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Because of You

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidently.

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It’s hard to believe this is my third book. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was writing Hold on Tight. First I will like to thank my husband for always encouraging me to continue. He is the love of my life. I will also like to thank my mother and father who sit at dinnertime and always listen to me talk about writing. It’s an amazing feeling to see how proud they are of me. I’m truly lucky to have parents like them. My brother Richard, I’m grateful to you for all you do, and for always coming up with a line I need. Yes your sock line made it into this book.

Jeanette, you continue to be the very best friend a girl can ask for. Your support means the world to me. Dana and Lorraine, you guys are my family and will always be. I love my Costa girls. Joie Costa you have inspired me so much, not only in writing, but also in life. My goal is to be as caring and loving as you.

To Pat Palfy, I need to thank you for all you do and all your encouragement. It means so much to me. You are not only my boss, you are also my friend. I’m lucky to have you in my life. Priscilla and Karen, you girls rock and you know it. I’m proud to call you girls my friends. Love you guys. Bern, once again thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I owe you so much. Lidia, I’m always grateful for you. Your encouragement means the world to me. You are my biggest cheerleader.

A special thank you to Jen Naumann. The best thing about becoming an author is getting to know you. You have been a wonderful, supportive friend, who always knows what I’m going through. I can’t wait until we meet in person and get tattooed together. And to the rest of my #RatedInsane Crew, you guys rock. You’re always there when I need you to make me laugh. Hopefully one day we will meet in person.

To everyone I have met on Twitter I say thank you for everything you do. Meeting all of you on Twitter has been a huge blessing. And finally to all my Facebook friends thank you for all your support. You guys always make me feel special.

Dedicated to my husband Eddie,
I’m lucky to have married my first love

Table of Contents

Life is Full of Traitors

Not You Again

Dad Sucks

Dealing with a Racing Heart

Fooled Again

Beach Time

Had Enough

Getting Out Frustrations

Back to School

Time for Some Football

Too Much to Deal With

Party Time

Head Spinning

Kiss Interrupted

The Day After

And It Begins

It Keeps Getting Better

People Are Talking

Warning: He’s Trouble

Surprise Done Right

Getting Closer

Friends Will Come & Go


Talking to the Enemy

Falling Deep

Seems Like No One Likes Us Together

Feelings Exposed

Braden University

Falling Deeper in Love


Reality Hurts

Hardest Choice Ever

Dealing with a Broken Heart



Life is Full of Traitors

My father sits across from me biting his lower lip intensely looking at the menu. I can’t believe he’s covered all his grey hair with a dark brown color. He looks so weird. Like he’s trying too hard to look young. Next thing I know he’ll be getting a piercing or a tattoo. I really hope not. He’s too old for that.

My sister Carrie taps her fingers loudly on her iPhone. It’s beginning to get on my nerves. Why does she have to text her fiancé so much? I don’t understand what they can be talking about that’s so important it can’t wait until later. Ohmigod! I’m beginning to sound like my mother.

Carrie’s heading back to New York City in forty-eight hours and I can’t wait. She’s been driving me crazy all week long. She thinks the world revolves around her and we are all here to serve her. Maybe that’s why she’s so into her fiancé Jeff, his world begins and ends with her.

I glance back at my dad wondering why he chose the same restaurant we used to come to as a family to share his latest news. The last time we were here was the night before he told us he was leaving my mother for that stupid skank. Hopefully this time we’re here so he can tell us he’s finally come to his senses and he has dumped her.

“Do you know what you’re going to have?” he asks, shooting his bright green eyes up to finally make some kind of eye contact with me.

I shake my head no. The smell of grilled steak has been dancing around my nose since we entered the restaurant. I look at my menu and try to decide between steak or a double cheddar bacon burger. They both sound so good. My stomach growls just thinking of taking a bite of either one.

“How about you Carrie?” My father asks her.

“Water and a salad with no dressing,” she coldly answers, without looking up from her phone.

“Don’t you want some real food?”

She shoots her hazel eyes up in horror and states, “Daddy, you know I’m getting married in a year. Do you want me to walk down the aisle looking like a cow?”

“Of course not,” my father says, raising his eyebrows up and down while giving me one of his silly grins.

There’s the father I remember. Once upon a time, he and I were inseparable, always doing things together and having our own private jokes. Carrie and my mother were always jealous of the relationship we shared. But then again they have their own special relationship.

My father was my whole world and couldn’t do anything wrong, that is until he began to see Trisha and destroyed our family. He didn’t only break my mother’s heart he also broke mine. Things really haven’t been the same since then.

The way he’s looking at me right now makes me think we could get that relationship back on track, especially if we’re here for him to tell us he’s done with his midlife crisis.

That’s it, I’m going to order the burger and maybe he’ll have the same. The way we used to.

“Sorry I’m late!” I hear a high pitch sound say shattering my eardrums. My heart bounces off my chest when I see Trisha running towards us in a red dress so short and tight I don’t think it would even fit my old Barbie dolls. Her perfectly styled black hair doesn’t move an inch as she bounces toward us with way too much make-up on her face.

I shut my eyes tightly and imagine her tripping on her five-inch heels, flying across the restaurant, and landing flat on her face. She stands up in horror when she notices her breast implants have popped. Trisha is rushed to the hospital where she’s pronounced dead from silicon poisoning. A wide smile comes across my face at the thought of being at her funeral. What can I say; I hate the bitch.

I open my eyes again and see her standing in front of us with a big idiot smile, showing off her new white teeth. I’m sure another gift from my father. I can’t stand how fake she is. I hope by the time I’m twenty-seven I won’t need as much work as she does to look good.

Trisha knew exactly what she was doing when she dug her acrylic claws into my father, a very successful oral surgeon. She gets anything his money will buy her.

“So, did you tell them yet?” Trisha asks, sliding into the booth right next to my father.

“No. I was waiting for you.” He leans in and gives her a kiss on the lips. Yuck! I think I’ve just lost my appetite.

“Can I take your order?” The waitress asks interrupting their moment of grossness.

“We need another...”

“Yeah, I’ll have the New York strip and lobster, and can I also have an order of the twin lobster tails,” I say, cutting off my father. If he wants me to have dinner with that home wrecker I’m going to make him pay.

“That sounds good. I’ll have the same, but also add a salad with no dressing,” Carrie adds. Sometimes I really love my sister.

“Wow, you guys must be starving,” Trisha observes, “Well, I’ll take a grilled chicken salad with the dressing on the side.”

“The full size or half?” The waitress asks.

“The half size...actually, bring me the full size, since I’m now eating for two,” Trisha announces, now looking at both my sister and I with a huge
surprise I just fucked up your life

The waitress quickly congratulates her, while Carrie and I begin to take slow, deep breaths. Did she really just say she’s having a baby? Who’s the father? Please don’t let it be my dad’s. Who am I kidding? Of course it’s his.

My stomach begins to twist in horrible burning knots. I can’t believe she’s having a stupid baby. Does she not know my father is forty-nine? He’s too old to have another child. I bet she’s just trying to trap him into staying with her.

That bitch!

“Are you serious?” Carrie hollers.

“Yes. I’m due at the end of May. Are you guys excited? You’re going to be older sisters,” Trisha cheers as if this is all good news.

“I’m already an older sister. Dad, how could you? Does Mom know?” Carrie’s body trembles with fury. While I feel myself shrinking as tremors of terror spiral through me.

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