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Authors: Dréa Riley

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How Do Firemen Make Love (Flame On) (5 page)

“Afterwards, lie face down on the table and make yourself comfortable.
I will be back in ten minutes.”

“You don’t have to leave,” he called out, “I won’t be long.”

“Okay,” she squeaked out.
Keeping herself busy, she turned around and started lighting a series of aromatherapy candles to aide in relaxation.
Next, she pulled down the bottle of massage oil she would use on him.
It was a unique blend of lavender, bergamot, chamomile, and sandalwood that she would massage onto his body to rid him of all that tension and soothe his muscles.

“What is that?” he asked behind her, making her jump and almost drop the bottle of massage oil.

“OHMYGOD, what do you think you are doing creeping up on me like that?” She turned around to look him in the eye and continue her tirade, but ended up losing her train of thought when she saw him in nothing more than a towel.

She’d thought earlier that he looked sexy in jeans and t-shirt, but now there were no words to describe how magnificently good he looked.
He took the ability to talk and think right out of her.
Making her way down, she noticed his hard, superb abs and couldn’t miss the bulge behind the towel.
Damn, she wanted to know if he had removed his underwear also.

She heard him talking, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his torso.
He had to pull her chin up off the floor and direct it back to his eyes before she understood his question.

“Are you okay?” he asked with a knowing look.

“Um, yeah.
Why don’t you, um, lie down on the table.
I just need to wash my hands.”
And change my panties
, she added mentally.
Wishing she could splash her face with cold water, she quickly washed up and turned back to the table.
He had already made himself comfortable and adjusted the towel around this fine ass.
Taking a deep breath, she started on his massage.

Applying oil to her hands, she rubbed them together before she brought them down to his shoulders.
Getting into her groove, she began kneading and massaging the knots and tightness away.




William couldn’t help but let out a grunt of pleasure as Rosie’s strong hands started their work.
In no time, she worked his shoulders and back into a state of blissful jelly.
She was now working on his calves.
This was not his first massage, but it was by far the best one he had ever received.
The shoulder massage alone had him groaning into the headrest, and he would have promised to give her anything she asked for to continue.

“Okay, go ahead and turn onto your back.”

Well, damn, he didn’t think he could do that just now.
He had a major problem that could not be hidden by a damn towel.
He hadn’t thought it would happen, but he was embarrassed by his response to her.
The fact that he could not hold himself in check annoyed him.
He was always in control, but he couldn’t help but react to her being that close to him, touching him.

“Hey, you fall asleep on me?” she asked playfully. “I seem to have that effect on lots of people.”

“Honey, nothing about you would put me to sleep,” he responded, turning onto his back.
The look on her face was priceless.
It was a mixture of surprise, arousal, and excitement all rolled into one.

She tried several times to say something, but she couldn’t seem to get the words out.

Clearing her throat, she tried again, and he couldn’t help but grin at her inability to speak and the blush spreading across her lovely face.

“I, uh,” she stammered, “don’t worry.
Sometimes, this,” she indicated his raging hard-on, “happens.”

That definitely did not sit well with him.
He didn’t want any other man feeling what he felt, having the same reaction.

She moved around to the head of the table and pulled the headrest down.
Standing by his head, she took his neck in her hands and began working his neck muscles.

William tried to keep his eyes on Rosie as she massaged his neck muscles, but the pleasure he felt had him fighting to keep from closing his eyes and moaning.
He had a great view from down here and wanted to enjoy the scenery, but her hands were lulling him to sleep.
He felt completely at ease, the tension and worries melting away.

He caught her gaze, and they stared into each eyes while she continued on his neck.
Their gaze was broken when she turned his neck first to one side and then the other for a deep stretch.

Supporting his head in one hand, she brought the headrest back up and locked it into place.
She laid his head back down and then pulled up a chair.

“Now for the good part,” she teased.

He felt her pull his long hair from the band, and then her hands started massaging his scalp.
Five minutes later, she had his toes curled in acute pleasure. Nothing could have prepared him for that.

Damn, if he was willing to give her anything for the shoulder massage, this scalp massage guaranteed him breaking every law known to man to feel this again and again and again.
But being a law-abiding man, this was against his code.
Ten minutes later, she was done.

Every single part of his body was in a deep state of relaxation. Well, almost every single muscle in his body. Never in his life had he been so turned on and so relaxed at the same time.
Bill knew that if she even quirked an eyelash at him, he’d ignore all rules of propriety and take her. Willing himself to breathe deeply and slowly, he feigned sleep. If he was lucky, she might actually believe his little rouse and slip out the door. That would give him enough time to try to gather his wits and determine how it was that he would master her, once the time was right.




