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Seniorella (4 page)

He dropped to the carpet behind her and unfastened the belts, tossing them out of the way. “Easy now, Princess. The plug’s coming out.” She braced herself for that first ring and then sighed with relief when he was done. Yes! Now she was going to get some.

She was confused when they turned her and laid her on her back again, but then Alec knelt over her head and Jared spread her legs. “He’s clean, Princess. I saw the report myself. Are you going to suck him down?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.”

Alec wasted no time leaning over her and bracing his hands on either side of her waist. “Tip your head back.” Swallowing nervously at the incredible length of him, she opened her mouth and he thrust in at once, brushing her nose with his sac and giving her a tantalizing close-up of his firm ass. He tasted different from Jared, his flavor musky and muted, and Grace swallowed him down greedily, amazing even herself.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, Princess.”

Then Jared’s fingers slid into her ass and she bucked, whining at the fire whipping through her. “Steady there, Grace. Suck him like you mean it.”

“Oh, she’s doing fine,” Alec groaned. “More than fine.” He withdrew and thrust in again, not going quite as deep as before, giving her tongue room to swirl and flutter on him. “I’m not going to last long.”

“Neither is she.” Jared removed his fingers as Alec, panting now, set up a shallow, steady rhythm in her mouth. “I’ve never fucked her mouth from that angle.”

“You’re missing out. Jesus, she’s good.”

Jared’s hands pushed her legs up and back and then Grace felt the lubed head of his cock blaze into her ass. She shrieked at the heat tearing over her, yanking hard against the ropes restraining her hands. The little vibrator was still whirring away in her pussy, her nipples throbbed dully and she was close, oh-so close…



“You don’t come until I say so.”


“Think about me, Princess,” Alec grunted, driving into her mouth with more force, going deeper and faster with every thrust. “Think about my cock. Jesus, it’s so hard, so hot—so hard, fuck, I’m gonna blow come all the way down to your tailbone. Fuck her, Jared, before I lose it!”

He was in the back of her throat, going so deep it almost scared her, and yet every desperate, jerky stroke made her feel more powerful. He was losing control, and she was the one he was giving it to.

Then Jared rammed all the way home, stripping away that illusion of power. He set up his own driving rhythm and Grace was utterly helpless, bound with rope, gagged with cock and taking it up the ass, burning for a release she couldn’t have without permission. The sounds of slapping flesh and heavy groans echoed in her ears, and it was awful and awesome, and oh God she was going to lose her mind.

Alec jerked and his thighs trembled. “Shit, I’m coming! Suck hard, Grace!”

She obeyed without thought, swallowing instinctively as he spurted stream after stream of come into her throat. He withdrew and came down on his hip beside her head, then reached out, removing both of the clamps in quick succession.

Grace screamed as lightning struck her breasts, arching upward in an agony of need.

“You are so incredibly beautiful, Princess,” Jared ground out as he hammered against her.

Alec sent his hand skimming down her belly and over her slick mons. When his fingers settled on either side of her clit she stiffened, the tension in her belly wound so tight she knew something had to give somewhere.

“Oh God, please!”


Robin L. Rotham

Jared let go of her legs and arched over her, driving her harder. “Wait,” he said hoarsely.

“Please!” she screamed, tears running into her ears as the coil in her belly tightened even farther. Alec’s fingers pinched tighter on her clit and tingles of pleasure raised gooseflesh over her entire body. So close…

He slammed against her and shouted, “Go, Grace—come now!”

The coil whipped free, blasting her inside out as shock waves of sensation ripped her breath from her throat. She was blind and deaf to everything but love.



Chapter Six

By the time she woke, night had fallen and she nearly cried when she spied the clock on the dresser. 6:40! She’d wasted
of her time with Jared, hours that she’d never get back.

He jerked upright when she shouted his name. “What? What?” Turning on the bedside lamp, he blinked at her. “Jesus, Grace, that’s the second time today you’ve scared the shit out of me. Quit it.”

She launched herself at him again and just about strangled him, whispering, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” into his ear while tears seeped from beneath her closed lids.

