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Authors: Amber Adams

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Double The Pleasure (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies Pregnant Sex) (2 page)

“It’s still weird, though.”

“I know.” Eve watched her stepdaughter strip
with a growing hunger. “As long as I don’t have a problem with
it—which I don’t—then you have no reason to worry.”

Every button Lynn opened revealed more of
her pale, freckled skin, culminating with her shrugging it off and
exposing her over-f brassiere. She unsnapped it and dropped it
onto the floor with the blouse.

Her breasts were swollen and firm. Her
nipples were large and erect. Eve worked hard to resist the urge to
lick her lips and fought the itch to reach out and touch Lynn’s
creamy flesh.

Unaware of her stepmother’s carnal thoughts,
Lynn kicked off her shoes, pushed her pants and panties down, and
stepped out of them. Her belly was even larger without the clothes
to conceal it. She stood there awkwardly.

“I’m monstrous, aren’t I?”

Eve found herself staring at the pregnant
woman with growing lust. Now she understood what made Mark so
horny. Lynn was like a goddess. Her eyes sank down to the unruly
patch of red hair between her legs. She found herself wondering
what Lynn tasted like.

“Sweetheart, you’re beautiful.”

Lynn smiled. “Well, at least one person
thinks so. Let’s see if I can make this work. Don’t laugh or I’ll
absolutely die of embarrassment.”

“I promise.” She took the vibrator from the
younger woman and wedged it between two pillows. “Climb on and act
like you’re straddling a man.”

Lynn awkwardly eased onto the bed, and
positioned herself. She couldn’t reach the vibrator, so she lowered
herself by feel. Unfortunately, the vibrator fell over, sliding
away from its intended target.


“Here, let me put that back for you.” Eve
tore her eyes off the gloriously naked Lynn and propped the toy
back up.

Lynn repeated her efforts with an equal lack
of success. “This is just how my luck goes.”

“Relax.” Eve held the vibrator up and locked
her eyes on the younger woman’s pussy. She could see her swollen
labia protruding from the auburn mass of damp curls. She could also
smell the woman’s arousal and it made her burn inside.

She aimed the tip of the vibrator at Lynn’s
opening. “Okay, let yourself down.”

“This is so weird. It’s almost like we’re
having sex.” Her concern didn’t stop her from sinking down until
the toy penetrated her. “Oh, God. That’s it.”

“Come on down. All the way.” Eve
intentionally failed to answer Lynn’s question, because the answer
she wanted to give was yes.

Lynn sank down until her pussy pressed
against the back of Eve’s hand. Eve took her time drawing away,
making sure her fingers trailed along Lynn’s slit, making her

“Jesus, that feels so good.”

“It gets better.” Eve turned the vibrator on
its lowest setting.

The toy hummed to life and Lynn’s eyes
fluttered in bliss. Her body trembled and she moaned. Her hips
undulated, trying to take more of the plastic tool inside her.

Eve took the opportunity to bring her hand
to her mouth and lick Lynn’s juices off. The aroused woman’s
delicious, tangy taste sank straight through her tongue and to her
pussy. Liquid heat pooled deep in her middle. She desperately
wanted to touch herself, but didn’t want to chance ruining the

She settled for watching Lynn grind herself
on the toy with single-minded pleasure. Her enormous tits bounced
in a way that made Eve want to take them in her hands and start
chewing on those delicious nipples.

Lynn came with a shivery groan, her body
twitching. She sat there and twitched with the intensity of her
orgasm. After a moment of luxuriating in her satisfaction, she
opened her eyes.

“Does it have an in and out function? I
would love if it could fuck me, too.”

Eve’s voice was unexpectedly husky. “Well,
as a matter of fact, it does.” She reached between Lynn’s legs and
pressed the vibrator deeper into the younger woman.

Lynn’s eyes grew huge. “Wait…you’re going to
fuck me with it? But isn’t that…having sex?”

“Sweetie, we’ve been having sex. You just
weren’t ready to hear me say it out loud. Just relax and close your
eyes. I’ll fuck you with this until you come. You know you need it
and I know you’ll love it.”

For a second, Eve was afraid she’d push too
far, but Lynn leaned back until her spread legs stretched out in
front of her.

