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Scandal: Crossing Boundaries (Scandal Series #1 INTERRACIAL ROMANCE) (8 page)

"This don't make no damn sense," said Keisha, eyeing her annoyed aunt reproachfully.

I'm so glad she ain't never had no kids. They would have never had a chance.

But Willy was paying his irritable wife no mind. "Hey Keisha girl, can I have a few dollars? I owe ol' Mr. Kane on up the road for a bet I lost."

An avid gambler, Willy was forever begging someone. It did not matter who.

"Sure," Keisha mumbled, digging in her purse.

Linda looked like she was about to have a stroke. "Girl, I know you ain't bout to be giving this burnt ass wildebeest no God damn money."

Keisha ignored her aunt, taking out several five-dollar bills, but was paused when her aunt grabbed onto her wrist firmly. Keisha was surprised at how strong her frail-looking aunt's grip was. She seemed to have the strength of a crack-head.

Maybe because she is a crack-head
, Keisha thought.

"Auntie stop it!" Keisha snapped, jerking her wrist out of her grasp.

Jumping up from the couch she went over and handed the fat-bellied man his money. "Here Uncle Willy."

"Bless yo heart, child," Willy said nodding at her and eyeing the money greedily.

"How dare you ask
niece for some money, in my motha fuckin house!" Linda shouted at her husband with fury. "Nigga, that's
god damn niece! Go ask one of yo nappy-headed ass nieces for some money! Oh that's right! Ain't none of them ugly bitches got shit!"

"Aw shut up," Willy said walking off to the back, probably to get a shirt on to escape to the nearest liquor store.

"Who the fuck you think you telling to shut up you pregnant-looking ass nigga?" Linda yelled, jumping to her feet, hollering at the walls. "I'll have yo big smelly ass out on the sidewalk fuckin with me!"

Keisha was starting to get a headache.

Willy emerged from the back a moment later with a raggedy shirt on, walking over to the front door, doing his best to ignore his shrieking wife.

"And don't come yo Humpty Dumpty, hippopotamus ass back up in here!" Linda yelled after he had slammed the door. Turning to Keisha, she growled, "It's a sin and a shame to be that damn ugly."

Keisha shook her head, chuckling. "Lord Auntie, you are just too much."

Linda looked around as if looking for something, then stopped, seeming to realize that whatever it was, wasn't there. Sitting back down on the couch, she asked calmly, "So what's happening?"

Keisha almost burst out laughing. Linda was acting like she hadn't just acted like a damn fool

"Well," Keisha said after a moment. "Like I said, momma said you hadn't been answering your phone and wanted me to come check on you. I'm just relieved you are alright."

Linda made a face. "Well you would have known if you actually visited me from time to time.  How come you ain't come see your auntie lately, stranger? It's been a while."

Because you too damn ignorant...and you live in a warzone.

Glancing down at Linda's old coffee table, Keisha said, "I've been busy and have gone through a lot of mess."

Linda quickly sat up with a scowl on her face that said she was ready to fight. "What kind of mess?"

Keisha quickly outlined what happened at Hawthorne, the vicious gossip by the teachers, the disrespect by the children and the stunt Demarion pulled.

”No that nigga did not try that on my niece!" Linda half-yelled.

Keisha nodded. "Yes he did."

Linda shook her head. "I know that pinhead nigga's momma. Ol Maybeline went wrong on raising that fucka." She snorted, fixing a direct, anger-filled gaze on her niece. "He got some damn nerve. Have you filed papers on his ass yet?"

Keisha shook her head. "It's complicated."

"Girl, you betta get yo ass down there and do something," Linda snapped. "Or I will. Ain't no nigga bout to be fuckin with
niece, I don't give a damn who his ass is."

"Please don't go causing no trouble," Keisha begged. "Things are going good for me right now."

Linda paused. "They are?"

Keisha told her about her new math gig and all the respect she was getting.

"Well," Linda said with a surprised look on her face, "I'm happy for you baby. But I would not be there if I were you. You know I don't fuck around with no white folks."

Trust me, they wouldn't want to fuck with you either.

