Her Sweet Satisfaction: Billionaire Secrets - Book Two (2 page)

"It's not supposed to happen like this." She heard him say into her ear and she unleashed a peal of laughter that seemed to stimulate him even more. The hand that had been searching for his zipper now pushed its way down inside his belt and dug deep into his shorts. She found his cock and balls and gripped the throbbing shaft firmly between her fingers.

"You think you know everything about me Hargrave?" She hissed into his ear and then snaked her tongue inside, making him groan as she worked his shaft. "You're not even close." He groaned again and then gripped her wrist to try and release his cock from her grasp but his strength was no use against her; the harder he wrenched her fist the harder she pulled on his cock and the stiffer it became.

"No." He gasped.

"Yes." She responded and worked harder. The feeling was exhilarating. He had been railroading her and controlling her since the moment they had met, but now she was literally inches away from having him by the balls and it felt so damn good.

  "I'm going to make you come all over yourself now." She whispered into his ear and then licked teasingly, expertly with the tip of her tongue.

She continued working his cock while he writhed in response, as though every muscle in his powerful athletic body could be controlled by the instrument between his legs. He buried his face into her neck and strained with every fiber of his being to not release himself into his pants.

He still had one hand to her wrist but he was barely managing to control her movements; instead he was only making them slower, more intense. His other hand was trapped between the table and the small of her back, the top of her ass. It was one of his favorite places to touch his women and he struggled to release it but couldn't. It was the perfect spot to hold a female body in the moment of climax and he sure as hell didn’t need it there now.

"It's time Hargrave." She hissed into his ear and then bit the lobe between her front teeth. She felt the swollen tip of his cock press hungrily and uselessly against her pussy, blocked by her underwear and the fabric of his trousers. He would not  fuck her yet, not until she was ready. Still he struggled to resist but she wasn't finished with him. Her other hand worked its way down into his pants from the other side, slowly, an inch at a time.

"No, please stop, Nadia--"

"Don’t fucking call me that." She hissed into his ear and then forced her hand the last inch down into his shorts and quickly found his balls. At the same time she clamped her legs around his back and the trap was complete. He began writhing and thrusting as she worked him and slowly increased the pressure to his balls. Within seconds he was screaming out incoherently and she felt his hot sticky cum run down her fingers and spoil his designer shorts.

It was done. They were even and although she had been the giver rather than the receiver this time, her mind was blank for several moments, reeling from what she had just done. She had never acted like that before; never had such boldness or confidence to just take a man and make him a slave to his lust for her. He had humiliated her with her cum stain on his bedspread, she had taken exhilarating revenge by making him ruin his own shorts, probably his pants as well.

She released him slowly, pushed his spent, shattered body from her and then went to the kitchen sink to wash her hands. Clayton rolled to his back on the dining room table and stared at the ceiling.

She spoke over her shoulder as she busily scrubbed herself clean.

"I think you're going to need a change of underwear and a shower Mr. Hargrave." She said with a hidden smirk. "That was quite a… " she searched for a polite word,  "quite a heavy load you just released, don’t you think?"

He pushed himself up to his elbows and looked down at the stain all over his crotch. He didn’t have sex that often and he rarely masturbated so when he did deliver, the load tended to be quite full.

"You dirty little bitch." He said quietly.

Katy finished washing her hands and turned to him.

"I feel a bit more comfortable speaking to you now Hargrave. The score has even up a bit, wouldn't you say? You smashed my coffee cups and made me come on my kitchen counter, I smashed your dinnerware and made you shoot your load onto your dining room table."

He looked dazed.

"I made you come on your kitchen counter?"

Ridiculously, completely ridiculously, she blushed and turned away. It had been a slip of the tongue but it felt like some great admission. She hadn't come on her kitchen counter but her world had been rocked alright. Maybe that's why it felt as if she was spinning out of control with nothing to sure to hold onto anymore.

"Can we order out for pizza or something?" She said surveying the scattered fruits and greens. "Double pepperoni for Chrissake, because I am freaking starving!"




When Clayton had showered and changed clothes and the pizza arrived, they sat  down to eat together by the coffee table on the living room floor. Clayton was wearing just a t-shirt and jeans that looked unbelievably sexy on him for what they were and the look was a total transformation from the clipped, sharp as a scalpel blade impression that he gave in his business suits.

Suddenly the crazy, controlling, uptight, sexually obsessive billionaire seemed a million miles away.

Is it the change of clothes or being made to come in his pants that's made the difference?
Katy mused, a slight grin playing across her lips.

She pulled slices of the pizza apart and scooped up a sloppy meat covered piece for herself.

"I guess you needed that, huh?" She gave him a mischievous look over the thick crust of her deep dish. After a day of near starvation it tasted like the best gourmet food imaginable.

"What are you talking about?" He said. She didn’t answer but continued to look at him with the same sexy, bold eyes.

" He said. "You could say that. Although, I have to admit, it's a first for me and I'm not sure what I think about it yet."

"By the stunned look on your face afterwards I'd say it was pretty damn good." She said.

He looked shocked for a second but then relaxed into a smile. It was all new territory for him. Normally the women in his life were either very submissive or impossibly sexually aggressive, but this woman was a head-wrecking confusion of the two types he was used to.

"You really are something." He said, shaking his head. "So how about this. As you're completely different to anyone I've ever had in my bed before, I'm willing to change the rules a little, just this once and just for you."

