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Alec’s warm, sticky palms wrapped her hips as he held her open with his thumbs.

“Let me in, Princess.”



A thin cry escaped her when the head of his cock pierced her. He didn’t pause, but pushed in slow and steady. Grace started to struggle at the overwhelming pressure, whimpering with unreasonable fear, but Jared held her fast, murmuring his love and admiration in her ear until Alec was hilted in her ass.

Calmer, but so tightly packed she no longer felt very horny, she stared at the digital clock. 11:42. They were all so still that she wondered for a moment if time really had stopped. Then the reading changed to 11:43.

What were they waiting for?

“Grace, are you okay?”

Gingerly, she propped her elbows on Jared’s chest and looked at him. “I’m fine.”

He smiled then. “Good girl. Alec…”

Alec’s hands tightened on her hips and he withdrew slowly. The lightning returned and Grace groaned long and hard at the dark pleasure rocking her. “That’s it, baby,” he breathed.

He moved in deep, even strokes that drove her up inch by unbearable inch, and when Jared cupped one breast and reared up to capture her punished nipple in his mouth, she began to shake with the fury of it. Then Alec started to push her hips forward as he shoved in harder, making Jared’s cock slide out at the same time, and she knew that was what she wanted. “Yes! Yes, both of you fuck me! Now!”

A deep whine echoed in Jared’s throat and then his hands were locked beneath her buttocks and he was shoving hard in counterpoint to Alec. As their fierce, arching rhythm overtook her body, he let her nipple go with a hard scrape of his teeth and she screamed with need.


Jared and Alec controlled her totally, possessing her, consuming her. Grace’s stark keening rose over their low grunts and the wet, slapping cadence of intercourse, and 37

Robin L. Rotham

she tucked away a sound bite for those long winter nights when she had nothing but her laptop to heat her thighs.

“Okay, Princess,” Jared gasped. “Whenever you’re ready…you can come.”

Everything in her contracted at once and she slammed her mouth onto his, desperately committing his flavor and the velvet texture of his tongue and the rippled evenness of his teeth to her memory. For once, she wasn’t ready to come. She needed just one more minute, one more hour, one more day…one more lifetime.

But she couldn’t hold back her orgasm any more than she could hold back time. It exploded through her with a force that nearly blew the top off her head, ricocheting through her muscles and nerves until she screamed for it to stop. She knew when Jared and Alec came, jerking against her and shouting out loud, and their pleasure was sweeter than she could ever have imagined.

Alec’s sweaty forehead dropped onto her back and his gusty breaths on her spine gave her a chill. Grace’s neck shook with the effort of raising her head, but she looked down into Jared’s slitted blue eyes and swallowed. Her voice wobbled when she said, “I love you, Jared Michael McLain,” but she didn’t let the tears fall. “This has been the best day of my life.”

“That sounds like goodbye, Princess, but you can’t go anywhere without my permission.”

Her soft laugh shook their sweat-slicked bellies, and lower, she slid even closer to him in the fluids still seeping from both of them. “We’ll see,” she sighed against his lips.

11:58. As if sensing her imminent departure, Alec stayed put, running his hands up and down her sides while she kissed Jared goodbye. She lay boneless between them, soaking up the rough silk of their skin, the heat of their cocks still nestled inside her, the musk of their come scenting the air. She breathed them in through her pores and her nose and her lips and her tongue, forgetting anything else even existed.

Except air. It finally dawned on her that she wasn’t getting enough and she broke away, drawing a deep breath. She froze when she saw the clock.




“Oh my God!” Her heart raced as she struggled to get out from between them, and Alec gave a disgruntled mumble as he rolled off to the side.

“Sweetheart, what is it?”

“I’m still here!”

Jared gave her a doubtful look. “Uh…yeah. Where did you expect to be?”

“Jared, I’m still here,” she said in a rush, pushing up off his chest and scrambling to kneel beside him. “It’s 12:02 and I’m still here!”

“Actually, it’s 11:52.” He grinned. “You know I keep my clocks ten minutes fast.”

All the blood left her head in a rush. “You…oh God, I’d forgotten,” she said faintly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hey, what—”

Sick with misery, Grace jerked away from his grasping hand and toppled backward off the mattress. The last thing she saw was Jared lunging for her.


Robin L. Rotham

Chapter Eight

Grace groaned, blinking against the harsh, fluorescent glare. Holy hell, she had the headache to end all headaches.

“Welcome back, Grace.”

Once she could focus, she realized there was a nurse swabbing her face with something cool and damp.

“Where am I?”

“In the hospital, of course,” the nurse replied. “That was quite a spill you took. You have a concussion. You’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness for the last few hours.”

Concussion. Of course—it was hazy, but she remembered slipping on the front steps. In that storm, it was a miracle someone had found her before she froze to death.

Of all the stupid…

Grace sighed, closing her eyes as depression settled over her like the lead apron at the dentist’s office. There was no use crying over spilt milk. Or rather, spilt brains.

