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Talania - a Trip Down Memory Lane...

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To every soul affected by Cancer.


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About the Author


My name is Evelyn Beaumont. I am twenty years old and I am a brain cancer survivor. At the tender age of sixteen, right after my summer break, I started getting blurred vision followed by intense, blinding headaches; then came the memory loss. I started losing all memory. I can remember from the age of thirteen and down, and my memory is fine now, but I just cannot remember those six years. The tumor is gone. The cancer is gone. I am a survivor. My family moved us to Atlanta, Georgia for the finest surgeons and doctors in the field. They were advised to remove anything dealing with my past from the years I can’t remember because it could be very difficult for me to deal with. So here I am, four years later, cancer free for less than six months and finally enrolled in college on campus instead of taking on-line courses. My parents said I deserved it; I beat cancer, so now it was time to enjoy life and live the college dream.

While healing, I caught up on my studies, and now I will be entering my sophomore year in college. Never in my wildest dreams or wishful hoping would I ever think I would meet a guy like Tristan, a guy who would turn my world upside down with secrets, a guy who would change my life forever. In a short time span, our life flipped upside down. This is our story…our journey down memory lane.

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