Public Display of Everything (8 page)

"Fuck, you're perfect." I only break away so I can pull his T-shirt over his head, and he's quick to do the same with mine. "Come here." By the time our shirts are on the floor, our mouths are fused together again, and our hands roam freely, greedily.

"Cory," he groans. "Please, the bed—"

I nod and move us toward the bed, refusing to end the kiss. He's fucking amazing at it, his little nips impulsive and every swirl of his tongue intoxicating.

We both hit the mattress with me on top, and as we scoot toward the middle, he pushes my sweats down my ass.

"Never thought you…" He whimpers and drops frantic kisses along my throat. "I didn’t think—I didn’t know."

I groan as our hard dicks rub against each other. "Neither did I." If I didn’t know better, I'd say I was drunk on excitement. I'm so beyond desperate that I doubt there's a word for it. Needing to make sure this is really happening, I slow the kiss and inch away enough to get a good look at his beautiful face. "Your eyes, Flynn." They're glassy.

"Yours too." He nips at my chin, smiles at me, and exhales shakily. "I can't help it, sorry. It's…I'm relieved."

"Don’t apologize." I swallow thickly and kiss him again. "I feel the same."
. Letting out a breath, I sit back on my heels and hook two fingers under the waistband of his sweats and underwear. I lift a brow in question, unable to wipe the smile off my face.

He raises his hips off the bed, and he gets this shy expression on his face, mixed with some worry.

Tugging down his pants and boxers, I toss them on the floor before I allow myself to look.
Hot fucking damn
. My mouth becomes dry.

For being so lean and half a foot shorter than I am, I didn’t expect him to have a beast between his legs. Without thinking about it, I grasp his cock, earning myself a grunt and a shudder from Flynn. He's thick and long, bigger than my own eight inches.

"I wanna suck you." I stroke him slowly, already addicted to the feel of him. Smooth, soft skin around that steel. "Tell me I got nothing to worry about."

Staring at my hand working his cock, he shakes his head quickly. "No." His thighs tense up, and he sucks in a breath. "I have the test results if you want to see. They're five years old, but I haven't been intimate with anyone since then."

"Jesus." I can't process all that now. I'll ask my questions later, but now I gotta taste him, feel him in my throat. "I'm clean, too." Before I lower myself to the bed, I get rid of the rest of my clothes.

"I want to see you." Flynn lifts his head and grasps my shoulder.

I grin and kiss his inner thigh. "Soon." A low groan rumbles in my chest when I finally breathe him in. I kiss the base of his cock, nuzzling the short, coarse hairs around him.
Christ, how I've missed this
. With one hand digging into the mattress on the other side of his thigh, I support my weight and grip his cock with my free hand.

The second I suck him down, he gasps and fists the sheets.

"Oh God, Cory!"

I close my eyes and hum. I soak him with my tongue and suck him hard between my lips. The taste of his pre-come makes me grind my own cock against the bed.

Flynn weaves his fingers through my hair, causing a shiver to run down my spine. His touches and movements are laced with urgency, but he'll never stop being sweet. Turned on by his reactions, I breathe in deeply through my nose, lock eyes with him, then suck him down my throat.

"Fuck!" Flynn groans, his head falling back against the pillow. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, I don’t curse much, but I can't help it, can't help it." He keeps rambling, all while he guides my head over him. "Oh my God, Cory—so good, so good. Can't believe it."

I wanna smile, but instead I take him down again and swallow repeatedly around the head. With every upstroke, his salty flavor coats my tongue and I get desperate for more. I cup his balls, rolling them gently in my hand, but that puts an end to everything.

"Stop!" Flynn flies up and grasps my shoulders, nudging me away. "Too close, too close." He pants and collapses down again. "Goodness. Too close."

"You don’t wanna come?" I gotta fucking taste him.

"Yes." He throws an arm over his face, his chest heaving with each breath. "With you inside me."
. I might burst before I even lube up. "Please, Cory?"

No need to beg, but I'm a little worried. Five years ago, he was only seventeen, making me believe he's not overly experienced.

"You don’t have to twist my arm, but I gotta know you're sure." I kiss my way up his torso, pausing every now and then to breathe in his scent. "I don’t wanna hurt you."

"You won't," he moans. "It's been a long time since I was with a
…" He blushes.

