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Authors: Lacey Thorn

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Jack’s Dee-Light

Jack’s Dee-Light

Lacey Thorn


Girls’ night out is a regularly scheduled evening of pure fun for Dee, Jacey and Mischa. It’s a chance to be naughty and wild with your girlfriends at your back. For Dee, it’s also a chance to finally admit her deepest desire—to have sex with the guy she’s fantasized about forever…Jacey’s brother Jack.

When Jack overhears Dee’s confession, he’s a little surprised. She’s all grown up and sexy as hell, so he’s more than willing to help her fulfill a fantasy or two. But he quickly realizes he’s a goner—and one night with Dee won’t be enough.

Jack’s Dee-Light

Lacey Thorn


Chapter One


“Fucking asshole.”

“Don’t, Jacey,” Dee whispered.

“What?” Jacey demanded. “Just calling it like I see it.”

“What’d I miss?” Mischa asked, coming back to the table with three amaretto sours. It was girls’ night out, GNO as Jacey liked to say, and they were at their usual bar.

“Mike’s here with his new girlfriend,” Jacey said when Dee remained silent.

Mike had been a mistake, a stupid mistake. They’d been friends and she’d thought maybe they could be more. But one night with her appeared to be enough for him. He’d met her every offer of getting together again with an excuse as to why he couldn’t. Turned out his excuse was sitting next to him, looking very pretty. Why did men seem to have such a problem with honesty? Would it have been so hard to just tell her that he’d found someone else? She’d honestly thought they were friends.

“Asshat,” Mischa said. “So not worth your time, Dee. No way is he ruining girls’ night out by his mere presence either.”

“I’d be happy to go dump a drink on him,” Jacey offered. “Accidentally on purpose, of course.”

“Of course,” Mischa agreed with a grin, bumping her glass with Jacey’s.

“It’s not his fault, guys,” Dee said with a sigh. “He didn’t make me any promises. I even said ‘friends with benefits’. Hell, I almost attacked him the one night we were together.”

Both of her friends laughed at that. But honestly, she had been the one to persuade him to have sex. Hadn’t she? She reached for her first drink of the night and took a long slow sip.

“He put his dick in you, right?” Jacey demanded.

“Shhh!” Dee hissed, almost choking on her drink. “Jesus, he didn’t make me any promises. It was just sex.”

“With a girl like me, yeah. But not with someone like you, Dee.”

“What the hell does that mean, Jacey?”

“Nothing bad, Dee,” Mischa intervened. “It just means that you have never been one for casual sex. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and we all know that you only sleep with a guy when you have feelings for him.”

“Apparently, I don’t. Not with him at least. I told him we could be friends with benefits until we met someone we were more interested in,” Dee said. “He just went with what I told him.”

“Bullshit!” Jacey exclaimed. “He knew and did you anyway.”

“He’d have to be blind not to know,” Mischa agreed. “Your mouth may say one thing but your body language and face express something totally different. He had to know that you thought you had feelings for him, that maybe he might have them for you.”

“And he took total advantage of that,” Jacey interjected.

“Well, hell, that just makes me feel worse,” Dee admitted. More accurately, it made her wonder what the hell was so wrong with her that he moved on without even having the decency to let her know. God, she’d just texted him a month ago to see if he wanted to go to a movie. She hadn’t mentioned hooking up but he had to have known that the option was probably there.

In fact, after that text, she’d decided to move on. That he wasn’t interested in getting together again. So why did it really bother her that he’d moved on without telling her? It shouldn’t. But it did. It really did.

“Why?” Jacey demanded. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting happily ever after. God knows there are enough jaded women like me in this world.”

“You’re not jaded, Jacey,” Dee countered, snapping out of her personal pity party. “And don’t think I don’t realize you were putting yourself down earlier with the ‘girl like me’ comment.”

“It’s not a putdown to admit that I like sex, a lot,” Jacey said. “Or that I have it when I want it with whoever I want it with.”

“No, it’s not,” Mischa agreed. “But you do say it in that tone of voice that makes it sound like it
see it as slutty behavior.”

“And this conversation is way too fucking serious for a girls’ night. No psychoanalysis on GNO.” Jacey finished her drink and set the glass back on the table. “Besides, I have to be honest here and say that when I first met Mike I seriously thought he was gay.”

