Talking to Dead (The Banshee Series Book 1) (2 page)

“They did that but they couldn’t prevent the dreams I had. At first not even I knew what was going on but I had a friend that turned to be just like me. The thing Azalea and I’ve got is hereditary. My friend got it from his mom and she helped us going through the developing phase. I learned what I am and what my real job is. That’s why I became a police officer. With my gift I could help people from losing their loved ones and prevent those murders while helping to capture the culprits that did it,” Franz explained without mentioning what he really is.

Mrs. Monday felt this conversation was getting more complicated and scary so she told Lee to go to bed. Trying to resist his mum, Lee didn’t listen.

“Lee darling, go upstairs. This talk is not for five - year olds,” Mr. Monday said helping his wife knowing how stubborn Lee could be. Lee just shook his head and didn’t move from his chair. He was far too much interested in what was going on with his sister and what happened to Holland.

“I don’t want to go to bed,” Lee resisted stubbornly. When Lee saw his mum’s face he quickly changed his mind and ran to his room.

“Now that we are alone I want to know what you really are,” Anna – Mrs. Monday – demanded. She was determinate to solve this mystery and get rid of those two monsters in her family. 

Taking a deep breath, Azalea prepared to hear the truth. She knew that her mother was already thinking how to get rid of her and her insanity. She never felt more betrayed than at that moment.

“Azalea and I have a beautiful gift and people with that kind of gift are called Banshees,” Franz explained. “The gift is hereditary and usually it skips a generation. That happened to you and now your daughter has it,” Franz said to his daughter and feared what her reaction would be.

Anna was very confused and so were her husband and daughter. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Anna remembered how she loved the world’s mythology and legends in her younger years. She especially loved reading about werewolves, vampires and also banshees. Though she never believed in any of them she now wondered if banshees could be real. She started connecting the features of her Father and the banshees she had read about.

Her brain worked super-fast and she finally connected all the dots. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself.
‘Banshees are real. My father isn’t insane and neither is my daughter.’
She told herself and nodded.

“I believe you father,” Anna said looking at him with regret in her eyes. Franz noticed that and smiled.

“Thank you, Anna. You have no idea how long I waited for that,” Franz replied still smiling. While that was happening, Azalea’s minds were filled with confusion.

“I don’t quite understand,” she began. “What exactly is a banshee and why is this happening to me?” Franz shifted his attention to Azalea and smile reassuringly.

“Don’t you worry, everything will seem believable when it’s time to be,” Franz replied and stood up. “I’m afraid it’s getting late and the day’s been very stressful for everyone. I better get going.” Saying that, he put his coat on and left the house.

“Azalea, I believe it’s been a hard day for you and I’m sorry,” Mrs. Monday said. “We are all saddened by Holland’s death but I personally don’t blame you anymore. Why don’t you go to bed and we’ll clean this mess up,” Anna suggested. Without hesitation Azalea left the room and walked straight to her room. Collapsing on her bed she sighed. Too tired to change she slipped under her blanket and fell asleep immediately.














Chapter Four – Ghosts?

20. 11. 2013

It was a cold November day and Azalea’s school day had just finished. Her parents were busy packing things for their vacation so Azalea had to walk home. It was so cold that the road was frozen and Azalea cursed her luck. She almost slipped twice and was freezing. Thinking about this past month she realized she had the worst luck. On her birthday she had lost her sister and got a gift that felt like a curse. The police promised to find Holland’s murderer but they had failed and now her parents decided to leave for vacation and leave her alone with Lee.

“Watch out!” a voice called behind her and snapped her out of her thoughts. Realizing she was just going to cross the busiest road on the way home she stopped. Cars drove buy not even stopping to let her cross. If the person behind her hadn’t warned her she would probably have been hit by a car.

A guy stopped next to her and looked at her. Azalea wanted to thank him for warning her but before she could say it the guy disappeared. Confused, she looked around trying to make sense of the situation. When she couldn’t find the guy she was terrified.

Was it just her subconscious trying to warn her or was she seeing ghosts?
Not believing in ghosts she went for the first version, satisfied.


“Mum, dad, I’m home!” Azalea called stepping into the house. Shrugging off her coat and slipping out of her shoes she looked around and was greeted by silence.
she thought. Her parents were supposed to leave in the evening and they should be at home by now. Walking around the house she couldn’t find them, not until she stopped in front of their room.

“She’ll be so upset,” Mr. Monday’s voice rang out. Confused, Azalea leaned closer to the door and listened.

“I know but we have to do it,” Mrs. Monday replied. “I can’t live in peace with her in the house, knowing she knows when someone will die. Ireland is the best place we can send her. My great aunt lives there and I already talked to her. Azalea will live with her and go to school there. The plane ticket and her schooling are already paid. We can’t just take it back and let her live her. What if something happens to Lee and she knows it?” Anna continued.

Dread filled Azalea.
‘They’re sending me to Ireland, away from my brother Lee?’
She thought. Azalea could not believe her ears.

Having her mind wrapped in her thoughts she didn’t notice her parents opening the door. Their gasps pulled her out of her thoughts and a frown slipped on Azalea’s face. The guilt on her parents’ faces confirmed what she had heard.

“Azalea…” Anna started feeling guilty for doing what she did. She loved her daughter but still she couldn’t live peacefully with Azalea around.
Still not sure she had heard right, Azalea asked, “Is it true?” Azalea feared the words that she would hear would hurt her more than actually leaving her home.

Sighing in defeat Mrs. Monday said, “It’s true and I’m sorry.” Tears filled Azalea’s eyes and she ran to her room. The second she entered the room she noticed that all her things were packed and the room was empty. At that moment anger replaced sadness and she stormed out of her room straight to her parents’ room.

