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Authors: Matt Christopher,William Ogden

Dog That Called the Signals (3 page)

Hardly! Not while Harry, a dog with a talent for mind reading, is around. Mike and Harry, who won many fans in their first
The Dog That Stole Football Plays,
are back for another wacky round of sports action and humor.


Matt Christopher

A dog can’t talk to humans, can it?

In this new sports story a dog not only can talk to humans, but it does!

When Mike first sees Harry the Airedale, he looks like any other dog, but then Harry begins to talk to Mike via mental telepathy.

Does Mike buy Harry? You bet he does! The two decide to keep their mind-reading powers a secret. One day when Harry goes to
a football game Mike is playing in, Mike is glad no one knows his dog’s special trait, for Harry starts overhearing the other
team’s plays and tells Mike all about them. Mike is very happy.

Now his team is sure to win. But is it really winning, or is it only a form of cheating?

The answer to that question is what this zany story is all about.

illustrated by Bill Ogden

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