Mischa choked on her drink and Dee spewed hers over the table. They all looked at each other and started hooting with laughter.

“Oh my God,” Dee gasped. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“It’s the truth.” Jacey nodded.

“Well, you have to admit that he does give off a gay vibe,” Mischa said, glancing toward his table. “The way he dresses, his hair and he does have a lot of feminine mannerisms. I admit that I thought he could be gay too. Until you told me you’d hooked up with him.”

Dee didn’t want to look, refused to look. “Trust me, he’s not gay.” Hell, he’d been all over her once they’d gotten naked. He’d liked her enough that night.

“I’m just saying that he’s so not worth your sad face,” Jacey said. “I mean it’s not like he’s someone you’ve had a crush on since we were kids or anything.”

No, Mike didn’t compare to her childhood crush. But she felt rejected, that was it. That was why it hurt. She felt rejected. God, she was an idiot. Would she never learn? It seemed she was always doomed to pick guys who weren’t interested in her. Something that started with her first crush at age twelve.

Mischa laughed. “Speaking of Dee’s long-standing crush, how is your brother?”

“Out of the service,” Jacey said. “No more tours overseas for him, thank God. I don’t think my mother could handle the stress again.”

“So he’s out of the Marines?” Dee asked, taking another drink. Jack. Now there was a guy to have sex with. One night with him would never be enough but she’d gladly take it. He just got better looking every time he came home for a break. But she hadn’t seen him the last few times, by choice. She found something else to do and just mooned over the photos Jacey shared after he went back. She was a grown woman now and crushes were for little girls. But if he was coming home to stay she was guaranteed to run into him at some point.

“Yep, heading home to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life and all that.”

“That’s nice.”

“Nice? Nice? Seriously, Dee. This is the guy we’ve listened to you moon over for years and that’s all you can say?” Jacey snorted and picked up her glass. Seeing it empty, she waved it in the air, getting a waitress’s attention.

It was Augie tonight, who had been waiting on the trio since they hit twenty-one and moved their girls’ nights to the bar. Augie held one finger up and Dee watched Jacey glance at the other glasses before responding with three fingers in the air.

“Well, what the hell do you want me to say?” Dee demanded. “Do you really want to hear about how much I lust after your brother?” And she did. Just the thought of him had her wanting to lick her lips. That alone should have told her that she wasn’t in love with Mike. She couldn’t be and still want to lick Jack from head to toe every time she heard his name. She was a fool all right.

“Why should this time be any different?” Jacey shrugged. “Because believe me, Jack is definitely not gay and so more worthy of your moony face than asshole over there.”

Dee finished her drink and finally relaxed enough to grin. “You’re totally right. Besides Mike and I only slept together once.”

“One time and you’re mooning over the guy?” Mischa shook her head. “No way was he even close to that good.”

“You really need to get laid more,” Jacey said. “Then you’ll have more to compare him to.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Dee asked. “Just walk up to a guy and say, ‘Hey, baby, wanna fuck?’”

“Works for me.” Jacey laughed.

“With your looks, a smile works for you,” Dee stated and Mischa nodded her agreement.

“Whatever.” Jacey shook her head as Augie stepped up to the table with their fresh drinks. “You have my info to start a tab for us, Augie?”

“Yeah,” Augie said. “But this round is on handsome over there at the bar.”

They all glanced over to take in the guy Augie was referring to. It was hard to see in the dim lights but they glanced his way and Jacey did something with her eyes before turning so that her back was to the bar again.

“Girls’ night, Augie,” Jacey said. “So put the rest on my tab please.”

Augie nodded and moved away to see to another table.

“He might be cute,” Dee said.

“Neither here nor there,” Jacey said. “Tonight, my friend, we are talking about you and your lack of a sex life.”

“Yeah, because it goes so well for me when I do have sex,” Dee snorted.

“Forget asshat,” Mischa said. “You were friends, you had sex, he moved on. You can still be friends or you can move on completely. Either way, you really don’t have feelings for him. You just thought you did, or wanted to.”

“How can you say that?”

“Because, you don’t get the look when you talk about him,” Jacey said and Mischa nodded.

“What look?” Dee wanted to know.

“Jack,” Jacey said.

“That look.” Mischa laughed.

Dee looked appalled. “I get a look when you say Jack’s name?”

“Honey, you have since we were twelve and you saw him in a towel.”

