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Authors: Dréa Riley

Tags: #Erotica

How Do Firemen Make Love (Flame On) (9 page)

Sitting up, Karri carefully pulled her legs into the tub and turned so that she was completely facing Matt. There were no words to describe the passion they’d just shared. And she couldn’t begin to voice how much she wanted to feel that fire again. Only this time, she wanted them to reach that peak together. Wanted him to be deep inside of her. Wanted him.




Matt watched the emotions dance in Karri’s eyes. When he would have spoken she pressed her fingers to his mouth, then kissed away his words. Pulling back, she stared at him with her big, dark eyes and he was lost. As she wiggled around on his lap, he knew he had to have her. Had to possess her, brand her. They sat for long moments, not speaking, just looking and listening to the rhythm of their heartbeats and the melody of their sighs.
Reading volumes about their lust and passion in each other’s eyes.

This time when they came together, it was divine. There was no urgency. Just the slow, familiar dance of homecoming and welcoming. Two souls remembering each other. They rocked back and forth slowly, letting their passion build slowly until the suspense became too much for either to bear.

Without withdrawing from her tight sheath, Matt maneuvered until Karri was lying in the tub with her legs wrapped around his waist. With his knees nearly touching the back of the tub and his arms braced on either side of the tub, he began to thrust long and deep. At the end of each thrust, he rotated his hips one way or the other. Sometimes when he had slammed home really hard, he’d just stop, and it seemed as though he was flexing his rod inside her. She felt it jump and bob and set off a myriad of tremors inside her. Karri knew he was toying with her, setting her up so he could bring her down. The anticipation was killing her. She had to do something to up the ante.




Matt was enjoying this more than he had ever enjoyed sex before. This wasn’t sex, this was…he didn’t have a name for it. There was no way to describe what was happening with Karri. She was so wanton for him. So responsive. She met him stroke for stroke and never lost her own little seductive swagger. Her moans encouraged him to plow deeper and harder. Just when he thought he had her on the brink, she locked her legs tightly around him and began to milk his rod. She’d braced her hands against the tub and began to buck underneath him. He couldn’t stand it. She was calling him out. Taunting the beast. Matt felt the last of his restraint shred to hell as he snatched her off the floor of the tub and crushed her to his chest.

With her arms linked around his neck and her legs around his waist, he began to pound into her. The speed and depth of his thrusts were automatic. He dipped his head to her shoulder and sank his teeth into her as she clawed at his back. Her walls clamped down tightly around him, and he doubled his speed. There was no warning when her orgasm struck this time. Only the warmth of her love dew flooding around his thrusting cock and the stranglehold she had on his neck. Matt thrust on. He rode the wave of her second and third orgasm and continued to pound into her. She was nearing orgasm number five, or maybe it was six, when she suddenly threw both hands in the air and began soundlessly screaming to the sky. With her head thrown back and her arms flailing, Matt felt lightning strike his spine. He arched his back and thrust one final time as Karri found both her final orgasm and her voice and screamed his name.

As they collapsed into the large tub, neither noticed the steady spray of cool water raining down on them.





Karrington sat cross-legged on her bed and listened to Matt talk with the plumber.
A smile crossed her face as she listened to the man explain how whoever had torn the bathroom up must have been on a rampage. She didn’t think she could just come out and say, “well, it was more like a sexual rampage.”

Karrington had to turn her head and bite her knuckles to keep from laughing as Matt thanked the aging man for coming out on such short notice.
She waited patiently while Matt escorted the man down the stairs and out of the house.

When he returned and leaned against the doorjamb, she looked up at him. There was a small frown marring his handsome face.

“What?” she questioned.

Matt raked his hand through his hair before walking to the bed and flopping down beside her. He angled his head so that it lay in her lap.

“You know, I am sure we can explain why the carpet cleaners are here,” he began, while staring into her eyes, “I mean the detachable showerhead is one thing, but how are we going to explain that you broke the whole faucet on the tub?”

Karri could feel the laughter rumbling through him.

Reaching down, she twisted his nipple.

“Ow, what did you do that for?”

“Do what?”