“I love you too, baby,” he told her, rubbing her back with gentle hands. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

Refusing to let go, she choked out, “I just didn’t mean to waste so much of my birthday sleeping.”

“Hey, you needed it.” He drew her arms down and smiled at her. “Besides, the night is young.”

“What night? I’m sprouting morning wood over here,” Alec chimed in from behind her.

Grace’s stomach rumbled and both men burst out laughing.

She took the first turn in the shower—so nice to have skin that could withstand two showers in one day!—and then got to work on veggie omelets and toast.

“So…” Jared bit the end off a celery stick and chewed thoughtfully, leaning back against the kitchen cabinet while he watched her cook. His unbuttoned jeans hung low on his hips, and the line of dusky hair trailing into them made it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.


Robin L. Rotham

“‘A needle pulling thread,’” she quipped, flipping off the burner and sliding the last omelet onto a plate. “Let’s eat.”

Alec walked in, wearing nothing but a few stray water droplets. “Looks like I timed that just right.”

Grace looked him up and down, unable to suppress a shiver of arousal. Even flaccid, his penis was exceptional. “Aren’t you a tad underdressed?”

“I can’t believe I’m the only one here who likes to eat naked,” he countered, grabbing her by the hem of Jared’s shirt and dragging it upward.

She slapped at his hands and jumped away, wagging a finger at him. “I need something to eat and I can’t think with your…
on display.”

“And there are a couple of things I want to discuss before we all get naked again,”

Jared agreed.

Alec grinned and walked around to the other side of the island to sit down. “That better?”

Grace grinned back. “Yes…and no.”

“Sit. Eat.” Jared pointed to her seat.

“Yes Sir,” she said meekly. Alec may have hidden his assets, but Jared’s were still trying to peek out, and the coolness of the vinyl barstool against her heated flesh made her gasp.


She couldn’t meet Jared’s eyes. “Uh, yeah, a little.” If he couldn’t figure it out from her nipples poking against the shirt, she wasn’t going to tell him. He slid onto the seat beside her without another word and started to eat.

For a few minutes, the scraping of forks against plates was the only sound in the room, and the silence gave Grace another chance to kick herself for sleeping so long.

Now she only had four and a half hours left.

She ate faster.



“So Grace, are you going to tell us how you found out about all these surprises?”

Jared asked.

The fork stopped halfway to her mouth and she gave him a sidelong look. “Fairy godmother,” she finally said before taking a bite.

He wiped his mouth with a paper napkin and turned to face her fully. “Let me rephrase that. How did you find out about your surprises,

Grace froze, the omelet half chewed in her mouth, and glanced at Alec. A smug grin spread over his face as he dropped the last of his toast and swiped his napkin over his fingers. Adrenaline surged through her, making her heart race and her breathing erratic.

Swallowing the bite with some effort, she told Jared, “Before we go any farther, there’s something I’d really, really like to know.”

“I’d really, really like to know how you found out about your surprises,” he reproved.

She looked at him with her heart in her eyes. “Please, Jared.”

He frowned as he brushed her hair behind her ear. “Sweetheart, what in the hell is wrong?” Grace shook her head mutely and he sighed. “Okay, what is it you want to know?”

Taking a deep breath, she asked, “What did—I mean, what
you see happening, as far as…” She glanced at Alec. “You know, him? Us?”

“What would you like to see happen?”

Happily ever after, but that’s not on the menu.
“I want to hear what your plan is. You obviously have one.”

His eyes narrowed. “Not a plan, exactly. Maybe a…wish.”

“Then what would you wish for?”


Robin L. Rotham

“All right then, I wish that you’d marry me and live happily ever after with me, and that you’d be willing to let Alec move in with us and play with us until some other woman gets her claws into him permanently.”

“I don’t see that happening, myself,” Alec rumbled from across the table.

“And what about you two? Do you want to…?” She bit her lip.

“If you’re asking if we want to fuck each other, the answer is definitely no.” Jared eyed Alec with a rueful grin. “Can you guess why?”