Eve didn’t waste any time crawling between
Lynn’s long, well-toned, and shapely legs. Since she had a huge
belly of her own, she had to lie on her side, but she had a
fabulous view of stepdaughter-in-law’s juicy pussy. She slowly
worked the tool into the other woman’s depths. She revved the
vibrator up to medium and started fucking her slowly.

There was something incredibly sexy about
watching Lynn’s pink labia gripping the tool as it thrust into her.
It got even better when Lynn reached up and started squeezing her
own breasts.

Eve’s mouth watered at the sight of Lynn
spread out before her and the enchanting scent of her arousal made
Eve want to finger herself. Maybe if she was lucky, things would go
a little further and her stepdaughter would help her out with her
growing desire.

Part of her wanted to just move in and lick
Lynn’s clit, which had emerged from its hood and beckoned her to
suck it. She didn’t think the younger woman would want to stop now.
She knew she certainly didn’t.

“Honey, I got done early. Is that Lynn’s…?”
Mark’s voice behind her trailed off into silence.

“Holy shit!” Lynn jerked as if she’d been
electrocuted. She tried to cover herself and sit up, but her belly
and the fact Eve was between her legs made that impossible.

Eve looked down her body at her husband.
“Lynn needed help with a little problem.”

“Oh my God! Could it get any worse?” Lynn
covered her face with a pillow laying near her. “Please, just go
away and let me get dressed and leave.”

Eve gauged her husband’s reaction and looked
back at Lynn. “You could do that, or I could tell you that your Dad
has a special kink for pregnant women. And for you. It isn’t as if
you two are blood related, so why don’t you tell him how long
you’ve been lusting after him?”


Mark’s and Lynn’s eyes grew huge in
disbelief, but her husband was the one to speak. “Eve!?!”

“We’re all adults here and you both know
it’s true. Neither of you would ever say it out loud, but anyone
can see it. Besides, he’s already seen you naked while I fucked you
with a vibrator. How much better would you feel if we both made
love to you?”

“We? You mean…”

Eve crawled carefully over Lynn, letting
their bellies rub sensuously together. She planted a soft kiss on
Lynn’s breast, right below her nipple. “Say yes and I’ll do what
I’ve been aching to do since I got you naked; eat that sweet pussy
of yours while he shows you what a nice cock he has.”

Lynn took a shaky breath and licked her
lips. “This is crazy. This is incest.”

“No it’s not. Not really. You asked me to
introduce you to someone like him. And you told me earlier that you
have had the hots for him for years and fantasize about him between
your legs and shoving his thick cock inside you.” She fucked the
vibrator deep into Lynn to emphasize the point, making her writhe
in pleasure. “You know that’s what he wants. Otherwise, he’d have
said something by now. And I don’t know how much longer I can
resist tasting you. You’ve been so alone. Let us make love to

Lynn closed her eyes and pulled Eve’s mouth
to her nipple.

Eve sighed and kissed it softly, all the
tension flowing out of her. The hard nub drew her lips to suck on
it, her teeth to gnaw gently on it. The taste of the younger
woman’s skin enflamed the lust inside her. She moved the vibrator
control to high speed and left it buried in Lynn’s sopping pussy
while she suckled.

Mark stepped up beside them, his hands
caressing their hair. “I can’t believe the two most important women
in my life are making love right here in front of me.”

Lynn opened her eyes and smiled up at him.
“I can’t believe this is happening, either. I never thought you
wanted me like I wanted you. And I never, ever thought Eve would
seduce me.”

He leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Eve’s
been a naughty girl. Not that I’m complaining.” He pressed his lips
to his stepdaughter’s and kissed her in a most unfatherly way.

Eve used her teeth to tweak the nipple
between her lips while she watched her husband French kiss another
woman. She’d never envisioned having a threesome, but she hadn’t
known she would be seducing Lynn without discussing it with her
husband either. She was lucky he hadn’t hit the ceiling.

She tugged on Mark’s sleeve. “I could use a
little help down here. I only have one mouth for two breasts.”

Mark grinned at her and worked his lips down
Lynn’s neck, taking his sweet time. Eve knew from experience how
overwhelming that felt, so she wasn’t surprised when Lynn arched
her back and moaned.

He lowered his mouth to Lynn’s free nipple
and sucked it in, looking deep into Eve’s eyes as they pleasured
Lynn. The buzzing of the vibrator was a lewd accompaniment to the
couple’s foreplay.