"But someone has a toy or two stashed around here?" I offer a teasing smirk, though it fades at the thought of watching him with it. "Fuck, that’s hot."

"Do you think so?" He's genuinely curious.

I merely nod, then continue my exploration of his sexy body. "You wanna use condoms?" Seems redundant since we're both clean and I've already had him in my mouth, but it's better to ask.

"I don’t have any, anyway." He shudders as I tease a nipple with my tongue. "No, I want to feel all of you. If that’s okay."
More than okay
. "I have lubrication—Oh, that feels amazing."

I smile against his skin and suck lightly on his nipple, flicking the other one with my thumb. Tremors rock through him, and his wet cock throbs between us. Wanting more, I drop openmouthed kisses toward his bicep. I nudge him gently, at which he catches the drift and lifts his arm.
God, yes
. I nuzzle and kiss the soft patch of hair in his armpit, smelling faintly of deodorant and fresh perspiration.

"I'm shaking," he whispers. His blunt fingernails scrape along my scalp, and he presses a lingering kiss to my temple. "I want you so much."

No more than I want him. I find his mouth again and steal a hard, deep kiss. "Where's that lube?"

He looks up at the wall, or more precisely, the shelf above the bed. "Behind my graduation photo."

I laugh through my nose and straddle his chest to get the lube. "
, Flynn," I spit out, caught off guard by his mouth on my cock.

"It was in my face." He wraps his lips around the head of me, suckling and lapping. I absently reach for the lube, and it's a miracle that I don’t knock something over. With the bottle in my hand, I stare at Flynn, mesmerized. He touches me almost reverently. "Love the taste," he mumbles to himself. "It's okay to love it."

Lost in a bubble of lust, I still register his words. To me, it sounded like he was reassuring himself, which makes me wonder if he has his own demons he's battling. I won't mention it now, though. In case it wasn’t meant for me to hear.

"You're beautiful." I cup his cheek and brush the pad of my thumb near the corner of his mouth. "Sexy and beautiful." His eyes flash with innocence and shyness, but he keeps sucking on me. "I love seeing my cock between your lips." And it feels fucking glorious. Hot, wet, soft.

"It's strange," Flynn murmurs and pulls away, "hearing those words said about
." He smiles faintly and lies down, caressing my thighs. "You're flawless. I don’t know how many times I've watched that video—" He catches himself and becomes the perfect image of someone with a hand in the cookie jar.

The satisfaction coursing through me is probably written all over me. "You watched me?"

He affirms it nervously at first, but he has to see this revelation pleases me like nothing else, 'cause he continues. "I was hoping someone would film you. When the feed came up and I saw the first clip, I nearly dropped the laptop." Fuck me, he's talking about the actual night. When he was in the bathroom. "Instead I knocked over my toiletry bag." His eyes roam over me with desire and hunger. "I've probably watched it every day since then. Like I said, you're flawless."

"Hardly." I shift lower to get between his legs again, humbled and self-conscious. "Klutz, remember?" Not to mention how I can't keep a job, don’t have much money, and live in a hostel with backpacking tourists in their early twenties.

"I love that about you, though." He chuckles. "It's…" A spark of amusement lights up his eyes. "It's very endearing."

"Endearing," I repeat flatly. Then I shake my head, ready to put this topic to rest. I wanna make sure he feels just how much he turns me on, how incredibly sexy he is to me; he won't question it by the time I'm done. "Can you spread your legs a bit more?"

He nods, quick to comply, and I sit back to look at him. Uncapping the lube, I slick up my cock with lazy strokes as I caress every inch of his dick, balls, inner thighs, and down to his ass. I ghost two fingers over his hole and the barely-visible area of soft hair. He's almost completely smooth, and before I even know what I'm doing, I bend down kiss him there. I lick at the same slow pace I stroke my cock, my other hand on the bed to prevent myself from falling over. Flynn's breath hitches; he cups his sac and parts his legs even more.

The natural musk combined with the fresh scent of soap fuels my hunger. I moan and lose myself in him, spurred on by Flynn's panting and whimpered groans. My tongue fucks him gently.

"No one's ever, no one's ever," Flynn rambles deliriously. "Please, fuck, fuck, I need you, sorry I cursed again."

