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Double The Pleasure (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies Pregnant Sex) (3 page)

Lynn’s juices completely coated Eve’s face
by the time she had brought the younger woman to a screaming,
quivering orgasm. She pulled back and smiled at her husband,
inviting him to clean her as she had done to him earlier.

Mark kissed and licked her face until he had
cleaned every drop of his stepdaughter’s juices from his wife’s
chin and cheeks. “That was nice. Why don’t you give Lynn a kiss.”
He picked up the vibrator and stood up.

Eve awkwardly stripped off her clothes and
crawled up the bed until she was lying next to the panting Lynn.
Looking deep into her eyes, she softly kissed her on the lips. Lynn
responded eagerly, slipping her tongue into Eve’s mouth and raising
her hand to caress the older woman’s breast.

They kissed with growing passion until Mark
leaned over them and slid the vibrator into Eve’s pussy and turned
it on. As the sensation threatened to make her eyes roll up in her
head, he turned Lynn’s face and kissed her.

His tongue was much more aggressive,
invading her mouth and claiming her. Eve watched them French kiss
with a smile, bringing her hands to her own breasts, squeezing them
and pinching her nipples while she watched her husband.

He pulled back with a lusty smile and
stripped off his clothes. His cock sprang up to attention. “Are you
ready to show Daddy what he’s been missing?”

Lynn wrapped her fingers around Mark’s cock,
pulled him closer, and licked the precum off the tip. “God, yes.”
She sucked him into her mouth, making him moan.

She let him pop out and licked her lips.
“I’ve wondered what you tasted like since I was in high school.
When I gave up my virginity, I imagined it was you popping my
cherry, Daddy.”

“I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Lynn took him back into her mouth and
started bobbing her head. Eve could see how limited her range of
motion was, but Lynn seemed to be having a good time.

Eve couldn’t reach the vibrator, so she
pulled the control up and varied the speed while she played with
her tits. The visual stimulation of watching her stepdaughter blow
her husband quickly created a feedback loop of pleasure inside her.
The way Mark smiled at her fanned the flames inside her until she

It wasn’t a big one, as orgasms went, but
she knew it was only the first of many. She had two even better
ones before she saw Mark making the telltale signs of an impending

She rolled onto her hands and knees,
gripping the vibrator with her internal muscles to keep it in
place. She brought her lips to Lynn’s ear.

“Can you taste it? He’s about to come. He’s
going fuck your mouth until he fills it with his cum.”

Lynn moaned and sucked even harder, which
pushed Mark over the edge. He held Lynn’s head tight against his
crotch and Eve imagined how the hot, salty jets of cum felt on his
stepdaughter’s tongue.

She moved as soon as he pulled his cock out
of Lynn’s mouth, turning the redhead’s face and clamping her mouth
to her cum covered lips. Her tongue wiggled into the younger
woman’s mouth and found the milky white treasure inside.

Lynn kissed her back aggressively, pushing
some of Mark’s cum into her mouth. They shared his load back and
forth until his seed coated every inch of their tongues.

Eve pulled back and swallowed her share.
“You are so fucking hot.”

“I’m not done, yet.” Lynn rolled to face Eve
and clamped her lips around her nipple. Her tongue danced over the
hard nub and her teeth nipped it in the most delightful way.

She smiled at her stepmother. “I never
dreamed I’d be making love to another woman, but after the way you
ate me, I can’t wait to taste you. Think that will get Daddy hard
again so he can fuck me?”

“Hell, yes!” Eve scooted up the bed and
positioned herself on her side so that Lynn’s face was just next to
her pussy. All she could see was the top of her head, but she could
feel the other woman’s hot breath on her sex.

Lynn grabbed the vibrator and slowly worked
it in and out of Eve. Her tongue lightly touched Eve’s labia.
“Mmmm. You taste nice.”

“Then eat my pussy. That’ll get your Dad all
hot and bothered again.”

She shivered in pleasure as the vibrator
came out and found the control to turn it off. She wouldn’t need it
again. Lynn’s lips replaced it, kissing her right on the lips
softly. She tentatively licked at Eve’s slit, her technique rigid
and uncertain.

“Just relax your tongue, Baby, and then drag
it across my pussy and explore inside me. Do to me what you

Lynn took her advice and licked her as if
she was eating an ice cream cone, using the length of her tongue
all up and down her slit. That felt a whole lot better.

