Daddy Long Stroke


Dear Reader:

It is once again my pleasure to present a novel by Cairo, one of the latest and hottest editions to the Strebor Books family. His first book,
The Kat Trap,
was so intriguing that it became an instant classic. His follow-up,
The Man Handler,
was equally a classic; both featured female lead characters. Now Cairo delivers a novel depicting the lifestyle of a womanizer.

Alexander Maples, aka Daddy Long Stroke, is a sex-crazed gigolo who has an insatiable desire to bed down as many women as possible. The story is told in raw, gritty language as we discover what whets the appetite of this outrageous character who seeks satisfaction from women coast to coast. Daddy Long Stroke successfully lures females into his tricky web not considering the pain and heartache it causes.

Hopefully, after you read this book, you will walk away analyzing your own sexual behavior, the decisions that you make in the name of love and lust, and how everything has its consequences. Cairo has once again penned a wonderful novel and we are all highly anticipating his future works. Stay tuned for his next adventure,
Deep Throat Diva.

Thanks for supporting the authors in the Strebor family and for the continuous love and support that you have shown me over the past decade. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. To find me on the web, please go to or my social networking site at You can find me on Twitter as PlanetZane, on Facebook as Zane Strebor and on Myspace as Zaneland.


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The Manhandler
The Kat Trap


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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 2010 by Cairo

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever. For information address Strebor Books, P.O. Box 6505, Largo, MD 20792.

ISBN 978-1-59309-278-8
LCCN 2010925105
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First Strebor Books trade paperback edition August 2010

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This book is dedicated to the women who crave thick chocolate,
and the bad boys who serve it.
Open wide…this one's for you!


With each passing day, I remain encouraged, determined and steadfast. I am progressing, evolving, growing, and learning to be better than the day before. I owe all that I am to the One who continues to guide me along my journey. I am truly blessed!

To all those who continue to believe in me, thank you for the never-ending love, support and encouragement.

To the growing fans, thank you, thank you, thank you! Please continue to spread the word. And be on the lookout for
Deep Throat Diva
coming at ya in 2011!

To all the reviewers, I appreciate all of your feedback/comments: good, bad and/or indifferent.

To the sexually liberated and the open-minded, I hope you get pleasure from reading
Daddy Long Stroke
just as much as I took pleasure in writing it. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

One luv—



Damn, I love eatin' pussy! 'Specially when a broad got that sweet 'n tangy, saucy-type pussy that sticks on the tip of my tongue. Or that juicy, gushy, peach-type pussy that squirts into my mouth, then drips down my chin as I slurp it all up. Man, listen…there's nuthin' like havin' a chick squattin' up over my face, sittin' her pussy down on this long tongue, or havin' her on her back wit' her legs up over my shoulders and my face buried deep between them smooth thighs while I'm tongue-drillin' her. Or havin' her bent over a chair wit' her ass spread open and my tongue deep-strokin' her from her asshole to the back of her slit—while I'm beatin' my dick, or got her throatin' it.

Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…I love the way it tastes, and smells—well, provided the ho isn't a walkin' fish market, smellin' like sewage, or leakin' a buncha shit that looks like snot or cottage cheese, feel me? A smelly bitch, forget it…no tongue, no dick, nada—it's a muthafuckin' wrap! But a chick who keeps that box right…mmmph, man, listen…finger-lickin' good! There's nuthin' more intoxicatin' than the savorin' scent of a clean, excited pussy oozin' wit' hot, sticky juices. Gotdaaaaamn, talkin' 'bout gobblin' up a pussy got my dick bricked like a muhfucka, word up. And, on some real shit, I love eatin' it almost as much as I love fuckin' it.

See. Pussy eatin' is an art. It's like paintin' the perfect portrait, feel me? It's all in the brushstroke—or, in this case, the tongue-stroke.
See, it's all 'bout technique. When a muhfucka like me has his head between a bitch's legs, I'm puttin' in work. I'm aimin' to bring her the greatest, most intense orgasm she's ever experienced. And I do it by usin' my mouth, tongue and fingers—simultaneously and alternately. The first ten minutes, or so, I'm teasin' her. I'm kissin' and lickin' her hips, her legs, her inner thighs. Then I slowly begin lickin' her pussy lips—right side, left side…mmmph, damn. Then I lick her clit, flickin' it wit' my wet, long tongue before circlin' my tongue 'round the edges of her asshole. Seein' that sweet brown eye pucker up in excitement turns me the fuck on, word up. And the more turned on I am, the more turned on she's gonna be.

Fuck what ya heard. Tongue-fuckin' is sumthin' a muhfucka should take pride in when doin' it. Just like I expect a broad to handle this dick like she loves it, I expect the same shit from myself when it comes to eatin' her pussy. I make love to that shit wit' my mouth, lips, and tongue, eatin' it like there's a chocolate-covered cherry stuck dead in the center of her pussy. And the only way to get to that sweet muhfucka is by mountin' ya wet mouth 'round it, then plungin' ya tongue deep in it, lickin', lappin' stickin', and flickin' that hole 'til she starts buckin' them hips up. See. A nigga like me is a greedy pussy eater, real talk. I ain't tryna stop 'til a bitch's walls start to shake, her asshole starts to ache, and she's chantin' to a higher power. That's when I slowly slip these big-ass fingers in her, swirlin' 'em 'round the inside of her cunt, pressin' up on that G-spot while I'm suckin' on her clit. I don't care how long it takes, I'ma make sure she gets hers. And when her breath quickens, her body quivers, and her moans escalate, I start wildin' out on the pussy—suckin' and lickin' her clit like a frantic, crazed-ass muhfucka 'til she nuts all over my tongue, hard. Then I ease up over top of her, slip my tongue in her mouth
so she can taste her creamy juice on it, while I'm slidin' this dick up in her. And by the time I'm done slayin' her wit' this wood, nine-times-outta ten, the bitch done forgot her name and address, done tossed me the keys to her whip, or done begged me to move in. So be clear. If a muhfucka like me is tongue-fuckin' you, you best believe it's 'cause you either got sumthin' I want, there's sumthin' I need for you to do, or there's sumthin' I know I'ma get from you in the future. Otherwise, no extras are comin' at ya. I'm straight-dickin' you and that's it.

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