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Authors: MG Braden

Tags: #romance, #short story, #contemporary

Love Songs (3 page)

She had just pulled her top on when he came
in the room.

“Mmm. Maybe we should stay in.” He wrapped
his arms around her and gave her a long, slow kiss.

She pushed against his chest. “Come on. I’m
starving, and we have to go over these ideas so you can present
them tomorrow. It could be a really big account.”

“I know, you’re right.” He tugged on her
hand, leading her into the living room. “First, I want you to hear
a song I’ve been practicing for the gig this weekend. I picked it
for you.”

She sat down and waited for him to get set
up. Listening to him sing brought her thrills every time. She liked
to think that every song he sang was for her, but this was the
first time he had said so.

. She listened more intently,
“ you, like nobody’s loved you...”

For most of her life she had hated love
songs. Now, for the very first time, she thought she might be
starring in one of her own.

“ your trust making memories of us.”
He finished playing. “Well?”

She shifted over to where he was sitting,
removed the guitar and straddled his lap. “You were right. We
should stay in.” She lowered her head, gently bit his lower lip,
and then kissed him. “Let’s start making those memories.”

Love songs rock.



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