With the added attention, Lynn came in no
time flat, moaning and writhing, her head shaking from side to
side. Her fingers twisted in the couple’s hair, pulling them tight
to her breasts.

It was the most erotic thing Eve had
experienced in years. She turned off the vibrator and pulled it out
of Lynn. She didn’t want to overstimulate her stepdaughter. She
brought the sticky device to her mouth and licked it clean, staring
into her husband’s eyes the whole time.

“Mmmm. Lynn has a very tasty pussy. You want
a lick?”

“I’d rather not get it from a fake cock. I
had no idea you liked women, Baby.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know
about me. I’m a woman. I love secrets.”

“I want to watch you eat her pussy.”

Eve smiled. “Come help me.” She kissed her
way onto Lynn’s pregnant belly.

Lynn smiled at him. “I had no idea pregnant
women turned you on so much.”

He moved down the young woman’s body with
Eve. “We all have our little kinks.”

Lynn chuckled. “Does lusting after your
stepdad count?”

Eve sucked on Lynn’s distended belly button,
making her gasp. “It makes you just as nasty as us. Does the idea
of your dad sucking on your pussy make you hot?”

“Fuck yes! I want to suck his cock, have him
fuck me blind, and… And I want to taste my first pussy.”

Eve slid all the way down between Lynn’s
thighs, lay on her side, and spread the young woman’s legs wide
open. “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to. I’ll be perfectly
happy to go down on you anyway.”

“I want to try it. Not just to make you feel
good but to see if I like it. I might never ever get another

Mark settled next to his wife and stared at
his stepdaughter’s spread pussy. Her damp labia gaped wide,
exposing the wet pink flesh inside her. He licked his lips and
looked to his wife.

She smiled at his eagerness. “We can take
turns for a while. I know you want to watch me eat pussy, and I
kinda want to watch you, too.”

His answer was to lean forward and run his
tongue up Lynn’s slit. She twitched and moaned. He took her
encouragement to heart and buried his face between her legs.

Eve kissed and nibbled on the redhead’s
sensitive inner thigh while she watched her husband’s lips and
tongue devour the beauty. Her arousal was overpowering and the
scent made Eve want to touch herself. Unfortunately, her large
belly prevented that.

She knew from experience just how expertly
Mark ate pussy. Her memory supplied the sensations that she knew
Lynn was feeling. She slid her hand below Mark’s chin and slipped
two fingers into the molten heat of their stepdaughter’s pussy.

“Oh, God! Yes, Daddy! Eat me!”

Her words drove him into a frenzy. His mouth
was everywhere, sucking her labia, licking her clit, and he made
the sexiest noises deep in his throat.

Eve’s lust peaked as she watched him. When
she couldn’t take it anymore, she kissed his cheek and whispered in
his ear. “It’s my turn.”

He pulled back, his face gleaming with
Lynn’s nectar. He covered her mouth with his and they kissed for
one long, deep moment. The flavor of Lynn’s pussy on his lips set
Eve on fire.

She took a minute to lick his face clean
while her fingers continued to thrust into the woman in front of
them. By the time she had captured every hint of Lynn’s flavor, she
couldn’t wait a moment more.

Eve dove into Lynn with the same gusto Mark
had displayed earlier. Her tangy, hot flavor exploded across Eve’s
senses as she covered as much of Lynn’s pussy with her mouth as she
could, and sucked. Her tongue replaced her fingers and sank as far
into the redhead’s heated depths as she could reach, laving the
walls of her vagina for the juices pooling there.

This was much better than her little
experimentations in college. That had been fun, but the thought of
her husband—the love of her life—watching her eat his stepdaughter
to a groaning, twitching, mind-expanding orgasm made her burn

She knew the plan had been to share that
ultimate moment with him, but now she couldn’t control herself. She
wanted to make Lynn come over and over. She thrust her fingers into
Lynn’s molten depths and crooked them in search for her G-spot.

Lynn’s body grew taut. “Jesus! Yes, right
there! Suck my pussy!”

Eve sucked the beautiful woman’s clit into
her mouth and rubbed it with the tip of her tongue, teasing it out
from under its hood. The hard nub throbbed with the rapid beat of
Lynn’s passion. Eve gently nursed on it, softly pressed her teeth
to it, and used the rough edge of her tongue on it until Lynn

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