Rosie ran her fingers lightly over Bill’s scalp a few more times than were really therapeutically necessary. She loved the way the thick, dark strands flowed through her fingers. They felt like silk. She’d love to grab a tight handful of the locks and hold his head between her thighs as his tongue licked….whoa, whoa, whoooooa.

Rosie pushed away from the table on her little rolling stool and stood, taking a deep breath. That was so not a professional way of thinking. But damn, it didn’t help that the man was lying on her table with a hard-on that reminded her of those tubes of sausage that came in fruit baskets.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep, cleansing breath, Rosie moved to stand at the door. Looking over at her charge, she spoke softly, knowing he wasn’t really asleep.

“I am going to step out now—take your time and dress. This one is on me. And remember my number. I am taking new clients right now.”

Stepping out into the hallway and pulling the door closed behind her, Rosie tucked her chin to her chest in an effort to relieve the tension built up in her neck. It had been a long, long day, and she was feeling the effects. Top that off with it having been way too long since she’d known the pleasure of having a hot-blooded male dominate her in the bed and, well, that was a catalyst for disaster.

Poking her head into her office, she grabbed her purse and car keys. It was definitely time to go. If she hurried, she might be able to catch up on some reading she’d been doing. Her two favorite authors had been in town this week with their friends. Not only did they help her business grow with their constant referrals, they kept her hot and bothered with their prose. Their latest novel had her up late panting last night. Maybe she’d finish it and break in her new toy at the same time.




Bill walked to the counter at the front of the salon. When he attempted to settle his debt, the perky cashier advised him that she couldn’t take his money, but she would need his phone number to put into the database so his file could be updated on later visits. Leaving the gum-popping teenager with his home number and email address as well as an emergency contact, he strolled out into the fading sunlight.

After checking in with his field assistant, he jumped in his sports car and headed home. With any luck his twin, with whom he shared a house, would be out barhopping with his buddies, and Bill could get a good night’s sleep. He still had to deal with the smack-talking romance authors and the hotel they’d nearly burnt down in the morning.
Add to that the cute little spitfire who’d damn near had him cumming in her hands.
Yeah, he was in a bad way. He wondered if he could buy enough ice to fill his bathtub.




It had been several days since Rosie last saw William, so she was extremely surprised when he called her out of the blue as she was finishing up dinner.
They talked for a couple of hours about anything and nothing.
They finally hung up after William set up an appointment so she could give him another head and neck massage.

“Your hands are just magical.
That scalp massage and neck massage had me so relaxed it was as if I had never experienced tension in my life.
I would do anything for another massage,” he added.

Rosie just laughed and told him all he needed to do was set up another appointment, and she would gladly work on him again.

That was on Tuesday night.
It was now Friday, and he was scheduled to arrive in thirty minutes, so she quickly finished up her paperwork and mentally prepared herself for another encounter.
The last time, she managed to walk away without molesting him too much.
Had she stayed overly long while working on his back and head?
Had her hands maybe, just maybe gone a little further down his lower back than usual?
Well yes, but he didn’t seem to mind.
In fact, if the grunts and groans emanating from him were any indication, he probably wouldn’t have minded and might even have encouraged her to keep working the towel down.

Rosie had to mentally remind herself that she was a professional, and as such she had no business letting her thoughts stray.
Had she crossed that line, she wasn’t sure she would have recovered.
Girl, professional be damned, we are single and horny, and by the looks of that bulge he was sporting, he would not have minded
. And now Bill was back and needed another head and neck massage, which would only require him to remove his shirt and keep everything else on.

Sighing, she concentrated on the spreadsheet in front of her until Melissa buzzed to let her know he had arrived.
Quickly saving and closing her documents, she made her way to the front of the salon.

“Hello again,” she said, stretching her hand out for a handshake.
She was surprised when he ignored her hand and instead pulled her in for a hug.

“This is how friends greet each other,” he whispered into her ear as he hugged her close.
This was something she could totally get used to.
Friends indeed.

Separating, they began walking back to the room.

“I tried that Chinese restaurant you were raving about.”

“And tell the truth now. Wasn’t it just the best Chinese food you have ever eaten?” she asked as she led him into the same room they had used before.

“Yes. it was.
I took my brother Matt, and we had a great lunch yesterday.”

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