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Authors: Yana Guleva

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Found (The Last Watcher Series) Book One



Yana Guleva



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Chapter One – Breathtaking


As I look up at the glaciers from the back porch of
my house, I keep having a vision as a little girl. I can picture
myself running with a man. He doesn’t look familiar, and truly, I
can barely see his face with the blizzard that was happening. He
keeps calling to me.

Amabel, I will never leave you,
keep going my Amabel. I will be right behind you my love, but don’t
turn back.” I can never place my finger on why I keep having the
vision. I feel so much love from this stranger, it almost makes me
ache thinking about it. Yet I don’t have a single memory of it
being real. Are we running from something? Why did I have to keep
going? It is just something that comes to my mind once in a while.
I never talk about this to anyone, not even my mother Ama. Which
speaking of, her and my father have been acting so strangely around
each other, it almost makes me feel as if they’re not really
married. The three of us have moved here, Northway, Alaska, a few
years back. I never asked why we had to move into such a cold and
un-populated town. The sun comes up around nine and already sets by
three in the afternoon. Although, it is definitely quiet here, and
I’m starting to like it.

My mother is usually home every day. She likes to
stay around the house and get dolled up. Her smooth black hair is
almost always up in a bun, and her outfits consist of a blouse and
a skirt below the knees. I guess you can say she’s kind of old
fashioned. While waiting for me to get back from school, she often
plays her piano. Which I greatly enjoy listening to. Classic music
has always been one of my favorites. On the other hand, while my
mother is always home, my father works at the local hospital. I
don’t see him most days since he works double shifts. I myself
attend the Northway High School, and there’s really not much to

My best friends Vessa and Zayley Gant are the only
ones I really talk to. They’re twins, yet don’t look or act
anything alike. Vessa has short red hair that’s always filled with
different length layers and Zayley has long brown hair with banana
curls almost like mine. Of course there’s also Arcell Goss, him and
Vessa are practically married by the way they act as a couple. It’s
almost amusing yet completely annoying. I don’t talk to him much,
but the four of us have been friends ever since I have moved to
this small town. So I know they’ll always be by my side if I need

Amabel!” My mother is calling me,
of course. I can never enjoy sitting outside for even a few

Amabel, what did I tell you about
staying outside by yourself, it’s dangerous. We don’t live in the
city anymore. The chance of wild animals attacking is much more
highly now.” She says. Yes, of course I know, she says this
practically every day. I might as well drop out of school and sit
in my room all day, walking to school can kill me too!

Yes Ama, I know, you have told
plenty of times before, but I feel like the city can be a lot more
dangerous considering of how many crimes happen a day.” Shoot, I
mouthed off to her.

Amabel Fowler! If you knew, you’d
listen, and stop calling me by my first name, it’s impolite calling
your mother that way.” I don’t understand why, I mean, it’s her
first name, which is similar to mine in so many ways. I never got
the idea of why she had to put her name in mine. Why couldn’t I
have been named Lindsey or some common name? Amabel is just so,
old. I feel like I’m a ninety year old grandmother for god’s


Honey, I’m sorry. You just know how
I feel about you staying outside by yourself. At least if you
decide to go out there, let me know and I’ll leave the back door
open. Now, are you ready for school tomorrow?” My mother never
really yells at me, and when she does, she apologizes right after.
In other words, my mother is the kindest person I’ve known so

Yes, I’m heading up to bed now.” I
walked up the stairs without a fight, I’m too tired to even breathe
right now, as dramatic as that sounds. The stairs kind of bother me
though. They squeak way too much, which is odd for the house we
live in. It’s a wooden type of house, but it’s newer than any other
home in this town. It’s tan on outside with a regular brown roof
top. It has two floors, which consists of three bedrooms upstairs,
two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. My favorite is the
kitchen though. It has that old flowery wallpaper that my mother
refuses to take off. I love the smell in here as well. It’s almost
like cinnamon apple pie, followed by warmth and



My feet are moving faster than my body can tell them
too. I feel fear, strong, uncontrollable fear. As I look to my
left, there he is. Tall and tan. His slick brown hair waving in the
air. Strangely, he’s not wearing a shirt, yet it looks like the
biggest blizzard of the year. “Amabel, run my love, don’t turn
back, run!” My legs moved faster than before, listening to the man
screaming. I’m running out of air. It’s ice cold yet I can’t stop
sweating. I feel tears coming out of my eyes. I start to turn back
to look for the unknown man, and see nothing, but growls past the



I wake up that morning hysterically, not
understanding what just happened. What was that dream about? It’s
so similar to the vision I have looking at the glaciers. It’s
almost like it’s the same time or even the same place, yet I’m
older, I’m not a kid in this one. I still can’t clearly see this
man’s face. Thinking about him just makes me want to curl up into a
ball. I feel such attraction towards him and such love. Yet he’s
just a part of my imagination.

As I’m getting ready for school, I hear my mother
downstairs making breakfast and dad isn’t home, like always. I
don’t get how he’s working so much yet there are only about a few
hundred people in our town. They can’t all be sick at once. I put
on my striped sweater, jeans, and some boots. The only things you
can wear in this weather. Winter is always the worst.

Amabel honey, breakfast is ready,
are you up?” My mother yells from the kitchen.

