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Heat Wave (California Bears #1)

Heat Wave

(California Bears Series)


By Rachel Real

© 2015 by Rachel Real. All rights reserved.

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Explicit and graphic love scenes are ahead. If you are uncomfortable with VERY GRAPHIC sex, turn back now. This book is intended for readers 18+

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Chapter One

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Chapter Three

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Chapter One

veryone said Callie Boggs was crazy to drop out of her first semester of college and head out west. She had big dreams and wanted to make a real start in a new city...

Los Angeles, California.

Her best friend from high school, Marlow Sims, had a loft apartment right in the heart of downtown. Callie already realized she had an uphill battle, knowing she didn't have the look of the "typical" aspiring starlet. But, she never let that stop her, because she knew her talent would shine through!

Only a week after moving in, Callie got her first audition for a part.

"Can you believe it, Marlow? It's my first
role!" Callie sprang up and down on the couch. Marlow looked a little startled with Callie's insane burst of energy.

"You gotta tell me, what's the part?" Marlow asked.

cute waitress #3
!" Callie exclaimed, wrapping her best friend in a very
tight hug. Marlow just wanted to be sure that Callie went to the casting with modest expectations.

"Remember, Cal. This isn't Idaho anymore. The casting director might be looking for a zillion different, if you don't get the part—don't sweat it," Marlow reassured.

In Callie's mind, there was no way she'd lose out on the part. She'd been acting since she took her first stumbling steps. She'd been singing her heart out and performing on stage and now she was ready to see if she really had what it takes to survive in Hollywood.

Callie then hugged Marlow one more time and head out the door.


allie's eyes widened at the long stretch of girls waiting for to be called.
All of these people, really?

She eyed all of the girls standing in front of her. All of them Tall, with thick flowy hair, and perfect skinny bodies. She had her curly red hair pulled up in a messy topknot and started to feel anxious about her curves.


The casting director shouted. After a nearly three hour wait, only one person stood ahead of Callie. Five minutes later, a girl came charging out bursting out in tears.


Callie skipped head into the small room. A man sat on the couch wearing thick rimmed glasses and a cranky scowl on his face.

Callie started to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm—"

The Casting Director waved his hand, dismissing her. "I'm Brock Grayson. I don't care what your names is..."

Callie gulped, noticing him sizing her up with his eyes. She tried to suck her stomach in, and her cheeks went red.

"You do realize this part is for
waitress #3, right?" Brock asked arching an eyebrow. "If I were looking for fat, messy and boring—you'd be a shoe, how about you stop wasting my time...NEXT!"

The next girl, a willowy blonde, thumped Callie in her side, almost toppling her over. She then turned and snorted with a toss of her glossy hair. Callie scooted backwards totally embarrassed.

Coming here was a stupid idea. Just look at me. Girls like me don't get looked at twice.

After her failed audition, Callie roamed further aimlessly down the production lot, feeling utterly pathetic. A loud rumbling noise echoed in her ear and something fast—
real fast
—came barreling right for her. A hunk of metal careened at several miles per hour in her direction, the smell of gasoline and burning rubber stung Callie's nose.

And in a split second, the thundering sound of the engine suddenly stopped.


"Jesus, lady. Do you got a death wish? What the hell are you doing ruining my shot?!" The director hollered through a megaphone.

Callie's heart raced in her chest as the exhaust fumes cleared. A tall stranger, wearing a white leather racing jacket and a helmet, came prowling towards her. He pulled off his helmet revealing his ash brown hair and a pair of alluring dark red-amber eyes.

"You okay?" He asked low and soothing.

Callie, hitched a breath, her thoughts garbled in her head. She trembled all over from fear and from thrill of his voice.

...why don't we start with our names," He answered his own question, realizing Callie was still too much in shock. The driver pointed to himself. "My name's Rogue Stockton and you are—"

"...Callie Boggs," Callie finally let slip.

"You an extra in this movie?" Rogue asked darkly with a craving look in his eyes.

Callie shook her head no. "I just got thrown out of an audition, actually. Apparently, fat girls can't be cute..."

Rogue tucked his helmet under his right arm, "Fuck that, he's clearly delusional. A wise man once said 'girls are like country roads...the
ones got curves.' "

Callie snorted, after hearing Rogue's charmingly cheesy line. There was something carnal in his eyes. Something feral. Rogue's powerfully built body stood several feet above her.

"Are you an actor on this set?" She gulped.

"No, I'm the stuntman," Rogue growled.

"ROGUE! Flirt on your own time, man. We've got a scene to finish..." the director blurted out.

"Is that what you're doing?
with me?" Callie sheepishly asked, trying her best not to seem too eager.

"More like trying to fix up a date, it's the least I can do for almost running you over..." Rogue said with a smile spreading across his face.
What would Marlow do?
Callie wondered.
A guy this hot she'd probably screw his brains out...

"I'm sorta new to town, it'd be cool if someone could show me around," Callie proposed.

"Sounds like plan...I know exactly where to take you..." Rogue mysteriously replied. He moved only inches away from Callie and her nerves jolted. He smelled strangely like earth and the outdoors.
Callie are you seriously going out with a stuntman?

Chapter Two

allie wiped the nervous sweat from her forehead. The past few days have been brutally hot as L.A. was going through a scorching heat wave. Even though the sun set hours ago, the night was warm. And Callie just hoped she wouldn't look like a sweaty mess when Rogue showed up at her door.