She closed her eyes and visualized how Lynn
must look to Mark, with her mouth pressed against his wife’s pussy,
her tongue and lips working to bring Eve pleasure. He’d be hard
again in no time.

Eve was really getting into what Lynn was
doing when she felt her husband crawl onto the bed. She opened her
eyes and watched him lift Lynn’s uppermost leg and press his cock
against her pussy. Lynn moaned into her pussy as he sank deep into
her one slow inch at a time.

The sight of her husband fucking his
stepdaughter made her pussy catch fire inside. His expression was
one of bliss as he fucked her slowly, his cock glistening with her
juices as he pulled out again. Lynn’s newly learned technique
deserted her as he sped up and she lost all coordination.

“Baby, don’t forget momma’s pussy. She needs
to come, too.”

That got Lynn going again, and what she
lacked in skill, she made up for in enthusiasm. She focused on the
area around Eve’s clit and buried two fingers in her depths,
rubbing her G-spot in the most amazing way.

Eve writhed in pleasure as her stepdaughter
devoted herself to her pleasure. The buildup to her next orgasm was
quick and it struck hard. Her thigh muscles clenched, trapping
Lynn’s head between her legs for a long moment while Eve wailed her

By the time she came back down from that
high, Mark was pounding Lynn as fast as he could. It was all the
younger woman could do to breathe, so Eve pulled herself away a
little bit and turned so she could watch Mark’s cock penetrating
Lynn from close up.

There was just enough room for her to lick
Lynn’s clit and Mark’s shaft. His balls slapped against his
stepdaughter’s thigh right in front of his wife’s eyes. Her liquid
essence covered him and her mound, making a tasty treat as Eve did
her level best to get them both to come for her.

Lynn came first under the onslaught of her
stepfather’s cock and her stepmother’s clit sucking. Right at the
height of her screaming, trembling orgasm, the twins in her belly
kicked hard enough to set off the boys in Eve’s belly. Everyone
seemed to be having a good time.

Mark grunted and buried himself in Lynn’s
pussy. Eve could see his shaft pulsing as it sprayed the younger
woman’s insides with his seed. He kept himself buried in her for a
minute while Lynn came down from the post-orgasmic high.

Eve was ready when he pulled out, and she
clamped her mouth over Lynn’s pussy. A flood of hot cum rewarded
her. She dug between Lynn’s sticky lips and into her hot, gooey
center, sucking out the savory mixture of male and female

The flavor was intoxicating. She loved the
taste of Mark’s cum, and she’d enjoyed eating Lynn’s pussy earlier,
but together they were ambrosia.

She smiled at Mark and showed him her prize
before crawling up to kiss the dazed Lynn. This kiss was less
passionate, and more sensual. They let their tongues duel as they
shared the delicious mixture, only splitting apart when Mark wormed
his way between them.

Eve swallowed and courteously licked her
lips clean before kissing him. She settled her belly against his
hip and laid her head on his shoulder. Lynn mirrored her position
on his other side. The two of them smiled at one another over his
chest as they breathed in his scent. His cock was deflating, but
the day was young.

He caressed their heads. “If I’d have known
this was even a possibility, I’d have suggested it years ago.”

Eve tweaked his nipple. “If you had, it
might never have happened. Be happy with what you have. Right now,
you need to rest up. You’re going to give me a thorough fucking
after dinner. Someone hogged your cock this time.”

Lynn flushed. “Sorry.”

“I was only kidding. How are you

“Worse. I think I may need to have you two
give me a relaxation treatment every day.”

They all laughed. Eve smiled at them both.
“I think I need more, too. Remember, you don’t have to wait for him
to get off work. I’d be happy to get you all relaxed so that Daddy
can get his pregnancy kink fully worked out before we both head to
the hospital.”

Mark kissed her on the forehead and then
repeated the gesture on his stepdaughter. “I think our family is
going to be a lot closer, especially after you get out of the
hospital. You know, you don’t have to live with your mother. We
have plenty of room here.”

Lynn snuggled down. “I’d like that.”

Eve sighed happily. “Me, too. I need a nap
now, though. After I wake up you can help your Daddy fuck me
senseless before I make dinner.”

Life was good and only getting better.


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