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Authors: Jean St. Claire

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Scandal: Crossing Boundaries (Scandal Series #1 INTERRACIAL ROMANCE) (9 page)

It was one of his off days, and since Maria had shown up for work, not knowing that Davonte would be home to watch his own kids, Davonte had wanted to use the young girl to relieve some stress.

Keisha and his sex life had taken a turn for the worse. His wife could barely be bothered with trying to please him. After the little incident they had nearly a month ago when he had asked her to suck his dick, things had not been the same.

And the bad thing about it was; it had already been bad to start with.

His skin tingling all over, and a fire roaring in his stomach, Davonte cried, "I'm bout to bust a nut!"

Without warning, Maria dismounted Davonte's condom-wrapped dick, and fell over into the bed, laughing mischievously.

Davonte instantly sat up with alarm, scattering Keisha's favorite pillows onto the bedroom floor. "Gurl, what the fuck?"

Maria smiled naughtily, still laughing, her hair strewn across her face. "You got to work for your load, you bad boy."

This bitch is trying me.

Maria scrambled across the bed, like she was playing cat and mouse, but Davonte was not having it. He pounced on her like a tiger, snatching her up into his strong arms.

"Don't play with me," he whispered hotly in her ear, his throbbing dick pressed against her soft skin.

"Fuck you, asshole," Maria cursed, weakly struggling against his strong grip. "You can't fuck worth shit."

"Oh yeah?" Davonte asked, followed by a nibble on her neck. "We bout to see about that."

He threw the girl face-forward onto the bed, eliciting a surprised cry from her full lips. Then he snatched her by the waist, pulling her up on her knees into a doggy style position.

Bending forward, he spread her ass cheeks wide and began licking her clit, slopping up her wet juices like a hungry dog. Maria let out a soft moan as Davonte smacked on the dripping-wet pussy, her body shuddering with pleasure.

Slurping sounds filled the room while Davonte sucked and teased her engorged clit, banging two fingers inside her gaping hole. Maria let out a squeal in Spanish, unable to take Davonte's assault on her quivering mound.

Then Davonte pulled back, rising up on his knees.

"What are you doing?" Maria cried with alarm, her body shivering with need. "Don't stop."

"Oh you gonna be begging me to fucking stop," Davonte growled, feeling satisfaction at his revenge. He was going to show the little smart-mouthed bitch not to talk shit again.

Pulling her in by the waist, Davonte slapped his hard dick on her ass twice before rubbing it through her crack several times. Then, without warning, he plunged his massive pole deep inside of her ass, causing Maria to let out a surprised gasp.

Grabbing her hair for a handle, Davonte began pounding her ass like she had stolen something from him. The sound of flesh smacking flesh filled the room while Maria cried out with pain and pleasure.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Maria's ass was even tighter than her pussy and it would be a struggle for Davonte to last inside of it. Anal sex was something that Keisha would have never let him try on her, but good thing for him, low-down dirty Maria was all game.

"Fuck, girl," Davonte gasped while he pounded. "This shit is too fucking good."

He could feel his throbbing head rubbing inside the walls of Maria's ass while she continued to involuntarily tighten her hole on him, squeezing his cock back while he pushed it forward.

Maria was squealing like a pig now, her body tremors shaking her body like an 8.8 earthquake while Davonte pounded away.

Davonte felt like he would explode any minute, his neck muscles tightening and his eyes squinting from the intense feeling inside of his throbbing dick. He held on as long as could, continuing to pound Maria's ass, determined to get her to scream.

Then it came, and with it, his explosion.

"Fuck, nigga!" Davonte gasped in a weird half-choke, half-yell as he fell over onto Mariah's back.

Ecstasy flowed through his body while he continued to pump his seed into the condom, his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

When it was over, he rolled over onto his back, letting out a contented sigh. He was totally exhausted.

Mariah wasn't though. "That was some fucked up shit you pulled," she complained, collapsing against his chest.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Davonte replied, "You was just asking for that shit."


