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KnightsOfPleasure SKelly_Nook (7 page)

balls shuddered and his spine began to tingle with that strange static charge
that presaged his orgasm.

him, Tyler was making a tiny sound, not quite a grunt nor a groan but something
in between, something distinct that was a signal of his growing need to come.

that was needed was Susannah.

wrenched his attention to her face, seeing her flushed and vague, her lips
eagerly sucking him, her tongue working him and her head moving as she took as
much of him into her mouth as she could.

as she did so, Tyler thrust forcefully, hammering into her enough to lift her
hips from the bed and raise her up into Logan, where he straddled her. It was
as if that final touch, that final contact was the signal for them all.

gasped and let out a shout, a wordless sound of completion, freezing into
immobility behind Logan.

screamed around Logan's cock, her mouth wide, her eyes squeezing shut and her
body pulsating with massive spasms.

was enough for him. He made to pull back, away from her mouth, but she managed
to open her eyelids and frown at him, trying to follow him with her head. So he
stayed where he was, his cock in her mouth.

he came.

swallowed him eagerly, as if she had been waiting for this moment. Her tongue
milked him even as her body shook beneath him and she moaned low and deep.

pumped himself dry, loving how she sucked him even then, how her eyelids
drifted shut again and how even the texture of her skin changed as she rolled
through her own orgasm.

wanted to roar, to yell, to let the world know he was man and he was coming--yet
he remained quiet, choosing to listen and experience everyone's release as well
as his own. It was early yet. There was plenty of time for roaring later on.

now, he was content to come in her mouth, to let his seed flow down her throat,
to let her swallow him damn near whole.

as Tyler sighed and slumped forward, resting his head against Logan's spine, an
air of complete satisfaction permeated the room and settled over the three on
the bed.

they disengaged themselves, the men sliding up to sandwich Susannah between

blinked, her expression priceless.

knew the feeling. He figured he probably wore that same look. Damn sure Tyler

were sticky, messy and sated, and none of that mattered.

around each other, they slept.

Chapter Five


was more.

woke to the lovely sensation of warm dampness moving over her skin, and
discovered--to her pleasure--that she was being thoroughly cleansed by Logan and
a soft wet facecloth.

was luxurious, decadent and unique, and she simply lay there and let it happen,
her skin alive and damn near purring beneath the attention.

returned to the bed and pulled up the pillows, sitting on her other side and
balancing a tray on his legs. "Sustenance. Sexual gods like us need fuel
for our lusts."

She hummed around a sweet fat raspberry he popped into her mouth.

a few of those for me." Logan ran the cloth over Susannah's pussy, and
leaned over to drop a kiss on the sensitive flesh, making her moan. "And
this is going to be
dessert this

blinked and moved upward a little, looking at both of them, naked and
comfortable as they tended to her needs. They were eating, joking, sprawling on
the massive bed, as casual as you please, seemingly unaware of their nudity--and
making her totally conscious of hers.

do this a lot." It was a statement, not a question. "Why? How did you
know you would enjoy…er…group sex?"

settled himself across the bottom of the bed at their feet and pointed at the
tray. "Cracker. Cheese. Raspberry."

milord." Tyler rolled his eyes but fixed the snack anyway.

answer your question," Logan munched with evident delight then licked his
lips and reached over to make another himself, "we didn't really know. It
just happened."

lifted an eyebrow. "I see. You accidentally tripped at a party and fell
onto a woman whose vagina and mouth happened to be conveniently situated?"

cracked up as he passed her a plate of berries. "That would be something,
wouldn't it?"

bed shook as Logan roared with a massive laugh as well. "That I'd like to
see. But no." He regained some composure. "It was college, I think.
Our last year?"

nodded. "Graduation or thereabouts."

Susannah nodded gravely. "That explains everything."

does?" Logan looked curious.

wouldn't be surprised if there was a gerbil and a tin of sardines involved.
Maybe a midget? The school mascot? Definitely a kegger."

the mascot was a goat, that's not out of the realms of possibility, but we didn't
have anything to do with it. Miserably bad tempered fucker." Tyler
shuddered dramatically. "And rodents are totally out." He paused. "Is
a gerbil a rodent?" He looked at Logan.

asking me?"

read a lot more than me."

rodents isn't one of the topics I kick back with at the end of a long day, you

Well, buddy, do something about that, will ya? I don't have my phone handy and
you're the next best thing to Wikipedia under the circumstances."