Marlow took notice of Callie fidgeting near the door.

"So, you never told me how the audition went?" she said, arching a brow.

"I didn't get the part, but I did get a date..." Callie shrugged.

Marlow grabbed Callie by her arm. "Well, if you ask me. Sounds like you got a better deal. So, tell me? Who's the guy?"

"His name is Rogue Stockton..." Callie replied with a spirited expression on her face.

Marlow's skin blanched, knowing Callie wouldn't want to hear what she had say next.

"Rogue Stockton! He's a well known stuntman here in L.A., but he runs with a rough crew. Biker type guys, I don't think you’re the kinda girl for that, Callie," Marlow warned.

Callie hadn't dated much. And most of the guys she did date were usually the quieter, homebody types. She truly never thought a man like Rogue would even look twice at her. Yet, she wasn't stupid. She knew going out tonight was a risk, but she didn't travel half-way across the country to play it safe.

. I thought you'd have my back on this. It's
date...what's the worst that can happen?" Callie said, trying to calm her best friend.

A pair of headlights shone through Marlow's living room window. Marlow grimaced hoping Callie wasn't making a mistake.

Callie didn't want to leave on bad terms.

"Don't worry, if anything happens you'll be the first I call, kay?" Callie assured.

Chapter Three

allie then hurried through her door and caught sight of Rogue leaning against a midnight black motorcycle. He wore his white leather racing jacket, snug jeans and his trademark smile.

"There's my girl..." Rogue growled with a tempting lick of the corner of his mouth. He had this cocky attractive grin that Callie couldn't stand but at the same time couldn't get enough of.

She pointed at his motorcycle gleaming under the moonlight. "We're not
going to ride that thing, are we?"

Rogue chuckled. "Don't tell me you're afraid of a little speed." He pulled Callie in close to his chest. Immediately, Callie felt every inch of her skin blistering. Rogue's blood ran hot when he inhaled the scent of Callie's curly red hair. He then straddled his motorcycle, Callie covered her ears to the sound of its firing engine.

"What'cha waiting for?" Rogue grunted. "Get your sexy ass on!"

Callie awkwardly jumped on the bike, wrapping her arms around Rouge's hard chest. Rogue stomped his biker boot on the gas pedal, and they sped off into the blue night.

Callie's hair draped across her face. She could taste it wet in her mouth. Light streamed by in blinding streaks, it almost felt as though she was ripping through time. Suddenly, three more motorcycles revved up at their side.

"Rogue!" Callie screamed at the top of her lungs. "Rogue! Slow down!"

Rogue only cranked the gas even higher.

"I never back down from a challenge..." Rogue grunted, with a wicked grin spreading across his cheeks. Rogue jacknifed around a corner speeding through the L.A. desert and sweating from the heat. Callie blinked her eyes hard, gazing at a near by gap in the road.

"STOP!" Callie cried pummeling Rogue in the side of his ripped chest. Rogue stomped on the brake and veered only inches from the edge of the gorge. The other riders stopped short in front of Rogue and Callie. The three bikers tore off their helmets and shook the sweat from the waterlogged hair.

"You think you can just come ridin' along in our territory and there won't be any consequences? You know the rules, Rogue. Each clan stays on their own turf..." A tall athletically built man with golden eyes growled. He wore a leather vest with his sinewy abs exposed.

Callie clutched on to Rogue's jacket her heart pumping so hard she thought it would explode out of her chest.

"Touch one hair on her, and I'll rip out your fucking throat!" Rogue shouted with a snarl. Suddenly, one of the bikers grabbed Callie and dragged her down by her hair. Callie kicked furiously against him, a brisk wind blew her dress up to her hips, exposing her panties. Before the biker could haul Callie any further, Callie noticed the animal like glower in Rogue's eyes. His muscles bulged in his biceps and a raze of fur shot out from all over his lean, hot sweaty back. Fangs grew form a snout and giant claws struck the flat dirt.

Callie rocked back at the sight of a beast slowly rousing up on its haunches.


Rogue prowled forward and struck down on the bikers with a deadly swipe. The bikers too transformed into huge hulking beasts. But before Rogue could strike again, the three bears lumbered back into the dark. Callie could hear Rogue's hot and heavy panting in her ears. Her face and dress covered in dirt, she scooted back afraid. Without warning, the bear's hulking body began to shrink to that of a man.

Tears fell from Callie's eyes, shocked and clueless to what was happening.

Rogue hot sweaty body swaggered forward in the full light of the moon. His, lean sexy body was completely naked and exposed.

Callie turned her head away. "I must be in a nightmare..." she cried.

Rogue stood fully erect. "No, I'm real. If you're afraid, I understand."

Callie couldn't help but fix her gaze on all of Rogue's body.

Holy Crap!
She thought.

Callie had never seen a man who just was so fit and looked like he was born for hot sex.

Rogue helped Callie up to her feet.

"Come on, Let me take you home," he growled.

Chapter Four

hat next morning, Callie couldn't figure if what she saw last night was a dream. It did feel like Rogue was too good to be true—
maybe she just dreamed him up all in her head?
Callie thought. She then glanced down at her wrists and saw the painful red marks from being dragged across the dirt.

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