Yes ma, I’ll be down in a second.”
I sometimes want to get dolled up, but then think to myself,
there’s not many people I want to impress. In this town, I’ll be
lucky if I meet someone handsome enough by the time I turn fifty. I
grabbed my stuff and walked downstairs for breakfast.

How did you sleep darling? I heard
you talking in your sleep.” My mother says.

Talking? I don’t quite remember
what I dreamed about.” Of course I remember, how can I not. The
amount of feelings I had in one second felt like someone couldn’t
even have in months. I really wish to ask my mother if she knows
anything about the man I keep seeing, but I don’t want her thinking
I’m dreaming of a half-naked man all the time. Hopefully soon I’ll
have more understandable dreams, or a vision for that

I ate the pancakes my mother made for breakfast, and
left for school. It’s not a far of a walk to the school, just about
a mile down the street. Today felt different, maybe we’ll do
something fun in Physics. I enjoyed it more than most of the other
subjects. On my way to school I usually meet up Vessa and Zayley.
We talk about pointless crap and wishing one day something fun will
come along and take us away. Speaking of them.

Hey Ama!” Vessa called out to

Vessa, how many times do I say
this? Ama is my mother’s name. Do I look like I want to be called
by my mother’s name?” I said joking around.

Sorry Amabel! So, are you excited
for school today?” She asks.

Why exactly should I be excited?” I
answered laughing slightly.

Didn’t you hear? We have a new
student coming in.” Zayley answered my question. I forgot all about
that. Maybe that’s why I felt a little different today. I knew
there was going to be at least a tiny bit of excitement. I was the
only new student they have had in about five years, and that was
two years ago.

Oh yeah, you think he’ll be a
cutie?” I said, giggling with Vessa and Zayley as we walked towards
the school, which looking at it, isn’t even all that big. I’m
thinking it holds about 300 students, if that. The whole building
is a gray type of color. It has one entrance in the front, and one
in the back, which are both pretty small.

English has already passed, and it was time for my
favorite class, Physics. Hopefully we’ll finally move on with the
lesson. I was tired of learning about the same thing, but everyone
in my class also hated learning anything, period. The classroom
looked the same as any of my other ones. Gray walls, and tan lab
desks. It’s nothing special besides that there are different types
of species all of the walls that have nothing to do with our yearly
schedule for the class.

Class, I have an announcement to
make, settle down.” Professor Jane said. She was often on the weird
side, and insisted we called her Professor, even though we all knew
she was no professor. She is just a junior high school physics
teacher. As I look up to see what Professor Jane has planned for
us, there is a student standing in the doorway. He is completely
breathtaking. Taller than me, a bit on the pale side, but that
smile, almost makes me want to kiss him right here on the spot. His
hair is blondish-brown, and has extremely high cheek bones. It
definitely looks good on him though.

This is Kierce Pence. He is now a
junior here at Northway High School like the rest of you. Please be
kind to him. We don’t want anyone getting in trouble, now do we.
Kierce, please sit wherever you’d like.” Wherever he’d like? Of
course he is going to sit next to me, I’m the only one sitting by
myself, since Vessa and Zayley are both in my class and both are
inseparable. I spoke too soon. There he is, walking right towards
me, with that gorgeous smile, that even Vessa gave out a little
squeal with her boyfriend Arcell sitting right behind

May I sit here?” Kierce is now
standing in front of me, smiling more than before. I can see white
pearl teeth shining at me.

Yes of course, go right ahead” Yes
of course? What is it, drama class? I can’t even think straight.
He’s absolutely stunning. He almost doesn’t look real in my eyes.
The blondish-brown hair and the skin soft and white makes it hard
for me not to just get up and walk away.. Yet the smell of him
makes me want to drown in my seat. Everything about him is
beautiful, especially his eyes. They have a tint of orange in them,
almost like the green in the back doesn’t even exist.

My name is Kierce, may ask for your
name?” For my name? He doesn’t only look beautiful but he speaks it

Uhh, yah, I’m Amabel.” The words
almost didn’t leave my mouth.

It is an honor to meet you Amabel.”
He said, taking my hand and kissing the top of it. I think I would
have passed out right there if Professor Jane didn’t

Class, you can all meet Mr. Pence
after class, for right now, please take out your books and turn to
page 240.” How can I pay attention to a book when there’s a
handsome and polite man sitting right next to me? Thinking about
it, he does look older than the other guys in my class. No junior
that’s for sure. I mean, yes, I’m older for my class too. Instead
of being 17 like everyone else, I’m already 18, but that’s because
I started late as a child. Him on the other hand, what’s his

Physics class passed fast, and before I knew it, the
bell rang. I looked over at Kierce, and couldn’t resist staring at
his smile, it was as if it was all for me. He hesitated to get up
and leave, but he did. He didn’t say a word, and just walked out
continuing smiling.

That was strange.” Zayley said over
my shoulder. She noticed.

Yeah, what was that about?” Vessa
added. I didn’t really know what that was about. I mean he seems
kind of normal. I’m almost flattered by the thought that may not
even be true. He can’t be possibly be smiling for me. We spoke two
words. But maybe it was?

I don’t know what that was about,
he’s breathtaking though.” Oops, that kind of slipped. Vessa and
Zayley both looked at me with a huge smile. They knew I couldn’t
keep a secret from being attracted to him. It’s almost written on
my face.

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