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Authors: Bijou Hunter

Rebound Biker (5 page)

I made a big fucking deal out of finding a good woman. Declared it from the
mountaintops. My family laughed at me and my friends rolled their fucking eyes.
I believed in my plan then you walked into a bar I rarely visit. That's a damn

don't believe in fate."

have to believe in something for it to be real. My uncle is pretty convinced
gravity is a fraud, but I never saw him float away."

can't help laughing. "That's not quite the same thing."

think too much. That's how you ended up with your sissy ex-husband. Sometimes
you need to let go and feel. I'm doing that with you. I'm not thinking about
your cookie cutter house or big fancy degree. I'm not worrying about your
yuppie parents. All I'm doing is feeling. Since you walked into Pete's, I've
been feeling really good too."

softly, Meredith places her free hand on mine. "Me too. I try not to think
about the why, but I can't help it."

know, but for now, just enjoy things. After so long with a douche, embrace the
good stuff. I know I am."

expression makes me feel like a million bucks. In her eyes, I'm a reward. She
stops thinking about our differences and begins embracing the parts of my life
that are new for her. I figure I ought to take things to the next step and
introduce her to my club that weekend. If she doesn't run away screaming, she
might be strong enough to endure my family.

Chapter Nine



created two tiny physical versions of herself. Five-year-old Amaya and
two-year-old Alejandro might look like Mommy, but they have Julio's calm
demeanor. Unlike every other kid at the grocery store, Zulma's remain quietly
at the cart. I look at the kids and imagine what mine with Winston might look

falling hard for Winston. Tell me to stop," I say as we walk down the
bread aisle.

Is he no good?"

but I might be his rebound. I don't want my heart broken. Every day, I want him
more. No, I need him more. While I'd like to believe the way we feel is real,
I'm not his type."

means nothing. Men want what they want. Julio liked shy girls until me. He
didn't want a woman with a big mouth and too many opinions. He even said that on
video. I saw it and he wasn't drunk either. He meant it, but he met me and here
we are."

grin at Zulma and her beautiful kids. "I was ready to start a family. Even
if I wasn't really in love with Sandy, we had a decent life and I wanted a

thing you didn't make a baby with Sandy. He has a really big forehead. You
don't want no big foreheaded babies, Mere. Trust me. My cousin's daughter has a
big forehead and it's all you see. The rest of her face is smashed together to
fit that giant forehead. Not cute."

underestimate the value of foreheads. My old neighbor has a son without much of
a forehead. The poor child's eyebrows and hairline nearly touch. Freaky."

caresses Alejandro's head after setting him into the cart. "I dodged a bullet
with my beauties."

you did. I can only hope my babies are half as cute."

after you made fun of ugly babies. I think you might have jinxed

my head, I ignore her warning and return to Winston. "After Sandy left, I thought about selling the house and moving somewhere trendier. I wanted to
embrace being single. I also considered remodeling the house and staying there.
Now with Winston, I find myself imagining us buying a home together. How he'd
want something closer to his family. We've only been dating for a few weeks and
I'm already planning our retirement. It's ridiculous."

you're doing the opposite than with Sandy. You're feeling things and adjusting
your life to fit those feelings. With Sandy, he fit the picture of your life so
you adjusted your feelings for him to fit the plan. This thing with Winston is
organic and you've always relied on the predictable."

sound like a shrink."

known you since we were eleven and heard you break down people's fears and
hopes a million times. You just aren't great at figuring out your own

if I give Winston everything I have and it's not real or permanent for

you get hurt and deal with those feelings. Staying safe isn't possible. Not
unless you want another Sandy."

I don't think I could tolerate someone like him after being with Winston. He's
ruined me."

gives me a knowing grin. "He's basically shacked up with you at this
point. I like that take charge attitude. Why waste time? You're not getting any

she's really not," Bethany says, pushing up behind me. "Sorry, I'm
late. I had to wait until the Dentist finished with a patient so I could get
his grocery list."

for your man," Zulma mutters, clicking her tongue. "Six months and no
ring though."

Bethany opens her mouth, remembers the children are present, and only smiles. "You
always get mouthy when you have your adorable little shields nearby."

no fool."

my sister out of the way, I ignore her. "Last night, Winston took me to a
bar where his club hangs out."