“How could you! You packed my things and bought a plane ticket to Ireland without even telling me! Ugh,” Azalea stomped. Mrs. and Mr. Monday were shocked by Azalea’s outburst.
“I already said I’m sorry. I know it sounds bad right now, but after a while you’ll get used to living there and you’ll love it. I lived there for a summer when I was younger and I loved it. Ireland is a beautiful country and I hear that the school you’re already enrolled in is great and that the students there are very kind,” Mrs. Monday explained trying to calm her daughter.

“Yes, mum it sounds bad alright. If you had all this planned for some time why did you hide it from me? Why not tell me the truth?” Azalea demanded not calmed down a bit.

“We didn’t plan on keeping it from you, it just happened. You don’t know how many times I had the words on the tip of my tongue but just couldn’t say it,” Mr. Monday explained covering for his wife.

“Was I supposed to believe this lie?” Azalea asked trying to sound innocent. She couldn’t believe her parents and their lies.
“I’m telling the truth honey. Look, I don’t want you to leave this country with us fighting,” Mr. Monday said. Taking a deep breath Azalea calmed down. When she saw the look on her father’s face she knew he really wanted that. Nodding she hugged him.

“I’m sorry honey. I will miss you and I don’t want you to go,” Mr. Monday said and then whispered something into Azalea’s ear.
“Your mother and I got into a huge fight over this and I swear I never agreed to it.”

“I believe you, mother always was like that,” Azalea whispered back and stepped back. “Now that we’re all happy, why don’t we leave and head to the airport,” Mrs. Monday said almost heartlessly.




Chapter Five – Ireland

Arriving at the airport Azalea’s gut clenched. Her father talked with her nonstop like he was trying to make his last memories with her. Anna just listened with a frown on her face. Azalea’s brother Lee wasn’t with them and Azalea wondered where he was. She saw him the last time before he left school and he said goodbye like he knew she was leaving.

“Dad, where is Lee?” Azalea asked already missing her brother.
Frowning her father looked her way and answered, “You’re mother thought it was the best for him to stay at his best friend’s house tonight. I, of course, disagreed thinking you deserve to say goodbye to each other.”

“Oh, okay,” Azalea sighed. “How long till I board?” she asked after a few moments silence. The whole atmosphere was awkward. Before either of her parents’ could answer a familiar voice from behind called her.
“Azalea!” Lee's voice rang through the airport. Turning around her brother ran straight into her arms. Happy tears filled Azalea’s eyes and she couldn’t stop them from falling. She was so happy her brother was here.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were over at your friend’s house,” Azalea asked Lee. Looking at her handsome brother she smiled. ‘
I will definitely miss him,’
she thought.
“I was over at Charlie’s but Grandpa stopped by and said you’re going away and since I didn’t want you to leave without saying goodbye I asked him to take me with him,” Lee quickly explained running out of breath. For a five-year old he was trying to be strong and he tried not to cry even though he felt like he would.

“Grandfather?” Azalea asked confused looking around and tried to find him.
“Yes, he is also here but he just went somewhere,” Lee answered also confused by his grandpa’s disappearance. Dismissing her confusing thoughts Azalea turned her attention back to Lee.
“I’m so happy you’re here,” she said to her brother and hugged him tight again.

“I’m happy, too,” Lee continued. “But why are you leaving? You’re the only sister I still have.” Saying that Lee’s and Azalea’s eyes filled with tears. While Lee’s tears were because he felt betrayed by his two sisters since he was too young to understand Holland’s death and Azalea’s leaving, Azalea’s tears were the result of guilt.

Just as the voice coming from speakers called for those who are leaving for Ireland, Azalea’s grandfather appeared with so much luggage it looked like he was moving too.
“Hi darling,” Franz said smiling at Azalea. Confusion filled Azalea’s mind again and she tried to understand her grandfather’s actions.

“What are you doing here with all that stuff?” she asked him trying to make sense of the situation.
“I’m here because I’m going to Ireland with you,” Franz explained, smiling perceptively.

"You are?" Azalea asked suddenly overjoyed.
"Yes, I am. I was thinking how long it has been since I saw my sister and when I realized I haven't seen her for ten years I knew I had to go with you. I was also a little concerned how you will feel in the new environment without anyone you know and I realized you would be very sad and stressed so I jumped in. I Hope you don't mind me coming with you," Franz explained.

Without voicing her thoughts she hugged Franz and almost cried again.
‘Why am I so emotional today?’
Azalea wondered stepping back from the hug.
“I’m okay with you coming along,” Azalea answered to the previous answer.

The last call for the Ireland flight was heard and Azalea and Franz hurried to the gate. Of course, Azalea had to say goodbye to Lee and her father. She felt guilty for not saying goodbye to her mother. Even though she made plans behind her back more often than was necessary, she still loved her.

Azalea nervously sat in her seat waiting for the plane to take-off.
“Don’t be nervous,” Franz said, calming his granddaughter. It was obvious that Azalea was nervous not only because of being on a plane but also because of leaving her family.
“I’m not nervous,” she said trying to sound brave.
“You don’t have to act all brave, you know. That’s not you and don’t pretend to be someone you are not,” Franz said encouragingly.

The plane finally took-off and after a few minutes she fell asleep, exhausted from all the drama.


The jerking of the plane when landing woke Azalea and Franz up.
“I believe we are here,” Franz said more to himself than to Azalea. She just nodded and gripped the seat arm harder. The jerking became harder and she squeezed her eyes shut.

When the plane finally landed Azalea relaxed again. It took a few moments before they left the plane and stepped onto the ground.
“Ahh,” Azalea sighed, finally completely calm.
“It wasn’t that terrible, was it?” Franz asked Azalea. She just glared at him and went to find her luggage.

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