“The best memory of my life,” Dee agreed and picked up the napkin to fan herself. “God, he is so hot.”

“So do something about it,” Jacey said.

“Like what?” Dee asked, shaking her head. “I’m not you, Jacey. I don’t have the balls to just walk up to a guy and talk that way.”

Jacey snorted. “What way?”

“About sex and stuff.”

“So just pretend for a minute then,” Jacey urged.

“Jacey,” Mischa warned, but Jacey shook her head and focused on Dee again.

“Just pretend that Jack is here in front of you…”

“Behind you,” Mischa murmured.

“Wherever,” Jacey glared at Mischa. “If you could say anything to him, what would you say?”

“I’d ask how he was doing. How he felt about not being in the Marines anymore.”

Mischa laughed.

Jacey snorted. “Good grief, Dee. Would you admit how much you want him or not?”

“Hello, this is me, remember.” Dee shook her head. “Maybe with a few more drinks I could.”

“What would you tell him?” Jacey encouraged. “If you had enough liquid courage in your veins.”

Dee laughed.

“What?” Jacey asked.

“I was just picturing your brother’s face if I went up to him and said what I’ve wanted to for years. ‘Jack, I’ve wanted you forever. Take me home and fuck me until neither one of us has the strength to move.’”

“How did you picture his face?” Mischa asked softly.

“Appalled.” Dee snorted another laugh.

“Maybe you should look then,” Mischa said and nodded over Dee’s shoulder.

Dee’s eyes were huge and her face lost all color before a blush rose from the collar of her shirt, up her neck, to spread over her face.

“So my place or yours?” Jack asked as he took the fourth chair at the table and grinned at Dee.

Chapter Two


Dee was going to kill Jacey. Best friends or not she was dead, as was her other best friend Mischa for not stopping Jacey’s little game. She could feel how hot her skin was with the huge wave of embarrassment that was washing over her. She prayed that the dim lights would hide the splotchy color that was surely on her face.

“Jack, you’re home,” she said and glared across the table.

“Apparently just in time too,” he said. “Need a little more liquid courage,” he grinned, nodding toward her empty glass.

“Oh God,” she groaned and dropped her head to the table. The floor could open up and swallow her any time now. She felt his hand running over the back of her head, his fingers in her hair.

“Hey, Augie, another round,” Jack yelled and Dee groaned. How did she go from moping over her one-night stand with Mike to basically asking Jack to fuck her? She looked up and glared at Jacey. That was how.

Jacey just grinned at her and Mischa, damn her, laughed.

“For the record, I think my face showed more surprise than anything else,” Jack said. “I didn’t know you knew that word, much less would say it.”

friends with your sister,” Dee said, sending another glare Jacey’s way.

“Point taken,” Jack agreed. “So, still in love with me after all these years, huh?”

Dee glared across at her friends who held up their fingers in a Girl Scout oath, which was funny considering that was definitely not a club the three of them had been members of.

Jack laughed and tugged at a lock of her hair. “Neither of them said anything to me,” he told her. “They didn’t have to. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You couldn’t even think about having sex with me if you didn’t love me.”

Jacey and Mischa both burst into laughter as Augie stopped to drop fresh drinks off. She shook her head at them.

“Good to see you home, Jack,” Augie said. “How long you back for this time?”

“For good this time, Augie,” Jack stated, picking up his beer and toasting her.

“Bet your momma’s happy to finally have you home for good,” Augie said. Someone hollered across the bar, and with a smile and nod, she moved on.

“I am not in love with you,” Dee hissed, mortified. My God, did everyone think she couldn’t just have sex without falling in love?

“Sure you are,” Jack said and took a long pull on his beer. She watched his throat as he swallowed and had to swallow herself. He grinned again as he put the bottle down and she realized that she’d been staring. Was it possible for her face to get any hotter?

“I had sex with him and I’m not in love with him,” Dee pointed Mike out. Funny how just seeing Jack brought such clarity. She wasn’t in love with Mike. But Mischa had been right. She’d wanted to be, so she’d slept with him. Basically she was just tired of being alone. Maybe she did need to just have sex for the sake of sex as Jacey kept encouraging her to do.

“The gay guy?” Jack looked appalled as he glanced toward Mike. But his comment had Jacey and Mischa in hysterical giggles. “Honey, tell me you weren’t trying to convert him?”

