her. “We’re talking about coming out of this thing with close to two grand. That will cover us for Spring break and then some. It’s a hell of a lot better than waiting tables somewhere. We have to at least go check it out.”

Tara made a good point there – Kelly would rather die than wait tables at one of the greasy spoons surrounding the campus.

“Ok” she conceded. “No harm in checking this thing out I guess.”

Chapter 2

Dr. Robert Foster was sitting across from his desk looking at his latest two applicants through his tortoise rimmed spectacles. Their advertisement had worked out perfectly. They had decided they only needed 5 actual test subjects to start with – they would add another 5 to use as placebo subjects throughout the length of their test. He had no fewer than 100 responses to his ad, so that put him in the favorable position of screening the candidates he felt were perfectly suited.

The two he had in front of him fell into the “perfectly suited” category. Tara was probably 5’ 10”, slim and already had nice size breasts. She was blond and seemed to have the slow witted bimbo mentality that he associated with blondes, which meant she would be perfect. Kelly was shorter with an athletic build and a nice body. He was partial to raven haired beauties so she ticked his boxes as well. Looking at the two of them sitting there he could already picture them naked.

“As I was saying” he went on “the drug that we’re testing her is of great interest to other pharmaceutical companies, so you would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as our standard disclaimer.”

“Sure, no problem” Tara had said while reaching for the pen on his desk.

“Um, can I have some time to read it first?” Kelly asked. “In fact, I think I’d prefer to take it with us and bring it back signed”

“Oh, most certainly I understand Kelly, I could do that” he said. “The only problem is I only have two spots left in the trial and we are due to start next week. I’ve got 6 other girls scheduled to come in so I can’t guarantee that I will still have spots available” he lied.

Tara looked at her pleadingly. “Come on Kelly, let’s do it, it looks fine to me.”

Kelly grudgingly conceded and signed the documents while Foster thought to himself “Gotcha.”

“That’s excellent girls. We require all subjects to report to the facility at 7:00pm this Saturday. This will be your first overnight stay so bring night clothes and whatever else you require for an overnight visit. We look forward to having you participate in our study.”

He shook both of their hands and watched their asses as they walked out of his office. Yes, he was very much looking forward to their participation.

Chapter 3

Tara was blabbing on and on about how great the money would be the entire way to the clinic on Saturday.

“You didn’t think there was anything weird about that guy?” Kelly asked her.

“Dr. Foster? No – I actually though he was cute. You know, the tall, handsome type with the glasses. I wouldn’t mind putting that guy through a sleep study of my own.”

“Yeah I don’t know. Just something about the way he looked at us that gave me the creeps” Kelly said. “You’re probably right, I guess I just assume everyone is out to screw us.”

They got to the clinic and signed in. A tall, buxom woman came out and introduced herself as Karen, the head nurse. She shook each girl’s hand warmly.

“Please come with me ladies, we need to do an exam prior to getting you ready for the study.”

They spent the next hour in an exam room with Karen, having blood drawn, vitals checked and going over specifics regarding their family histories. Once finished, Karen led them to a lounge where they were told to wait while the rest of the girls were checked in.

“See, it doesn’t look so bad” Tara said, as she settled back and started clicking through the remote to see what was on TV. “By this time tomorrow we’ll both be $300 richer.”

One by one the rest of the girls trickled in until all 10 were there. It was nearly 10:00 when Karen returned with Dr. Robert Foster.

“Thank you for participating in our sleep study” he began.  “You are each going to be taken to your own room now where you can prepare for bed. Karen will be coming by to administer our medication which will help you to fall asleep. We do ask that you dress for the night in the gown that Karen will provide you. The next thing you are likely to remember will be waking up tomorrow morning. Upon waking we will do another follow up interview with you to see if you had any unusual dream activity to speak of. You are then free to go”

“We ask that you check in with us twice during the week, and then we will expect everyone here next Saturday morning for a routine physical exam. Please report any concerns you have that surface during the week. Otherwise, we will plan on another overnight stay three weeks from now”

It sounded pretty boring and straight forward, Kelly thought as Karen led her to her room, gave her the gown and left her to get dressed. She hated the fact that she had to wear the gown that they provided. It was unlike any hospital gown she had ever seen before – it was more like a robe. It went over the shoulders and had the opening in the front, meaning you needed to cinch it in the front with a tie. She put it on as instructed and waiting.

