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Authors: Sylvia Redmond

The Coed Experiment (2 page)

Chapter 7

Tara had started to notice it the week before the last sleepover at the clinic but was too embarrassed to say anything to Kelly or to the nurse there. She was afraid she was having her own weird female problem that would end up getting her kicked out of the program and cost her $1000.

She thought her breasts were swelling but wrote that off at first. Her tits were big to begin with – in fact it was her best asset and always kept her flush with male attention. But in addition to the swelling she was starting to get the occasional leakage. She wasn’t sure but it seemed like actual mothers milk.

She had needed to buy larger bras to deal with the increased size but she was getting more concerned about the leaking. She didn’t know what to do and kept going through bras and shirts. On her next check in call she decided to ask Karen. She knew it didn’t have anything to do with the sleep study, but she was a nurse after all, she might have an idea.

She ended up making the call a little earlier than expected.

“Hi Tara” Karen said, a little surprised to hear from her so soon. “Is everything ok?”

“Um, yeah, everything is fine. My sleep patterns are fine and all. I actually had something else going on I wanted to ask you about.”

“Sure hun what is it?” a sympathetic Karen asked.

“I swear I thought I was imagining it, but I think my breasts are swelling. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except I’m also leaking what appears to be milk.”

“Huh” Karen said. “We’ve been doing the regular blood tests so I know you’re not pregnant dear. Why don’t you come down to the clinic so we can have a look at you?”

“That’s great Karen” Tara said. “Thanks so much, I’m on my way down.”

Chapter 8

Karen was excited as she hung up the phone. Tara was her favorite of all the coed test subjects. She had the classic blond bombshell good looks and it appeared that she had the stereotypical dim wits to go with it. And at the onset of the study she had the largest breasts so the doctor thought she might also show the most dramatic results.

Karen prepared the exam room and met Tara when she arrived at the door.

“Ok honey” she said, taking Tara by the arm. “Let’s get you into an exam room and have a look. The doctor is busy at the hospital but I’ve let him know that I will by examining you.”

“Ok, good” Tara said nervously as Karen brought her into the exam room and closed the door.

“Ok Tara, why don’t you get undressed and put on the gown. No undergarments dear, we should do a thorough exam.”

“Ok” Tara said again, and then realized that Karen was not going to leave the room like doctors usually did when they had you undress. She shrugged it off since her breasts were starting to get painful in their bloated state and she desperately wanted to know what was going on. She stripped and put the gown on.

“Ok dear, hop up on the table and let’s have a look at you” Karen said.

Tara got on the exam table and Karen raised the back so that she could sit back. She then opened the gown and had a look at Tara’s breasts.

“Amazing” she thought to herself. She was skeptical of RD
actually working. She had been around the business long enough to have heard many crazy claims about drugs like this. But she had held and manipulated Tara’s breasts thoroughly before, without her realizing it, and could clearly see the size difference. Tara was easily in double D territory now, and her nipples were clearly ready to start spouting milk at the slightest touch.

“Yes it looks like you are swelling” she said in a matter-of-fact tone as she reached out and felt her right breast. Tara jumped slightly at her touch.

“Sorry to startle you dear, just relax and let me have a look” Karen said as she focused her attention on Tara’s nipple. She touched it lightly with the tip of her finger and saw a droplet of milk appear. Tara squirmed slightly under her touch. Karen remembered that RD
also increased nipple sensitivity and she smiled to herself.

Karen placed her hand firmly on Tara’s right breast and performed a milking motion in toward her nipple. The result was a stream of milk that shot out of her breast.

“Ohhh” Tara squirmed on the table.

“I’m sorry honey. Are they sensitive?” Karen asked her.

“Yeah, I mean Yes they are – very sensitive” she said.

“You really appear to be full” Karen said. “No wonder they hurt so much.”

Karen started doing the same massage on her other breast, releasing a torrent of milk. Tara was trying hard to stifle moans as she squirmed on the table.

“It’s ok if it’s affecting you sexually dear” Karen said to her as she kept kneading her breasts. “But we need to express the milk or you’re never going to be comfortable. Just relax and let me finish, ok?”

“Yeah yeah” Tara stammered, still squirming on the table. Karen returned her attention to her right breast and started milking it with slower, more deliberate strokes that were driving Tara crazy. Her nipples were distended almost an inch from her breasts and were still jetting milk.

“That’s a girl” Karen was saying to her. “Just relax, it’s ok if it feels good honey. Having your breasts rubbed like this is supposed to feel good. I should be done in just a minute.”

Tara was only hearing part of what Karen was saying to her as she squirmed under the manipulation of her hands. Her nipples were on fire and she knew that her pussy must be dripping wet.

Karen switched back to focusing on her left breast again and kept talking to her. Having Karen talking to her about if for some reason excited Tara even more.

“Ok honey, just let me finish with your left breast and I think you’re almost done” she was saying as she slowly dragged her fingers across her left breast. Tara had her head back and didn’t notice that Karen had moved her left hand between her legs and had it positioned right above her pussy.

Karen could feel the heat emanating from Tara’s pussy and figured she could get her to orgasm in under a minute. She waited until she was right in the middle of milking her when she ran her hand over her pussy.

“Oh yes, somebody’s excited” she said as she ran her hand up her soaked pussy and landed right on Tara’s clitoris. Tara opened her mouth in shock and before she could say anything Karen started rubbing her clit in earnest.

Tara exploded in orgasm and started to breathlessly hump Karen’s hand.

“That’s a girl” she heard Karen saying to her. “Let that orgasm come Tara. My hand feels good on your pussy doesn’t it? That’s a good girl.”