"Oh really Hargrave? I guess I should feel privileged, but I think it's me who changed the rules here, not you."

"Do you ever just listen and try to hear what people are saying to you?" He said in exasperation. She shrugged her shoulders and took another bite of pizza.

"Whatever." He continued. "Here's the deal; you get to ask me a question, any question you want. I have to answer truthfully. Then I get to ask you a question and you have to answer likewise. Is that more fair?"

"Well, I'm not so sure. I don’t know if there's anything that I particularly want to know about you other than that you tend to come quite easily in your pants on top of your dinner guests."

"I'm being serious here Katy. Now is it a deal or not?"

She took another slow sip of wine and swallowed her mouthful of pizza.

"How do you make everything look so damn sexy?" He said in awe.

"Just a gift I have." She said playfully. "Okay, so what the hell. Let's play this kindergarten game and see who wins in the end." She said, lifting up her arms and pointing her two index fingers straight at herself. "I'm game. Let's shoot. I get to go first and that's a deal breaker."

He took a deep breath. She was infuriating, not least because he could feel his erection beginning to make itself felt again. 

"I don’t like talking about myself much either you know." He said.

"Well now you'll get a taste of you own medicine Hargrave."

"Clay. Please just call me Clay."

So here's my first question, how many women have you given that perverted body search to in total. No omissions please."

"In total? Three. Not including you. So, four I guess would be more accurate."

Katy was amazed. She had been sure it would be more like four hundred despite what Angel had said.

"Now my turn. How many men have you violated in their own homes by forcing them to come into their own pants? No omissions."

"None. And that includes you. You were on top of me trying to fuck me. I, in fact, attempted to stop you by gripping you where it counts, but like any horny guy, it only made you worse."

He sighed. That mouth. So sassy he just wanted to fuck it right then and there.

"Whatever." He said.

"My turn. How many girlfriends have you had in your entire life?"

"Girlfriends…. I guess you could say… none really. Unless I count you. Are you a girlfriend?" He gave a ridiculously innocent smile that would have been enough to make the panties drop off most women, but Katy was well beyond that stage with him by now.

"You may know a lot about sex Clay," his shortened first name still felt strangely intimate on her tongue, in a good way, "but you sure do have a lot to learn about women. No. I am definitely not a girlfriend."

"Well do you wanna be one?"

"No. My turn."

"Hold on a minute, that doesn't count as a question!"

"Yes it does. Now here's my next one. When we met today you said I attracted your attention because my equipment had no electromagnetic signature, no digital print. I asked you to stop filming me with your geek glasses but then you said they had told you something about me that even all my 'cloaking' measures couldn't hide. Now I need to know what that is and you promised you would tell me if I came to dinner at your house." She looked down at the sloppy pizza. "So here I am eating
, of a kind, and this is your house. So spill it. What's the chink in my professional armor?"

"Those are two different questions. That's not allowed. I'll give you one answer for now. There is no chink in your professional armor. You just had back luck today. It's a miracle you got this far without being picked up by the feds or the NSA or whoever the hell else is after you. Now my turn. What is the most intense sexual experience you have ever had in your life. No omissions."

"That's not fair. You didn't answer anything. But I'll play your game. And I'll win."

She settled back to rake over her last serious long term relationship prior to going underground and off grid. He had been a nice guy, a geeky guy she'd met at MIT. The polar opposite of the anti-nerd in front of her. Her old boyfriend was really smart and nice as hell, but he wasn't quite as smart as her and he was passive to a crazy fault in everything sexual. She always had to initiate everything. Not that she had been short of possible boyfriends as one of only two girls in most of her lectures, but Rob had been the only guy she truly felt comfortable and safe with.

had always been safe. Neither of them even liked the lights on for Christ's sake.

Before Rob there had been a handful of guys she had dated, some she had sex with and some not, but by and large they had been unsatisfactory. Like it or not she had to accept the inevitable; what she had experienced tonight had been by far the wildest sexual adventure she had ever had in her entire life.

"I pass on that question." She said demurely.

Clayton waited for a while, watching her with his gorgeous, I-love-every-inch-of-you eyes.

"It was tonight, wasn't it? With me." He said.

She felt her color begin to rise, her face cooking up a slow burn.

"It's okay Katy, that's nothing to be ashamed of. I know my tastes are a little… off the beaten track but…"

"But I made you come in your pants on your own dining room table. Don’t you forget about that." She blurted out, sounding like a complete stranger to herself.

His eyes dropped for a second and then he nodded his head, smiled and returned his irresistible gaze to her.

"That you certainly did Katy and believe me, I will never, ever forget it."

"Good. Now it's my turn. I want to know what you feel for me." She shocked herself again with her directness. You've fingered me into a climax and I've had your balls in my left hand, so now that we've played those games, tell me where the emotions fit in? Or do they?"

"I'll be generous to you and answer two questions at the same time. Let's go back to the thing about you that all your cloaking couldn't hide."

"Okay, but I want an answer to my second question as well."

"It’s the same answer. When I saw you today I only had to take one look to know just how lost you are. All your hi-tech dark net hardware and Caltech training couldn't hide that from me."

The answer was like a slap in the face and was the last thing she had expected him to say. It made her incredibly angry for reasons she couldn't explain.

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