Easing out, I replace my tongue with lubed-up fingers. "You don’t see me apologizing for my filthy fucking mouth." I grin and lean over him, dipping my head to kiss his jaw. "No one's ever rimmed you before?" He shakes his head no, and I suck his bottom lip into my mouth as I slowly push two fingers inside him. "I love it," I whisper.

My confession is a pitiful understatement when it comes to Flynn. I've enjoyed several things with a few other men, but there's a vast difference between "enjoy" and "Mother of Christ, I can't get enough." It's never been this intense before.

Flynn breathes out, pupils dilating. "God. I can't think. More. Please."

"You want my cock?" I murmur as I add a third finger. "I can't wait to feel you around me. I wanna fuck you slow, deep, and hard."

He groans and bucks his hips, pushing into my hand. "How can you speak? Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Smiling widely, so fucking turned on by his reactions, I withdraw my fingers to line up my dick. "You do this to me. It's kinda your fault." I chuckle into the kiss that isn't really a kiss. More an exchange of heavy breaths with our lips touching. "You have no idea what I've fantasized about."

"Tell me—" He stops abruptly and sucks in a sharp breath when I begin to press against him. Inch by inch, I push deeper and deeper. Flynn's fingers dig into my shoulders, and I would've paused if it weren't for the
"More, more, more"
he mouths silently.

I grit my teeth, struggling to keep my cool. "I've waited for years…" I puff out a breath and tilt my forehead into the crook of his neck. "To feel like this again." Only, it's not really
. This is new. More.


I kiss my way to his mouth and smile. "I'll bore you with my life story later." As slowly as I pushed in, I pull out, only to thrust forward once more.

Our bodies gliding together has to be one of the hottest things I've ever experienced. Flynn touches solely on instinct; he grabs at me, kisses my chest, pulls me closer, and goes faster as if he can't get enough soon enough.

But what I love even more are his little whispers and mumbles against my skin. "Finally happening, finally happening." We meet in a deep kiss, our tongues tasting and teasing. "God yes, Cory—more, more, more."
His barely-audible chanting is so unfiltered and sexy.

"You like having my dick inside you?" I grunt as I push my hips forward, almost slamming into him. "Huh?"

"I love it." He cups my ass and kisses my neck. "I love your cock." I increase the pace, spurred on by his talk, no longer proper and formal. "You didn’t tell me," he pants, "what you wanted—what you've fantasized about."

"You really wanna know?" I slip a hand between us and find his steel-hard dick pressed against his lower abdomen. "I want everything," I whisper, stroking him as I fuck him. "I wanna feel this big, beautiful cock in my ass." I give the head of him a twist and a squeeze, earning myself a loud moan from Flynn. His eyes glaze over. "Will you do that for me, sweetheart? Will you fuck me?"

"Cory—fuck, shit, fuck, I'm close!"

I'll just save the rest of the conversation for another time, then.

Letting go of his cock, I gather our hands above his head and pound into him. I kiss him hungrily, feeling the pleasure pooling in my gut, steadily traveling south. While he kisses down my neck and throat, I look up and zero in on our hands, fingers weaved together, knuckles white.

A bead of sweat trickles down the curve of my collarbone, and when Flynn lifts his head to follow the moisture with the tip of his tongue, I'm a fucking goner. I shudder violently, quickly letting go of one of his hands to stroke his cock to climax.

"Flynn…" His name leaves me in a breath right before I lose it. With a final thrust, I bury myself balls-deep in his tight ass and soak him with my release. My face meets Flynn's shoulder, and I rock into him, every muscle in my body strained.

Mere seconds later, Flynn starts coming, too.

I feel it between our chests. I rub it all over his cock. I smell it.

The lazy kisses that follow will turn me into an addict.

"Sticky." Flynn chuckles drowsily as he lifts his head to look at his chest.

I shake my head no and scoot down his body a bit. It causes my dick to slip out from his ass, and I'm already itching to fuck him again. And be fucked in return. Christ, I've certainly been reawakened.

Keeping my gaze locked with Flynn's, I drop an openmouthed kiss onto his ribcage. "Delicious." I smirk and lick my bottom lip.

"Let me," he whispers.

Fuck, yes
. I lick and kiss my way up again, tasting his salty flavor on my tongue. Then I capture his mouth with mine, feeding him his own come. He hums and wraps his arms around me.

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