I ever tell you that Julio and I roleplay using the characters from
Sons of

Bethany opens her mouth again to say something rude then remembers the children.

you think about the children?" I tease her.

what happened at the bar?" Zulma asks while Bethany sulks.

much. They were nice. Not at all what I expected. After about an hour, we
walked a block to a playground and shot hoops with a few of his friends. I
haven't done that since high school."

onto him," Bethany says, grabbing me. "You're smiling a lot and doing
fun stuff and waking from your Sandy induced coma. Hold onto Winston and be

I hadn't been sure, but since you ordered me to do something, I guess I have no

I like that."

sighs. "I hope you two stop messing around and get settled down for real.
I have big plans for once you have families. I've already decided on the
vacations we'll take. Girls night out will be more fun too when it's not just
another night out."


grins. "I hate to get tough with you two, but I've been waiting too long.
You wasted all those years with Sandy," she says to me then looks at Bethany. "And you wasted all those years with every random guy you could find."

enough," Bethany mutters.

you settle on the men you're with or ditch them. You're too old to play

if we don't follow your sage advice?" Bethany challenges.

have to find new friends with families. I have needs, you know?"

share Zulma's smile while Bethany grabs a jar of pickles for the Dentist. As we
finish shopping, I decide to shake off my pathological need to plan every damn
aspect of my life. No more micromanaging. With Winston, I'll just feel.

Chapter Ten



a flowered black and pink skirt with a pink blouse and black flats, Meredith is
overdressed for a work site. Stepping over the siding, Meredith smiles at me. I
ignore the guys checking her out, figuring I'll scare them later. For now, I
kiss her cheek.

can't you kiss me in front of your friends?"

figured you didn't want me getting you dirty."

I have the afternoon off, I decided I'd visit you."

I murmur, pulling her against me so she can feel how excited I am to see her.

kiss her, making sure to show the guys how she's mine and they need to look
elsewhere. Meredith doesn't care about my claim on her. She just wants more.
Sucking at my tongue, she slides her hands up my ratty tee.

so hot."

I know it," I murmur.

mean hot like overheated. Are you keeping hydrated?"

Meredith, I love how concerned she is about me. If Nomie or any of my
ex-girlfriends showed up in this heat, they'd complain about how
were hot. They'd ask if I had anything for them to drink. They wouldn't worry
about me at all. I wasn't a kid, needing a mommy to care for him. That didn't
mean I minded having a woman who gave a shit about my wellbeing.

have lots of water inside. Want me to show you some of the fancy shit we've
gotten done so far?"

hungry after our kiss, Meredith nods. I take her hand and order the guys out of
the house, so they don't do anything to embarrass me. They hurry out, taking
advantage of an early lunch. Now empty, the house's only completed room is the
master bath. Once inside, I shut the door and turn to Meredith.


glances around then down at my crotch. "Not wild, just really..."

you wet?" I whisper.

smile sets my body on fire. No one's ever made me feel so powerful and
brilliant. Meredith does with only a smile.

her, I tug up her skirt and caress her ass. Meredith presses her hands against
me, wanting to stop and worrying someone will see. She glances around, remembers
the guys are gone and the door is locked. Her hands slide up my white tee while
her lips find mine again.

at work feels reckless," she says in raspy voice.

must jack off twice a day since we've met."

frowns at me, but I ignore her shock. I'm too busy enjoying the sweet scent of
her wet pussy. She leans back against the counter as her panties drop past her
ankles. I take them off and shove them into my pocket.

for me," I say, licking at the wet flesh.

lets out a low, almost pained moan. I lift her leg over my shoulder and press
my tongue deeper. Meredith doesn't need much to make her come. I even suspect
she showed up, hoping for just such a quickie.

can barely get my cock out of my pants fast enough. Meredith giggles at my
hands fumbling at the zipper of my jeans. She helps me get free then leans
farther back on the sink. We both groan with relief once I enter her with one
hard thrust.

waiting to get back inside you since we said goodbye this morning," I
murmur, holding her hips while moving fast and hard.

Meredith digs her nails into my arms. I move faster until she closes her eyes
and her pussy clenches around my cock. She moans so loud I can't hear myself. I
feel like I come and come until my legs are ready to give out.

do something to me," I whisper against her cheek.

the hunger of her still clenching pussy, Meredith kisses me tenderly. "You
do everything to me."

glances down at where our bodies remain connected. She sighs as I pull my cock
from her. I caress her pussy then help her stand.

I bail work?" I ask.

