Rebel: A MMA Sports Romance






He’s an arrogant, cocky, and entitled jerk.  Oh yeah, and sexy as hell.  Lucas “Renegade” Ryan, MMA superstar, has money to burn and a body sculpted by Greek gods.  He’s everything I never wanted in a man and I can’t stand him. 


Now he’s here in Mexico during my Spring Break for the biggest fight of his career, and everywhere I turn there he is.  He makes my blood boil.  So why is that every single time I see him, I can’t breathe?  I can’t escape him…but do I even really want to?




Cocky, brash, jerk.  I’ve heard it all and it’s all true.  I can get a chick any day of the week, and that’s exactly what I do. 


Fighting is my world and nothing is going to get in the way of me winning the title.  When I run into Kinsley in Mexico, it screws up everything and I can’t focus.  She is supposed to be off limits but I don’t care.  I have to have her.  No one tells me what to do.  I live by my own rules.












A MMA Sports Romance




Ashley Blake



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Copyright, 2016 by Ashley Blake.


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

Chapter One – Kinsley


The lobby of the hotel was packed with Spring Breakers and my best friend, Sophie, could barely contain herself as one sexy guy after another went by.


“Kinsley, do you see this?  I am definitely in heaven right now.  Come on let’s get to our room so we can change and head out to the beach.  If this is what’s inside, I can’t wait to see what’s outside!”


“Hang on a sec, I dropped my room key.  Do you see it?  I swear it just fell out of my hand.”


We looked around on the ground but couldn’t find my key.


“This is ridiculous, I just had it!”


“You gave it to the cute guy at the desk didn’t you?  You want him to come to our room right?  I know you, Kinsley you little hussy!”


I looked at my friend and burst out laughing.  “You have officially lost your mind!”


We were giggling and still looking for my key when I heard someone behind me.


“Are you looking for this?”


The familiar deep, rich voice wafted through the air flooding all of my senses and I turned and looked up into the most beautiful male face I had ever seen.  
Lucas.  Damn it.  What is he doing here?


My mind went blank as I stared into his hypnotic, crystal blue eyes and I couldn’t breathe.  I really couldn’t catch my breath for a couple of seconds there.  I realized that I had been staring at the gorgeous specimen in front of me for a while when I noticed a small smirk touch the corner of his mouth.


“Kinsley? This is yours I assume?”


Crickets.  I couldn’t think of a thing to say.  Sophie had to jump in and save me.


“Yes!  Thank you!  I guess Kinsley must have dropped it in all the excitement of being here.  How are you Lucas?  It’s good to see you.”


I could hear the excitement in her voice and tried not to roll my eyes at the thought of having to hear her go on and on about him the second he left.  As soon as Sophie had found out my mom was dating his dad she couldn’t stop talking about it.  She was obsessed with him and the fight world and she was constantly begging me to hook them up.  But there was no way I could do that because of the feelings I had for him.  It pissed me off more than anything that he got under my skin, but he did.  As much as I couldn’t stand his arrogant ass I could not stop thinking about him.


He looked back and forth between Sophie and me with amusement.  His eyes searched mine and he gave me a smile that made me want to melt.


“Good to see you both.” 


I just stared at him and I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot.  A man had never left me speechless in my life!  I was trying to think of something clever to say because well, hello, I couldn’t let him just walk away.  Just when my brain decided that it wanted to start working, his phone rang.  He glanced down at it and gave us a mesmerizing smile.


“I have to take this.  It was nice to see you ladies.”  His eyes lingered on me as he walked away and I just stood there looking back at him. 


“Earth to Kinsley!  What is wrong with you?  Why didn’t you speak to him?”  Sophie was barking at me and the shrill tone of her voice snapped me out of my trance.


“Sophie, I don’t know!  I was totally paralyzed and couldn’t think of a thing to say.”


“Why?  You see him all the time, don’t you?”


“No, I hardly see him at all.  He’s just so full of himself it makes me sick and I guess I didn’t want to say anything to him.”


“Well, I’m sure we’ll run into him again.”


“Great.”  I kind of said it to myself but she heard me.


“Kinsley!  He might be family one day so you better play nice!”


What she didn’t know yet was that he
going to be family.  His dad had proposed to my mom and they were getting married in a couple of months.  I didn’t say anything to her yet because I needed time to digest what it was going to mean for me.


She could see that I was bothered so she put her arm around me and smiled.


“What do you say we push Lucas out of our minds and go start our Spring Break?”


I smiled back at her.  “Sounds perfect.”

Chapter Two – Lucas


I couldn’t believe Kinsley was in Mexico.  How the fuck was I supposed to focus on the fight if I knew she was there?  I was slathering on sunscreen when Zach walked into my room.


“Dude, did you see the chick across the hall?  You know where there is one there are at least two other hot chicks.”  Zach was being his over eager self as he walked into my hotel room.


I glanced over at him and shook my head.


“Man, keep it in your pants.”


“You must not have seen her.  She was super sexy.”