Concussion certainly explained the foggy feeling in her head. But oh, the dreams she’d had! She almost wished she could go back into a coma or whatever it was.

“You gave everyone quite a scare, you know.”

Opening her eyes again with some reluctance, she gave the pretty blonde nurse a closer look. Despite the seriousness of her tone, there was a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She looked like she had a huge secret and was going to pop if she couldn’t tell someone.

Marina, her name tag said. Why did the name ring a bell?

“Do I know you?”



“Anything’s possible.” The nurse looked even more amused as she swiped the cloth down Grace’s neck and then turned to toss it in the trash sack that hung from the rolling tray. Her scrubs were cute—deep purple, with little stars and fairies and wands swirled all over them.

She pulled a small card from her pocket and laid it on the tray before turning back.

Her smile took on a tender cast and Grace was startled when she laid a palm against the side of her face. “Take care of yourself, Grace.”

Before she could get a word out, the girl was out the door, leaving the curtain fluttering in her wake. Well that was a fine how-do-you-do. What if she’d wanted a drink or something?

Speaking of which, that big, insulated mug of ice water on the tray looked darn good. The inside of her mouth felt like someone had gone in and laid wall-to-wall shag carpet while she was out. Hopefully the hospital had a toothbrush for her.

When she leaned over to reach for the water, her eyes fell on the card.
was written on it in bold, heavy calligraphy. “Oh my God,” she whispered. “
” The nurse, with her secretive smile and fairy scrubs, was…

Grace’s fingers trembled as she laid them on the card and slid it off the edge of the tray. She closed her eyes for an instant and swallowed hard before reading it.

You thought my little rhymes were trite,

But I didn’t have much time to write.

You owe your man a great big kiss—

knows how to make a wish!

Grace blinked and read the card again. And then her gaze suddenly focused on her hand and the card fluttered away as she really began to tremble. Her hand…it looked…

“Grace Elizabeth Hendrick, don’t you
do that to me again.”


Robin L. Rotham

Her mouth fell open when Jared marched through the door with Alec close on his heels. He shoved his soft drink onto the tray and leaned over to gather her into his arms. “Jesus, sweetheart,” he choked against her ear. “You took ten years off my life. So much blood…”

All she could do was cling to his neck and whisper his name over and over. Could he be real? Was she truly still here?

He pulled back and looked down at her. His blue eyes were bloodshot and rimmed with red, his face pale, his chin heavily stubbled, but he was the most heavenly sight she’d ever seen.

“What happened?” she asked, cupping his jaw and then running her fingers up into his tangled hair.

“You fell off the bed and knocked yourself out on the nightstand,” Alec snorted, taking her other hand and kissing her knuckles. “Next time you don’t want us to go to a game, young lady, just send a telegram or something, okay? We’re getting too old for this all-night vigil crap.”

“I’ll second that,” Jared intoned wryly.

Next time.
The words gave her a chill. It finally sank in that she might be getting a second chance, and her mind raced with possibilities.

“I’m resigning from the English department,” she said suddenly. “I want to stay home and write romances.
romances,” she added, pressing a quick, heated kiss to Jared’s lips.

He grinned as he brushed a stray hair from her brow. “As much as I like the idea of you being home whenever we want you, Grace, you should probably wait a while just to make sure that’s not your concussion talking.”

“It’s not, but I was going to finish the semester first anyway.” Frowning, she reached up to scratch at the stubble over Jared’s mouth. There was something pink on his skin. It looked like…



knows how to make a wish.”
Surely he hadn’t…

She cocked her head and stared at him. Had her hardheaded pragmatist gone and done something whimsical? “Jared, have you been eating coconut cupcakes?”

Color surged into his cheeks as his eyes narrowed on her. “You’re starting to creep me out, Grace. As a matter of fact, there was one on the kitchen counter when I ran in to call 911. The card said to make a Valentine’s wish and take a bite before the clock struck midnight. Since midnight was barely a minute away, I just…did it.”

“Oh, Jared…” Her eyes widened and she shooed him off the mattress, looking for the card Marina had left. But it was nowhere to be seen. She even peeked under the bed.

“Do you have the card with you?” she asked.

“No. When I hung up the phone, I couldn’t find it.”

Her heart in her throat, Grace asked, “And what did you wish for, Jared?”

“That you would never leave me.” He kissed her hard and then pulled back to look at her. “Am I going to get my wish?”

She smiled as a tear slipped down her cheek. “I think you already did.”


About the Author

A bookworm from the age of ten, Robin L. Rotham lived vicariously through daring, romantic heroines for nearly twenty years, dreaming all the while of one day writing her own romance novels, as well as her own happily ever after. When she finally found her real-life hero, he wasn’t quite what—or where—she expected.

Undaunted, she chased him over three states and four years before he finally swept her off her feet. He’s been more than worth the effort.

The realities of home and family kept her from fulfilling her other dream for ten more years, but Robin finally succumbed to the writing bug in 2005 and cranked out her first novel on a used laptop from eBay in less than seven weeks.

Robin welcomes comments from readers. You can find her website and email address on her author bio page at

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