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Authors: Bijou Hunter

Rebound Biker (3 page)

to know."

tell me about your plan with the douche."

my fork, I tear meat free from the ribs.
This is my idea of getting messy.

Sandy and I searched for a house, I wanted something two stories with lots of
bedrooms. Instead, Sandy wanted a ranch-style with only three bedrooms. He said
we could upgrade down the road. However, the entire point of saving up was to
buy a long-term home. Moving is a tedious task. Why would anyone want to do it
with kids, if they didn't have to? I knew buying the house was a mistake, but I
didn't fight him. The thing is I know how to manipulate people well."

gives me a sly grin. I smile too then continue talking between eating dinner.
Every bite takes me closer to the drive home with Winston.

know how to get Sandy to do what I want. After all, everyone has weaknesses. In
Sandy's case, he suffers from a sense of inadequacy in comparison to his
older brother who was a jock and ace student. I could have easily mentioned how
we needed a large house for all of the family dinners with his parents. He
would have gotten competitive and wanted a bigger house. I now realize Sandy was already backing out of the marriage a year ago when we moved into the house.
What I don't understand is why I didn't manipulate him into getting what I

no professional like you, but if I had to put on my thinking cap, I'd say you
knew he wanted out and you were okay with that. You gave in because having a
tiny house wasn't gonna matter since kids weren't happening."

I study Winston, he leans over and kisses me.

I close?"

never really thought about that, but you're likely right. The day he dumped me,
I knew I should cry, but I didn't. I haven't cried once since he left. I told
myself I was in denial, but not like I thought. I never realized the
relationship was over a long time ago."

is pretty blind to their own crap. Most people are pretty stupid about other
people's crap too. You aren't so that makes you ahead of the game."

manages to console me without a bunch of platitudes. He just says what needs to
be said and returns to eating. I smile at his simplicity. Winston is perfect
the way he is and refuses to put on any airs.

faster now, I'm desperate to get him alone and relive the excitement of my
youth. Those hours in the tent were the most fun of my life. Now I get a second

Chapter Six



at her house, Meredith wraps herself against me as soon as I open the truck
door. A quick fuck won't satisfy. No, with Meredith, I want her spread out on
the bed so I can explore the freckles along her chest and between her luscious

sexy as hell in this dress," I say. "Now I want to see you out of it."

wraps her legs tighter around my hips. Even as she presses up to find my
erection, I wiggle free.

let's do this right."

walk into the house where she smiles softly at me.

need to run to the bathroom," she says, leaving her keys and purse at the
front table.

disappears down a hallway and I wonder if she's talking herself out of
finishing what she started in the truck. I feel awkward standing in an unloved
home. On a couch in the living room, I spot bright orange pillows. The house
feels like her douche ex-husband who I've never met, yet instinctually hate.
Those pillows are glimpses into Meredith's fiery inside. Sandy smothered the
passion in his wife, but I wasn't an idiot like him. He expected her to behave.
I want her to go wild in her quiet Meredith way.

from the hallway, a barefoot Meredith looks me up and down before smiling.

remember where my bedroom is, don't you?"

wag my finger at her and Meredith flushes beat red. How I don't come that very
second I don't know. I'm standing across the room, yet she reacts to me like
I'm a sex god.

shuffles closer, hesitant at first. She's thinking the way smart women always
think. I remember cheating off her papers and getting the best grades of my
life. Meredith wanted to go wild back in high school and let everyone cheat off
her. She wanted to be bad and dated me.

don't know what she wants long term from me. Maybe I'm no different than when
she figured I was Woody. I'm her fun fuck after a decade stuck with dull Sandy
Schmuck. If this is her plan, I'll change her mind.

and next week and until she gets the message that we're fated. Damn, if I'm not
thinking the man above has His hands in this meet up. Yeah, we're fated and I'm
no rebound.

I'll convince her.

I just plan to make her smile.
Laugh. Scream. Come hard until her toes curl.
I remember that about Meredith. I remember it all now and I have plans.

longer shuffling, Meredith tosses aside her nerves. She takes a few fast, long
steps then throws her arms around my neck.

relieved we didn't do anything last night. I don't want to miss anything."

