Her Sweet Satisfaction: Billionaire Secrets - Book Two (6 page)

BOOK: Her Sweet Satisfaction: Billionaire Secrets - Book Two

She heard herself moan and begin to scream but Clayton showed no signs of relenting. Maybe she could have escaped his hold, but why would she even have tried? She reached behind her and gripped onto the bed frame, her body struggling to escape him but immobilized by his driven hold on her.

And then it was there.

The screaming orgasm of a lifetime.

Her juices flowed, her body bucked and arched and when she dared to look down his dark eyes were still watching her as he laved her slowly into a post-orgasmic trance.

"I'm not finished yet." He rumbled and in the deep relaxation of her release she barely heard him, barely noticed his hot lips advance upon her, cross her abdomen and then find her breasts, already beginning to harden again under his heat.

But she couldn't ignore him for long.

Soon he was at her neck and shoulders and his hands were pressing down on her own.

"Tell me your name." He said.

She turned her head away from his.

"Tell me your name." He repeated. "Your real name. I want to hear you say it."

His lips continued devouring her, covering her with soft, hot kisses between his words.

"I can't."

"Tell me your name." His abdomen was pressed against hers now and she could feel his cock stiffening between her legs.

She had gripped him before and made him come against his will but this time she felt powerless. Her hands were firmly held by his and her legs were pushed apart by his hips and thighs. He had just pushed her kicking and screaming to orgasm but it looked like he had even further he wanted to take her.

She squirmed beneath him but only made things worse for herself as she felt the chiseled wall of his perfect six pack press against her own soft, needy white flesh.

His cock pressed against her pussy now, not moving; just waiting.

"What are you doing?" She gasped. "What are you waiting for? Just fuck me already. I can’t stand it any longer."

The heat was tantalizing and she knew that with just a soft thrust he would be inside her well-lubricated channel.

"I want to hear you say your true name." He said, his voice hypnotic in her ears.

"I can't." She barely managed to respond.

"Say it Nadia Komerov. Tell me who you are so that I can fuck you and make you mine."

"No." A thrust of desperation went through her and she writhed beneath him inadvertently causing the head of his cock to begin entry. She moaned out against her will.

"Let me take you." He hissed in her ear. "Tell me your name."

"I can't. I'll say anything else. Just fuck me. I want you… want to be yours…"

"Say it."

He began playing with her, pushing in a little and then drawing out, methodical, relentless.

"Say what I want to hear."

"Anything else…"

"Don’t think, just repeat my words."

She opened her eyes and looked down along his powerful back, his muscles rippling and glistening with sweat from the forced restraint of his desire. Every cell in his body was crying out for release within her but somehow he was holding back. His perfect muscular ass moved rhythmically up and down, in and out and each tiny movement sent fiery, uncontrollable sensations of exploding pleasure through her body.

"Oh God." She whispered.

"My name." He said and then waited for her, pushing a little deeper into her.

"My name." She repeated, barely audible.

"Is Nadia Komerov." He said.

"Is Nadia--" He pushed deep inside her causing her to writhe in pleasure but then withdrew slowly.

"Say it." He said intently. "My name is--"

"Nadia Komerov."

"Say the whole thing now."

He was gasping, clearly unable to hold himself much longer. She gripped the part of his cock that was still inside her with her aching pussy and heard him groan.

"No way." He gasped, withdrawing from her before she could lock her legs around his back. "Not this time. Say the words."

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. It was as intense an experience as anything that had gone between them before. This man wanted her like no other she had ever encountered and now he was waiting for this one thing from her before he took her for his own.

"My name…"

Clayton stopped moving, stopped breathing.

"is Nadia Komerov."

His mouth dropped open, his breath resumed, intense and deep, every inhalation pressing his rock hard chest and abdomen against the woman below him, making her crave him even more. He nodded, wordlessly and then began speaking again.

"Good. That's good Nadia, I'm nearly ready now, there's just one more thing."

"God, I can't." She gripped onto him in desperation, forcing herself against him but unable to take him fully inside her without the use of her hands.

"Tell me you want me to save you."

"Fuck." She threw her head back, squeezed her eyes shut.

I so, so want you to save me.
She thought, her body struggled against his, straining for release.
But I can't say that.

"Say it. Tell me you want me to save me. I can do it Nadia, trust me."

"No you can't." She began struggling wildly, their bodies tangled together, sweat and pre-cum mixing together as they rocked from side to side and then rolled over on the vast bed.

She struggled to push him down, fighting to find his rigid cock and make him come again as she had done before - only this time inside her - but he was too big, too fast. He blocked her hands and pushed her over to her back and down again, but her legs were too quick for him and although glancing, the blow between his legs was enough to make him roll over and fall off the bed to the floor.

When he stood up again she was on the other side of the bed.

They were both fully naked.

She looked at his body in the dim light of the shaded room and felt awe. He was perfect, toned, athletic muscle from head to toe and his messed up hair made him the most fuckable thing she had ever seen on two legs.

"I can’t say that. I won’t say it."

"You will Nadia, trust me, you will."

He started to come around the bed to her and she advanced towards him at the same time. The unexpected move stopped him in his tracks.

