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costumes were complimentary; Susannah's corseted gown an admirable foil for the
dark breeches and boots of both men, and the bright red medieval jacket Logan
wore with such flair.

had opted for a white poet's shirt and a black vest to match his breeches. With
his long sandy hair and single earring, he was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Both
outfits, on two such good-looking men, well they should've probably been
stamped with some kind of government warning.

noted many women doing a double take as they strolled by. And yes, she couldn't
help a tiny smirk of pleasure from crossing her face now and again. The chance
to score one on some scantily clad young thing who thought she was all that
a bag of chocolate chip cookies--well,
shit. It was much too good to pass up.

worn her sneakers beneath the gown. A sensible choice, since the going was
rough, there were several steep inclines, and although the paths were covered
with woodchips and sawdust, ancient roots crossed and tangled above the soil in
more than a few places and posed a threat to the unwary.

was glad of the two stalwart men on more than one occasion, finding the strong
arms very useful for clambering around while clad in a confining corset and
restricting skirts. How the hell women actually lived in this stuff all those
years ago, she had no clue. She was simply thankful she didn't have to.

a quick glance at Logan, she envied him his relaxed poise. It would be easy to
think he wore medieval garb every day of his life. Same thing with Tyler. Both
men were comfortable in boots and breeches, apparently oblivious to the
strangeness of their apparel and the looks they were getting.

realized that she was the focus of their attention and couldn't help but be
flattered. And as they walked on, their hold on her moved from casually
attentive to definitely sensual.

wasn't used to thinking of herself as sexually attractive. But an hour into her
stroll with Logan and Tyler, her erotic self woke up. Their arms would brush
against her corset, their hands touched her casually but often, and their eyes
wandered over her, straying again and again to her cleavage.

that look alone, that expression they wore in their gazes--it was enough to
make her nipples hard beneath the silk. She felt her blood heat beneath her
skin and caught herself glancing at their crotches. Were they aroused?

was possible. Medieval breeches were looser than regular twenty-first century
trousers, so it wasn't easy to tell. But she was pretty certain there were
bulges beneath the black folds. Short of reaching over and feeling them up,
there wasn't much she could do to confirm her hypothesis.

wasn't quite ready for public groping. But if they kept the subtle heat
building, she might get there before too long.

mere thought made her miss a step and Logan caught her around the waist,
pulling her tightly against him. "Come on. Time to sit and grab a breath I

nodded ahead. "Over there. I think we can find a seat before the rush for
food gets too busy?"


they steered Susannah to a small picnic bench, shaded by some pines and just
out of the way of the main thoroughfare.

my friends?" Logan tilted his head.

grinned. "And two swift horses."

men chuckled and Logan headed over to a vendor for some refreshments, leaving
Tyler to seat himself next to Susannah and lean back against the table as he
looked at her. "So you need a photo of yourself with a handsome knight to
fulfill the dare?"

nodded, knowing full well she wasn't about to let thoughts of the rest of the
dare show in her face. "Yes. Sophie said she'd be okay with a cell phone

take it you don't do this kind of thing much." He waved his hand at the
multi-hued throng of faire-goers.

She shrugged. "I'm more of a jeans-and-t-shirt girl. Take me out to the
shooting range for a day and I'm a happy camper. This is…" she paused,
searching for words, "really way out of my field of experience."

smiled, his eyes doing that
thing again. "And yet you do it so well."

the corset," she answered dryly. "Engineering principles applied to
sixteenth century garments."

worked then and they're working now." He quirked an eyebrow. "It's
simple animal attraction. Women let men catch a glimpse of heaven and we poor
males are ensnared."

thought about that. "Ensnared. Lovely word."

experience." Logan spoke from behind her and she turned to see him
juggling three large-handled glasses of liquid and a tray of what looked like
hors d'oeuvres. "But before we get to the ensnaring portion of the day's
entertainment, how about some snacks?"

Good lad." Tyler nodded approvingly and distributed napkins while eyeing
the plate. "Dibs on the chicken wings."

took a sip of the wine and sighed. "Oh. That's good."

reached toward the plate, then paused, looked around, then stood and hurried to
a nearby couple.

glanced at Tyler. "What's with him?"

answer came on the heels of her question as Logan returned and held out his
hand to her. "Let me have your phone, Susannah? This nice lady is going to
take our photo."

fished beneath her overskirt to the little bag containing her valuables. "That's
great. Thanks so much." She smiled at the couple, noticing the woman
giving both Logan and Tyler a thorough perusal.

problem." The man folded his arms and stood patiently as Tyler moved close
to Susannah on the bench and Logan moved behind them, putting his hands on her
bare shoulders.

Tyler's arm slid around her waist, she felt encompassed, surrounded by
testosterone and almost frail next to all that muscle mass. They had formed a
tight grouping, linked by more than proximity.

men were touching her now, unafraid to stroke her skin. Logan's fingers were a
caress and Tyler's arm held her close to his body. She could feel their heat
and every single girl-part she possessed suddenly sounded a red-alert and cleared
the decks for action.

my." The woman had taken several shots. "You three are quite amazing.
It's making me hot just to look at you."