Keisha thought it good to wrap things up so she could get back home to her kids. "Well why wasn't you answering your phone, auntie? You had momma scared out of her mind."

Linda gave her a sheepish look. "I've been behind on my bills for several months. My phone got cut off."

Probably because you drank and smoked up all your money at the beginning of each month.

On a fixed income, this was a frequent problem that Linda had because of her bad habits. She would often fall behind in her house payments or utilities and would need someone to help her out, because of spending money on liquor, cigarettes, gambling...and maybe crack for all Keisha knew.

Sighing, Keisha asked, "How much is it going to cost to get it turned back on?" She knew her mother would reimburse her most of whatever she gave her aunt because she cared that much about talking with her older sister.

Linda gave her an even more sheepish grin. "They bout to turn off my lights too."

Oh Lord.

"How much?" Keisha repeated.

"You know them motha fuckin utility people be raising the bill on purpose and shit."

"How much?"

"And I only got behind cause of Willy's fat ass owing people."

"Auntie how much!"

"Four-hundred dollars."

Keisha groaned.

This don't make no damn sense.

Reaching inside her purse, Keisha grabbed her checkbook and quickly scribbled out a check to her aunt. There was no point in being stingy when she and Davonte were doing well.

"Girl, you a lifesaver," Linda told her happily. "I'll pay you back."

Yea right.

"Don't worry about it," Keisha said, ripping the check out of the book and handing it over.

Linda snatched the check out of her hands with a toothless smile. "That's

They chatted for a while more with Linda telling her all about the daily killings that seemed to go on in the area. After Keisha could no longer take hearing about this ghetto nigga and that nappy-head hoe, she jumped to her feet.

"Well Auntie," she yawned, stretching her arms. "I need to get back to my babies."

"Okay baby," Linda said, rising and snatching her favorite niece into an embrace. "But I have one favor to ask of you."


Giving Keisha one of her infamous, sheepish grins, Linda said, "My car ain't got no gas, so I need a quick ride to the gas station down the street."

Now noticing what was missing from her aunt's hands, Keisha thought,
You a damn lie. That's not all you want.

"Okay Auntie, be real," Keisha said, eyeing her suspiciously after a moment.

"And several pack of cigarettes and a fifth of Hennessey."

Knowing that she would also be buying her broke aunt all these things, Keisha sighed with defeat and said, "Go get what you need so we can hurry up and be back quick."

Letting out a whoop of joy, Linda scurried on her boney legs to the back, exclaiming, "That's

Chapter 10

ou guys would never guess who asked me to Sadie Hawkins," Anthony said while they were standing in front of their lockers before first period.

"Who?" Randal, Joseph and Zack asked in unison.

Anthony laughed derisively. "Sara Perkins."

Randal made a face. "That makes sense. She is retarded, just like your dumb ass."

"Okay you fat fuck," Anthony growled threateningly.

"What did you respond with?" Joseph asked curiously, quick to stop the two from going at it.

Anthony laughed. "I was like, sorry, I don't do the downs."

"Dude, you did not," Joseph choked, cracking up.

Chuckling like a moron, Anthony nodded proudly. "Yup."

"You're a real shithead, Tony," Zack said with a shake of his head. He saw no reason to tell his friends that Mandy had asked him to the dance and he'd accepted. They would think they were getting back together and word would spread like wildfire around the school. He could only hope Mandy would keep it to herself, like he'd asked her too. Let the gossipers question their relationship on the day of the dance and not before.

"Never said I wasn't," Anthony replied, still laughing.

"Well, you guys won't believe who asked me to the dance," Randal boasted, puffing out chest like Pop-Eye.

"Who?" they all asked curiously.

"Taylor Swift."

"Ahhh man." They all waved their hands dismissively.

"Taylor Swift would not even touch you in your dreams, fatty," Anthony quipped.

Randal snorted. "After one ride on my face, Taylor Swift would be begging to be in my dreams."

"After one ride on your face there would be nothing left of her," Anthony laughed, "because you would have swallowed her whole, Stay Puff."

