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Creek Valley, 3


Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2014






Andy Gordon stared across the diner in Creek Valley at the guy causing all the female population to swoon. The man in question had ridden into town on a bike in serious need for repair and looked like he could do with a bath along with some tender loving.
Andy had not gotten the guy’s name, but he saw what all the fuss was about. The biker was a god and with a body to match. He’d never seen muscles like that unless the guy did a lot of manual work. His arms were incredibly thick and covered in tattoos. The ink went up and around his arm like a brand. Andy couldn’t help but stare at this mystery man who’d stumbled into Creek Valley. The women were clucking around him, though not the married ones, but the guy brushed them off. Andy had worked on a ranch his whole life to get his body into a good condition. His father had given him the ranch ten years ago. He’d been twenty-five and ready to take over the Gordon Ranch. His father had handed over the deeds to the property, and Andy had been able to do whatever he wanted with the place. Since then, he’d picked the Gordon ranch up out of the gutter and brought it into the twenty-first century where it was finally thriving.

Glancing down
at his wedding band thoughts of Meredith invaded his mind. His wife was back at home cooking up a storm for him and the boys. He hired a lot of men through the summer months. Many of the men he hired were looking for work to occupy their time prior to going back to college or moving from place to place. There were plenty of workers in Creek Valley whom he employed all year round, but it was nice to get some extra hands to help with the busy summer months.

“I just want a cup of coffee, ladies. Please,” Biker guy said.

There were no extra seats, and Andy kicked his chair out. He was only taking a break from getting some supplies for the ranch and for Meredith, and then he was heading back home. “You can take a seat if you like,” Andy said, lifting his cup for another refill of coffee.

The waitress filled his cup giving him a smile before she turned on her heel and left.

“Thanks. The women behave as if they’ve never seen a guy before.” Biker guy sat down. “I’m Damon by the way. I’m just passing through.”

m Andy Gordon.” He shook hands with the new man and couldn’t help the jolt that went through his body at the contact. The only other person to give him such a rush of sensation was his sweet little wife back home. Hating the feelings coursing through his body, he let go of the large man and picked up his cup. “You’re the only biker who has looked like that passing through here.”

“I’m a loner. I love my bike and the open
road.” Damon spread his arms wide, smiling. “Thanks for sharing your table.”

“No problem.”

“I see you’re married,” Damon said, pointing at his ring.

Twirling the band around his finger Andy smiled
. “Yeah, my woman, Meredith.” Pulling out his wallet he showed the guy a picture of his beautiful wife. His woman was full-figured with large tits and flared hips. She hated them whereas he loved them. He couldn’t keep his hands off her.

Damon whistled. “Your woman is a hottie.”

Pocketing his wallet Andy waited for the waitress to serve Damon some food before talking again. It was strange how easy it was to talk to the man in front of him. “What brings you to Creek Valley?”

“I need somewhere to stay for a couple of months.” Damon forked in a good piece of pie before swilling it down with some coffee. “I need to earn money and get my bike fixed up.
Once that’s done, I’ll be out of your hair.”

“Are you looking for work?” Andy asked.

“Yeah. Know anyone looking for a hard worker?”

As he stared
at the biker opposite with all the ink and hard muscles, a shocking pulse pounded through Andy’s cock as he started to harden. He’d never been attracted to a man before. His response to Damon surprised him.

“I’m looking for work
ers. The summer is closing in, and I’ll be needing some extra hands as the other boys move on.” Andy wanted to kick himself for offering. There was something about Damon that was reeling him in. He didn’t know what it was, and part of him was too scared to find out.

What would Meredith think?

“Really? You’d be interested in hiring a total stranger?” Damon sat back. He’d already finished his pancakes in quick time. “You sure your wife will be happy with you hiring someone else?”

“My wife handles the house
, and I handle the ranch.” Meredith never caused waves with him. She was more than happy to sit back while he organized the men. He knew his wife was submissive and looked toward him for guidance. Sometimes he knew how to give Meredith the firm hand she needed whereas at other times he didn’t have a clue.

“Well, if you’re happy to take me on I’ll prove I’m a man of my word.” Damon leaned forward. “I promise you won’t be disappointed with me.”

With Damon leaning in close Andy was able to scent him. His world was crashing down around him as his cock tightened even more. “Sure. Do you want to come and have a look at the place?” Andy asked, getting to his feet. He needed to create some space between him and Damon. His name alone was full of sin.

“Sure thing.” Damon threw some notes onto the table and followed Andy out. Going to his truck, he looked at the bike on the sidewalk.

“Put your bike on back, and we’ll take it with us,” Andy said.

In no time at all they
were on the road. Damon was tapping his leg to some made up beat. Andy concentrated on the road in front of him trying to keep his thoughts on the scenery in front of him rather than the man beside him.

“So, Andy, is it me
, or is this town a little quirky?”

Tensing, he glanced toward Damon. “In what way?” Creek Valley had been his town for a long time. He loved the way the locals accepted each other and the love they had. No one had batted an eye when he’d married Meredith
, who was ten years younger than he was.

“I saw the way some of the men were looking at
women. I’m sure I saw a bit of domination going on as well,” Damon said.

“We’re a good town, Damon,
and that’s all you need to know.”

He pulled up outside of his ranch to see Meredith hanging out washing. His heart sped up at the sight of her alone.


At the sound of Andy’s truck, Meredith placed the clothes back in the basket and turned toward the front yard. She loved meeting her man after he’d been out for a long day. Rubbing her hands down the apron she wore, she moved closer to his truck. She saw
he wasn’t alone.

Someone she’d never met before got out of the passenger side of the truck. He wore a leather
jacket, and from what she saw of his flesh he was covered in tattoos. The ink he wore was not just located to his arms. She saw some on his chest going up to his neck.

“Meredith, honey,” Andy said, approaching her. Looking from Andy to the biker Meredith wondered what the hell she should do. She’d never been in this predicament before
with Andy bringing men home she didn’t know.

He reached her wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pulling her close. His comforting warmth invaded her senses. Wrapping her arms around his back she followed him toward the man. “I hope you don’t mind
, but I’ve given Damon here some work. Damon, I’d like you to meet my wife, Meredith.”

The introductions were made quickly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your picture does not do you justice.”

Meredith felt her cheeks heating under his watchful gaze. There was something about Damon that made her nervous. She didn’t know what it was
, and considering she’d only just met him the feelings were unusual. His gaze was knowing as he stared at her. Being married to Andy meant she had to get used to men. She’d not been great around the men as they all made her nervous. Her feelings were not down to anything bad or personal. Meredith just preferred her own company to that of men. Andy was the only person she’d gotten to know closely, and then she’d married him.

“Thank you.” She shook his hand and pulled away as soon as she could. Meredith noticed he grabbed her hand harder, almost as if he was trying to keep hold of her a little longer.

Don’t be stupid.

“You’ll be working on the ranch?”
Meredith asked.

“That’s the plan, honey. I’m hoping your guy isn’t regretting it.” Damon folded his hands over his chest and smiled at Andy. She saw her hus
band had the same glow as she felt. Frowning, she looked between the two men.

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