“I’m sure there are at least 20 more just like her here.”  I gave him a wicked grin.  “I’ll let you know.”


Zach shook his head.  “I wish I knew your secret.  You get more chicks than anyone I know.”


I looked at him and shrugged my shoulders.  “It’s simple.  I tell ‘em what they want to hear.”


Yeah, I was a dick like that.  You tell a girl what she wants to hear and nine times out of ten she’ll give it up the first night.  Most chicks were so easy. 


I didn’t mention that I saw Kinsley because no one knew what I felt for her and I didn’t want to have to explain myself.  No one knew that she had turned my world upside down and I needed to keep it that way.  Cabo was filled with tons of people so I doubted I had to worry about running into her again.  I had to focus on my upcoming fight and I didn’t need any distractions.  


I was in Mexico for the biggest fight of my career, and I had no idea it coincided with Spring Break.  I stayed away from chicks before a fight because I wanted to be 100% focused on winning, and a sexy girl with big breasts was the last thing I needed before a fight.  If I were with someone like that before a fight, I would for sure not be at my best on fight day.  No, women were off limits until I got my win.  Now, looking at them?  That was no problem.  I appreciated women in all forms and I loved looking at them.  A beach full of sexy Spring Breakers?  Perfect…bring on the eye candy.


Zach slapped me on the shoulder.  “I need to follow your lead today, man.  I’ll take the women off of your hands who will be falling all over you.”


Zach was my trainer and my best friend and he made sure I was always more than ready on fight night.  He gave me the nickname ‘Renegade’ because I didn’t let anyone tell me what to do.  He was the best trainer I knew and he honed his skills in the ring for years before focusing on training.  The day I met him my life changed for the better.  Zach was one of the good guys and any chick would be lucky to have him.  I needed to find someone for him because I could see that he was hard up for some lovin’.


“All right, come on, let’s go find a lovely lady for you.”


We went to the pool to check out the scene before we headed down to the beach and, as usual, the girls were ripe for the picking.  One after another blondes, brunettes, and redheads gave me the look I knew so well.  It happened everywhere I went, especially now that my picture was plastered everywhere.  My latest sports drink sponsorship really blew up my fame.  I let out a deep sigh. I could have had any one of those girls but the last thing I wanted was a leech.  Once I let them get a piece of me they seemed to want to stick around, and I was more of a hit it and quit it kind of guy.


I decided to catch some rays while Zach was chatting up some basic looking chick when I heard a familiar laugh and felt my dick twitch.  I glanced up and 10 feet in front of me there was Kinsley falling all over some guy. 


She was the one chick that revved up my engine with just a simple glance my way, and it pissed me off.  She was off limits.  Or at least that’s what my dad said the day he told me he was getting married for the third time to her mom.  I didn’t think this one would last too long; anyone could see from a mile away that the new fiancé was a bona fide gold-digger.  He took her to Italy on our private jet for their first date and I could just imagine her reaction.  My dad was definitely whipped after that night and he spent every free minute with her.  I was waiting for the day that she showed her true colors and he showed her the door.  But my reason for wanting her to leave was a selfish one.  I wanted Kinsley. 


When my dad met her mom he told me the next day that he knew he was going to marry her.  I took that with a grain of salt because he had said the same thing about his previous five girlfriends, so I thought,
yeah right
.  But I knew he was serious about her when he told me she had a daughter that I had to stay away from.


“Lucas, Valerie has a daughter close to your age and that girl is off limits.  You keep your hands off of her and your dick to yourself.  I mean it.  If I find out that you touched her so help me you will wish you were never born, and you will never see one dime of your inheritance.”


At first I thought, no problem, I can stay away from some random chick; but then I met her.  She was the sexiest little thing I had ever seen.  That milky soft skin was begging to be touched and when those stunning green eyes slid in my direction, for the first time in my life a girl left me speechless.  I should have known in that moment that she was going to be trouble.


My dad’s words echoed in my ear but I didn’t want to think about that.  My father owned huge commercial properties all over the world and had a net worth north of 10 billion dollars.  All my life he had held my inheritance over my head and that was a big part of the reason why I got into MMA.  I learned very quickly that I could make a lot of money if I won the fight.  It was my way to claim my financial independence and not have to rely on my dad.  I started winning big fights and the purses I qualified for were huge.  Soon sponsors began calling, my pockets got fatter and I was finally able to make my own rules. 


I had deep-seated resentment against my father for always putting money first. He thought he could just buy something for me in place of spending time with me, so it was hard for me to respect his wishes.  It wasn’t until I began to really make a name for myself and become well known that he showed interest in what I was doing and in spending time with me. So when he told me to stay away from Kinsley, I thought,
‘fuck you, I can do what I want’


When I saw her for the very first time my cock twitched when her green almond-shaped eyes smiled at me.  Fuck me if she didn’t have the firmest looking round breasts and the tightest ass I had ever seen. She was drop dead gorgeous.  Stay away from her?  No fucking way.

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