“What you mean do what—you just twisted my nipple.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Excuse me? I know I didn’t twist my own nipple, so if you didn’t do it, who did?”

“Must be the same person who tore that bathroom up?” Karrie replied nonchalantly as she pretended to study her manicure.

Matt stared up at her for a few moments before understanding set it in. He let out a belly laugh, and Karri joined in.

That’s how Laura and Dréa found them when they made their way upstairs, arms loaded with shopping bags.

Laura was the first into the room.

“Hey Karri, we just passed the plumber and he said…” Her voice trailed off as she realized that Matt was sprawled across the bed.

Dréa bumped into her and pushed her further into the room.

“Hey Karri Berry, what’s up with the carpet…whoa, is that Matt? Oh shit, Laura, look, Karrington has Matt in her bed. Go Karri, it’s your birthday….” Dréa began to do a little dance and sing about Karrington and Matt getting busy.

Laura threw her hands up in the air in exasperation and began to push Dréa out of the bedroom.

Before closing the door, she shot one last questioning look at Karrington and Matt.

“We didn’t do it,” the two chimed in unison.

Laura’s head snapped up, and Dréa stopped dancing with a bewildered ‘HUH?’

Matt and Karrington fell onto the bed in a fit of laughter, never noticing the two authors exchanging sneaky smiles and taking their leave.



Dréa and Laura sat next to each other on high barstools. Across from them at the small table, Matthew and William Harveston sat looking for the entire world like God’s gifts to women. The quartet was winding down on their celebratory foray into Vegas nightlife. Dréa and Laura were celebrating the release of their newest anthology with the Posse, and the twins were along for the ride.

Several weeks had passed since the authors and their crew had been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case of the mysterious hotel fire. Since that time, the twins had bonded closely with the two youngest members of the MFP Posse.
That quick bonding had also garnered them the “what are your intentions” speech from the group’s leader, as well as the “if you let my sisters get hurt I will end you” speech from her daughter.

To the twins, it seemed like they’d somehow become responsible for the duo. Hell, there was no “seem” to it. They’d been told categorically, unequivocally and in no uncertain terms that they were now responsible for the two Divas. For the most part, it was a blast. The ladies weren’t really that bad, just misunderstood. They were both well meaning and big hearted. It didn’t hurt that they both had sharp minds and whips for tongues either.

The club was jumping, and as soon as the smooth Latin rhythm began to flow, both ladies began to wriggle in their seats.
It wasn’t long before Dréa had grabbed Laura’s hand and the friends worked their way into the middle of the crowd.

Bill looked over at his brother, who was scanning the crowd.


“Well, what?”

“Have you read the book?”

“Are you kidding me? As soon as I walked in the station, the guys started in on me. How did they get advanced copies? I bet you ten bucks there are some family expansions going on

“I bought an extra copy for my boss, and his wife has been raving about it ever since. Who knew those two had all that in them? For that matter, the other stories weren’t so bad, either. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge is.”

“Yeah, well, as long as it’s not on our watch and has nothing to do with those two,” Matt said as he tossed back the last of his ice water.

“Bite your tongue, you moron. What, you want to jinx us?”

Bill tossed his long hair over his shoulder and laughed.
He took a moment to scan the crowd. A slight frown wrinkled his brow. He was just about to ask Matt if he could see the girls, when the room plunged in to darkness.

The club was so quiet Bill could easily hear Dréa’s voice ring out.


Matt groaned and mumbled something under his breath about speaking too soon.

Just when panic was starting to set in, two balls of energy raced past their table. Matt and Bill were caught up in the whirlwinds and dragged out of the club so quickly it could have been a magic act.

Once out on the street, they barely slowed down enough for them to note all the lights on the Strip going out hotel by hotel.

“Uh OH!” Laura whispered.

Bill and Matt turned to face down the two troublemakers, who were still staring wide eyed and slack jawed at all the darkness surrounding them. The distant sound of sirens and the people on the street commenting seemed to galvanize the women into action.

They swung their attention back to Matt and Bill.

Crossing their arms and cocking their heads to one side, they stared the men dead in the eye.



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