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Just as she found it a horribly high pitched voice called her and Franz’s names.
“Azalea! Franz! Over here,” the lady called and waved them over. Franz grinned finally recognising his sister and walked towards her.
“Is that your sister?” Azalea asked making a face. Nodding Franz glared at his granddaughter.
“She might be different but please don’t make that face ever again.”

“Fine,” Azalea sighed and followed him. The second they came closer Azalea’s great aunt pulled Franz into a hug and squealed.
‘For goodness sake, she acts like a teenager when she is really 65 years old,’
Azalea thought, trying not to make the same face again.

“You must be Franz’s granddaughter, am I right?” the lady turned her attention to Azalea. Before Azalea could nod, her great aunt pulled her into an awkward hug.

“Welcome to Ireland. I hope you will grow to love this place just like I did. My name is Leticia,” The lady said and led them to her car.









Chapter Six – New School

The first week went past quickly and it was Monday again. It was Azalea’s first day at her new school here in Ireland and Azalea was nervous about meeting new people, especially since she had never had a friend before and she didn't know how to make a friend. 

"Azalea, you'll be fine," Franz said to her, noticing her nervousness. "You're a beautiful girl inside and out and I'm sure everyone will love you. Now remember, don't tell anyone about the gift and try to make some friends." Hearing that, Azalea nodded and stepped out of the car. 

Looking around she noticed the students staring at her and that made her uncomfortable. She had never experienced being a new student and most of the time the children in her old school ignored her.

Trying not to mind the stares, she stepped into the school. Looking around she didn’t notice a person standing in front of her. Bumping into the person woke her from her dazed thoughts.

“Um, I’m sorry,” Azalea mumbled not glancing up. She figured that if she made less contact with the other students, they’d ignore her. 

“It’s okay,” a guy’s voice replied and that got her attention so she looked up. Glancing at a gorgeous guy she could hardly think. Never had she seen such a handsome guy before and it literally took her breath away. “Are you okay though?” the guy asked her and she could only nod being in such a shock.

After a few moments of silence she stepped back a few steps and apologized again.
“No need to apologize. Neither of us were looking where we were going,” the guy said not introducing himself. Azalea noticed that and realized she hadn’t introduced herself either. 

“Okay,” Azalea mumbled in response and then gathered her courage to introduce herself.
“I’m Azalea Monday. I’m new here so I was wondering if you could show me where the school office is.” Her American accent surprised Lucas and he couldn’t help but smirk. He liked hot chicks with accents and even though he had a girlfriend he wouldn’t mind spending a night with her.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Lucas Sloane and sure I’ll show you where the office is,” he said and led her to the office. Azalea’s courage disappeared again and she could only nod. She had never been all that shy and she wondered why her mind was reacting that way. Once they were standing in front of the office Azalea forced a smile on her face and turned towards Lucas.

“Thank you for showing me the office,” Azalea said and stepped in without looking back at him. For Lucas it was very unusual when a girl didn’t look back at him and wink before she left the room. Frowning at Azalea’s strange behaviour, he went to his classroom.

Finishing at the office Azalea headed towards her homeroom. Not knowing what to expect she stepped into the classroom. Azalea didn’t like the stares she got when she stepped in and all she wanted to do was crawl into a hole and close her eyes and ears.

Wrapped in her own thoughts she didn’t hear the teacher calling her. When the teacher finally got her attention Azalea blushed terribly.
“I believe you’re the new student the headmaster told me about?” The teacher asked Azalea. Suddenly Azalea’s throat dried and she couldn’t force the words out of her mouth. Azalea just nodded and blushed even more.
“Would you mind introducing yourself?” the teacher asked. Azalea nodded again and didn’t utter a word. The class laughed at her silence wondering if she was mute.

The laughter angered Azalea and she looked up holding her head up high. But she still didn’t utter a word. Not until she saw a light flicker behind all the desks. Having her attention she wondered what it was and once the light flickered again a person appeared.

Trying not to release a gasp she quickly told the class her name and asked the teacher where she could sit. The teacher pointed to an empty seat next to a girl and Azalea took it.  For the next thirty minutes she sat in silence listening to the teacher and waiting for the bell to ring. When it finally rang Azalea stood up trying to get away as quickly as possible. She had never believed in ghosts but it was the second time she had seen something like that and Azalea started doubting her beliefs.

Getting away from that room she dreaded the next day when she would step into it again. Before she could walk to the chemistry classroom a girl stopped her. With hands on her hips and a glare on her face she looked like a crazy person. Confused, Azalea stepped back.
“Who are you?” Azalea asked and the girl snickered.
“Who am I?” the girl asked in a high pitched voice while a crowd gathered around them.

Azalea noticed Lucas standing in front of the crowd smirking. Frowning she realized that he did something. “I’m the one who you should fear around here,” the girl said smirking. “I heard that the second you stepped into my territory you flirted with
my boyfriend
,” she said emphasizing on the boyfriend line.

“Me, flirting with a guy?” Azalea asked almost laughing. All the fear she felt a few seconds ago disappeared and it was replaced with courage.
“Believe me when I say that, but I never flirted with a guy in my life and Lucas probably lied to you.”

“So you do know Lucas…” the girl stated with a smirk.
“Yes, I do know who he is because he helped me find the school office. Nothing more, nothing less, just that,” Azalea said now fuming but she wasn’t the only one.

Obviously neither Lucas nor his girlfriend was used to people who would stand up against them. Noticing their anger Azalea smirked held her head high and left the hallway.  But the girl insulting her still didn’t admit her defeat and called after her.