Grace looked back and forth between them and felt a laugh bubbling up. “Too many Doms and not enough subs?”

“Basically,” he agreed. “We both liked dishing it out, but neither of us liked taking it.”

“Wimps,” she giggled.
. Sixty years old and she was giggling! Oh how she wished she had it all to do over again. She’d kiss the English department goodbye and spend the rest of her life writing steamy romances, when she wasn’t busy researching her two gorgeous subjects.

“Now there’s a challenge if I ever heard one,” Alec declared. “Be careful, Grace—

I’m bringing a big collection of floggers with me.”

She sobered immediately. “Uh…”

“Love me, love my dungeon, Princess,” he grinned.

“Question answered to your satisfaction, Grace?”

She smiled at Jared with all the love in her heart. “Absolutely.”

He leaned over and kissed her lips. “Then I think it’s about time you met Alec’s slapper. You’ve been a very naughty girl.”



Chapter Seven

She was getting frantic. They’d drawn out her torture for hours, using all kinds of equipment she’d only dreamed of. After decking her out in a ball gag and leather cuffs, they’d separated her feet with a small spreader bar, clipped her wrist-to-ankle and posed her on the floor with her ass in the air, taking turns with the slapper until fire blazed in both cheeks and down both thighs.

Then as if that hadn’t been enough to make her whimper for release, they ran a fluffy white feather over the super-sensitized skin, intensifying her desire until it dripped onto the carpet between her knees. Every now and then one of them would push a finger or two into one orifice or the other, making her push back in a desperate plea for mercy. And that was just the beginning of their sensuous cruelty.

Now she writhed on the bed as much as her firmly bound wrists and ankles would let her, still wearing the ball gag and drooling from both corners of her mouth. They’d brought back the dreaded clamps, only this time they’d attached one to her clit too.

Once she’d settled down and they were sure she wasn’t going to come, they’d inserted an extremely large vibrator into her pussy, working it in slowly until it felt like it touched the back of her throat. Before tightening the strap that held it in place, Jared had turned it on and she’d nearly jumped out of her skin. Good, good,
, it was so good!

Her head was propped up just far enough to see Jared and Alec lounging naked in occasional chairs by the bed, stroking matching hard-ons while they watched her dance in her restraints. Bastards! She could see the clock from here too. It was 11:30 already, and if they made her wait much longer, she’d go back to sixty turned inside out with no one to help relieve her agony.

She raised her head off the pillow and screamed, “Take off the fucking gag!”


Robin L. Rotham

That’s not what came out, but unbelievably, Jared stood and walked over to the bed. Sitting beside her, he loosened the gag, saying, “You rang, Princess?”

She stretched her jaw this way and that before saying, “We have to finish before midnight. Sir,” she added quickly.

“Who says?”

“Jared, promise you’ll let me come before midnight or I’ll say the safe word.”

His eyes widened. “Can’t get much clearer than that.” He nodded then. “I promise, Princess, we’ll all come before midnight.”

She just about cried with relief as the two of them made short work of releasing her from the cuffs and divesting her of the instruments of torture. The clamps coming off wasn’t so much a relief as a match to dry tinder, and Grace was shuddering with need by the time Jared lay back and drew her up to straddle his hips.

“Sweet little wet pussy,” he groaned as she sank onto him. As she stared down at his precious face, pained with pleasure in the yellowish lamplight, time seemed to stand still. Her arousal faded to so much background noise while she stroked the pads of her fingers over his forehead and down his brows before tracing his long, straight nose and square chin. She saved his mouth for last, memorizing every crease and curve.

“You ready for this?” he asked softly, his eyes searching her face just as thoroughly as her fingers had done his.

“Like never before,” she whispered.

His eyes focused past her head and desire roared back with a vengeance as a hot hand between her shoulder blades pushed her down onto his chest. Jared pressed her cheek against his collarbone, stroking her hair while Alec eased first two and then three lubed fingers into her bottom. She swallowed hard at the pressure but didn’t make a sound.

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