Carol, you'll embarrass them."

the looks of him, it was Carol's husband who was embarrassed, but Logan quickly
put him at his ease, thanked them both and then laughed and nodded as Carol
hesitantly asked if she could have a photo taken with them both.

it was done and Carol left, smiling down at her camera, oblivious to the
puzzled frown on her husband's face.

found herself staring at the shot of the three of them.

. Sophie was going to love this.

was something there, something in the pose or the interaction or the
chemistry…whatever it was had come across through the lens of her cell phone.
The image could be subtitled "Milady and her Cavaliers". They looked
ripe and ready to tear each other's clothes off.

thought did absolutely nothing at all for the state of her underwear.




watched as the awareness of their growing sexual attraction dawned on Susannah's
face. He could see the change in her expression as she stared at the photo on
her phone. He knew what she saw, because he could feel it down to his toes.

was a heat, a shimmer of something sharp and edgy, a glitter of pleasure mixed
with the darting pinpricks of desire. And all three of them were responding to
it as clearly as if they'd been outlined by a glowing aura in the picture.

didn't need to even look at Tyler to know they were one in their goal. Susannah
was now prey, a woman they wanted, craved, needed naked between them and
beneath them.

woman to whom they would give as much pleasure as she could bear and from whom
they would accept the gift of pleasure in return.

that remained was to get her to agree, and then the games could begin in

looked forward to that moment with eager anticipation, but that didn't mean he
wasn't enjoying the preliminaries. He loved flirting, reveled in the subtleties
that led to sex, thought that foreplay was an art in and of itself, and always
refused to rush something he felt should be treated with the awe and respect it

sex should always be awesome.

he had a growing feeling that sex with Susannah was going to fall into that category.
Or maybe even create a new one.

finished their wine and decided to walk on, relaxing in the sunshine. Tyler
echoed Logan's mood, playful now, and with a sensual edge. He flirted and
insinuated, hinted and touched, letting her know how appealing he found her and
how much more he would like to have.

he took a breath, Logan moved in, doing much the same thing. He made sure to
brush the side of her breast with his arm. He stroked the skin of her neck as
he pushed her hair away from her ear and dropped a light kiss on her cheek as
he helped her clamber over a large knotted root.

stood behind her as she tried on a garland of silk flowers and let his fingers
drift down her spine, enjoying the tiny shiver he sensed as her eyes met his in
the mirror in front of her.

he insisted on buying her the garland and arranging it perfectly as she stood
close enough for him to see the gold flecks in her irises. He could smell her
fragrance, soft and powdery and all woman.

was not to be outdone, finding a lovely chain necklace with a tiny key on it.
It was long and ended with a clasp, which he announced would go around his
wrist so that she would not stray from his side.

was all very dramatic and fun and was designed for one thing and one thing only.
To seduce Susannah into their bed.

was working.

realized how well when they paused again in the middle of the afternoon, having
walked most of the lanes. It was time for the jousting and they'd had the
foresight to get to the field early and snag seats in the shade.

they waited for the rest of the visitors to arrive, Susannah sighed. "I
have a confession."

stared at her with a somber ecclesiastical expression. "Tell me, my child."

that kind of confession." She chuckled. "More a sin of omission."

Logan wrinkled his nose. "But it's early yet."

She laughed aloud. "I'm serious."

ahead then." Logan encouraged her. "We'll hear your confession and
then tell you your penance."

about the dare." She stared at her hands as her fingers nervously twined
together in her lap. "There was more than just a photo with a man."

Tyler's voice was polite interest, but Logan heard the slight edge of
anticipation beneath the question.

Sophie is…well, she's a devil sometimes. She knows how to goad me into doing
outrageous things."

offering a dare, I take it?" Logan idly toyed with the laces of her

my fatal flaw. I have never
a dare. And now it's a matter of honor, I suppose."

Tyler encouraged her.

she took a breath, "the rest of the dare was
." She fired the words out like
buckshot then swallowed, lifting her chin and staring straight ahead. "There.
I've said it."

you have." Logan bit the inside of his cheek to stop the shit-eating grin
he knew was itching to plaster itself over his face. "How…how…"

wonderful." Tyler couldn't hold his grin back. "I'm on board. Here?
Now? Or somewhere more private?"

Susannah choked back a laugh. "Couldn't you manage to be more outraged or
shocked, or something?"

Logan reached into her lap and took her hand, folding his around it. "No,
we can't be shocked. It's what we've wanted ever since we saw you."

took the other hand. "He's right." He dropped a kiss on her knuckles.
"You're it, sweetheart."

?" She darted uncertain
looks at both of them.

took a breath. Here was the moment. "How would you feel about a ménage? With

was silence for a few moments while a myriad of expressions chased themselves
across Susannah's face. Both men were still, waiting, wondering--and in Logan's
case, hoping like hell to hear the right answer.

opened her mouth…

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