Randal peered behind Anthony as if looking at something. "Yo, I see Aikman." Cupping his hands over his mouth, Randal yelled, "Yo Aikman, come get these nuts on that nerdy dome of yours."

Anthony grew red in the face. "Yo, you fat fuck. Stop talking about that shit—"

The bell chose to ring right then, cutting off Anthony's words.

Then the boys began walking to their math class.

"I wonder what Keisha will be wearing today?" Joseph asked as they moved through the flowing hallway.

That was the same thing Zack wondered. The woman always seemed to wear tight dresses with belts that showed off her slim waist and womanly figure. Zack would never admit it to his friends, but sometimes he would start catching wood if he stared at her body for too long.

She was that sexy.

"Don't know, but I'd wish she'd come give me math lessons at home," Anthony said with a shake of his head. "And I'd give her a lesson from The Great One that she would never forget."

Randal snorted with contempt. "Like she would give your pale face and your pencil dick the time of day."

"Hey, at least I can see my dick," Anthony shot back.

"But you can't see the drool on your chin—"

Zack zoned his friends out. He suddenly had an idea that burned in his brain like wildfire.

Inside the class, the mystery of what Keisha was wearing was revealed; a sea-blue dress with a white belt at the center complete with pearly, white heels. It went without saying that she looked fantastic.

It only made Zack that much more determined.

"Good morning class," Keisha greeted them gracefully. "You all look so good today."

"Good morning Keisha," most of the students responded, causing her to beam happily.

For a moment, Zack was sure her eyes were resting on his face, but they quickly moved on to the rest of the room.

"As you all know I have a quiz planned for today, so I hope you are all prepared." Her heels clicking the floor, she walked over to the chalkboard to scribble out a few equations. As she was doing so, Zack could only bite his lip at how good her ass looked in that dress.


Zack felt his pants tightening uncomfortably.


This had happened to him before, but today seemed to be worse. He was extra horny.

After she was done, Keisha set down the piece of chalk, clapping her hands to remove the dust.

"Now," she announced. "After I take roll, we will begin the test." She looked around the room. "Any questions?"

Yeah, why are you so damn hot?

Zack was still shocked by his attraction to the black woman. He'd never given much thought about black girls, having not been around that many, but he could not believe how much the older woman turned him on.

It's because it's something different,
he told himself
. Something exotic.

"None?" Once again, it seemed like Keisha looked at him.  "Okay, let's take roll."

When she was done, she began handing out the test papers. As she got to Zack, he could feel himself straining against his pants. The smell of her intoxicating perfume only intensified his lust.

"You okay Zack?" Keisha asked with concern, setting down his quiz on his desk.

, he thought with awe.
She knows my name.

It made him feel good that out of the hundreds of students that came through her class every day, his was one she would remember.

It made him feel hopeful.

Nervously scratching his blonde hair, Zack replied, "Yeah, just anxious about this test is all."

Keisha chuckled, playfully smacking him on the arm, "Boy, are you serious? You have like the best grades in the entire class."

It felt like his dick was about to bust out of his pants.

Keisha moved on before he could reply, leaving him with the hardest wood.

When the test started, he could barely concentrate, his brain burning with the image of her big ass in that dress. He wanted to do things to it. Naughty things.

After a while, he could take it no longer.

Scribbling out quick answers and marking everything and anything on his test, he jumped up from his seat awkwardly, holding his test paper in front of his pants.

Then he quickly made his way to Keisha's desk and tossed his paper down in front of her. She glanced up at him curiously, but he was already out the door, racing down the halls to the bathroom.

Chapter 11

ide that dick," he growled, the bed creaking beneath him in the darkened room.

Hands moving up soft skin, Davonte squeezed Maria's stiff nipples while she bounced with abandon on his thick cock in the reverse cowgirl position.

"Gurl, yo pussy is so tight," Davonte moaned, his feet curling up while a fire burned within his stomach.

His only response was the Hispanic girl moaning in Spanish while she rode him, tossing her head around like she was possessed.

The sound of the TV could be heard in the background, blasting from the living room. Davonte had made sure to turn up the volume as loud as it would go to keep his boys enthralled with their latest video game.

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