I'll use the afternoon to shop. I want to change things at the house. Lose all
that beige and add some color. While I go spend money, you flex these sexy

couldn't be a bad influence this once?" I mutter, kissing her neck as she
steals her panties from my pocket.

slides her arms around my waist and smiles. "My visit wasn't simply for
sex. I missed you in a way no phone call could satisfy."

fingers smooth her stray hairs. She's so damn beautiful I can't imagine no
longer having her in my life. Meredith is mine. The idea of any other man
having her pisses me off until I'm ready to piss a circle around her. I wasn't
capable of realizing her worth when we were teenagers, but I'm not a kid

Chapter Eleven



office is in a new building filled with various medical practices. Bethany works at a pharmacy on the main floor. Her dentist boyfriend is on the second
floor. Zulma is the office manager for the medical group on the third floor.
Down the hall from the pharmacy is the office I share with another

I've felt like I have the place to myself. Our receptionist is on maternity
leave while Dr. Stigler only works part-time since the birth of her second son.
Everyone kept saying I was next until Sandy dumped me.

brain isn't on babies during today's long lunch break. My focus is on privacy
as I close the shades and lock the doors. Once I'm certain no one can bother
me, I kick off my heels and remove my slacks. Now wearing only my underwear, I
call Winston and hope he's alone.

ready to try again?" he asks tenderly, but I hear the humor in his voice.

can't relax when I'm at work."

tried this routine yesterday, but I was left frustrated until I arrived home
and he helped me find relief.

can do whatever you want," he says as I try to get comfortable in my
office. "Mind over matter. Isn't that something they taught you in shrink

you're irritating me," I grumble. "I'm in my underwear. Now

me about your panties."


your finger over the slit. Are you wet?"


laughs quietly. "Do you have the vibrator?"


buts. You're not ready for anal."

roll my eyes while he laughs. "Take off your bra and tell me if your
nipples are hard."

pop open the front of the pink bra and let it fall off my shoulders.

not hard."

you thinking about me?"


are you thinking?" he asks in a low, rough voice. "Are you thinking
about me in the office with you?"

am now."

laughs before steadying himself. "Take off your panties."

stand and wiggle them free of my hips. Kicking them aside, I rest on the couch
again and feel weird.

is where my patients sometimes rest when sharing their feelings."

bet a few of them fantasize about nailing you on that couch. Now tell me about
your legs. Are they open? Maybe you can put one up on the back of the couch.
Imagine I'm there with you. Show me the pink flesh of your pussy, Meredith. I
need to see it."

hear the hunger in his voice and imagine him stroking his cock. My body
immediately responds to the image.

nipples are hard," I whisper into the phone.

them for me. Soft at first then pinch them. They like when I pinch them, don't
they, baby?"

I sigh, touching my nipples the way he instructs.

your pussy wet? Can I blow on it?"

I smile. "Yes. I wish you were here."

am. Close your eyes and see me between your legs. I love to look at your pussy.
The flesh gets so hot and wet for me. When I lick it, your clit swells up. I
want you to touch your clit with the vibrator. Make it believe the vibrator is
my tongue."

vibrator was a gag gift from Bethany for my last wedding anniversary. She said
if Sandy couldn't get things done, the little pink vibrator would. Sandy smiled at Bethany, humoring her because she scared him. I realize now how most
things frightened Sandy. They scared me too, but I feel fearless today. Resting
back on the couch, I hold the phone in one hand and a vibrator in the other.

you feel my breath on your pussy?" he asks.

want to feel your cock."

am there. I'm opening you up and taking what's mine."

I say, my eyes closed as I make little circles against my clit with the
vibrator. "Your cock is so hard."

is, baby. I can barely hold on. I want to fuck you so bad. Can I fuck

Fuck me."

imagine him stroking his cock. I know how the hard flesh feels when he's ready
to come. The way his face tenses just before the pleasure overwhelms him. How
bright his blue eyes are as he lets go.

so wet."

me harder," I moan, leaving the phone where I can hear it while my fingers
pinch my nipple. "I'm about to come, Winston. Fuck me harder."

pussy is mine. It wants me."


one else."

I whimper, biting my lower lip.

liquid pleasure rushes over me in waves. I ride the orgasm, pinching my nipple
while moaning into the phone. I hear Winston's breathing shift and know he's
enjoying an orgasm too. Seeing him in my mind, I wish he were coming inside of

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