." Susannah snapped her fingers
and intervened before things degenerated to name-calling and the other
twelve-year-old arguments that tended to intrude when men started squabbling. "Off-topic."


did his best to look penitent. He failed miserably, since he was too handsome
to look anything but wickedly cute. And of course he knew it. He held Susannah's
gaze as he picked a raspberry from the tray and slowly raised it to her breast,
pressing the fruit against her nipple.

was astounded to feel each tiny furry segment as it brushed her skin and she
knew she was growing harder beneath the gentle stimulation. Then he squeezed,
both the berry and her tiny bud. The juice oozed over her breast, and Tyler
leaned over to lick it off.

." She breathed the word as her
eyes involuntarily closed and her hips shifted on the bed. One touch, one
caress of a tongue, and she was lighting up all over again.

earlier thought had been right on the money.

These two were dangerous

we were at a party." Logan, having watched Tyler's actions with interest,
was now playing with her toes. "And, of course, we were looking to get
laid. It's what guys do at college parties."

A really good word for that moment, since Susannah's breasts were tingling, her
toes coming alive under Logan's touch and she had noticed two really fine cocks
getting hard in the same bed as her.

was absolutely nothing wrong with this picture whatsoever.
covered everything.

was blonde, a grad student in…psych or women's sexuality or something."
Tyler frowned at nothing in particular as he pulled up the memory. "She
seemed to take a liking to us."

the Belfast Car Bombs probably helped things along."

Susannah was confused.

Guinness and Irish whiskey."


Logan shook his head. "Haven't had one since college. Don't intend to."

shot a reproving look at both of them. "That explains a lot."

and no."

crossed his legs and she casually noted his cock lying hard and ready at his
groin. She didn't stare, of course. Nope. Not her.

Tyler's hard. Me too." Logan's tone was light and amused. "But, as
you said earlier, a little off-topic."

felt a blush rise in her cheeks. "What do you expect? I'm not used to
being naked in bed with two men and a tray of snacks." It was defensive,
and overall a weak argument, but all she had at the time.

," Logan just shook his head.
"The blonde took us back to her room, locked the door and asked us both to
fuck her. Apparently it was for research or something."

right." Susannah's eyebrow quirked again. "Two handsome guys,
research? Really? You bought that?"

anything that would get us laid by a good looking blonde, who had, by the way,
made sure we knew she loved giving blow jobs--well, what the hell do you think?"

sighed. "That you were male and therefore completely defenseless. She had
you by the balls the first time she pouted, right? Wide eyes, probably blue? Red

know," Tyler blinked, "I think you may be right."


looked mildly offended and tugged her big toe. "You think so?"

puddles have more depth."

Tyler moved the tray. "Harsh, babe."

harsh." With a quick and unanticipated move, Logan pulled on Susannah's
ankles, making her slide down the bed, flat on her back.

she could catch her breath he was between her thighs, lifting them to rest on
his shoulders. Her body flooded with excitement as she realized his intent.

was beside her again, stroking her hair, taking his time as he touched her
gently, randomly, anywhere he wished.

yeah, sweetheart. You have such soft skin."

closed her eyes as Tyler whispered the words, and Logan breathed on her pussy

there was indeed a heaven, then things like this must be going on there all the
time, because Susannah was almost flying off the bed with pleasure.

there was movement, fast and effective.

was blindfolded before she could do more than squeak out her surprise. Even as
she took a breath, her wrists were grasped firmly and lashed together.

stretched her; she felt her breasts thrust upward as Tyler--it must have been
Tyler--pulled her arms above her head. She was further down on the bed, Logan
still between her raised thighs, and Tyler's legs now down either side of her

felt him position her tied hands around his cock.

spoke softly, his tone caressing and light. "If you're uncomfortable,
please let me know with words, not deeds? I'm trusting you with the family
jewels, babe."

spite of her position, her overwhelming sense of vulnerability, Susannah couldn't
hide a smile. "Okay, Tyler."

Logan bent to her and words were no longer possible.

already had one man drive her crazy this way and now, apparently, it was an
experience to be repeated.

tongue was firmer, more demanding than his friend's, delving deeply into her
sex, insisting on a response rather than encouraging it.

after her first orgasm, this was exactly what she needed.

sucked and teased and bit gently, going directly to the places needing such
attention. How the fuck he knew what they were…well, Susannah had no clue. Nor
did she mind at all.

hands teased Tyler's cock, exploring, fondling, then relaxing and letting him
use them as he wished. She realized she was masturbating him, and found it
strangely exciting.

blindfolded magnified her senses by a factor of at least ten, and now she could
hear things she'd missed before.

sound of bodies on a bed, soft noises of crumpling sheets and the quilt sliding
around beneath them. The gentle hushed noise of the bed itself, not a squeak,
since there didn't seem to be springs in it, but a different sound,
indescribable but identifiably unique.

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