Tara fell back spent on the exam table. Karen lowered the back to put her in a lying position and fixed her gown around there. She lay there spent from her orgasm and her milking and started to drift off to sleep. Karen smiled and left the room to report her findings to Dr. Foster.

Chapter 9

Kelly had not spoken to Tara in a while and was frankly relieved. She was tired of hearing about how great the program was especially now that she was concerned about her chest. She was certain her chest was swollen at this point and had even noticed milk starting to appear on her nipples when she rubbed them. She decided to bring it up on her weekly call with Karen.

Karen was sympathetic as soon as she brought it up.

“You can see me this morning? Are you sure?” Kelly asked her.

“Sure dear, come on down to the clinic and let’s have a look just to be safe” she said.

Kelly was relieved and suddenly felt bad for any misgivings she had previously about the doctor and his program. If Karen was any indication they clearly were concerned about the girls.


Karen quickly called Dr. Foster on his cell phone and let him know of the development.

“Excellent” Foster had told her. “Keep her occupied Karen, I’m on my way.”


Kelly had gotten to the clinic about 15 minutes after Karen hung up from Dr. Foster.

“The doctor is on his way in dear. He asked me to just check your vitals until he gets here. Why don’t you undress and put the gown on.”

Karen led Kelly to one of the exam rooms and gave her a few minutes before coming back in. She could see Kelly’s nipples pointing through the fabric of the gown and had to try hard to contain herself.

“Ok hun, scoot up on the exam table and let me have a look at you.”

Kelly sat on the table and Karen pulled the gown open. Kelly had not bothered to keep a bra on and Karen could clearly see her breasts were heavy and swollen with milk. She reached out and touched one of the nipples and saw a little droplet of milk form.

“Hmm” she said. “Yes it definitely looks like you are lactating. Are they sensitive?”

“Yes” Kelly said. “Extremely sensitive – and constantly leaking. What the hell am I supposed to do?”

“We’ll need the doctor to have a look at you” Karen said. She took her hands and started caressing one of Kelly’s breasts, moving her hand in towards the nipple which opened up a stream of milk. Kelly groaned under the release.

“Does that feel better hun” Karen asked, secretly enjoying her discomfort.

“Oh my god yes” Kelly admitted. “They are so sensitive.”

“Here” Karen said, grabbing the other breast and performing the same motion. Again, her distended nipple opened up a stream of milk and Kelly squirmed and moaned under her touch.

There was a quick knock at the door and Dr. Foster entered. Kelly immediately turned red but Karen started talking to him which gave her momentary relief.

“Kelly is definitely exhibiting some sort of breast growth doctor. We just performed a blood test last weekend so we know she’s not pregnant. However she is expressing a great deal of milk from her nipples.”

“That’s odd” Foster said. “Kelly let me give you a quick exam and make sure everything is ok.”

He pulled stirrups from the table that Kelly had not even realized were there.

“Lay back please. Karen will assist you with getting into the stirrups.”

Before Kelly even fully comprehended what was happening Karen had pushed her back on the table and was lifting her legs into the stirrups.

“Sorry dear I need to remove these” she said as she stripped her panties off in one clean motion.

Kelly was quickly splayed on the table nude before she even realized what was happening. The clinical way they were speaking to each other helped keep her nerves calm. Foster leaned over her and started to examine her breasts.

“Did you take measurements?” he asked Karen.

“No doctor, I’ll do that now” she said and immediately started measuring her breasts, handling them quite roughly in the process. She recorded her measurements in their journal.

Foster returned to her breasts and started making a milking motion similar to what Karen had done 15 minutes before. Her nipple again responded and let out a stream of milk. Kelly shifted in the stirrups and let out a soft moan.

Foster started doing the same thing to the other breast and asked Kelly questions while he was milking her.

“When did it start?”

“Has this ever happened before?”

“How sensitive are they?”

“Is it a pain sensitivity or more of a sexual sensitivity?”

Kelly had a hard time concentrating on the questions as he kneaded and milked her breasts. He then moved down between her legs.

“Karen I’m going to need to do a vaginal exploration” he said. “Perhaps you can continue expressing her milk.”

“Yes doctor” Karen said.

Karen came back up and started going back to work. Kelly was trying hard not to respond to what she was doing but couldn’t keep herself from responding. She felt the moisture between her legs and tried to stifle her moans.

“It’s ok if you’re sensitive dear” Karen said. “Just relax.”

Just as Karen was telling her to relax she started feeling Dr. Foster between her legs. He had inserted something into her pussy that had her spread open and was now exploring her with his hands. She had difficulty thinking clearly with Karen still milking her swollen tits.

“Uh uh mmf” was all she could mutter in her pre-orgasmic state.

“Shhhh” Karen said to her. “Just relax honey. I will relieve the pressure in your breasts while the doctor examines you.”

It was the doctor’s examination that was now making her throb. He had his hands inside her pussy and clearly had one of them resting directly on her clitoris. She tried to shift her hips out from under it but no matter what she did she still felt the dull pressure of his hand resting on her clit. She could feel her chest blushing as her breathing quickened.

“Shhh, that’s a good girl” Karen kept saying. “Just relax honey” She said as she continued pulling on her nipples.

The doctor shifted his hands again and started to directly rub her exposed clitoris. Kelly couldn’t take anymore and started rocking back and forth in orgasm, reflexively grabbing the doctor’s hand and pressing it to her sex.

As she lay there exhausted she did not notice Karen fixing the IV to her arm.

“Ok Kelly, try to get some sleep now” Foster was saying as he attached the IV bag. Before she slipped into unconsciousness she heard Dr. Foster say “Karen please prepare a half dose of RD

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