“Very funny,” she said. “He isn’t gay. Besides that’s neither here nor there. I can have sex without love.”

They all just looked at her before laughing again.

“I can,” she shouted, slapping her palm on the table.

“Sure you can,” Jacey said, shaking her head back and forth.

“Fine.” Dee glared at them then started glancing around the bar.

“What are you looking for?” Mischa asked.

“A guy to have sex with,” Dee stated, still scanning.

Jack choked on his beer and Dee glanced his way. He was glaring at her. “I believe you already propositioned me.”

“Jacey set me up for that one.”

“So you don’t want to take me back to your place and have your way until neither of us can move?”

“Not funny, Jack.”

“Who’s laughing? I believe I already agreed and bought you another glass of liquid courage to seal the deal.”

She glanced away and saw Jacey and Mischa both grinning. They thought she wouldn’t go through with it. They all thought they knew her so well. She picked her glass up and drained it then stood up, keys in hand.

“Let’s go then,” she said, staring at him.

“Dee,” Mischa said and she glared at both her friends. “You don’t have to prove anything to us.”

She let her gaze land back on Jack. “So what do you say, stud? Wanna fuck?”

She heard Jacey snort but her eyes were on Jack and the way his lips curved up into that grin she loved so well. She saw the way his eyelids dipped and hooded his gaze. He set the beer on the table and standing, dropped a twenty from his pocket next to it.

“I’ll drive,” he said, taking her keys and dropping them on the table. “Make sure her car gets home, girls,” he said and reached for her hand.

Dee gulped at the feel of his hand on hers. He twined their fingers together and tugged her toward the door. Oh my god, what had she gotten herself into? And just how far would he play this game out? How far would she?

He led her out of the bar and to the big green truck he drove when he was home. He opened the door and helped her up into the cab. She watched him walk around the front of the truck, eating him up with her eyes.

Yeah, she’d been a little in love with him since she’d seen him fresh from the shower in nothing but a towel. It should be a sin for a man to look so edible. She’d never thought of him as a boy even though he was only five years older than she. He’d always looked grown-up to her.

Dark hair that he’d once kept shaggy now was short. She wondered if he’d let it grow out again now that he was home for good. She wondered if he still had the thick mat of hair on his chest that trailed down over his abs and lower. She’d had many a fantasy about his chest and that mat of hair. She really hoped he didn’t shave it or wax it as she knew some guys did.

He opened the driver’s door and the dome light went on. She met his gaze and was lost for a moment in the deep blue depths there. His eyes were so beautiful. The door shut with a click and he was leaning toward her. She held her breath. Was he going to kiss her?

He reached over her and snagged the seat belt, pulling it across her body and latching it in place.

“Where to, Dee?”

Was she really going to have sex with Jack? Was this really happening? Please don’t let this be a cruel dream from which she was going to wake up alone in bed all hot and horny.

“I’m over on Tulip. 2816,” she said and licked her suddenly dry lips.

“Nice neighborhood,” he said, starting the truck and backing out of the parking spot. “Jacey said you’ve done really well for yourself since finishing college.”

“I do okay,” she said. “I’ve been lucky enough to find a job that I love.”

“You were always the lucky one.” Jack smiled.

Lucky at everything but love. She licked her lips again and pulled her gaze away from him to look out the window. They were almost to her turn. “I could have driven myself,” she said. “I only had a couple drinks.”

“Aren’t you the one who won’t even drink one and get behind the wheel?”

Dee sighed and nodded. Yeah, that was her. She wondered if he found that silly.

“I’ve always admired that about you.”

Not silly then.

“Tulip’s the next street?” he asked.

“Yep, go right,” she said and forced her gaze to stay out the window and not move back to the man beside her. “It’s in the middle of the block on the left. The red brick.”

He pulled into her drive and put the truck in park. What did she do now? Did he want to come in and have sex? Was he just being nice? Oh god, she had no idea what to do here. She was so out of her league.

The sudden silence claimed her attention. He’d shut the engine off. She sat and watched as he opened and closed his door, walking around the front of the truck again. Was she hyperventilating? She could see spots in front of her eyes. She might have sex with Jack.