“Remember my name, b****! Chelsea is my name!” she yelled and stomped when Azalea didn’t even show any interest in who she was. She just entered the classroom and sat behind the desk waiting for the teacher.











Chapter Seven - Ruby

The next two hours were torture for Azalea. It wasn't the subjects that she didn't like but the stares of her schoolmates. They didn’t just stare at her because she was new but also because of how she dealt with Chelsea and Lucas. Azalea noticed that most of the students were glaring at her meaning they liked Chelsea and were angry at Azalea. But Azalea also noticed that no one talked to her.
‘Am I a freak?’
she asked herself. The second she shook those thoughts away a girl entered the classroom loudly and woke her up.

“Hello b***** and d*****!” she called and grinned. Azalea flinched at the words the girl used and mentally shook her head. The girl looked around and when her eyes found Azalea she smiled. “There she is! I was waiting to talk to you, my friend,” the girl said to Azalea taking a seat next to her.

Azalea looked at her strangely. “You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes you. You, my friend, just told Chelsea to piss off and that gives you my respect,” the girl said grinning. Azalea was surprised by her saying that but still smiled.

“Thank you, I guess?” she said and the girl grinned.

“Name’s Ruby and you are Azalea?” Ruby asked offering a hand.

“Yes, it is, and nice to meet you Ruby.” Azalea took her hand and shook it. That was the beginning of their friendship. Just then the teacher walked in and the class stopped talking.


“So… how was it?” Ruby asked at their lunch table.

“How was what’” Azalea asked not knowing what Ruby was talking about.

“How did it feel when you stood up to Chelsea? No one ever talks to her like that and it was a complete surprise for all of us,” Ruby replied.

“I don’t know… It felt good?” Azalea answered but it sounded more like a question than a statement. 

“You don’t know? How can you not know?! The girl’s crazy and a Barbie bully and you don’t know…” Ruby sighed.

“You’re terrible,” Azalea stated with a chuckle and ruby laughed too. After they sobered, Ruby started asking again.

“So where do you live?” she asked and Azalea sighed with a smile.

“I never met a girl that talks this much,” Azalea continued. “I live with my great aunt and my grandpa.”

“Oh… Where is your family? I mean parents,” Ruby asked frowning.
‘Why does the girl live without her parents at this age?’
she asked herself.

“My parents and my brother are still in America. My sister Holland died a few months ago,” Azalea explained.  The answer surprised Ruby and she couldn’t believe it. 

“Why are you here though? Why aren’t you in America?” Ruby asked confused.

“I’m here because they blame me for Holland’s death and they’re afraid I’m turning into a monster.” That left Ruby even more confused but before she could ask another question the bell rang and they had to go to class.


“Do you have a ride home’” Ruby asked after school finished.

“Yeah, my grandpa’s picking me up,” Azalea answered apologetically thinking Ruby wanted to give her a ride.

“Cool, do you think he would mind taking me?” Ruby asked and Azalea shrugged.

“I don’t know…” Just then her grandpa’s car parked in front of her.
“You can just ask him,” Azalea continued and opened the car door.

“Mr…” Ruby started but remembered that she didn’t know his name.

“Franz,” Azalea said to Ruby.

“Okay… Franz, would you mind driving me home?” Ruby asked smiling pleadingly.  Franz smiled and nodded.

“Sure, I assume you’re Azalea’s friend?” he asked and Ruby nodded.
“Great, just tell me where to take you and I’ll do it.” Once Ruby gave directions they drove home. While they were driving Azalea chatted merrily with Ruby and Franz and everything was fine. Until… she saw something.

A man was standing in the middle of the road and looking around.

“Watch out!” Azalea yelled and Franz pulled over quickly not knowing what was going on. Once they were safely parked both Ruby and Franz looked around trying to find what Azalea had seen. They couldn’t see anything.

“What made you do that? There isn’t anything on a road,” Franz said looking at Azalea.

“You don’t see the man standing right in front of you?” Azalea asked confused and fear crawled into her again.

“What man?” Ruby asked looking around.

“The one standing in front of you!” Azalea stated pointing at him.

“I don’t see anybody,” Ruby said and Franz agreed.

“You really don’t see him?” Azalea asked frowning. Franz looked at his granddaughter and saw her expression. After a few seconds of thinking he realized what was bothering her.

“You’re gift is developing increasingly. I believe you have started seeing the dead,” He explained to her and Azalea’s eyes widened. Not only in disbelief but in shock, too. She couldn’t believe that her grandpa would say something like that in front of someone who had no idea what was going on.

“Grandpa! You can’t say something like that in front of Ruby!” Azalea exclaimed. While they were bickering Ruby just listened and became greatly confused.

“What are you both talking about? Seeing the dead? Having a gift and God knows what else?” Ruby asked and they both quietened down.

“I’m sorry Ruby… I believe we’re confusing you,” Azalea apologized.

“You’re right, I’m confused. Can someone explain what’s going on?” Ruby demanded and Azalea smiled sadly.

“I would love to but I believe you won’t talk to me after that. You’ll think of me as a freak,” Azalea said.

“I promise I won’t do that and I’ll listen,” Ruby pleaded and Azalea nodded.

“Okay, but once we get home I’ll tell you. Not here, not now.” Ruby agreed and they drove home.









Chapter Eight – Revelations and Reactions

BOOK: Talking to Dead (The Banshee Series Book 1)
10.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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