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Three Weeks Ago…

The sound of the door shutting behind them didn't register with her until she felt her back pressed against it and the heat of his body warming her front. The only thing she was focused on was the feel of Laszlo's mouth on hers, his tongue in her mouth, and his body pinning her to the door. His body was lean and muscular and so strong compared to hers. He had the broadest shoulders she'd ever seen or felt and his chest…well, his chest was frustratingly indescribable and totally delectable. Him, his body, his voluptuous lips, and killer smile had been the star of more than one of her fantasies. And now it was coming true. She was in Laszlo Cstary's hotel room, kissing him, tearing at his clothes, preparing to have sex with him. Laszlo Cstary. Billionaire CEO. Playboy extraordinaire. Arrogant, self-indulged, sex on legs.
Her boss!

Oh my God, I'm going to have sex with my boss!
This was such a colossal mistake. It was never a good idea to mix business with pleasure, especially considering her track record with men and the past she was determined to keep hidden. The last thing she needed was a repeat performance of what happened on her last job. She knew if she wasn't careful that's exactly what would happen though. But, sweet Lord, this was Laszlo Cstary! How on earth could she possibly tell him no when he's been all she'd been able to think about since she started working for him three months ago? His mouth left hers and trailed hot kisses along her jaw and down her throat. She put her head back and moaned softly. It felt incredible and for a brief moment she thought she might be dreaming.

"I've wanted you for so long, Trinity," he whispered in a dark husky voice that sent shivers down her spine.

"Me too," she said, her hands coursing through his hair, the silky strands slipping between her fingers like an added caress. Wow. Things were happening too fast, so fast that before she knew it, she was standing naked before him. Despite the coolness of the room, her body was on fire. The way he looked at her, his gaze raking over her body, devouring her like a starving man made her knees weak.
Good grief! If he could turn me on with just a look, I can only imagine what he'll do to me when he finally touches me.

He brought his hand to her mouth and traced her lips with the pad of his thumb. "I've dreamt about what it would feel like to have your mouth, to see these pretty little lips of yours wrapped around my cock."

She flashed him her best seductive smile. "No reason you need to keep dreaming." Trinity dropped to her knees, astonished with her own forwardness. She knew she shouldn't have had those last two glasses of wine. At least she wasn't a self-conscious fumbling idiot like she normally was around him. She undid his belt and with one solid yank removed it from his pants and tossed it to the floor. With trembling hands, she unzipped his pants and his cock sprang free.
Holy hell!
Staring her in the face was the biggest, thickest, hardest cock she'd ever seen. It was gloriously intimidating.

Laszlo gathered her hair into his hands and held it away from her face. He smiled down at her. "Is it too much for you, love?"

It annoyed her how sexy his arrogance was. Yes, Laszlo was a walking, talking Adonis who was hung like a friggin' horse. And he knew it. Hell, everyone who had ever laid eyes on him knew it. Herself included, but she'd be damned if she'd let his size and confidence intimidate her. She licked her lips and wrapped her hand around his shaft, slowing stroking down his length and then back up, her palm circling around the head before taking him into her mouth.

He put his hand on the door with enough force it startled her. "Fuck," he groaned and sucked in a breath.

Trinity smiled at his reaction. Obviously she sucked pretty well. She swirled her tongue around the ridge of his cockhead, her hand still stroking his shaft as she savored the taste of him. Hot, hard, masculine—it was a heady mixture that, she realized, could become quite addictive. No wonder his countless one night stands continued to come back for more. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could until it became uncomfortable, before slowly pulling back. "Mmm," she murmured.

"Shit your mouth feels so good," he said.

With surprisingly controlled movements, Laszlo fucked her mouth; in real slow and deep and then out. She sat on her knees, mouth open, body still, and allowed him to take his fill of pleasure from her. It was making her really wet to listen to him moan, to watch him from under her thick lashes as his chest heaved with every labored breath and to see his head flung back, eyes closed, and lips parted as he inched closer and closer to his release. Trinity was prepared for him to come in her mouth. She anticipated it with reckless abandon.

And then he yanked out of her mouth with a snarl. "Come here."