He opened her door and she went to get out only to be brought up short by the seat belt he’d put on her. Her cheeks went red as he laughed and leaned in to undo it for her. Their faces were so close and then he pulled back and took her hand to help her down. He linked their fingers again and walked toward her front door.

Her front door. Which she didn’t have a key to, since he’d dropped them on the table at the bar. Oh hell.

“I don’t have a key,” she said and shook her head.

Jack laughed. “I didn’t think about that,” he admitted. “No spare hidden around the house?”

“Nope,” she shook her head. Now she’d never find out if he’d been about to have sex with her.

“Leave a window open or unlocked?” he asked.

She just shook her head.

Headlights turned into the drive and they turned to see Jacey pull Dee’s car into the driveway behind Jack’s car. Mischa’s car idled at the curb.

“Thought you might need these,” Jacey said and tossed the car keys toward them. Jack caught them out of the air.

“Thanks, sis,” he said.

“No problem,” she answered. “I’ll let Jonas know you’ll be out tonight.”

Dee tried to smother a laugh. Jacey had claimed Jack’s best friend when her brother left. She wondered when her friend would realize that Jonas was in love with her. He was so perfect for Jacey. Everyone could see that. Everyone except Jacey.

The horn tooted and Mischa and Jacey pulled away from the curb.

“Come on,” Jack said and tugged her to the door, using her key to unlock it.

Oh god, oh god, oh god.

“Relax,” he said with a laugh, making her question just how much of her panic showed on her face. “They’ll drive around for a bit and then come back by to see if my truck is still here.”

He was right. That was exactly what they’d do. Where was her brain anyway? It was centered on her hoohah, that was where it was. Totally fixating on the thought of sex, or more specifically, sex with Jack.

“So you and the guy from the bar, huh?” Jack asked, shutting her door and relocking it before leaning back against it.

“Who?” she asked and Jack laughed.

“The guy at the bar,” he prompted. “You two dating or what?”

“Oh, Mike,” she snapped out of it. “No, he was just a one-night stand.” Amazing how that didn’t upset her now. Well, she kind of regretted having sex with him because it had probably ruined a really great friendship. And that’s really all he’d ever been. Why had she wanted to make it into something more? She dropped her purse on the hall table and flipped the lamp on in her front room. Her house was quiet, empty. That was why she’d wanted there to be something more with Mike. Loneliness.

“You don’t do one-night stands,” Jack said.

“Apparently, I do,” Dee said and smirked at him.

Jack caught her hand and tugged her so that she faced him. “Did he hurt you, honey? One word and I’ll kick his ass.”

Dee laughed. “No. Honestly, it was just a mutual one-time thing.”

Jack looked surprised, which made her laugh harder. Man, she really was predictable. Which meant maybe Mike wasn’t such a great friend after all.

“When did you change so much?” Jack asked.

“You’ve been gone on and off for the last thirteen years, Jack. A lot changes in that amount of time.”

“Not you.”

“Even me,” she said and laughed, heading to the sofa and dropping onto it with a groan. She pulled her feet up and began unfastening the high-heeled sandals. What she wouldn’t give to be taller like Mischa and Jacey instead of her diminutive height of five foot, three inches.

“Let me,” Jack said, sitting beside her and reaching for her foot. The feel of his hands on her ankles had goose bumps popping up all over and her nipples tightening.

“Jacey didn’t tell me how grown-up you are now,” Jack murmured as he removed one sandal and then the other. He moved his hands over her feet, rubbing and massaging them, which had her moaning in pleasure.

“Why would she?” Dee purred as he continued to work on her feet.

“Jacey keeps me informed on all of you and what’s going on,” he said. “But I think she left a few things out.”

“Like what?” Dee questioned. She moved so that she was lying on the sofa, her feet comfortably in his lap and her head resting on the cushioned armrest. Her lids slipped closed only to jerk open with his next words.

“Like the fact that you want to fuck until we can’t move,” he said, his voice was husky.

Her eyes flew to his face. His hands were moving up to caress her calves now but his eyes were on her nipples where they poked out from her chest. They only grew harder under his gaze. One hand moved up to skim over her knee, to the top of her thigh, and traced along the edge of her skirt hem.

“Do you?” he asked softly, his gaze catching and holding hers.

“Do I what?” she asked, finding it hard to breathe, her entire being focused on the back-and-forth tracing of his fingers.

“Want to fuck?” he asked, leaning toward her.

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