Karen returned about ten minutes later and was accompanied by Dr. Foster.

“Hello Kelly” he said as Karen started setting up an IV. “Karen is going to insert an IV into your right arm that we are going to use to administer our medication. It will make you sleepy within a couple of minutes so please make yourself comfortable”

Karen helped her get into position in bed and slipped the needle into her arm. Foster fixed the sedative to the IV bag and Kelly felt the cool liquid enter her arm.

“There you go hun” Karen said. “You should start to feel sleepy in a few minutes.”

Kelly was listening to Karen talk but was sleeping before she had finished her last sentence. They finished with her and then moved to the next girl’s room.

Chapter 4

Once all the girls were sleeping they moved back through their list to begin the first round of examinations and the administration of the RD
. Tara was in exam room one so she was the first on the list.

Foster had Karen untie the gown and remove it from Tara’s shoulders. He then instructed her to remove the bra and to start getting measurements of her breasts before starting the RD
. Tara had gorgeous breasts, he noted, already at least a C or D cup. Karen took a series of measurements, making sure to handle her breasts as thoroughly as possible in the process.

Foster admired Karen a great deal – he had worked with her on projects before and recommended her for this one. He could recognize when a colleague had a morally questionable work ethic equal to his own and thought she would be perfect for the job.

Once he was confident that they had an exact pre-drug assessment of Tara’s breast size, he wanted to measure her nipple stimulus response under sedation. Foster himself moved in and started to rub and caress her breasts and observe the response of her nipples. Tara’s nipples did harden quite a bit and Karen made the appropriate notation in the test notes. Foster continued pinching and pulling on them and was even able to elicit an unconscious moan from Tara which Karen noted.

Once they were finished, Karen redressed Tara and Foster added the initial dose of RD
to her IV and they moved on to the next subject and continued their examinations.

Chapter 5

Tara had been after Kelly for two weeks now to admit it - it was easy money. It was already two weeks after their first overnight and they both were $400 richer with no ill effects. They needed to each call Karen twice a week to check in and went to the clinic on Saturday morning to have their vitals checked again. It almost felt like they were stealing the money.

And Kelly had suddenly found herself needing the money. She had noticed in the last week or so that none of her bras fit her anymore. She had assumed maybe she had put on a couple of pounds but found it odd that none of her other clothes had gotten tight.

They had their next overnight visit this Saturday. She made a mental note to ask Karen about her weight during their examination.

Chapter 6

Kelly was in her sleeping room at the clinic the following Saturday night. She had already put on their god awful gown and Karen was preparing her IV.

“I wanted to check with you on my weight” Kelly said. “Can you tell me if I have gained anything since I’ve been checking in with you? I don’t think that I have but for some reason my bras are tight all of a sudden.”

“Huh” Karen said looking at her chart. “It doesn’t look like you’ve had any significant gain. You’re not menstruating are you? Perhaps the result of bloating?”

“No” Kelly said. “Besides I’ve never had that problem during my periods before.”

“It may just be a seasonal thing honey, but I’ll mention it to Dr. Foster”.

Foster came into the room a few minutes later and picked up Kelly’s IV bag.

“Doctor” Karen said. “Kelly is concerned she may be gaining weight. She said she has noticed tightness in her brassieres recently.”

“Really?” he said intrigued as he punctured the IV bag. “Tell me Kelly, when did you start noticing it?”

Kelly started to consider the question and slowly slipped into unconsciousness. Karen immediately opened her gown and removed her bra.

“Excellent” Foster said, examining the effects of RD
. He cupped each breast and ran his thumbs over her nipples. Somewhere beyond her anesthesia induced haze Kelly moaned and her nipples went hard.

“Fascinating” he said. “Enhanced nipple sexual response. Measurements please Karen.”

Karen started her intense manipulations of Kelly’s breasts, carefully measuring them and occasionally dragging her fingernails across her nipples to elicit her unconscious moans. She relayed the size differences to Foster.

“Outstanding” he said. “Increase the level of RD
please Karen.”

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