I lift her up easily and wrap her legs around my waist. Meredith's dress hikes
up as I walk her to the bedroom. I rest her back on the bed and take in the
sight of her simple white panties. They're damp before I run my finger down the
slit. Meredith shivers, breathing fast.

she mumbles, sitting up and reaching for the buttons on my shirt. "I want
to see your tattoos."

bet you do," I tease, running my fingers through her long blonde hair.

soon as my shirt falls off my shoulders, Meredith licks my exposed flesh. Her
fingers move too fast, her tongue and lips taste hungrily. We need relief
before we can slow down and enjoy ourselves.

sunburned," she says as I pull her to her feet.

concern in her voice makes my cock throb. Turning her around, I unzip her dress
while my lips press against her ear.

you don't stop being perfect, I'm going to come in my pants."

can I be less perfect?" she asks with humor in her voice.

if I know."

slide the hooks off her bra and it falls forward onto the ground. My hands find
her tits and squeeze those hard nipples. Meredith moans, leaning back against
me. I nip the flesh of her throat and she moans again, leaning forward. She's
lost in the need. Forget seduction. I need to fuck and she needs me inside her.

push the dress past her hips then wiggle off her panties. Her hands press
against the mattress, struggling to stay upright. I inhale the scent of her wet
pussy. Kissing each ass cheek, I peer around her hip and admire her tits. I
want to touch and taste and fuck them. I want it all, but I can barely wait to
get my cock out of my pants. Shoving them off, I stand naked and hard behind

I say and she instinctively knows.

her legs, she tilts her ass up at me. "Winston."

her pussy, the head of my cock shines as our juices mingle. Meredith presses
back, wanting my cock to own her. She's like a woman starving and her hunger is

groan together as my cock disappears into her desperate pussy. Meredith can't
wait. Needing relief, she pushes her hips back.

need to fuck you," I whisper, wrapping my arms around her waist as my cock
throbs deep inside her. "I'll make your toes curl later. I want you so bad
that I can't go slow."

forget slow. Fuck me."

twists around to kiss me and I feel like no time has passed since we last
fucked in the tent. Her face flushed. Her eyes alert. Her tits jutting out,
aching to be teased. I'm happy to help.

arm remains wrapped around her waist as I thrust. My free hand teases one
nipple then the next. I want to make her scream, but we're both so close that
it takes only a few hard thrusts and my fingers between her legs to send us
over the edge.

empty myself inside her while her pussy clutches at me.

that took the edge off," she teases then crawls away.

watch her turn over and rest on her back. Her legs part and she sighs really
soft and sweet.

not usually waxed," she says, caressing her pussy. "I thought it
would make me feel sexy, but it hurt like hell."

lean forward and kiss her knee, allowing my lips to slide lower. When I nip at
her inner thigh, Meredith's pussy dampens in anticipation.

wouldn't care if you were sporting the Amazon jungle down here," I murmur,
resting on my stomach even if my cock aches to be where my fingers play.

smiles, yet her mind is less on my words than my fingers. She's so wet and hot
against my touch.

you miss me?" I ask as one finger disappears inside her pussy.


you think of me when you fucked Sandy?" I demand, filling her with a
second finger.


like how she lies for me. Who gives a shit about honesty when her juices dampen
my knuckles?

lips suck at her swollen clit. Not too hard. She's close enough to only need a
nudge. Meredith whimpers and my fingers drip with her pleasure. I lick at my
fingers then slide them back into her. I want to lick her longer, deeper.

sits up and cups my face, bringing my lips to hers. We kiss and she tastes her
juices on my tongue.

me," she whispers, tugging me over her.

like a virgin on my first date."

she gazes lovingly at my cock. "We can take our time later."

guide my cock into her pussy again then thrust until she's full. Meredith and I
sigh in unison.

forgot how great sex could feel," she whispers more to herself than me.

you let me," I say, leaning down to suck at her lips, "I'll remind
you every fucking day."

wraps her arms around my neck then closes her eyes as I move faster inside her.

can I tell this face no?" she murmurs.

hips move in rhythm. The fucking isn't why I'm hooked. It's the damn perfection
of this evening. Her gaze on me is magic. Her voice is music. No woman ever did
this to me and I know I can love Meredith.

just need to make sure she doesn't talk herself into making us a fling.

Chapter Seven


for a Sick Day

nude body looks out of place on my flowered sheets. Bedding can be replaced
while this sexy specimen can't. He's resting on his back, grinning at me.
Though the TV plays quietly, I doubt he's really watching the news.

check my messages then adjust the alarm clock since Mondays are my early days.

come?" he asks, rolling over and hugging my leg against him.