"Girl, don't even front. You know you liked it."

I tore that ass up.

Maria smiled, running her finger across his sweat-covered chest. "I like the money more."

Davonte froze, the smile on his face evaporating.

The Johnson's could no longer afford their babysitter and definitely could not afford him paying her extra for their sexual encounters. Since being told he had to cut his hours back, he had continued to play like everything was alright.

He had told Keisha that he was now able to do some of his work from home since it was over the computer so they would save money on babysitting some days.

But things would be getting unbelievably tight when their next mortgage payment hit, along with their expensive ass car notes. Several of the bills were likely to fall behind. Keisha's knew job, combined with Davonte's lower pay, would not be enough to cover everything.

Sensing how tense he was, Maria stared at him and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Look Maria," Davonte said gently. "I can't afford to be paying you any extra anymore, because my hours got cut. Money is going to be very tight around here. Hell, I'm going to barely be able to pay you for the days that I do go into work."

He wasn't prepared for Maria's reaction.

The young Mexican girl started yelling, hitting him in the face, drawing several scratches. She was calling him names in Spanish so Davonte could not understand what she was saying, but he was almost certain he heard the word 'nigga."

Grabbing her by the arms, Davonte shook the volatile woman. "Girl, what's wrong with you? Shut up before my kids hear you somehow."

The TV was still blasting, but that did not mean one of his sons might not hear Maria's insane screeching. On top of that, he was getting worried the loud TV was going to bring nosy ass Holly on over from next door to investigate.

That bitch need a life, like for real.

"Fuck you Davonte!" Maria gasped, struggling against his greater strength. "You should have told me that shit before you stuck your black dick in my ass."

"I forgot."

"Oh yeah," Maria said sarcastically. "I'm sure you did."

"Why you gotta act like you don't enjoy the sex as much as I do?" Davonte asked. "Don't even front like you don't."

Maria stopped struggling, glaring at Davonte like he was trash. "I got my own bills to pay. I got two little girls at home who depend on mommy to put food on their table. And when I don't bring them home that food, who do you think they blame for their hungry stomachs? Not a Davonte Johnson."

That's your own damn fault for spreading your legs and not using protection at a young age.

At twenty-two years old, Maria had two girls that were seven and eight.

"Look Maria," Davonte said. "I understand—"

Maria was not about to listen to him. "Pay up!" she snapped, putting her hand out.

"Come on now, Maria," Davonte objected. "Let me—"

"Pay up now or Keisha is going to find out you've been enjoying your beans and rice on the side."

So it's like that, huh?

"God damn, girl," Davonte whined, rolling over to reach inside the dresser next to the bed.

He pulled out a wad of bills from a stack of money that was growing ever smaller. Then he quickly counted out a hundred dollars and handed it over to Maria.

"There," he said. "You happy now?"


Maria nodded, rising out of the bed to get some clothes on. "Don't ever try to play me again Davonte. Just because I'm young, does not mean I am dumb."

Davonte grumbled, wanting to refute her assertion, but decided to hold back. He was in a bad position. His sex life sucked. He was cheating with the babysitter to make up for it. The bills were piling up. He did not know what to do, but he had to do something quick before things got out of hand.

Maybe he'd have to get a second job.

As he lay there, listening to Maria complain about his shady behavior while she slipped into her clothes, something caught his eye. Though he was absolutely sure that he had closed and locked it when Maria had entered the room, the bedroom door was cracked.

Chapter 12

ack pounded himself on the chest with his fist, getting jacked up for his swimming match. It was another important game, this time against South High, another rival high school that talked a lot of smack.

He had just done running through a light practice swim with his teammates and now stood with them in a group, talking about how they were going to beat the shit out of the opposing team.

His teammates were busy making jokes about the other players' looks when his eyes caught Mandy sitting in the indoor stands with a couple of friends. She saw him looking and waved, a happy smile on her face.

He groaned.

Zack was sure she had come to show her support for him, but he definitely did not want it right now. The more contact they had, the worse it was going to get for them both.