"You're not getting out of here Clayton." She said, fixing him in a steady gaze. "Not without finishing what you started."

He felt his rock hard cock stiffen even more and his mouth fell open.

"Jesus Christ Nadia." Was all he could manage. He really had never met one like this before.

She advanced further while he remained rooted to the spot and in a moment her hand was around his cock while his hand was on her ass pulling her relentlessly in towards him.

"Finish what you started God damn it." She said into his chest.

"Say the fucking words." He hissed into the top of her head and then groaned as she squeezed harder.

She lifted her head and their eyes locked again in a fierce battle of wills.

Neither of them noticed the knock on the door the first time but then the rattling of the handle and Dale's insistent voice brought them back to reality.

Slowly Clayton released the ass he was squeezing against him and she eased back from him, finally letting go of his cock as the banging continued.

"Clay! Clay, come on, open up in there. What are you two doing?"

Clayton shook his head to bring him back to his senses and then began looking for his clothes.

"Two minutes Dale, just hold on two damn minutes."

"Hurry the hell up. This can't wait, it involves our situation."

"God damn it." Clayton hissed. "Get back into bed. I'll deal with this." He found a bath robe and went to the door while Katy watched him.

"I said get back into bed."

She didn’t move.

"We're not finished yet." She said, before slowly sauntering off to the bathroom, still naked.

He let out a sigh of exasperation and ran his fingers through his tousled hair. The girl's unpredictability and uncontrollable nature was driving him wild.

He turned to the door, undid the lock and jerked it open.

"What the hell is it?" He barked.

Dale looked him up and down.

"What the hell are you wearing?"

"It's a bathrobe. Haven't you ever seen one before?"

Dale gave it another once over and then stood back, put his hands on his hips and cursed under his breath.

"You horny asshole." He finally said.

"Look who's talking." Clay said, stepping into the hallway and pulling the door shut behind him.

"We just rescued this FBI fugitive from the Mafia, air-lifted her to a secret location to hide her from the police, the Russian mob and God knows who else, and your plan of action is to dip your God damn--"

Clay shoved his brother against the wall and pinned him there with his forearm across his chest. They were equally tall, well built and neither feared the other one bit.

"What Nadia and I do with each other is nobody's business but our own."

Dale gripped his brother's arm and twisted it away.

"It is if she's a missing person with a bounty on her head you sexed up moron. Can't you think without your dick once in a while?"

"This isn’t about my dick. It's about a whole lot more than that."

"Spare me. Really. I don’t have time for your weird girlfriend experiences. I'm just about set to call in the Feds on this one anyway."

"Don't do that Dale." The brother's squared off against each other. Although they disagreed frequently a physical confrontation was unheard of.

"I'm… I'm asking you Dale, please. Give us some time."

Dale's mouth dropped open.

"Please? You're saying 'please'?"

"Come on Dale, this is important to me. And to us. You don't know who this girl is. It's not just about me. If she agrees to work for us you have no idea what she's capable of."

Dale watched his brother for several more seconds, weighing up what he had just heard.

"Call this number." He said and shoved a cell phone against his brother's chest. "I won’t call the cops. Not yet. If that woman can get Clayton Hargrave to say please then she has more than IQ, she must have God damn Vulcan mind control powers."

"Who am I calling?" Clayton asked.

"It's that prick Angel."

Clayton's face clouded over with rage.

"What the hell does he want?"

"Call him and find out."

Clayton raised the phone and touched the screen to make the call. After two rings it picked up.

"What the hell do you want?" Clayton said.

"Everything you've got." A harsh voice with a Russian accent answered. It was definitely not Angel.

"Who is this? Is that you Boyevik?"

"I have your guy." The voice responded. "Would you like to hear him make some noise?"

"It's not necessary. What do you want for him?"

A howl of pain came through the phone.

"Jesus!" Dale said. "What the hell is going on there?"

Clayton glared at him to back off.

"I want the girl." The voice continued but that was enough for Clayton. He ended the call and stood, motionless. The cloud of anger had left him. He was thinking, evaluating.

"What the hell is going on Clay?" His brother asked again.

Clayton ignored him and called the number again.

"Changed your mind?" The voice asked.

"I'm curious. Why do you think I would care about someone who betrayed me?"

"You are good man Clayton Hargrave. I know you wouldn’t like your old friend to die painful death, even if he double cross you."

"I wouldn't be so sure."

"Well just in case I'm wrong, and I often am, " he said with a  soft laugh, "I have something else that I think you will want."

"I doubt it, but please do tell."

"Tell Nadia I know what happen to Louise."

Clayton froze. He knew that Louise Komerov, Nadia's mother, had disappeared without a trace and was presumed dead. If anyone knew what had happened to her it was this evil thug.

"I'm listening." He said.

There was another soft laugh.

"I thought you would." The line went dead. Clayton tried to call back but the number was no longer in service. Obviously his enemies had some technical ability of their own. He would have to wait until they contacted him again.

He looked at the phone, considered flinging it across the hall and then placed it carefully into the pocket of his bathrobe. When he looked up again his older brother was grinding his teeth and glaring at him.

"You better fucking tell me what's going on here Clay."

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