I see patients starting at nine, but one of them needed an early appointment. I
made an exception, so Mondays are my early days."

wrong with this guy?"

smile at his relaxed, rather playful tone. "I can't share patient

guy isn't dangerous, is he?"

nearly laugh at the protective growl in his voice. "None of my patients
are treated for violent tendencies. However, anyone is capable of violence
under certain circumstances."

like helping people. I remember how you helped me with schoolwork in high

teasing me, so I pat his head and say nothing.

did you get this mark on your leg?" he asks, kissing my outer thigh.
"It wasn't there in high school."

in college, I went with my family on vacation to the Hamptons. I lost my
balance and leaned against a grill."

sweet Meredith."

sucks at the flesh until I melt against the headboard. Sensing my willingness
for more sex before we call it a night, he slides his fingers between my legs.
I squirm lower on the bed then climb over him. He looks delicious beneath me
and I want to nibble every inch of him.

tired though. Despite his sly grin and powerful thrusts, Winston is exhausted
too. I started the day hung-over. I'm ending it relaxed like I've never been
before. I don't now how long Winston takes to crash, but I'm asleep only
minutes after his cock leaves my body.

wake up at the sound of my alarm. Turning over, I tap the button to stop the
music blaring. Winston groans, startling me even more awake. I'd nearly
forgotten about the night before. My body reminds me quickly though.

I say, kissing his shoulder.

doesn't want to wake up. He mutters something about five more minutes even as
his fingers skim my leg to my hip. By the time he tweaks my left nipple, his
eyes are half-open and a smile warms his face.

dreamed about you," he murmurs, rolling over so our bodies press together.
"You were swimming and I was stuck on the dock. What does that mean, Miss

suspect you fear being left behind."


him, I embrace the intimacy we already share. Sandy and I never knew anything like
this openness. I'm as much to blame as my ex-husband. I allowed the walls to
remain up. With Winston, I can't wait to see what happens when I knock them

morning shower takes forever as our wet bodies playfully slide together. No
fucking, only exploration in the form of washing each other. I wish we had
forever to play, but work is barely an hour away. Soon, we leave the shower and
dance our damp bodies to the bed.

cock is thick when I suck him into my mouth. I haven't given a blowjob in
years, yet I want everything from him. I need to hear his groans and feel his
body tense as the pleasure builds before he releases all the pent-up need from
the shower.

time in mind, I lick and suck at his cock even after he comes. My pussy aches to
be filled, so I tease his cock until it's hard again. Winston lifts my chin and


nearly giggle while climbing over him. I've never been so aroused. My hard
nipples hurt when he rolls them in his fingers. They're too erect, desperate
for pleasure. My pussy throbs even after I press down on his cock.

wastes no time, thrusting into me. His lips find and suck hard at my nipples.
He knows I'm unbearably close and fucks me until I come hard. Breathing fast
and whimpering from a mixture of pleasure and agony, I roll my hips faster
against his. The orgasm isn't enough. For either of us.

hard on his cock, I need more relief before I can even think of leaving this
bed. Screw work and responsibilities, I'm a horny beast needing to get fucked
hard and long until I can't stand.

hands leave my swaying tits, sliding down between my legs. One hand opens my
pussy wider while he teases my swollen clit. The pleasure is so intense that I
nearly slap his hand away. Instead, I come hard. He never lets up. My hips keep
working and his fingers keep teasing until my third orgasm forces him to come

that's how you start your morning," Winston murmurs, kissing me as I lean
down against him.

hips keep moving, still wanting more. "Can I see you again?"

kidding, right?" he laughs. "I'm picking you up for dinner."

if I said no?" I tease, regretfully sliding his cock from my body.

talk you into saying yes. I've never been much of a nag, but I could

next to him, I'm uninterested in going to the office. His body tempts me to
call in sick, yet I sit up and push aside the idea.

need to get ready for work," I say, walking to the dresser. "The
coffee should be ready by now."

rolls over onto his stomach and reaches out to me as I walk past him, wearing
only panties.

really glad you got drunk and ended up at Stinky."

his hand, I smile. "Me too."

you need to get ready for work," he adds, sighing.

I can't call in sick, I leave Winston and walk to the kitchen. Still dark out,
the day is barely starting, yet I'm ready for evening to arrive. I want to
return to bed with Winston. I need to feel beautiful, sexy, and brave again.

return to the bedroom to find Winston resting on his back. He grins when I set
down the coffee cup on a side table. I open my mouth to speak, yet don't trust
myself. He looks too tempting spread out naked in bed. If I say the wrong words
and he gives me the wrong look, I'll join him and never make it to the office.

hide in the bathroom and get ready for work. Winston doesn't join me, leaving
me grateful. I apply makeup and pull my hair into a ponytail. Once I'm in gray
slacks and a white striped dress shirt, I slip on my shoes and look for

isn't in the bedroom. Neither are his clothes. I walk into the kitchen to find
him leaning against a counter sipping coffee. Behind him, a cabinet stands
open, revealing my Skittles stash.

I sigh. "My name is Meredith and I'm addicted to Skittles."

Meredith," Winston whispers, kissing my cheek. "I think you're even
sexier now."

wrap my arms around him and hug him tightly. In a little over twenty-four
hours, this man has stolen my inhibitions. I just worry he'll steal my heart

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