As soon as she was on her feet he had
her pinned against the door again, his mouth crushing hers with a kiss that demanded obedience and surrender.
As if she could do anything else.
She'd surrendered to him the moment she agreed to come up to his room. Laszlo shoved his pants down over his hips and let them pool around his feet. He grabbed under her knee and pulled her thigh to his waist, first one and then the other until she felt the head of his cock penetrating her slick, eager channel. Stifling a cry, she wrapped her legs around his waist, her feet crossing behind his back. "Ah, oh god," she said on a moan as Laszlo pushed into her, his massive girth stretching her to the point of delicious painful pleasure. He filled her so completely she wasn't sure where she ended and he began. But that was okay because the feel of him pumping inside of her, the feel of his hands grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks was the most wonderful feeling in the world. She wanted to stay like that forever, suspended on the cliff of sheer glorious ecstasy.

Laszlo froze for a moment as he stepped out of his pants and kicked them to the side. "Fuck, you feel so good, Trinity. So wet and tight," he said, lifting her from where she'd been pinned against the door and turning to carry her toward the bed.

She was impressed with the way he managed to stay inside of her, never for a moment losing the contact they both so desperately craved. She felt his hands slide down her ass, nearing closer to her forbidden entrance. He wasn't…no, he wouldn't…would he? And then he did. A single finger slid into her ass and she yelped at the sensation. It was so wrong, but it was oh so good, too. Laszlo sat on the edge of the bed and lay down, bringing her down on top of him. His cock was buried in her pussy and his finger in her ass. He didn't try to add more fingers, nor did he move the one that was in there, he simply held it there.

"Ride my cock, love," he said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Trinity began to move, slow at first, getting accustomed to the position, and then faster. And that's when she realized: every time she came down on his cock she also came down on his finger. It was jarring, but it was also so damn good she found herself fucking him harder and faster just so she could experience the feeling over and over again. It was unlike anything she ever could've imagined.

"You like that don't you?"

"Oh god, yes!"
She sat up on him, her back arched and her fingers clawing at his chest. Her body took on a mind of its own, gyrating and grinding on him, bucking and bouncing. She grabbed her tits and rolled her nipples between her thumb and forefinger sending a jolt of pleasure through her body straight to her clit. Laszlo lifted his hips, meeting her as she came down on him hard, eliciting a scream from her.

"Oh, fuck yeah. That's it Trinity, make it feel good, make yourself come."

He wiggled his finger inside of her ass and she lost it. She threw herself on him, covering his body with her own as her orgasm ripped her apart. "Laszlo," she whimpered. Her orgasm had only begun to subside when she felt his cock swell. And then she felt him come, hot and thick inside of her. She found herself coming again, with him, and it was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. All the clichés of mind blowing, earth shattering, toe curling sex she'd heard about—none of them compared to what she'd just felt with Laszlo. She laid limp on top of him, no energy or desire to move. He pulled his finger from her and she sighed.

"I don't think I've ever come so hard in my life," he whispered and she laughed.

"Me either."

Laszlo took her face into his hands and kissed her softly, stealing her ability to think. "We're just getting started, love."

"We are?" Her body tingled with anticipation at the idea of doing this with him again.

He hugged her to him and rolled them over so that she was now beneath him. "Mmm hmm."

His hips moved and she was shocked to find him semi-hard. She didn't know that was possible. Her body needed a few minutes to recuperate. At least, that's what her mind said. Her body was moving with him already, her soft moans a stranger to her own ears.

"I'm not even close to being done with you," he said. Trinity closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure.


Sunlight filtered in through the curtains, casting an irritating glow on her face. She rolled over and flung her arm over her eyes. It was useless. She'd been woken and there was no going back to sleep for her. Trinity yawned and stretched, her hand grazing over the lump in the blankets next to her. She snapped her eyes open.
Oh my god! I wasn't dreaming. I really did have sex with my boss last night. Repeatedly.
She groaned. "I'm never drinking again," she mumbled as she climbed out of bed.
Christ, why are my thighs so damn sore?
And then she remembered. Marathon sex with the king of all things sexual was bound to leave her feeling a little worn out.

It had been a mistake coming here. Hell, she wasn't even supposed to be here. Sarah, Laszlo's executive assistant was supposed to have been the one to be here. Not Trinity. But Sarah had come down with a bad case of the flu and couldn't make it. This business trip, the meetings, the negotiations were so important to Laszlo and he absolutely could not function without an assistant around that when Sarah suggested Trinity fill in, he'd jumped at the idea.

Trinity tiptoed into the bathroom and put on one of the complimentary robes. She didn’t' want to risk getting fully dressed. The quicker she could get away the better. She gathered her clothes from the bedroom floor, taking extra care not to wake Laszlo. She was pretty sure no woman had ever snuck out on him and she was positive he wouldn't take it very well that she did, but that was a bridge she'd cross later. Right now, she just wanted to get the hell out of his room and go home.

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