He really wished he had the courage to renege on his promise and not go to the dance with her. It was a mistake having ever agreed to go. She had looked so pitiful on his couch and hurt that he couldn't help but say yes.

The sound of a whistle pierced the indoor swim room, bringing his attention away from his ex.

It was time for their relay race.

Zack rushed to get into position with his partners. He was designated as the lap runner. If his team kept up with the opposing team, it would be up to him if they won or lost.

He shrugged his shoulders and rolled his neck.

He was ready to kick South High ass.

Nearby, the South High team pointed at Zack's team and laughed, sure they were going to beat their hated rivals.

Just keep laughing
, he thought angrily.
You fags won't be laughing for long.

Then the race was underway and Zack and his teammates shouted encouragement to the first teammate in as he swam across the pool, his strokes sending water splashing high into the air.

Both swimmers were neck and neck and Zack began to think this game was going to be a very close one that would definitely rely on him to pull out the win.

He sunk deep inside himself, preparing himself for the challenge he had ahead of him. Despite his concentration, he caught the sight of Mandy out of the side of his eye, jumping to her feet, shouting his name.

For some reason that would always puzzle him, seeing his ex jump around in the stands brought Keisha to mind. Not only that, it brought images of how nice and round her ass looked in that dress the other day, so juicy and full.

, Zack thought.
Not now.

To his dismay, he felt his already too tight swimming trunks, tightening.

Oh my god
, he thought in panic.
This shit can't be happening.

Squeezing his legs together, he tried like hell to will the unwanted images away, but it was near impossible. His body burned with need for the sexy black woman. It was like he had a fever. Jungle Fever.

To make it all worse, it chose to strike at the most inappropriate time in the most inappropriate of places.

"What are you doing Palmer?" one of his teammates yelled.

"Shit," Zack cursed, his eyes widening. He had gotten so distracted with trying to image his ill-timed boner away, he hadn't been paying attention to the pace of the match.

He could not believe how fast the match had already progressed. It only had seemed like a couple of seconds.

Without a second to spare, he dived into the pool, stroking as fast as he could, but his opponent already had several yards on him. He gave it his all, but in the end, lost the game for his team by several feet.

Immediately after their victory, the South High kids began taunting and making fun of his team for losing.

"What the hell was that Palmer?" his coach yelled at him from outside of the pool. He looked real pissed because he had been banking on him to pull off another win like the last one he'd did for their team. "That was fricken pathetic!"

Several of his teammates echoed the sentiment, their faces red with anger.

Zack could only feel the shame burn his face as he waded in the water, unwilling to get out of the pool or to answer his teammates because of the problem between his legs.

"It'll be okay Zack," said a soft voice after his teammates and coach had stalked away angrily to high-five the winning team. It was Mandy, kneeled at the edge of the pool, her girlfriends hovering in the background whispering amongst each other. Probably talking how shitty Zack's performance was. "We all make mistakes sometimes."

Zack shook his head, looking at his teammates' disappointed faces while the other team laughed mockingly as each swimmer passed by. His coach must have been really pissed, otherwise he would have ordered Zack out of the pool to join in on the sportsmanship. "That was so stupid of me. I don't know what happened."

"Well, I would not worry about it if I were you," Mandy said, trying to be supportive.

"But I will anyway," Zack muttered, angry at himself.

Looking to get his mind off his failure, Mandy asked, "Do you want to come meet my new friends?  They are fresh transfers from West Point."

"Nah," Zack declined, still very aware of his hard on that seemed like it would not go away. It really pissed him off. Something like this had never happened to him before. In fact, he bet that it only happened to him because he had been so intent on beating the opposing team.

That or Mrs. Johnson's ass is too fucking sexy.

He was not sure what it was about the woman that brought fire to his loins.

Mandy looked put off by his rejection, but only for a moment. Rising to her feet, she said, "Well, I guess I'll see you later then." She turned to leave, but then paused, fixing her big, brown eyes on his face. "I'm so happy you agreed to go the dance with me."

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