Public Display of Everything (10 page)

"Tease." I smirk and shake my head. I guess all Flynn needed was a green light, 'cause he's been very touchy-feely since we got here, though it's mostly innocent. But my reaction is far from innocent. "You mind if I use you as a pillow?" I uncap the water and take a few swigs.

"Um, no?"

"Sweet." I lie down and rest my head on his outstretched leg. Peering up at him through my shades, I snort in amusement. For the umpteenth time today, he has that look of wonder. "What is it this time?"

"Nothing," he replies quickly. "I'm basking, I suppose. You're very relaxed, and I like being out in the open with you."

My amusement fades, and I bring his hand to my mouth. "Tell me if I'm moving too fast. Being out in public is new to me too, and I can be like a kid in a candy store. I want everything all at once." I drop a kiss in his palm. "Up here—" I tap my temple "—I already consider this a relationship."

He slides his hand along my scruffy jaw. "I just told you I like it." He smiles faintly. "I like the relationship part, as well. I've never had a boyfriend before."

I open my mouth to speak, then snap it shut again.
. Of the little bits and pieces I've gathered, I'm starting to worry that Flynn's past experiences with men didn’t end well. The possessive bastard in me wakes up, thrilled at the prospect of being another first for Flynn, but it's easily silenced. If Flynn's been hurt, a completely different bastard in me will rear his head.

My phone vibrating in my pocket steals my attention for a beat, and I pull it out to finally see a reply from Tammy.

Sorry, phone died. It's OK. We'll reschedule. Met a guy yesterday, and we're going out tonight. Gotta prepare now!

She's going out tonight and she's already gonna start preparing? Christ.

"Was that your friend?" Flynn asks.

I nod absently as I reply to Tammy.

Have fun and be safe. I've met someone, too. Hope I can introduce you soon.

Before I press send, I hold up the phone for Flynn. "Is this all right?"

Tammy knows I'm gay, but I've never brought a guy around, because there hasn’t been one in the three years I've known her—much longer than that, even. She's tried to set me up, but…no. So, she'll probably be surprised, especially when she sees it's Flynn, the "kid" she carded months ago.

"More than all right." Flynn ducks his head and kisses me on the forehead. "I don’t have anyone in particular to introduce you to in person—possibly Amy. It would be my grandparents the day Grandma learns how to use Skype. Grandpa is a lost cause. There is Sarah, too. My friend from high school. We video chat sometimes."

I turn my head to kiss his stomach, hating that he's been so lonely. "Where does she live?"

"California. She's busy with graduate school." He looks out over the park with a wistful expression. "Sometimes she asks me why I don’t move back to the States, but I like it here. It's home for me now." Glancing down at me, his mouth quirks up ruefully. "Perhaps if she met you, she would understand better. She might be discourteous at first, but that’s only because of what happened…um." He gets a pinched look for a moment, no doubt having said more than he's ready for. "I apologize. I don’t like to talk about it. Can I tell you some other time?"

"Of course," I murmur. "Whenever you're ready. I'll have my own laundry to air out eventually, too."

"Okay. Okay." He nods once. "My grandparents will like you immediately, though. I know this for certain because you're a wonderful man."

I grin and touch his chin. "I'll do my best to show them I care a lot for their grandson."

Averting his eyes and smiling, he mumbles under his breath. Something about "Klutz," but I choose to focus on the telltale blush on his cheeks and ears. That will never get old.

"Hey, what're you doing tomorrow?" I ask after a while. Tilting my head to the side, I see that we gotta move soon to follow the tree's shadow from the sun.

"Some work on the website and an online meeting with my admins."

I hum, working some stuff out in my head. "It's been ages since I had a home-cooked meal that didn’t involve pasta and ketchup. Mind if I invade your kitchen tomorrow?"

"Feel free. On one condition." He chuckles at my raised brow. "That you consider my offer again. About the guest room?"

I laugh through my nose and pinch his side. "You just want total access to my ass."

He yelps and bats away my hand. "Amongst other things. No." He shakes his head, his eyes softening. "Please think about it? Although, I wouldn’t want you across the hall."

As long as he lets me help out as much as I'm capable of, I don’t think there's a whole lot to consider. "Hmm, rooming with my new boyfriend or staying at a hostel that has rats—"

"Tell me you're joking," he demands. "

Hey, the one I hear in my room at night has a name.


Chapter 9



What was I thinking? That everything would go well as soon as I faced the truth? God, I'm a fool. Dylan's become withdrawn, Jayden is inconsolable, Jennifer doesn’t care about anything but herself, and I'm at wit's end.

I'm sorrier than ever for hurting you.

Hope you're well,



A little over a week later, I unlock the door and enter the apartment to hear a string of
damn, dang, dingus
coming from the kitchen. Right after that, I register the smell of something burnt.

"Flynn?" I call, kicking off my shoes.


Tugging loose my black skinny tie, I bring the takeout containers from work and haul ass to kitchen. As I've learned in the week I've lived with Flynn, he's a fucking disaster when it comes to cooking. He's been living comfortably on catered meals and microwaveable shit, but it's nothing I bring home if I'm in charge of buying groceries. That’s all on him.

I round the last corner and find him by the stove, waving away plumes of smoke. Nothing's on fire, so I relax and walk over to help him.

"Hey, you." I steal a quick kiss before I survey the damage. "This looks…interesting."

He huffs. "It looked easy when you made it this morning, and it was so delicious."

"Oh." I chuckle. "Is this supposed to be my special omelet toast?" I poke around in the pan of burnt bread. "Mine didn’t have eggshell in it. Nor was it black, and the sausage didn’t look like our neighbor's dog's shit."

"Shut it," he grumbles. "I'm testy today."

"Fill me in—" I hold up one of the containers from the restaurant, this one with pasta Alfredo "—while you eat."

Flynn eye-fucks the food. "Yes. Okay."

He sits down right away, and I grab a bottle of water from the fridge. I also mark a seventh day on the calendar on the fridge to celebrate a whole week of not screwing up and getting fired. Being a waiter is goddamn exhausting, but so far, so good.

"So, what's up?" I join him at the small table that only seats two. "I thought you were gonna do software stuff today." He's told me that puts him in a good mood, tinkering with…that…but if this is Flynn in a good mood, I'd hate to see him ecstatic.

"Work is fine, thank you." Even irritated, he's polite. "I've gained a lot of American members lately, so I think they've been discussing the site on FetLife or something similar." I've learned that FetLife is a well-known community for various fetishes. "I'm testy because they keep requesting more of you, and it makes me feel iffy. Naturally, I can refuse; it would only take a simple no. But what kind of creator of a community about voyeurism am I if I stay hidden?"

"The voyeur kind? The one who likes to watch instead of being watched?"

He stabs a piece of chicken. "That would work if I hadn't been foolish enough in the past to mention that I enjoy both."

Okay, I can see how that would pose a problem, but I've already told him I wouldn’t mind, ah…
…more to the site. It turns me on as long as Flynn is nearby.

"What did you mean about the, uh,

He shrugs vaguely and avoids my gaze. "Perhaps I don’t feel comfortable having others masturbating with you as their fantasy." My eyebrows shoot up. I've never imagined that Flynn could be territorial, but now…fuck me, that’s hot. "Do you have any idea how many closeted family men I have on my site?" He glares at his food, all while devouring it. "I've lost count of the numbers of 'GayInSecret' and 'DudeWatcherByNight.'"

"That’s fucked-up," I chuckle. "And sad."

"Yes, but it means they leave their wives at home to watch…well, they want to look at
." He's grumbling again. "You'd be there, stroking—" He stops, shifting in his seat and blushing. "You'd be available," he whispers.

I frown, thinking of how it would be if the tables were turned. Yeah, no. I wouldn’t like Flynn getting off alone in front of other people—Wait. That gets me thinking.  

"I may have a solution," I tell him. "Do you trust me?"

He nods in confusion, but I'll deal with that soon enough.

The corners of my mouth turn up. "Leave it to me. Anything else ruffling your feathers today?"

"No. Well…" He hesitates. "I'm nervous about tomorrow."

"It'll be fine," I assure him. "Tammy's happy as long as I'm happy."

I haven't told her that it's Flynn I'm seeing, but I'm not worried. She'll see for herself what an amazing guy he is.

She might be loud and intimidating to some, but she wouldn’t be rude without reason. Give her a smile and she'll offer a piece of her heart in return. Give her crap and she'll dump a shitstorm on you.

I can't imagine Flynn giving
shit, so he's safe.

I get that he's nervous, though. I would be, too. That’s why I only took a couple hours off work. We'll see Tammy for a little while before she opens the pub, and then we'll have an hour or so before I gotta take the rest of my shift.

"Oh, you know what I discovered today?" Flynn asks. I shake my head and chug some water. "The first day we were
…I completely forgot the camera. It was on."

My brows knit together before it dawns on me what he's talking about. Oh, shit. I remember that. I fucking remember. The red light flashed on, and then everything changed. It was no longer about me getting off.

"I wanna see it." It gets me hot just thinking about that night. And almost every night that has followed. "Have you watched it?"

"Only bits and pieces." The way his eyes flick between my hands, my chest, and my face makes it easy to see he's affected. In a very good way. "I converted it into a DVD. It's waiting in the player."

"Fuck, you're good." Standing up, I close the distance and kiss him hard. "Let me just take a shower. Then we're—"

"Crap, I feel like an idiot now." He stands up and wraps his arms around my waist. "I haven't even asked how your day was. Your boyfriend is a real catch."

"He is," I murmur, ignoring his sarcasm. "And nothing broken or spilled, so it was a good day." I smirk and kiss his nose, then his lips.


I fall back against the couch, Flynn on top of me, and kiss him roughly as I reach for his cock. He groans—or maybe it's the Flynn on the TV who groans. We've set the volume pretty high, so it's possible.

"You smell good." He sucks on my neck before kissing his way farther down. "Let go." He smiles and bats my hand away from his dick, much to my dismay. "Don’t give me that look. I want to taste you."

I stare hungrily as he gets settled between my thighs and licks the underside of my cock. My head hits the pillow, and I turn to see us tumbling down onto the bed in the video. Fuck. Could it get hotter?

"God, Flynn." I thread my fingers into his hair as he sucks me into his mouth. Slipping a hand under my ass, he encourages me to fuck his face. He also flicks his eyes toward the TV, silently telling me to watch.

But I can't. I can't tear my eyes away from the live show. I thrust slowly and deeply, hitting the back of his throat. At the same time, I hear moans and pleas from the speakers.

"I want you to fuck me," I tell him, panting. So far, he's bottomed every time. He's admitted that he's nervous about it. He wants it, but he's never topped before. "Please, sweetheart." I groan and screw my eyes shut as he swallows around me. "

"I will." He backs away. "I want you to bend over the couch."

My heart starts hammering in my chest, and I scramble to my feet, eager as fuck. "You've planned this out, haven't you?" I don’t know, but he seems like a man on a mission.

"Guilty." He smirks a little.

I can tell he's still nervous, but it's all for nothing. I'm crazy about him and everything he does. Getting into position, I bend over and rest my forearms on the back of the couch. I have a perfect view of my own ass on the TV. It would've made me laugh if I didn’t remember exactly what I was doing to him right then and there. His long, fat cock in my throat. Or my tongue in his ass.

Flynn comes up behind me, and he purposely sets a bottle of lube on the top of a cushion. For me to see, to anticipate.

"Watch us," he murmurs. I shiver as he drops kisses along my spine and kneads my ass with those perfect hands. "Tell me what you see."

I let out a heavy breath and look behind me to see him falling to his knees. My mouth goes dry.

Tell him what I see
. Okay. Fuck. I check the TV again and try to find my words as my cock finds Flynn's ass in the video. In reality, Flynn trails the tip of his tongue around my hole, driving me in-fucking-sane. "I'm slowly pushing inside you."

Flynn moans quietly and pushes his tongue inside my ass.

"Oh, fuck." My head falls forward for a beat and my knees get weak. It takes several seconds for me to clear my head, but when I do, I speak as if I'm intoxicated. I murmur about fucking him, kissing him, all while he acts out my words with his tongue and fingers. "You ask for more—harder," I grunt, even though Flynn can clearly hear it for himself. We're loud on the TV, those moans mixing with the ones we can't keep bottled up now. "Jesus Christ, Flynn." Waves of heat roll through me, causing a dizzy spell. "I want—fuck…I want your cock."

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